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Candydoll - Sharechan
File: 148444998257.jpg - ( 288.05KB , 1800x1200 , BellaK47_100.jpg )
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Welcome to /candydoll/!
Here you can post your Candydoll sets and galleries :)


File: 149259164644.jpg - ( 1.41MB , 3592x1800 , WLC2.jpg )
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My Candydoll Collection. Each Model have a post. ;)

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>> No. 992
>>981 and all others

(I am not OP)

Make sure you are using the latest extraction software available. Issues with using a previous release on a "zipped" file created by newer extraction software can occur.

I to have come across some corrupted files on one of the choice host servers, I just chose a different host and the situation resolves itself.

Some people still find a reason to complain if a poster actually went to their house personally and set up a computer and sat next to the requester, and worked the mouse for them.

Occasional glitches are just a part of the game.

>> No. 994

You refer to my post and then basically repeat what I said.

Plus, no reason for you to be snarky with people with issues.

>Some people still find a reason to complain if a poster actually went to their house personally and set up a computer and sat next to the requester, and worked the mouse for them.

Posting that they can't open a file is not complaining. It's an actual concern. They obviously want the file, since they already downloaded it.

>> No. 998

Did your feelings get hurt? Need a glass of milk and some cookies?

If something on the internet bruised your feelings, perhaps get off the internet. Because what you are missing, someone else might have. Acting like a 4-yo might prevent holes in your collection from being filled.

So how many times will you repeat the same advice? Perhaps the complainers, should take a little extra time reading past threads, and realize their complaints are common and have been answered, three, four maybe a dozen times? You still going to coddle them? My comment about the poster having to go and personally visit a requester might be snarky, but I will not coddle anyone.

Coddling is how many people get the opportunity to look at life from behind vertical bars for years if not decades at the invitation of a judge and prosecutor. Again if you find that snarky, then perhaps more milk and cookies to soften the wounds?

For what it is worth, I have long defended and recommended you to many others regarding your efforts to provide fair, accurate and detailed shares to those willing to take the effort to acquire them. Between you and the VLAD model poster,and very very few others here; you are examples of how all other long term posters, and even new posters should follow.

Posting, is the limit of your responsibility. How many people have successfully downloaded your shares, and only one person comes along with a gripe (days or weeks later I might add) , means that the other downloaders to scared to complain (or there is nothing wrong with acquiring the file(s), or that recent complainer, does not understand that on the internet, some things do not last forever. I lost count how many of your downloads from source A like Zippy, are incomplete and I have to resort to choice B or C and then it is complete. Did I complain and give up just because the file was possibly corrupt on Zippy, thus skip the other 7 options, feel a need to complain? No I tried one of the other options and the situation resolved itself.

I am all in favor of offering tech advice, but if they refuse to do some of their own homework, tough, not coddling them.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 148610666236.jpg - ( 1.15MB , 1800x1200 , ElonaV30_032.jpg )
73 No. 73 hide [Reply]
Unofficial Candydoll Fills for WLC thread.

*(Image is Elona set 30 - will be posted later)

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>> No. 876
The video is down. Please reup somebody!

>> No. 878
Look in my Mega-Thread. Reup are here. ;)
http://www.sharechan.org/candydoll/res/592.html#i592 >>609

>> No. 982
Re up please.

File: 148723465844.jpg - ( 1.96MB , 3594x1778 , Gandydoll Collection.jpg )
229 No. 229 hide [Reply]
Replacement for Fill-Up-Thread on Candydollchan.
WeLoveCandydoll! need your help.
This is a list of Missing Sets and Vids from Candydoll.
Please Help to Fill Up in this Thread.

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>> No. 871
Help me out here. Where do I find these updates or are you asking for them?

>> No. 875
That is a missing List.^^ This Sets and Vids are missing.

>> No. 990

File: 149706137359.jpg - ( 748.51KB , 1800x1200 , 149065629167.jpg )
917 No. 917 hide [Reply]
Sets and videos via solidfiles | set and video in one rar.
Collection samples

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>> No. 959
File: 149735923414.jpg - ( 835.40KB , 1200x1800 , 14913744514.jpg )

>> No. 967
THANKS, спасибо большое!

>> No. 975
Do you have her DVD CDRL-009 or Blu-ray CBRL-008 ?
i saw someone posting something about it in the "KatieM AmyN DVD" thread

File: 149738733973.jpg - ( 3.72KB , 223x168 , th.jpg )
966 No. 966 hide [Reply]
there must be a clear version of this video somewhere please help thx

File: 149718935747.jpg - ( 222.16KB , 960x540 , 149719127774.jpg )
930 No. 930 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 946
File: 149718989462.jpg - ( 198.41KB , 960x540 , 149719188049.jpg )
SabinaC09 mp4

>> No. 947
File: 149718992328.jpg - ( 270.12KB , 600x900 , 149719190871.jpg )
SabinaC09 set

>> No. 948
File: 149718994999.jpg - ( 244.05KB , 960x540 , 149719193635.jpg )
SabinaC10 mp4

File: 148880552466.jpg - ( 109.65KB , 500x290 , 001.jpg )
397 No. 397 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 467
I thought that to be true myself but yesturday it let me DL 4 at once.
I bet it has a lot to do with the amount of track at the time.
Thanks for the up's btw

>> No. 486
All the links are fine but there might be a download limit.

>> No. 512

I haven't heard of a daily limit with that host. But I've only ever been able to download 2 at a time.

File: 149674473229.jpg - ( 4.80MB , 3221x2121 , 9kbebwvm0c7p.jpg )
907 No. 907 hide [Reply]
PREVIEW https://img.yt/img-593689fae831c.html

Duration : 1Hours00Minutes46S


File: 149510387786.jpg - ( 181.22KB , 300x450 , 1ANsMx.jpg )
861 No. 861 hide [Reply]
Can someone please help me out? I downloaded two
Olena files, KM03s & KM03v. I somehow didn't save the password, and can't find the page I got them from. Does anyone recognize these files and could you please give the PW? WeLoveCandydoll! doesn't work.


Obviously this pic isn't involved, but the page DEMANDS a pic, for some reason...

>> No. 864
If the files are KM03 then they are probably Katie M files. The s designates "set" and The v designates "video".
Try K_a=ti+e

File: 149299671077.jpg - ( 496.40KB , 972x1200 , KatieM-01-25.jpg )
779 No. 779 hide [Reply]
KatieM01-67 set + video
pass: K_a=ti+e

set http://fistfast.com/or4o17z44vco
vid http://fistfast.com/5wpyzg77vo1w
set http://fistfast.com/2t1npjsyjsk4
vid http://fistfast.com/tqqput4dzdlu
set http://fistfast.com/l9yk881uapjp
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>> No. 892
Calm down and attempt to follow sharing etiquette. 100% of what you see at these boards is "stolen" in a sense. So what?

I'm talking about stealing someone elses upload and sharing it at another board without permission. Your action could cause their links to be taken down. How can you not understand that?

I'd thank you for the files if you actually did the heavy lifting and had posted it yourself instead of just copying an pasting someone elses hard work.

>> No. 894
I'm the user who replied in No 839.

For the hundredth time CDRL-009/CBRL-008 is NOT CDCL-009!!!

CDRL-009 has a different scenes that are taken from vids 10 and onward. Notice the letter R in the middle. CBRL-008 is the Blu-Ray version of it.

CDCL-009 which is the one that is posted in every forums/chans has scenes that are taken from vids 1-to 8 (i think) it has already been shared years ago and I've had it ever since.

I've already contacted TokyoDoll.tv who are the owners of CandyDoll stuff now if they can provide me with a digital copy of the DVD CDRL-009 or Blu-ray CBRL-008 since I'm willing to buy it but they have not responded to me. I kinda wish if i can go back in 2012 when the DVD and Blu-ray were released when CandyDoll website was still running and ask them for the same thing.

Lately, I've seen copies of Blu-ray that are shared for models like Margaret.M, Bella.K and Klara.H but none of them are compared to the scenes that are in Sharlotta.S DVD CDRL-009 & Blu-Ray CBRL-008. Check the vids 11 and 15 if you don't believe me. You will be able see the outtakes that were cut in the DVD or Blu-ray.

>> No. 896
Are you maybe talking about Candydollchan? The background was red with darker red diamond shapes. If that sounds familiar, it was part of Premiumchans, just like this board. Candydollchan and a couple of others were taken down a few months ago and consolidated with this board and Model Blog.

File: 149273522424.jpg - ( 1.24MB , 1200x1800 , VS-01_032.jpg )
753 No. 753 hide [Reply]

set: https://dailyuploads.net/1bnst48a7go2

vid: https://dailyuploads.net/1u3cni908vwx

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>> No. 854
File: 149480621963.jpg - ( 1.16MB , 1200x1800 , AP-09_002.jpg )


>> No. 855
For some reason this seems to be a controversial question. Would the admin please like to explain why?

>> No. 856

It's not controversial at all. The only controversial thing is people who post her personal images from her social networking page. Like any normal girl of her age, she's going to school. As far as I know she's not professionally modeling and deserves her privacy.

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