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This will be my Vlad video thread. I am returni Nonude Sharechan
File: 147233330282.jpg - ( 161.14KB , 1024x768 , t2061 Anna y076 +Nadya m042.jpg )
59216 No. 59216
This will be my Vlad video thread.

I am returning & will be creating new threads for sets & videos. I'm sorry about my departure.

I will start (as usual) with this 31min tickle-series video from 2005. This is t2061, featuring Anna y076 & Nadya m042. There are many amusing moments in this highly enjoyable & hugely popular video.
I don't have a precise date for the video but if their outfits have any bearing - Anna wore her's in sets 2 & 5, while Nadya wore her's in 161 & 162. I believe those sets are all from between late Apr & early June of 2005.
You'll need ALL 4 parts - Not just 1 or 2! Please ask if you're not clear on how to download split files





I'm in the process of reupping things, so it will take a while to get the thread to an impressive size. I do have a few new items - some of which might be pleasant surprises. Please feel free to make requests.

>> No. 59219
File: 147233607492.png - ( 932.20KB , 1019x762 , Marina y171 d5m2 Louk.png )
Normally, this video would be posted further along, amongst the rest of Marina y171's videos.
I've chosen to post it at the beginning of the thread because it is the item that led a certain individual to "scold" me with several times over, last time I posted it.
I feel I did nothing wrong & I'm posting this item this early on to "make a statement".

This is Marina y171's d5m_2. Its a Louk custom that's a few seconds under 5mins. In order to post it, I had to trim a dozen seconds off the end. The ending is actually very similar to several of her other videos (a couple of which are Louk cstms) The difference is that she does a better job of "covering up" in those other vids. Nevertheless, you're still left with about 96% of the video, which is quite enjoyable.


I've labeled it as being shortened. If anyone is passing it on, please ensure that it stays labeled as such.
For the record, I was originally inspired to post a slightly censored version of this video after seeing other cases of Well-Known posters sharing (in some cases) heavily censored sets &or videos. These fellows were politely thanked for "sharing what they could", etc.

>> No. 59220
File: 147233835764.png - ( 1.22MB , 1024x774 , Alisa y042.png )
I've got several new "introduction videos". This is one of them, featuring Alisa y042. Its only 7seconds but she speaks English the whole time.
I tried to match it up with a set. The outfit looks similar to 207, a cstm from Apr13.06


>> No. 59250
Welcome back !....PLEASE share more video...

>> No. 59252
I did not know what it is with you ... since you left anything new and perfect ... you're the only one that really makes up the good work! thank you !

>> No. 59253
my respect for everything you do!

>> No. 59294
File: 14725024137.png - ( 1.31MB , 1024x774 , Anna-Nadya wrestle.png )
Here is Anna y076 & Nadya m042 in w2053. Its a dozen seconds shy of 31mins &, like their t2061 video, its also from 2005. Like most Vlad wrestle-vids, this one begins with a "dispute" that leads to the match.
Listen closely & you'll hear Nadya switch to English for 2 words during the initial verbal exchange.
I'm sure most of you will agree that they both look great in their "wrestling attire".





Remember, you need All 4 parts

Thanks, its good know my stuff is appreciated. I'll try to get things posted as time allows. Even when I'm too busy to post, I'm still reupping stuff

>> No. 59297
File: 147250512320.png - ( 1.14MB , 1024x774 , Yulya cstm Tom Xmas.png )
Gotta run, but here's something new I found of Yulya y068. Its a 74second custom for Tom & as its from Dec10.05, it has a Xmas theme. It goes with set 46 from the same day.


I have more Yulya y068 vids, including another new short that goes with set49

>> No. 59303
my respect for everything you do! Thank you boss..
Peace ! you have great character thank again !

>> No. 59321
File: 147256065072.jpg - ( 541.85KB , 2048x2292 , y068 74sec (set49).jpg )
Thanks, I love all the compliments & greetings. They certainly make me feel welcome.

Here's another short Yulya y068 custom Tom video. This one is from Nov12.05 & it goes with set 49, from the same day. Like her Cstm Tom Xmas vid>>59297 this one is also 74seconds (this seemed to be a Very popular length)
Anyhow, I can recall this being a rather sought after item. If those same guys still haven't found it ,then this should make them quite happy.


>> No. 59344
thank you verry much

>> No. 59348
File: 147260347011.png - ( 727.45KB , 932x699 , w803 m015+k01.png )
As I have referred to this video in my other thread, while posting Karina k001, I guess I ought to get it posted.
This is the 1st 8 1/2mins of the 30min w803, featuring Karina & Valerya m015. The video is from either late 2000 or early 2001.
Quality is low (it may be reduced size) I'm always looking for the full version, I've yet to find it. I have a few possible theories on why only part of this video is floating around.
Despite the negatives, this is likely your only chance to see these girls on video. Its the only video Karina did & although Valerya did one other one, its likely to be extremely hard to find.


>> No. 59349
File: 147260440096.png - ( 564.30KB , 1019x717 , Ksenya y056 introduction.png )
Here's another short 'introduction vid'. In this 8second video she introduces herself in English. It seems to match set97, as it has the same outfit & green background. If this is so, it would be from Mar22.06


>> No. 59350
File: 147260639322.png - ( 773.85KB , 1024x774 , Ksenya y057 intro.png )
Now here's Ksenya y057 in an 'introduction vid'. Its 13seconds & seems to match set 74. This would mean its from Mar25.06, 3 days after Ksenya y056's.
She introduces herself before switching to Russian, squeezing quite a bit into those few seconds.


I have a couple more of her videos, as well as more of Ksenya y056 that I will eventually post

>> No. 59351
File: 147260708222.png - ( 0.98MB , 1024x774 , Zhenya cstm Tom 74s set20.png )
Here is Zhenya y114 in a 74second Custom Tom video. Its from June9.06 & goes with Custom set20. Its interesting that its #ed 107 - the set only goes to 105.
Most of this is in Russian, I'm guessing some of it must've been funny


>> No. 59352
File: 147260970219.png - ( 1.31MB , 1024x774 , Rada 1m.png )
Here's another early Vlad video item. Its 2 short videos, featuring Rada m019. There's a 15s dancing vid & a 1min vid of her applying makeup, etc, before 'taking a call' on her cellphone. She speaks English (briefly) during this call. She's quite a pretty girl. I have a couple sets of her but I'm hoping to add a few more, prior to posting her in my other thread. She also did some Play & Wrestle sets (which I'll be posting)
Although Rada was with Vlad until early 2001, I'm thinking these are from 2000. As these feature different outfits, I don't know if these were done on the same day.


I'll follow with a pic from the shorter vid

>> No. 59353
File: 14726110325.png - ( 1.52MB , 1024x774 , Rada 15s.png )
Here is a screenshot of Rada m019's 15s dancing video, included in my Rada vid post.
Interestingly, I found a few pics of her wearing this outfit in an outdoor set. Hopefully, I can find the full set

>> No. 59358
File: 147261430731.png - ( 1.35MB , 1024x774 , Violetta m002.png )
Here's some more videos of the same vintage as Rada's. This is Violetta m002 in 5 short videos - 2 are 1min, 2 are 15s & 1 is 10s. She's featured putting on makeup, etc & dancing. These are almost certainly from 2000.
Despite the low quality, I'm sure you can see by the preview that she's a very pretty girl with a lovely smile.
These are vids 2-5+7 - I'm guessing there's a vid 1 & 6 of these & perhaps others as well.


I'll be posting her sets, in the other thread when I get a chance.

>> No. 59359
File: 14726175955.png - ( 857.40KB , 1024x774 , Valerya m041 p2073.png )
Here's a new item that I was very pleased to find (even in Very reduced form). Its Valerya m041 in a 30min video, in which she's featured in 3 different outfits, choosing accessories for each one - eg: hats, shoes, or the top she's holding up in front of her in the preview.
This is from 2006, so its from between Jan & late May. I can't narrow it down any better than that.
This puts it sometime during the period of her final 10 sets (136-145)
The original version should be around 1.3Gb. This mkv version has been reduced to 246Mb, less than 1/5 the size!
I've got my eye out for an original size version. If anyone has one, feel free to post it. If you have a Less Reduced version, let me know (eg: 400-700Mb)


>> No. 59401
Have more whit..Valerya ? please ! tanks !

>> No. 59405
File: 147267757747.png - ( 916.07KB , 1024x774 , Is it Valerya m041.png )
I'm not totally sure if this is Valerya m041. I'm waffling on it. I got it from a "Vlad section", although I had spotted the occasional Non-Vlad item.
Anyhow, this was labeled "Lera". I know Valerya m041 is often called 'Lera' & this does kind of resemble her from, say, late 2003 to early 2005.
I found no corresponding set, with this outfit, which would've confirmed things. There's no other Valerya or Lera from Vlad that resembles her in any way.
She removes her her socks, undoes the buttons at the bottom of her pant legs - the socks magically appear back on her feet, she removes them again, etc - over the course of 2 1/2mins.
The quality is somewhat low - typical of Vlad's shorter videos (those under 4mins)
So here it is. I'd really appreciate any feedback or insight that any of you can offer as far as confirming whether it is or isn't Valerya m041.
Naturally, its not in the Vlad archive


I thought the girl in the video bore a Slight resemblance to the famous "Sandra"

>> No. 59409
This is not Valeria M041. She was special to one individual who most of her sets are customs for. Rumor has it there are many photo sets and videos he has that have not been seen by anyone but him. At last report I heard almost 10 photo sets and 15 videos. He has vanished so I guess they will never be seen.

>> No. 59419
Glad to see you back ! - Being you're pretty good with dates and time-frames, maybe you can help me pinpoint when the Vlad studio was remodeled. One interesting aspect was that there seemed to have been quite a few " On Location " photoshoots done one year and I wondered if it was because the " Wet Paint " signs were out - Thoughts ?

>> No. 59437
File: 147272746569.png - ( 1.27MB , 1024x774 , Anna y123 - Adolfo 8m.png )
Wow! That was quick - Thankyou very much for your help & info.

That's an interesting question. I won't look into it right now, though, or I'll get completely caught up in 'researching' it & I won't get anything posted. I'll try look into it this weekend.
Its funny but as I really like some of those 'out & about' sets, I'd never really thought that they were done for such a reason. I just thought the photographer had a 'great idea for a fun shoot' That could still be so. However, if I found several with different models in a short period & absolutely no studio sets done in that time - then it would, likely, mean what you were suggesting.

Here's the 1st of Anna y123's videos. Its an 8 1/4min custom for Adolfo from Sep19.06 - Just over 2 months after her debut & (for those interested in a precise timeline) 2 days prior to set 17.
While there are numerous Vlad videos in which the girls speak in Russian. Generally, the greeting is is delivered in English, particularly with customs. This is Definitely the only one I've seen in which English subtitles are provided to help decipher the Russian greeting. (Note the preview)
This is a fabulous video. For the 1st 1/2 she has the black dress that you see in the preview pic. For the last 4mins, she is featured in the Very hot black one-piece swimsuit.


>> No. 59444
File: 147273743266.png - ( 1.41MB , 1024x774 , Karolina m047 p1504.png )
Here's another video I recently found. Its p1504 & features Karolina m047 in very nice 33min video. It features her trying on various clothing items & creating different combos.
Just so there's No misunderstanding - She has a bikini on underneath the whole time.
Near the end, she looks through a modeling 'book'. I couldn't catch if it was Vlad. It looked like the old studio in some.
She also reads a book quietly.
This video cuts off abruptly just past the 33min mark, without showing the year. However, I'm able to confirm that its from 2003. Although her time included the entire calender year, for a couple reasons, I think it was done in the 1st 1/2 of the year.
I'm assuming its not an original, as its only 270Mb. Although an original would likely be around 1.35Gb, this is Very watchable. In fact I can't complain at all.


>> No. 59447
File: 147274521385.png - ( 922.47KB , 1024x774 , Yulya 11s.png )
Guys, it looks like I've picked up on something. These "introduction" videos are both Mar22-25.06>>59349>>59350 and this one is Apr13.06>>59220 about 3 weeks later

Now - Here's Yulya y068 in an 11second 'intro vid' that matches set60 from... Mar25.06!


>> No. 59448
File: 147274634977.png - ( 735.83KB , 1021x757 , Yulya 18s.png )
OK, now here's yet another short Vlad Introduction video, from that 3 day period in late March of 2006.
This is Yulya m065 in an 18second video that matches set 139 from Mar24.06
While she had done 3 74second videos the previous fall & a 5 1/2min vid 3 1/2 weeks earlier, this was obviously a special 'series'. I have a feeling there were several others done that week
Here's Yulya m065's


>> No. 59457
File: 147275113228.png - ( 1.22MB , 1024x768 , p1502 m037+m043.png )
Here's one of my favorite older Vlad videos. Its p1502 & features Alvina m037 & Alexandra m043 in a wonderfully charming 31min video.
For the most part, the girls are checking out & trying on clothes & accessories. As you can see, both girls are pretty. Alexandra is the blonde in green on the left & Alvina is the brunette in white on the right.
This one of only 2 videos that Alvina did. Although Alexandra did other videos, this is the only one I have. Thus, its a rare chance to see (& hear) these girls on video.
Something neat that I recently noticed - at the start, Alexandra looks at the camera & says "Hello, you" & waves, followed by Alvina saying to us "Hi, you" & waving. At the end, they each say "Goodbye, you" & quickly slide into their chairs, where they smile & wave goodbye. In all the time I've had this video, I'd never caught what they'd said. Now, every time I hear it, it makes me smile. Its just So cute!
This video is from 2003. It can't be later than early April ,when Alvina did her last sets.
I expect that this is not original size, as its only 216Mb. Its certainly watchable but can be improved on.


>> No. 59477
File: 147276262772.jpg - ( 143.49KB , 1200x1600 , p7120004.jpg )
Oh yes! Anna is my favorite vlad model by a long shot!
Do you know off hand how many videos she did and did she do any modeling after vlad?

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this btw. It does not go unnoticed

>> No. 59527
File: 147284105993.jpg - ( 134.67KB , 1024x768 , Anna y123 posing4karl.jpg )
Glad you like Anna - for the record, your pic, which is from the 1st part of set2, was from her 1st shoot. Those 21 pics, from July12.06, were taken 6 days prior to set 01 & 8 days before the rest of set 02.
As for her videos, there are 9 that will end up in this thread. The 10th is in an "18+" Vlad thread I have. It leads of with Katya y126's video.
I'm not sure what became of Anna after she left.

Here is her 2nd video. Its a Custom for Karl running roughly 5 3/4mins, from Oct17.06, 4 weeks after her 1st one (& the same day as cstm set 24)
She's now delivering her greetings in English, however, it sounds like she says:
"Hello Karl, my name is Yukon"
It looks like she's wearing the outfit from set 01
comments on the greeting are welcome


>> No. 59548
Thanks for the reply. That is a good one.

I have a video of her called "red" that appears to be of reduced quality. At only 73.2 MB's and coming in at 5:51. Do you know if a better quality version of this is out there somewhere? Maybe you might have one?

>> No. 59575
File: 14729116693.png - ( 901.20KB , 1024x774 , Anna 6m Adolfo feb12_07.png )
I can improve on that a bit.
Anna y123's Custom Adolfo "Red" video ,from Feb12.07, was just short of 6mins. It appears to have been released in "QuickTime Movie" format (MOV), usually associated more with the 74second videos.
As this is well below the usual Vlad video mpg Originals, it boggles me as to why someone would feel it necessary to reduce it.
So here it is. This is likely 'Original Size'. It will unpack to 105Mb.
I'll take a further moment to clear up an occasional misunderstanding about the label. As its a 'posing' video, many fans assume its title is "P2112" & can't understand why they find a different video under p2112 in the archive.
Its because the MOV vids often use the 'p' # system, thus its not telling you that its from the 'posing series'. It is ,in fact, expressing part of the date of Feb12.07


Aside from the lower quality, its a very good movie (like All of Anna's videos)

>> No. 59610
File: 147293984178.png - ( 544.75KB , 1017x613 , Yulya m065 116vid.png )
Here's a 74 second video from Yulya m065 that goes with custom set 116 & is from Sep23.05
She chats for much of the time (in Russian) Its a very nice little video


>> No. 59613
File: 147294832575.jpg - ( 130.04KB , 1200x1600 , 32410246_p8080058.jpg )
I have no idea either. And why did they shoot this one in such low quality in the first place

I use to have a bunch of vlad stuff that had been reduced till I started replacing them with your offerings. Thanks a bunch! This one looks much better.

>> No. 59636
File: 147299399730.png - ( 421.07KB , 1019x713 , m064 Vika 9s.png )
Here's another Very short "introduction" videos. This one is 9seconds & features Vika m064. Interestingly, she wore that swimsuit in 3 sets that fit the right time frame. Set 142, from Mar23.06 is the one I consider most likely. Also from that week that several such videos were made is set 145, from Mar27th. The 3rd set ,featuring her in that swimsuit is 146 from Apr18.06 This is 5 days after Alisa y042's video>>59220
Still, I lean to it being done with 142 on Mar23rd.


>> No. 59644
File: 147300010548.png - ( 765.71KB , 830x623 , Ksenya y056 p4adolfo5m Jan30_07.png )
Glad to be able to help you upgrade your video collection.
There are times when I must settle for posting 'non-original' versions of Vlad videos (due to scarcity, etc). In such cases, I make it abundantly clear that the item is Not an original, so there is no misunderstanding.

Regarding 'Red': It could've been that MOV, or "QuickTime Movie" was a much cheaper option. It doesn't seem to make sense, as Adolfo had gotten the regular videos of Anna in Sep & Dec of 2006. Then there's Red - but 3 days later (feb15.07) she did another custom for him.
Its quite a mystery. Its by far the longest MOV video. Maybe it was part of a "package deal" with all the regular size videos he had commisioned. (Zhenya y114 did a cstm for him around the same time)

Here's Ksenya y056 with a 5 3/4min cstm for Adolfo. I came across an apparant date for it of Jan30.07 Its possible, although I don't see a set that matches it.


>> No. 59678
File: 147304724073.jpg - ( 1.48MB , 2142x2144 , t1506 m054 Natasha & m039 Katya.jpg )
This is another early Vlad video. Its t1506, a 16min entry in the Vlad tickle-series. The participants are Katya m039 & Natasha m054.
I should mention that this video circulates quite widely & Always with caps in which Katya is mislabeled as Rita m063. I almost Never see any sort of correction posted.
The caps I'm posting have the correction (its a bit messy)
The video is greatly reduced from original size - possibly by as much as 90%! Thus the quality is very poor.
Vlad fans who don't have it, will still want to add it to their collection for several reasons.
This video is your only opportunity to see Natasha on video. Natasha is also, of course, one of a handful of Vlad models of Oriental heritage.
Katya's other videos are rather hard to find.
This video begins with the girls laying on the floor together reading a magazine. Just past the 4min mark an off-camera finger snap alerts them that its time for the serious tickling to begin. There is a mixture of conventional tickling & 'footsie tickling'.
Throughout most of the video, Natasha is the tickler, while Katya remains the ticklee.
About 1min before the end, the exhausted girls flop back down & resume reading the magazine.
As with all the tickle-series videos the giggling & laughter definitely add to the charm.
The video is from 2003 - it would have to be from somewhere between Feb & Aug, as that's the only period where both girls were at Vlad.


I'm not going to hold my breath, but if anyone has a superior version of this video, I would welcome it.
If you enjoy seeing these 2 girls together, I recommend checking out 2Mod 72

>> No. 59686
File: 147307262422.png - ( 1.32MB , 1024x774 , t1506 Natasha+ Katya.png )
Here is a screenshot of the t1506, the 16min Tickle-Series video, featuring Natasha m054 & Katya m039. Its fairly early, but you can see the beginnings of the 'Footsie-Tickling' taking place.

>> No. 59699
File: 147308517641.jpg - ( 1.10MB , 2142x2144 , EDIT-t1506 m054 Natasha & m039 Katya-EDIT.jpg )
I have an edited (corrected) screen for the tickling video.
Unfortunately not a larger or better copy of the video.
Hope the screen will be of use for you,yes I have made the correction on my own,excuse the result.

>> No. 59705
File: 147309186374.png - ( 846.25KB , 1021x769 , Luda 4Karl.png )
Here's Luda y134's only Vlad video. Its a 5 1/2min custom for Karl done on Oct8.06
Set 16, done the day after, features her in the same outfit & with the same blue background.
As with most custom vids we get to hear her voice, briefly.
I had been looking for this video for quite a while, when I finally found the 1st 2mins of it. I posted it & it was snapped up by many Vlad fans who ,like me, were happy to have it as a 'place holder'
A few weeks later, a generous individual posted this full-length version.

Its too bad Luda didn't do anymore videos. She didn't even do a single 2Mod set. This is surprising as she was there for 2 years.


>> No. 59707
beautiful...thank you for your hard work

>> No. 59709
File: 147309435169.png - ( 0.96MB , 1024x774 , Ksenya y057 Karl Jul14_06.png )
Regarding this vid>>59678The caps that were included with the video, have my 1st attempt to correct the mislabling of the participants. It resulted in a nearly illegible mess. So, if you'd like to have caps, grab the ones I posted as a preview, if you haven't already. You'll notice my correction is Much neater than before.

Here's Ksenya y057's 6 1/2min cstm for Karl, from July14.06. It has an absolutely fantastic intro. She greets Karl, "Thanks him for 'the present'" & 'expresses her love for him'
This video goes with cstm set113, from the same day. Between pictures 19 & 20, there's a 35min break, I wonder if that's when the video was done?
Some of the set is similar, but it seemed to explore different themes than the video.


For the record, this video is 3 1/2months after her 'intro video'>>59350

>> No. 59713
File: 147309767972.jpg - ( 162.82KB , 1024x768 , Anna y123 Marina y171 box5m.jpg )
Here's one of the crazier Vlad videos. The boxing vids had a lot of funny exaggeration of 'injuries' etc. This video took the cake!
It features Anna y123 & Marina y171 in an action packed 5 1/2min boxing vid. Their performances are gloriously hammy & wildly over-the-top. That & the great outfits are likely what makes this video so popular.
This video dives right into the action. The girls actually take turns with one charging at the other & 'belting her' while her opponent stands there & 'takes it'. They then switch. At times its necessary for one of them to make an amazingly fast recovery in order to not miss her turn at 'punching'.
Part way through, Vika y120 (by this time, she was y172) makes a cameo appearance. It actually adds to the amusement.
If you're watching this for the 1st time, you'll probably find yourself laughing out loud!


>> No. 59768
File: 147316902627.png - ( 913.22KB , 1024x774 , Anya-Oxi Karlcstm.png )
Thanks, it looks a whole lot better than either of mine. The 1st one was the result of me trying to 'write' it in. After figuring out how to insert text, I made the 2nd one (the preview pic)
While it was an improvement, obviously I still need some practice

Here is Anya y148 (aka Showstar Oxi) in her 15min custom video for Karl, from July10.07
I'm sure her Many ardent fans will enjoy this video & will be delighted to hear her voice. While she can be heard on ShowStar videos, I think it was always in Russian (except maybe an intro)
In addition to the intro, we hear her periodic questions to Karl, which certainly add to the enjoyment of the video.
Most of you understand 'Split Files' & can skip the what I say next. Those that aren't sure better read this:
Please Note - This is One 15min video, NOT 2 videos (eg: an 8min & a 7min)
You MUST download BOTH parts AND they Both MUST finish downloading COMPLETELY, before you open/extract the video.
If you Do Not end up with One video that is 15 minutes in length (& 674Mb), you've done something wrong. If so, PLEASE let me know, so I can help you through this process in more detail.

Here's the video
Download this part 1st


Now this part (you don't have to wait for the 1st part to finish before starting the 2nd part)


Now After Both parts finish, Open/Extract part1 (part2 will follow)
Please ask if you need further help.
If I seem to be rambling on about this, its because I can tell by the downloads that a lot of guys don't understand the process. I know they're not able to enjoy these videos (certainly not in anything approaching full length), thus I'd like to help them.

I'll post the video she did the previous day, when I get a chance.

>> No. 59770
Would you have by any chance the Vlad Tanya (Tatiana Georegivia) videos. Thank you again either way...great work.

>> No. 59786
File: 147319580437.png - ( 561.69KB , 873x619 , Karina 4Karl.png )
Yes about 20. I'll set a couple to upload while I go out

For now here's Karina y107's 1st video, a 5min cstm for Karl, dated Oct5.06


>> No. 59819
File: 147325001666.jpg - ( 588.08KB , 1680x1050 , Tanya-ws-WP-009.jpg )
Before I post the 1st Tanya y157 videos, I'm going to post these Tanya caps. There's 23 in all. I put them together before I got the 2014 archive. Thus, the 16min 'AfterVlad' 3 outfit cstm is included. Also both Monroe & Striperman are there. They're the same video.
I generally post these, as it helps some guys in making requests (especially those who aren't familiar with all her vids)
Please Note - Some of the caps are for reduced versions. Except for the 1st 1hr video & maybe 1 other one, these videos are All full size.
The caps are just to give an idea of what she wears & what happens in the videos.
So here they are - if you see something you like in there - just ask.


>> No. 59820
File: 147325101521.png - ( 959.37KB , 1025x758 , Tanya 5m.png )
Here's the 1st Tanya video. By that I mean the 1st one I'm posting. Although it might be the 1st one she did. Its simply called 'p5' & there's no date for it, but looking at the hairstyle, it can't be any later than early Dec of 2007 - so its either her 1st or 2nd.
When I post my early Custom-Style sets of her (in the other thread) you'll see what I mean.
Anyhow, enjoy the vid & I have one more ready


>> No. 59822
File: 147325223221.png - ( 878.92KB , 1017x754 , Tanya y157 Tadashi15.png )
Here's one of Tanya's most beloved videos - The 15min Tadashi cstm, from either June10 or 11.08. I can't find what I did with her dates & I want to get this posted.
Its a great video but what makes it Extra special is her greeting:
"Hello, my name is Tanya. I'm 13. I go to school. I like dance. I'd like to show you my dancing" & its delivered in a lovely voice.
Be sure & get both parts. If you're not sure what to do or you don't end up with a 15min video, don't hesitate to ask for help.



>> No. 59829
Tanya is an incredibly erotic being. Thank you very much indeed

>> No. 59835
Tanya is very beautiful. Incredible. After all this time i still find it amazing that pictures and videos exist i've never seen. For example, the pic of her in the screen caps pic in green is new and beautiful as always.

>> No. 59872
>>59829>>59835 glad you guys like her, the pic in green is among some wallpapers I found. The set is 38 & I'll be posting it among some Custom-Style sets of her, later

>> No. 59901
File: 147332936940.png - ( 614.06KB , 817x629 , Tanya 1h Nov22_07.png )
Here is what is either Tanya y157's 1st or 2nd video. Its a 1hr custom from Nov22.07 & I'm sure you'll find it extremely enjoyable. This is one of the very few Tanya videos that I will be posting in reduced form. Its very reduced, as it should be in the neighborhood of 2.6Gb, yet its only 590Mb. Its still entirely watchable, its just that an original would be a definite improvement.
Be sure you've finished downloading BOTH parts Before opening.



If anyone has an original (that is - an mpg version about 2.5 - 2.65Gb) you're welcome to post it.
Barring an original appearing, I would be interested in any version that improves on the posted one - say, something around 1Gb

>> No. 59905
Agree with all comments. Tanya is worthy of a thread to herself such his her beauty...custom sets would be very appreciated. Great video posts. Thank!

>> No. 59908
File: 147333787898.png - ( 333.31KB , 1015x714 , Anna y123 Adolfo5 dec1_06.png )
Here's Anna y123 in another Cstm Adolfo video. This one is 5 1/2mins & is from Dec1.06
Its sort of a 2-outfit video. It was done 4 days after sets 32+34 & 5days before 35


>> No. 59936
caps is good call

I dunno if you can post 15m cstm from may 05 of 09 382mb but not sure if I've seen that one before would be much appreciated ! ty friend

>> No. 59969
File: 14734484578.png - ( 732.19KB , 1033x774 , Yulya m018 set20 vid1.png )
>>59905 You can expect the 1st Tanya cstms by tomorrow. (in the other thread) These will be early # set cstms that don't get posted all that often. I'm going to hold off on the later ones, like the 'Garretts, Deberrys, etc' that get posted quite frequently. I may post them down the road but at this early stage, I don't want to get bogged down, on something that will take at least a week to upload.
I'll continue to work her videos in

I'm glad the caps have been helpful for you. I'll have that video up later today. Actually, that's an example of how some of my caps were made from reduced versions. My copy of that video is a 699Mb mpg original.
Original Vlad videos of this era are usually 670-700Mb for 15min, 1.3Gb for 30min & 2.6-2.65Gb for 1hr

For now, here's Yulya m018 in the 4 75second videos that were released, in lieu of pictures, as "set 20". I can't give an exact date but its 2002 & most likely between July & mid Sep.
The videos contain - dancing, putting on & removing socks, posing & 'gymnastic style dancing'.
I previously thought the low quality was due to the vintage. Not so. These were made using the QuickTime Movie format, (MOV) which was used in the later videos of the same length & the short 'introduction series' from 2006.


>> No. 59982
File: 147347694368.png - ( 0.98MB , 1025x782 , Tanya may5_09.png )
Looks like I missed getting this on with the last posts by about 5mins. I hope you don't have too much longer of a wait.
So, this is Tanya y157's 15min custom posing video from May5.09 Its the latest date I have for any of her Vlad videos.
Both parts are needed - please ask if you have problems



>> No. 59983
File: 14734788739.png - ( 303.29KB , 1009x765 , Yulya m065 119vid.png )
Here's Yulya m065 in a 74second Custom Tom video, which features her singing for most of the vid.
It goes with cstm set 119. Strangely. this is the one time that the 'P' #s don't match the date from the exif data, in a custom set. The #ing indicates its from Oct14.05, but the date given is Nov7.05
Suffice it to say, its from the Fall of 2005, between mid Oct & early Nov.


>> No. 59997
If you look in the Dictionary under 'perfection' then Anya is there, wow just wow

>> No. 60009
File: 147351468538.png - ( 461.31KB , 891x629 , Anna y123 Adolfo feb15_07.png )
Here's another Anna y123 Cstm Adolfo video. At 4m41s, its her shortest video. Its from Feb15.07, 3 days after 'Red' video, also for Adolfo.
This video looks very much like set48 from 8 days earlier. Also, while its labeled as a 'posing' video, she does a fair bit of dancing.


>> No. 60011

Thank you very much, and no worries, wasn't any hold up and both parts worked fine on first host I tried.

TBH and a bit shameless ;/ heh about an hr after I requested I stumbled upon a post on diff forum nnplanet but uploader had it split to several parts on turbo so (shamelessly) I decided to just wait a day and see if you posted and well... here we are, and its already done DL b4 I posted this. TY again, you continue to be a tremendous amount of help and provider of unique and choice material.

>> No. 60023
File: 147351840577.png - ( 610.96KB , 997x774 , Yulya m065 Tom cstm1m.png )
Here's Yulya m065 in another short Custom Tom video. This one is 63seconds & appears to go with the 1st part of set109, from July28.05
After her greeting, she starts going through a pile of shoes, looking for an appropriate sized pair. She also chats the whole time, presumedly commenting on why she's rejecting the various shoes.


>> No. 60025
Wasnt familiar with Tanya before these videos. Wow! What a doll....thanks a bunch for posting these.

>> No. 60050
File: 147358300573.png - ( 1.24MB , 1024x774 , Ksenya y057 2min Karl.png )
Here is Ksenya y057 in a 2min cstm for Karl. Its from Feb9.07 It was done the same day as set 154 although it features a different outfit.
Like most Vlad videos of shorter length, its in MOV format.


>> No. 60062

Helen of Troy? Nope never heard of her.
Aphrodite? Doesnt ring a bell.


heh seriously though Tanya 157 / Tatianna Georgieva is one of the best things that has ever happened to man kind. Almost all-all of her videos are amazing, shes a fabulous dancer, charming voice/personality and all that, but I also highly recommend her sets from Vlad of course (earlier) or with George Models they arent hard to find shes without question one of the most famous teen models/models around

(TLDR of following : Basically shes really fn famous)

.. (weird analogy inc) When I was mini I had this skinimax movie taped, it was about this photographer and this Russian model, later in her life but had been a model since very young, she has these reoccuring nightmares about an old Indian legend that if you have your picture taken too many it steals your soul/body so he takes some photos of her, naturally coitus ensues basically she vanishes -- If there was one person in the world that this reminds me of itd be Tonya.

>> No. 60081
She's a very beautiful lady absolutely.
The cutest though is her sis,in my humble opinion;)
Thanks OP for all the work you're doing.

>> No. 60086
File: 147367661488.jpg - ( 198.44KB , 1024x768 , Yulya y068 clip5m Tom.jpg )
Glad it worked out. I don't blame you for waiting. TurboBit's upside is that you can download enormous files (I downloaded a 30Gb file from there once)
The downsides are a very high failure rate & a long wait time between (slow)downloads.
Also, they sometimes put you through a 10min countdown Before the 1min countdown prior to you getting your download!
I try & offer good hosts & it bothers me to see good ones being dropped by MC.
I only split files when I must. I try leave them as large as possible. Its fewer downloads for you guys & fewer uploads for me. I actually saw some joker posting 30min Vlad vids (1.35Gb) broken into 50Mb parts!

I'm guessing you're new - not just to Vlad ,but to the whole 'movement'.
If you're really just discovering her, you'll want to check out my other thread which has picture sets of Vlad models. I recently posted some early custom sets of Tanya y157.
Its thread 59235 & it'll never be more than a couple of pages from the front. Both threads will offer you excellent opportunities to start a good Vlad collection with material from many of their best looking girls.

To some of us, it may seem odd that someone is just discovering a model who's name is a 'household word' for most of us. Like Elona or Cristina
Who knows? Maybe things have changed for him & he suddenly has unlimited privacy. Many guys are interested in this subject but due to stifling spouses, are unable to even check this stuff out, let alone build collections.

So, here's my next item. Its a 5 1/2min video featuring Yulya y068. Like both of her 74second videos>>59297+>>59321 this is also a custom for Tom. Evidently, Tom likes shoes & stockings! Not only are they the 'central theme' in this video, but you'll find several other Custom Tom's where this is so.
I don't see a set that matches the vid. It appears to be from 2006 but ,as she was with Vlad until mid-Dec of that year, its hard to narrow it down any better.


I'll be posting more vids & sets of her as I get a chance

>> No. 60095
File: 147368529632.png - ( 968.26KB , 1013x761 , Nadya 1hr pt3.png )
Here's a real Vlad treasure. Its p1601, featuring Nadya m042 in a 1hr video from 2003. Best of all - Its in original form!
The video begins with her introducing herself (in Russian), then altering her outfit in small ways ,using the clothes & accessories & the mirror.
We get to hear lots of her Very sweet voice. One reason is that there is a fair bit of back & forth dialogue between Nadya & a woman off-camera, who appears to be giving instructions/suggestions.
There are 3 'parts', each about 20mins. Highlights of part1 include her doing the splits & summersaulting.(& of course, looking great in her different outfit variations) Part2 more or less begins around the 20min mark, when she makes a major outfit change.
She has the 'Office Girl' look for the next 20mins during which time we see her doing such things such as answering her phone & doing what looks like 'important calculations'.
Around the 40min mark, there is a momentary fade out & Nadya reappears in the pictured silver outfit. The last 20mins features her in an incredible nonstop display of dancing.
For any serious Vlad collector &-or Nadya m042 fan, this video is a must-have.
I can't pinpoint exactly when, in 2003, this was done, except to say that during the last couple months of the year she appeared to be dying & streaking her hair, so the video is likely before that time.
Please Note - You MUST download ALL 7 Parts Completely, before commencing opening.
If you are having trouble getting the Full 59min video. Please, Ask me for help.








>> No. 60102
File: 14736892381.png - ( 1.04MB , 1021x762 , Nadya m042 1h pt1.png )
Here's another screenshot of the 1hr Nadya m042 vid. This is from the 1st 'part'

>> No. 60103
File: 147368967056.png - ( 1.44MB , 1024x774 , Nadya 2007.png )
With Nadya m042's 1hr video + the tickle & wrestle vids she did with Anna y076 & now the one I'm about to post, we can see her on video over a 4 year period - in 2003, 2005 & 2007.
This 4 3/4min custom was from Mar28.07 & was her last Vlad video.


>> No. 60104

Sorry to say but it seems your uploads have been pretty much failed and only parts 1 and 2 seem to be ok :(

So please check the this and please please re-up if needed. This is one of the very few Vlad videos I haven't seen and I'm really looking forward to have all parts dowloaded.

>> No. 60109

Parts 3 and 4 no longer exist. :(

>> No. 60110
After piecing it asks for a pass

>> No. 60117
>>60104>>60109 Wow! This has never happened before! I'm running out the door - but I'm setting 3+4 to reup. hopefully they're ready when I return later .Sorry for the trouble
Pass? which item? I've never put a password on anything

>> No. 60133
File: 147375832358.png - ( 915.56KB , 971x679 , Nadya 1h pt2.png )
I'm dreadfully sorry for the problems with parts 3+4 of the 1hr Nadya m042 video>>60095
So, those of you that have already downloaded 1 & 2 +5-7, can just download the new 3 & 4 & open it.
Just so there's no confusion, I'm posting all 7 parts here. I've deleted the old links for parts 3+4.
I feel terrible because by the time this appears, some of you will have been waiting over 24hrs for the new links
Please Note - I checked each of the 7 parts to see that I would get the 'download box' for each & I did. So there shouldn't be any further problems.
I can assure you the video will prove to be worth the wait.








This screenshot is from the 2nd 20min portion & this is from the 1st>>60102

>> No. 60156
59709 Thank you for this stunning vid!!

>> No. 60171
Thank you:)
Had a copy but not 1 hour & a horror to view.
Never knew I've missed so much of the video.
Thank you made made me so happy finding the full video in a far better quality then the short version:)

>> No. 60213
File: 147385321814.jpg - ( 148.67KB , 1024x768 , Yulya m065 p2087 secretary16m.jpg )
I'm really glad you like it. Its a great video & Karl must love that intro!
I'm glad to have helped you out - its Such an awesome video.
So, how much was missing from you're old copy? Did it go from the beginning to a certain cut-off point? Or did it have pieces cobbled together?
What was its size?
The reason for the questions is that I'm thinking of the Valerya-Karina wrestle vid>>59348 Its the 1st 8 1/2mins of a 30min video & its only 60Mb. Maybe its a similar situation.

Well here's another wonderful video. I accidently posted it in the set thread, so here it is in the proper place.
This is p2087 - Yulya m065' 16min Custom Tom Secretary video. I had assumed it was on the same day or close to the time of set 147, which featured the same outfit & hairstyle. This was May24.06
I've been told this video was taken 2 months earlier, putting it in March. This is around the time of her introduction video>>59448
I'm hoping this fellow can provide us with an exact date.
Remember - All 3 parts are needed




Another Yulya Cstm Tom video is uploading as we speak

>> No. 60214
File: 147385492086.png - ( 920.36KB , 993x709 , Tanya Ch_Tyrel15m.png )
Here's another Tanya y157 video. Its the Chris Tyrel cstm 15min. The outfit is very similar to the beloved Tadashi cstm>>59822
I'm pretty sure its from the day before or after Tadashi. I had found a few dates for some of her videos & had scribbled them down. I just have to find time to go through this large pile of paper scraps in front of me to find them.



>> No. 60228
My horrible copy seemed to have been cut together out of five parts resolution 480x360.
None of the parts were from the start or the end,very bad sound too.
Why I don't know but it looked like an old scratchy movie of the 20's,very similar anyway.
Could have been an effect added to it but I'm not sure.
The total horrible video had a lenght of 12 minutes maybe a couple of seconds more.
The fascinating isn't the video itself,maybe the way I've got it,would need a long post with text only,I'm skipping it:)
Don't have it anymore & I'm not exactly missing it.
That's why I'm so happy finally finding the full and awesome video,thanks a million.

>> No. 60229
File: 147387358163.png - ( 790.42KB , 1025x754 , Yulya m065 5min4Tom.png )
Here's Yulya m065's 5 1/2min Custom Tom video. It indicates its from 2006. The video has the same swimsuit ,shoes, etc as set 136 from Mar1.06. I don't know if this means the video was done at or near the same time.
If someone has an exact date for this video (or any other one that I'm unable to provide one for) you're more than welcome to add it for us.


>> No. 60259
File: 14739336879.jpg - ( 155.92KB , 1024x768 , w2091 m065+y068 box23m.jpg )
Here are Yulyas m065 & y068 in their fabulous 23min boxing video. This 2006 video is very different from the "Full-Throttle" pace of the 5min Anna y123/Marina y171 boxing vid>>59713
This one has many elements common to the Vlad Wrestle-series videos, such as the 'conflict'. This one builds much slower, though, beginning with the 2 girls reading magazines, while sitting together cozily on the couch - for the record, they each have a copy of a Russian issue of a Marie Claire magazine. I'm sorry but at this time, I can't tell you what month its from. (the magazine or the vid)
Anyhow, around 5mins Yulya y068 scurries over & grabs them each a pair of high leather boots. They put them on & walk around in them a bit, returning to the couch around 7mins. Very shortly a financial dispute turns bad & they head over to wear the boxing gloves just happen to be laid out. The bout begins promptly at the 8min mark. Around the 17min mark the girls decide to remove their shirts & skirts & resume the match in the bikinis That They Had On Underneath. This was, undoubtedly, to allow them greater freedom of movement.
This is a great video. In the 1st part, we get to hear them chatting to each other. As you know from their other videos, both girls have very pleasant voices. The bout provides many amusing moments.

Please remember that you need All 3 parts. And Please ask if you don't understand how to get the Full 23min video.




this preview is from early in the match - I will add 2 more

>> No. 60260
File: 147393389435.jpg - ( 165.38KB , 1024x768 , m065+y068 w2091box.jpg )
Here are Yulyas m065 & y068 reading magazines at the start of w2091 - their 23min boxing vid

>> No. 60261
File: 147393542198.jpg - ( 183.56KB , 1024x768 , y068+m065 w2091 box23m.jpg )
Here's Yulyas m065 & y068 near the end of their 23min boxing vid, after switching to more comfortable attire

That's incredible! When you got the copy I posted, it must've been like seeing the video for the 1st time! I wonder what on earth the story was behind your copy. It sounds like it was virtually unwatchable. I'm trying to visualize watching her dance portion under such conditions!
Obviously, it was something totally different than the issue with the wrestle video I mentioned. With that one, either - only the 1st part was still available for download - or a torrent didn't finish & that was as far as it played 'problem free'
Even so, its a masterpiece, compared to the mess you described!
Its incredible that someone would, not only "create" such an abomination, but actually share it. Of course there's people out there who are nervy enough to not only post something like that, but force people through adfly or linkbucks (or both)& then to a slow 'money making' host, to download the 'treasure' you spoke of.
Anyhow, I hope you continue to find lots of other goodies here (or in the other thread) to improve your Vlad collection

>> No. 60262
All I can do is agree with everybody else: Tanya is the very essence of beauty and you are generous to share her with us.

>> No. 60269
I am glad you are back!

>> No. 60270
Tonya, simply: wow. Knowing Vlad, i'd wager there are some very erotic custom vids.

>> No. 60334
File: 147402179242.jpg - ( 18.14KB , 244x528 , p1601-Nadya-m042-01-1hr-photo.jpg )
Slow hosts,hoops & loops never ending ads & never really assured to really get the files anyway:)
You remember Oron not the most annoying at all though & the rest,patience a lot of it and a huge amount of time needed.
Understand some would like to earn a little but there's ways of earning something even with good hosts too.
When I'm sharing & yes I'm the guy who posted the topheavy y131 Vika's set,no earnings involved at all.
Time is needed but I have the time now,some of it anyway:)
It's not exactly the way I've got the 12 minute disaster.

Short version of how the worst copy of anything ever made reached me.
The preview shows the photo I found at the party,quite small,with similar edges applyed,from the 1 hour video.
Never got a straight answer if she was a relative or simply made as a portrait cause he liked it.

At a meeting somewhere nearby Moscow 2009 and it was in May,had been many trips back and forth during several months,no promises made,just we will have to discuss the matter further,that's how it was doing any business with that particular company.
Had a colleague with me as it was a quite important deal we had to get thrue,important for us mainly.
Got it set & signed mostly as we had in mind,celebrated of course,at a restaurant for starters,later we ended up in a large flat,modern and very fresh in an old house with great architecture.
Another interest I had at the time,well,the celebrating went on & I discovered a photo which made me curious.
Framed and on table in a smaller room,had followed our host there,he insisted we should have a cigar.
To make this shorter we found out we shared the same hobby,even more he told me he had something other nicer from vlad studios stored.
Can't tell exactly how the copy of the 1hr Nadya m042 video found it's way to the USB stick I had though,it was a party after all,and as you know it was the worst cut & edited 12 minute video I've ever viewed.
When I finally could extract it from the rar there is:/
Somehow we must have exchanged mail adresses,got a mail from the host of that party about 6 weeks later when I almost had given up on ever being able to see what the rar contained.
It's almost as I wish I've never got it in the first place,on the other hand I had probably never tryed to find a better version of the video.
Think it actually was that guy I've got it from who made the edited copy I lost but don't miss at all.
He definitly needed to improve the skills of editing,quite a lot actually or skipping any attempts completely.

Yes you're right,like seeing it for the very first time,12 minutes of a 1 hour video I've certainly missed a huge part didn't I:)
Excellent & grateful I'm finally able to enjoy how it was supposed to be viewed.

>> No. 60341
File: 147403168554.png - ( 516.90KB , 805x627 , w501 - 25m.png )
Here's something that will likely generate a fair bit of interest ,despite the Very poor quality.
Its w501, a 25min Wrestle video from 2001, featuring Yulya m017 vs. Asya m016. This is a Very rare chance to see either of these girls on video. While Yulya may've done as many as 10 videos, including a couple of 1hr vids, they're Not very easy to track down. As far as Asya goes, this is your Only chance to see her on video.
I'm going to say that its likely that this video is from Very early in 2001, as the latest date I have for Asya is a Play-Series set from Feb1.01
Some strange & unusual things about this video are: The girls have a series of something like 'Unofficial Rounds' of about 50-100 seconds in length. When the off-camera Coach/Advisor/Choreographer, etc calls for them to 'Break' they stop & there's a fast fade out & back in & the girls begin another action-packed 'Round'.
Now, this video is listed as 25min 12s, but it comes to an official end (not just a cut-off) at about 23 1/2mins - right after a loud round of applause for the victor! There follows about 30s of 'blank screen' before the video returns (I don't know if its the beginning, that's otherwise missing or where its from) either way, its at least 10 times worse than the earlier part! Thankfully, its only about 45secs, as its pretty much unwatchable.
Now, this video is almost 25mins & only about 85Mb - certainly the lowest Mb/per minute ratio of Any of my videos. In my screenshot, I've left in the somewhat distracting skinny green boarder, so you can see it. You also have to put up with some background noise, not unlike the 'whirring' of early movie cameras.
So, you'll notice another 'video'. This one is avi & is only 24seconds. Its part of the same video, so I'm not sure what the deal is.
This snippet is 3.5Mb & despite some horizontal lines that appear across the screen, the quality is Way better. Too bad its for less than 1/2 a minute.
So, despite the faults, this is a Must for collectors of Vlad videos & fans of either girl. I'm certainly pleased to have found it


I'm not going to be holding my breath but if someone has Any copy that improves on this, I'd be Very interested. It would seem that a full avi version would be Much better.

>> No. 60342
File: 14740335995.png - ( 901.31KB , 1022x677 , Katya-Karina tickle.png )
We now have a 10min tickle video featuring Katya y111 & Karina y107. This is 1 of 3 videos that they did together. (I'll be posting the other 2 as well.)
This is one of the more 'structured; tickle vids, in that the girls take turns as 'Tickler' & 'Ticklee'.
Both girls are very enjoyable to watch, but Katya's fun loving personality is always evident in her videos & even more so in a video like this, where she's interacting with her good friend & obviously having a tremendous amount of fun making this video.
It makes me long for a subtitled version.



This video is from 2008 but I don't have an exact date. I can tell you that Katya had that hairstyle from July to late Sep of that year.

>> No. 60350
great stuff, poster. How does one get in touch you privately?

>> No. 60363
Actually, no. Just more of the same.

>> No. 60415
File: 147414462699.png - ( 1.10MB , 1015x782 , Katya-Karina wres5.png )
Here's another in the small "series" featuring Katya y111 & Karina y107>>60342
This is their 5min Wrestle vid. Unlike most of Vlad's Wrestle-Series, this one is minus the initial 'conflict' - be it the 'argument' or the 'accidental bumping'. Instead, they dive right into the 'meat & potatoes' so to speak.
It should be mentioned that this video stays 'within the rules' at all time.
This video would've been done during the same 2 1/2 month window as the tickle vid


>> No. 60418
File: 147414738465.png - ( 1.10MB , 1023x770 , Katya-Karina 25min-box.png )
Actually, most of Tanya's vids were cstms. Truth be told, she was so amazingly hot & popular, that she could draw the line; saying 'No' to stuff that she didn't wish to do.

That's an amazing story. Its quite something, when you discover an aquaintance, to have 'this sort of interest'. With me, it takes a while - I go through a Very slow & cautious build up. Its no secret to most people that I like girls of 16ys or so, but I'm careful about admitting about much younger ones. But sometimes I've been surprised at who has ended up 'passing through all the stages' of vetting.

Actually, they have 'Rules' about that -Sorry.

So here's Katya y111 & Karina y107 again, in what is likely their 1st video. At just short of 25mins, its their 'Boxing Extravaganza' from July17.08 - note that Katya still has her 'old' hairstyle.
It features the girls spending about 7mins preparing for the bout, as most boxers do - applying makeup, doing their hair, each carefully chooses their footwear - Karina opts for high leather boots for stability, while both girls have heels that allow for easy pivoting ,Katya for an open shoe (likely for flexability)
An otherwise unseen person flips a coin to see who goes 1st in punching. Its set up like Anna-Marina bout with the girls 'taking turns'.
There are many hilarious moments, particularily to do with the exaggerated 'injuries' & 'speedy recoveries'.
If you don't have this video & you enjoy these sorts of funny performances, I highly recommend it. I think they probably had a lot of fun making this vid




Please get All parts - again, Please ask if you don't understand

>> No. 60514
File: 147420308544.png - ( 1.09MB , 1021x770 , Karl 30min.png )
Here's Tanya's wonderful 30min cstm Karl video. It starts with "Hello, Karl. I want to look sexy for you" - before she begins 6mins of dancing.
Basically, 4 outfits are featured. I'm sure Karl was pleased with the results.

Remember to fully download All 4 parts, before you begin opening.





I wasn't paying attention - I see I could've used Zippy & 2Shared for pt4

>> No. 60519
"With me, it takes a while - I go through a Very slow & cautious build up"

Same with me,remember it's a small part of the long story,just a minor part of all the previous meetings when we got to know eachother but of course not everything about eachother.
But you're right,quite fast finding someone with same interest & also the only one I've ever met someone with the same interest outside the web.
I've never ever told a living soul after this actually very nice & relaxed meeting with a likeminded.
Where I reside it's been way more controversial educational items produced,vlad is a way to enjoy some time of a wonderful composed setup.
It's needed I assure you,these days have had its share of losses for me as well as many of my friends.
For me vlad & collecting it creates a space of peace and joy,that's one of the reasons I've picked it up again.
Any of the threads I've discovered here & in the +18 section,by you I assume,something I coming back to when I'm here.
Thanks for making my visits here so much nicer that they'll stay with me long afterwards.

>> No. 60569
Tanya is a stunner. Otherworldly beauty.
Thanks for sharing.

>> No. 60588
Wow! All i can say is a totally inadequate THANK YOU for such amazing work.

>> No. 60614
File: 147434112877.png - ( 955.37KB , 1023x774 , Katya y111 Bernt 21m.png )
Katya y111 did 10 videos - 5 solo & 5 with other girls. Some of these can't be posted, as they stray slightly outside the rules. Most of them are OK, though, including this one.
This is the 2nd of her 4 videos for Bernt & the 1st of 2 that are labeled as being "pd20min Bernt" (there's a very subtle difference - I believe one has '20' & the other '20m')
This video is actually a few seconds short of 21mins. In addition to the posing & dancing, it also includes singing.
The date is June19.08
This video Definitely has No objectionable content, as it stays Completely inside the rules.




Please Note - Her 3-Girl Wrestle Cstm is her 1 video that strays Way outside the rules, thus I won't be posting it.

>> No. 60638
File: 147436427927.png - ( 1.13MB , 1024x774 , w2079 Olga-Ksenya.png )
I'm delighted to hear that my threads have such a positive effect for you. Its funny that you mention the other (18+) thread, as I keep meaning to do so but end up forgetting every time.
So - I've got an 18+ thread, which is a combination of videos & sets of older Vlad girls, whose material can't be posted here.
In all liklihood, its the tamest thread in that section.
I started as a means of sharing stuff like Katya y126's Cstm Karl video, which leads off the thread.
I confess that it doesn't get the degree of attention that this thread & the NN Vlad set thread do but I try not to go too long between additions.
Among what's there is: some Vika y120/172 videos, Anna y123's later 30min vid & several other older girls.

Back to this thread
This is w2079, a 31min wrestle vid, featuring Olga y021 & Ksenya y056. There is an indication that its from 2006. I don't have a precise date, but looking at Ksenya, I would say it would have to be in the 1st few months.
The wrestling match comes about due to the escalation of a 'dispute' which appears to be over who has the better shoes.
At this time, this is the only video I have featuring Olga.
Be sure to get All 4 parts Before opening





>> No. 60640
Where do you get all your videos from, if I can ask?

>> No. 60656
The +18 section:)
I've been a collector of the not NN vlad before I took a pause for some time.
Naturally I went straight to the particular section for starters.
There is something for you there,from another poster & me also,hope you'll enjoy the posts.
Have searched for the NN vlad too but in a more sporadic way,now it's more the NN I'm collecting.
What I've found before my break I've stored,now I beginning to notice what I'm missing:)
It's a lot that's why all threads at one place is highly valued by me.
Info,dates and thoughts makes a huge difference a great diference:)

>> No. 60685
File: 147445211330.png - ( 1.28MB , 1024x768 , Anna y123cstm15m.png )
I just got them over time. Many came from torrents, some from sites like this. I've upgraded many, as I started with low-grade copies of many of them. I endured a lot of dead links, bogus downloads - (eg: a video that was supposed to be a Vlad vid was, in fact a segment of a 'Bollywood' movie! (cut to about the right size.
Hopefully, I can save you a lot of that sort of trouble & frustration.

I found what you're referring to. I'm trying to quickly get some posts on & then I'll view them.
I guess I'm more into the girls that go in the NN threads because of my age preference - although they certainly had some nice 18+ models, too.

So, here is Anna y123 again. This is a 15 1/2min cstm video from Apr15.07 I don't know who its for. She doesn't mention anyone, she just gives a cheery 'Hello' - nor is anyone mentioned in the farewell.



>> No. 60734
File: 147451430085.png - ( 549.64KB , 773x605 , Tanya y157 15m-Monroe.png )
Here's another 15min video of Tanya y157. This is the 'Monroe/Striperman' video. I don't know the story behind why this video is circulating under 2 different names (to the point of both being in the Vlad archive) Maybe 'Striperman' is a nickname for 'Mr. Monroe'. If anyone has an explanation for this, I'd love to hear it. I can't think of any other (logical) explanation.
Anyhow, this 'Green-Bikini themed video is from June of 2008 - either the 10th or 11th.



Remember the process - Download Both parts - Wait for them Both to finish & Then (& only then) Open/Extract.
Ask if you don't understand

>> No. 60757
File: 147454408232.png - ( 1.06MB , 1207x885 , Anna y123 Adolfo jun15_07.png )
Here's Anna y123 in one of the most incredible videos in the entire Vlad catalogue! Its a custom for Adolfo, from June15.07, running 14 1/3mins.
Its an incredibly wild video (I'm sure Adolfo was delighted with the results) & yet it manages to stay Completely Within the NN rules.
I won't try to describe it. I'm just going to say that its a 'Must Have' for any serious Vlad collection.



>> No. 60779
File: 147460174613.png - ( 1.20MB , 1024x768 , y056-y068 t2065 .png )
Here's t2065 a tickle video, running just over 30mins. The participants are Ksenya y056 & Yulya y068. Virtually, the entire video features Ksenya chasing & tickling Yulya.
The video is listed as 2005. Ksenya only had that hairstyle from early Dec of 2005 to early Feb of 2006.





>> No. 60792
File: 14746293235.png - ( 0.98MB , 1024x768 , y038 Irina p2114 5m.png )
Here's p2114, a 5 1/2min video, featuring Irina y038. It appears to be a custom for what sounds like "Adam" - Does anyone hear anything different at the beginning?
Its definitely from late in her Vlad career. Video p2113 (also with her) has '2007' at the end. I assume the 2 videos were done very close together.


>> No. 60857
File: 147472188118.png - ( 764.83KB , 1019x691 , Anya-Oxi y148 Bernd15.png )
Here's Anya y148 (aka Oxi) in her 15 1/2min custom video for Bernt. Its from July9.07, the day before her Karl vid.



>> No. 60860
File: 147472317271.png - ( 1.26MB , 1030x765 , Alina y118 Adolfo6m.png )
Here's Alina y118 in a 6 1/4min Custom Adolfo video. Its 1 of 2 cstm videos, of about the same length, that she did on Oct17.06.


>> No. 60883
File: 147475714871.png - ( 743.30KB , 889x659 , Katya pd20 Bernt.png )
Here's the Very popular Katya y111 in another of her Bernt Custom videos. This is the other 'Bernt 20min' vid. At 1min less than this one>>60614 it really is 20mins. It was done 3 1/2 months later than the other one.
This one is from Sep26.08, which is also the date of her final Bernt Cstm set.
This much-loved video has some fantastic 'monologue' from Katya, directed to "Byernt".
All parts needed. Please ask if you are having problems.




Please Note - This video stays Entirely Within the Rules, At All Times.

>> No. 60885
Mirrorcreator is no useful. It has transformed itself in a useless of dog shit. It forces you to disable Adblock, and that would be okay if the stuff that then happens was okay. But what then happens is that as many as a dozen new browser windows pop open, and most of them are malicious. It is very unfortunate that this has happened to mirrorcreator, but it has happened, and it is necessary to find an alternative. Please avoid using mirrorcreator.

>> No. 60886
The quality of this video is beyond awful. The Vlad videos were always of rather poor quality, but they were never as bad as this. I think it is likely that some moron retard ran this file through some compressor to reduce the file size. Something of this sort had to have happened, because the quality of this video is much, much worse than I've seen with a Vlad video. I took a glance at several of your previews for the other Vlad videos you have posted, and judging from the snapshots, they are all messed and have been essentially ruined. Whoever it was who was motivated to compress these files was an idiot. It is as dumb as it could possibly be. Nowadays you can find external USB drives with terabytes of capacity, for very little money. What possible reason could there be for someone to have compressed these files?

>> No. 60892
ignore the red warning, host works fine

>> No. 60893

This video is epic, I love the "itsmellme" so cute

>> No. 60894
Try using jdownloader. Mirrorcreator works great with it, you don't have to disable anything, and you get no popups except the ones for entering the captchas.

>> No. 60901

Obvious Mirror hater is obvious...

Mirror works WITHOUT needing to disable adblock. I get the disable adblock warning on the 2nd page, but I just ignore it and click on the "Your preferred download link is ready! Click here to go to the page." link and get to the host site without any issues.

>> No. 60904
You are Incorrect. I've just downloaded from MC without having to disable Adblock. They are showing a warning asking if you'd disable Adlock but it doesn't stop you from downloading.

>> No. 60918
Noticed mirrocreator claims with a red border Adblock is known to cause problems.
That's not the truth & the link is still clickable or copy the link & paste it into a new window.
I've got no problems clicking the links at all but if there's a problem the copy/paste will work.

More & more hosts wants the Adblock to be turned off,well,it's never going to happen that I'll do it ever though & there's always a way to pass it with some extra work:/
Agree completely with you,it's annoying as we don't want or need ads at all.

Hope you've got a little help by this post as we really needs to block what we don't need or want.

>> No. 60919
Have some other videos of y111 & have to say the bernt videos are my favorites.

A thought,not about the videos or your thread OP.
Mirrorcreator,it's starting to behave strange recently,for me at least & don't know if it's just me having these issues.
Adblock I'm using it & noscript still got redirects sometimes to a completely different site not related to any of the listed hosts.
Have you noticed the same or is it just me?

I'm more of a set collector but I've found some beautiful videos here,thanks for all the work you're doing with all the threads:)

>> No. 60922
File: 147480726743.png - ( 83.43KB , 640x533 , adblk.png )
really? i use adblock and still have it left on for M/C , sure i get a red box on screen saying they suggest i disable, but i havent and im still dling from it perfectly ok

>> No. 60926
File: 147481334512.jpg - ( 145.78KB , 1200x1600 , p8010082.jpg )
You are not alone. Thay have been working hard to get around adblock and we have been working hard to get around their workaround.

>> No. 60928
>Obvious Mirror hater is obvious...
Yes I agree, probably one of the Dailyuploads mafia wants everyone to switch to that (inconsistent) host.

To minimize nuisances the following Firefox extensions are recommended:
Bluhell Firewall
Self-Destructing Cookies
uBlock Origin
Pop-up Controller

>> No. 60949

Hey friend, I am just curious what the 10th video is, I don't think its a solo video.
Here's the 9 I know of (and sorry I dont have proper names)

Solo: 1. Pd15 berne "hello byerne" hair up
2. 15m in white stockings (lookin real nice)
3+4. the 2 20 min, one with stuffed animal (nice nice) + the last one you posted ( it is for you! ; ) )
5. Sauna vid

Then the ones I know of with other girls:

6. Katya Marina 171
7. Katya Wrestle w/ 2 other girls (CBP here as you mentioned)
8. Katya Karina tickle 10
9. Katya Karina boxing 15
10. ???

>> No. 60961

I use the latest Firefox, with adblock plus, noscript, disconnect, and request policy extensions and get zero pop ups, or redirects.

As has been said quite a few times, the "disable adblock" is not a deal breaker, only a mirror warning you that the site may not work right if you don't disable it. Nothing but a scare tactic to force you to see their ads so they can make money.

Personally it kind of ticks me off that Mirror is pulling that, but since I have no issues with intrusive ads I'll keep using it. Great when the uploader include Zippy. 4-6 mbps download speeds and unlimited concurrent dl's compared to the dismal 125-150 kbps dailyupload speeds and 3 to 6 link limit at a time.

>> No. 60966
File: 147484158364.png - ( 735.10KB , 1024x766 , Vika m064 5m cstm Tom.png )
Which video is this scathing review intended for?

Please Note: There is some concern about MC. They have, unfortunately, been trying to encourage users to disable their Adblock ,probably so they can barrage you with popups.
The message in the red bar is just a request. You can ignore it & still download. When I saw this message>>60885 I immediately went & tried downloading something. I ignored the message & had no problem.

Here's Vika m064 in a 5min cstm for Tom. It looks to be 2006


>> No. 60976
Latest Firefox,Adblock on Noscript on,no js,no cookies.
Not every time or host I'm chosing.
And knows about the red alert flag it's BS but annoying.
I'll have to get more info about disconnect though.
Thanks again.

>> No. 60995
File: 147488941670.png - ( 1.33MB , 1032x765 , Tanya+Kristina tickle10m.png )
It looks like the 10th one for your list is the 5min wrestle vid with her & Karina y107 posted here>>60415

Funny, now that the 'Red Bar' has appeared I don't get any more redirects with MC. Hopefully, they don't end up sinking to the level of lumload, et al.

OK, the next item is this 10 1/3min tickle video featuring Tanya y157 & Kristina y158. Its of the 'structured' variety, with the girls each taking 5min turns in both the 'tickler' & 'ticklee' roles.
I found it most interesting that both Tanya & Kristina picked up a magazine 1/2 way through their 'ticklee' segments.
Remember - Both Parts!



>> No. 61011

Yaaawp.. >< >< I had a feeling it was going to be on this thread right after I posted but, I think I was confusing that video for one of the other two with Karina. lol thnx

>> No. 61012
Kristina y158
Can you please give us more background on her,
she is so beautiful.
She is Lee of Showstars, but that is pretty much all I know. Not much of Lee is out there.

>> No. 61013
You've fallen into the classic trap which many people make and that is applying todays tech standards to circumstances 10 or 15 years ago. Back then high-res videocams were not widely available at a consumer-level budget, similarly TBs-worth of storage was a significant investment undertaking.

>> No. 61021

I agree. Add the fact that some people who have these files (as these in question are rare videos of Vlad) are from countries whose level of "quality computer" is miserable. Both in Russia and all third world countries, the quality of produced videos ripped or modified are VERY BAD. The idea of "High Quality" was too modern for some studios who began their work in the 21st century beginning.

I'm from the time we kept files on CD Medias, when we removed or copied to the PC the quality was horrible. Half of the files was corrupted or damaged. Today this has changed, fortunately.

>> No. 61046
File: 147495838052.png - ( 1.24MB , 1265x893 , p2089 Ksenya y056+ Yulya y068.png )
What more can I tell you about her? Well, not a whole lot, except that her real name Is Kristina (not Lee). There's a 30min video with her & Alina y149 (aka Arina) in which the off-camera woman 'coordinating the action' can be heard calling them by their 'Vlad names' as she gives them various instructions.
She started at Vlad in (probably July) of 2007 & was with them to somewhere in 2008.
I can post her sets in my Vlad set thread if you like. As well, I have 2 other videos with her (both with her & another girl) that I'll be posting here.
If you like like girls of Oriental heritage, I have Natasha m054 posted here(also in a tickle vid)>>59678>>59686 I've also got some sets of her in my set thread.

Here we have p2089, a 31min Custom Tom video, featuring Ksenya y056 Yulya y068. It has an indoor pool theme, as the girls are seen posing by an above-ground pool, having an fairly lengthy shower, before returning to the poolside. During the shower, as well as the 2nd poolside portion, they can be occasionally seen spraying & splashing water at each other. They definitely seem to be having fun.
The video is from 2006. I figure its the earlier part of the year but, looking at Ksenya's hairstyle, I'd say its after Feb.
Make sure you download ALL 4 Parts - then Wait for All Of Them to Completely Finish downloading. Then (and Only then) Open/Extract part 1 - the other parts automatically 'follow along'. If done correctly, you'll have your Full 31min video.
Please, don't hesitate to ASK, if you have any problems.





Just so there's No possible misunderstanding -
During the shower sequence, the girls' bathing suits remain Completely On, At All Times.

>> No. 61054
File: 147497461721.png - ( 1.33MB , 1024x768 , y118 Karl6+.png )
Here is Alina y118 in her Custom Karl video done Oct17.06, the same day the previously posted Adolfo vid. At 6 1/2mins its about a dozen seconds longer than Adolfo.
These videos were done about 3 weeks after cstm set28. She did just 1 more set with this look. When she reappeared, in mid Jan of 2007, she had a much shorter hairstyle And, it would seem, a determination to 'push the envelope' farther than any 'obviously under-18' Vlad model had up to that time


>> No. 61096
File: 147505862529.png - ( 920.26KB , 1019x735 , Kristina+ y161 wr_Duff16m.png )
Here's another video featuring Kristina y158. Its a 16min Wrestle-Custom for Duff. Kristina's opponent is another former Showstar, y161 Marina (aka Karina).
The video begins with the girls taking turns posing solo for roughly 2mins (Kristina is 1st)
They then pose together for just over 1min, before Marina launches a sudden 'sneak attack move' on Kristina, to begin the match.

I don't have a date but this would have to be shortly before she left. She has the hairstyle seen only in sets 49-51 & 53 - 4 of her last 5 sets.
Be sure to get both parts. You should end up with 1 video 16mins long - NOT 2 separate ones. If you don't understand this process Please ask & I will be more than happy to explain it in great detail.



Glad you're enjoying your the video.

>> No. 61183
Thanks m064 Vika,this video is new to me.
But I have a at least 1 other,a short video.

>> No. 61199
File: 147519717644.png - ( 780.59KB , 1013x761 , y171 p5m_new3 Louk.png )
>>61183 This one?>>59636 She, of course did Showstar vids, but all of her other videos are longer. I'll be posting her 16min Secretary vid fairly soon. The dozen I don't have include - 3x 1hr & 9x 1/2hr.

Here is Marina y171 in a Custom Louk video. It is one of several, mostly for Louk, with a very similar ending. Unlike this one>>59219 that I, unfortunately, had to trim a dozen seconds off, in order to post, this video & the others with this ending All stay within the rules, as Marina is much more cautious & vigilant about keeping herself 'covered up'.
Her greeting to Louk is very cheerful, as she informs him that 'Zees ees my new video for you' & wishes him a 'Merry Kreesmas', leading me to believe this may've been done towards the end of 2008.
She also chats a bit in Russian & seems to be having a great deal of fun making the video.


>> No. 61225
File: 147524833286.png - ( 1.26MB , 1024x768 , Sasha y174-15m.png )
I accidently posted this with the sets. So here it is in its proper place

Here's Sasha y174 in her only Vlad video. Its a little over 15mins & begins with her introducing herself. Its a posing vid, thus she is sitting in a chair for the 1st 4mins. She then gets up & alternates between standing & walking, returning to the chair for the last 2 1/2mins.
The screenshot is as she's introducing herself. There's certain elements of this video that can be seen in several other Vlad videos around that time - Dasha y170, Ira y160 & Marina y171's Rings all come to mind (yes I have them all & will eventually post them)



>> No. 61238
File: 147525905540.png - ( 1.45MB , 1024x774 , Tanya 5m Cooper.png )
Here's Tanya y157 in a 5min cstm for Cooper.


>> No. 61241
Exactly the 1 >>59636,well,stored in some more then average encrypted archives there's 4 of the 1/2 & 1 hour videos.
Extraction N/A for now,have to locate an important note.

y171 Marina or Vlad had a great customer in Louk.
If I'm right she's chatting about the upcoming holiday as she's quite aquainted with Louk.
Rusty,my russian is not the best & I've probably lost more of it then I thought.
But it's a fine piece of video absolutely,as the other also here.
Have both of these & most of her videos,some I've purchased a couple of years after the release.
Have to run It's the life interfering again:/

>> No. 61282
File: 147531269296.png - ( 429.80KB , 881x637 , Alina y118 Adolfo5m.png )
Well, if you ever find that 'note', allowing you access to those videos - be sure to let us know!
Its funny, but now I'm absolutely kicking myself for not taking a greater interest in learning Russian, while growing up. I was surrounded by Russian speakers, as a child. Some like my Great Grandmother & Great Great Grandmother & many elderly Aunts & Uncles spoke no English (or virtually none). My Mother was raised by my her Grandparents, thus she spoke no English until she started school. She remains perfectly fluent in Russian.
To say I missed out on a Golden opportunity is putting it mildly!
It would've been awesome to able to add subtitles to many of these videos.

Here we have Alina y118's 5min Cstm Adolfo video, from July30.07
Its in a rather odd form. I started with an 11 1/2min video file, containing this vid & her 6 1/4min Adolfo video, consecutively. They were greatly reduced, as it was only 67Mb for both videos.
I finally found this video in original form, But - It was split & I couldn't get the part with the last 30 seconds or so.
What I'm doing is posting the original, as-is (4m35s)
I'm also posting the full length reduced version. This way, those that wish, have a means of watching the full video.
The Original Version, minus the last 30seconds


Now, this is the Full Length Very reduced version.


Naturally, the full length original would be Very Much, appreciated. It will be 'mpg' & likely about 280Mb.

>> No. 61402
I've learned russian the crashcourse way mainly:)
No offence but think about how much of ongoing conversation you must have missed.
Perfect for your relatives who could discuss gifts for birthdays or christmas thoug:D
I',ve lost most since living anywhere then close to any russian speaking friends,french yes but never really got it.

Thanks for mostly M series in thread for sets.
Some videos here like this >>61046 I really like this as it's the always adorable y56 & y68.
In time the note will be located as the software I must have to extract the files,well,that's just small annoyances:)

>> No. 61417
File: 147542848863.png - ( 1.27MB , 1215x885 , twm2102 30m Zhenya +Katya y117.png )
You're absolutely right about me being in the dark about conversations, where I might've been the topic.
I do have the good fortune of being able to practice my rudimentary French, on cereal boxes, soup cans, etc.
Re: y068+y056 - Yes, they made great vids & 2Mod sets, together

So I notice that the post where a certain individual was shouting about MC being no good & how I should stop using it - has been taken down. It was a textbook example of what Not to do ,if you're experiencing an issue.
If anyone is having problems with Anything, related to my posts, please don't scream & yell.
Just a simple "Say, I seem to be having problem with.... Am I maybe doing maybe something wrong?" , is much better.

Now, just to be clear (once more) about MC - Think of that message in the Red Bar this way: "If you'd like to see a really neat Popup-Display, you'll need to disable your Adblock for a few minutes ,to be able to see this dazzling display"
Because 'in a nut shell' that's really all they're saying.

Now, for the next item:
Zhenya y114 & Katya y117 both started within at Vlad within a week of each other. They did 2 2Model sets together, as well as this very enjoyable video.
Its from 2006 & its 30min. It has tickling but its not from the Tickle-Series.
Its twm2102 & it begins with each girl introducing themselves. The 1st 1/2 of the video has them involved in an amusing game, in which an off camera woman is prompting them on which coloured circle they are to place their hand or foot.
At 15mins, they switch to tickling. They are initially coached, until they get the hang of it.
With 5mins left there's a fade out/in & they begin a very creative footsie-tickling portion.
They are seated at stools with their feet under a table - they actually remove each other's shoes, while sitting this way.
This marvelous video ends with each girl saying goodbye.
All 4 parts are needed to get the single 1/2hr video.





For the record - this video stays completely within All the rules.

>> No. 61449
File: 147548204946.png - ( 1.08MB , 1024x768 , Tanya pd30m.png )
I figured it was time to get another Tanya video posted, so here's this super-duper 30min dancing & posing vid, from Nov1.08. I love the dance part. That dress is fascinatingly 'mobile'
Make sure you get All 4 parts





>> No. 61486
File: 147550145084.png - ( 1.39MB , 1211x885 , Marina dan5.png )
Here's another 5min video of Marina y171. This is a dancing one called 'dan5'
She makes a couple of slight modifications to her outfit, through the course of the video.


>> No. 61498
Have been looking for this since my return to this hobby.
Every time I'm here I'll see other videos,have a lot of them but the y171 Marina dan5 is a finally for me:)
Thanks that video made my day one of the much better.

>> No. 61517
File: 147554329996.png - ( 524.36KB , 825x725 , [5m08s] Alina Adolfo.png )
Here's is a full length original quality - not original version

Alina y118 p5_Adolfo
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

DL: http://mir.cr/1BQN9FEQ [144 MB]
PW: Alina

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 61538
Have more video whit Ksenya...? PLEASE !

>> No. 61540
61517 >>> wow...THANK YOU !!!!!!! best photo ever ! THANK YOU ! have more ?

>> No. 61573
File: 147561191529.png - ( 1.50MB , 1024x768 , Dasha y186 p15m.png )
Thanks, I'm in a hurry & can't check it, at the moment. I've seen varying quality of mp4 vids, but I assume your's will be top notch, or you wouldn't have been inspired to post it. This will then be a much better alternative to what I've posted, which requires guys to watch the last 30s on a low grade version.

Here's Dasha y186 in a 15m posing vid



>> No. 61595

Unbelievable stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Tanya is an absolute beauty.

>> No. 61662
Here the 1st 1/2 of p2111, featuring Anna y137. This portion is 19mins & is NN. I didn't edit it. It seems that it circulates quite widely, in this form. This might be due to its length. Even cut in 1/2 you still have an almost 20min vid, suitable for NN posting.
This is from the original



Please Note - A fellow who has contributed several items to my 18+ Vlad thread has offered to post the full 38min version, there. Neither of us has it in original form, thus it will be mp4. You will find it described with its pluses & negatives

>> No. 61664
File: 147573236391.png - ( 720.29KB , 853x629 , Anna y137 p2111.png )
Oops, forgot the preview. This goes with the Anna y137 vid

>> No. 61666
Here's Karina y107 in Part1 of the 'pd30min' videos. Both are quite similar, although there are some subtle differences. In this one she has a black & white bikini with tassels. In the next one its all black. Also, in Part2, she has a red & white hair band.
Fans of Karina, who don't have these will definitely want both this one & the next one.
Remember to download All 4 parts Completely, before extraction. Also be sure to remember to Ask, if you're not understanding how to open the video.
When you are done - If you have Anything other than 1 video that's 30mins long, you did something wrong & need to ask me for assistance.





>> No. 61669
File: 147573924888.png - ( 1.36MB , 1034x755 , Karina y107 pd30 pt1.png )
I just had a crash as I hit reply. So, I'm posting Karina's video again to be safe.
Here's Karina y107 in the 1st of 2 'pd30min' videos. They're very similar but have subtle differences. The bikinis are the same size, in each but this one is black & white with tassels, while pt2 has an all black one.
Fans of Karina will enjoy both videos.
Be sure to fully download All 4 parts before starting to open.
Ask if you don't understand the process





>> No. 61680
The mentioned vid on its way,and it's a nice one too:)
You're right,it's the most found video of y137 the 38 mins IS somewhat harder to find though.
Going to add something about how I've got the shorter posted here & with a note it's here.
Have to run.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61703
File: 147580658612.png - ( 1.35MB , 1020x673 , y042 Alisa p2118 5m.png )
Here's Alisa y042 in p2118, a Shower-themed video that runs 5 3/4mins. I was quite prepared to post it in the 18+ thread, as she would be old enough - the video is from 2008 & she started in June of 2002. She was also old enough for the 'Y' series. That makes her at least 18 here
But, after watching it again, I see that its fine for this thread, as it stays within the rules.
I have a couple other videos with her that I'll post soon


>> No. 61714
The Karina's y107 are the the same there(s no any differecene and the bikini's are are identiqual I don't see any differs?

>> No. 61717
Thanks able to replace the unviewable copy I have of this:)
It's the same video,my copy runs 10 seconds & nothing will make it go further,as told my copy missing some vital parts & that's why I can't view it.
You can say I'm happy & that's an understatement BTW.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61785
File: 147591212457.jpg - ( 471.48KB , 1600x1056 , Karina_y107_pd30m.jpg )
Karina's Videos Compare

>> No. 61786
File: 147591215899.jpg - ( 442.07KB , 1600x1056 , Karina_y107_pd30m-p2.jpg )

>> No. 61789
File: 147591710166.png - ( 767.33KB , 1024x768 , y171 pd5 Louk.png )
Here's Marina y171 in yet another 5min Custom Louk video. The ending is similar to the other 2 of her Cstm Louk's that I've posted.
Unlike the Louk vid in the 2nd post of this thread, that needed 12 seconds of trimming to be eligible for posting - This video, like All her other Cstm Louks, Stays Completely Within The Rules.
After greeting Louk, she segues into Russian.
Then in English, she says how she 'Loves to dance' & will dance for Louk. She makes several cheerful (Russian) comments over the music. After the music stops, you can hear her being quietly 'coached', as to what to do next.
Her 'goodbye' to Louk is priceless.


>> No. 61804
File: 147593934830.png - ( 1.16MB , 1201x893 , Karina y107 pd30min pt2.png )
So, I'm not sure what you were making the comparison to, but if you take another look at my comments>>61669 & compare the screenshots & the caps posted>>61785 &>>61786
Or better yet,(assuming you downloaded the Part1 video) download the Part2, that I'm posting & watch them & compare. I'm sure that you'll come to the conclusion that they're fairly similar But that they have several distinct differences.

This is Karina y107's pd30min Part2. The differences between part1 & 2 were mentioned in the 'Part1' post. Another major difference is the running times. Part1 is 1 second over 30mins, while Part2 is 9 seconds over.
Be sure to download All 4 parts & let them All finish. Then Open/Extract. You will have 1 video, 30mins long. Please Ask if you are not clear on the split file process.





>> No. 61859
It's a lovely video & even more enjoyable for those hearing all of the conversation.
I'm not able to hear everything,well,I do enjoy the video a lot anyway.
And the y107 Karina pd30min Part 1 & Part 2,thanks I didn't have Part 1 previously:)
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61860
have video whit Oksana ? PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !

>> No. 61893
File: 147599694629.png - ( 932.02KB , 903x633 , y171 d5m2Louk.png )
Glad to help you out again. Yes I too enjoy Marina's lively commentary, even if I can't follow what she's saying. Its great to see her having so much fun, making these videos
I was going to say, your Alisa y042 video that you mentioned here>>61717 might've been from a torrent that had an 'unfinished part' near the start, creating too big a gap to be able to play through.

Here;s another of Marina y171's 5min Louk Cstms. Despite the title, its a dance/pose video. I hope you guys aren't too disappointed when I say that it doesn't have what's become known as the "Louk ending". Still, fans of Marina will agree that there's absolutely nothing wrong with the video


Sorry, I wish I did. The only one I've found had expired links

>> No. 61922
File: 147604204771.png - ( 1.06MB , 1026x778 , Anna y123 Bernd Secretary.png )
I figured it was time to get the last Anna y123 video posted. This is a Custom Secretary for Bernd, from Dec11.07 & running just over 15mins.
Anna enters & greets Berndt, informing him that she 'is his Secretary'. She gets herself set up, doing some important looking things, takes a phone call that's hilarious in its 'simplicity'.
She then removes her 'outer wear' to reveal her more appropriate 'Office Attire'.
In between keeping the office running smoothly, she poses on the desk & keeps a sporadic 'patter' going, which is, of course directed to Berndt. Its similar to Katya y111's 'Berndt Chatter' in this wonderful video>>60883
As the video draws towards its close, Anna dons her 'outer wear' & informs Bernt that she 'will see him again tomorrow'
So this should be 8 solo Anna videos & the wild & crazy boxing one with Marina, making 9 in this thread. Her 10th & final Vlad video is in the 18+ thread.
Both parts needed



I've been meaning to ask you. Did you do this yourself? Can low quality videos be improved? A couple that I'm thinking of , already are mp4. Does that make a difference?
I'm not too worried about most of the non-originals, posted here as they're quite watchable. (& I might find the originals, after all)
Its these 3 mainly >>59348, >>59678>>59686,>>60341
All 3 have a lot of fast movement, as they're Wrestle & Tickle vids
I'd love to have better quality of these, as well>>59352>>59353>>59358
Anyhow, I know nothing about this process, thus I don't know what is possible & what is not

>> No. 61978
I think you're right about a torrent,not used by me though,got the y042 p2118 at a Czech board where I've dl'd 1 item only,didn't dare to pick more too many alerts all the time.
m006 Zhenya I've seen there though,with a familiar pw.

y171 Marina is a joy to view & as you're saying she seems to have a lot of fun too:)
Duizend Nogmaals bedankt gezien or A thousands thanks see you.

>> No. 62114
File: 147620754198.png - ( 1.05MB , 1017x772 , Dasha y170 S_Bree pd15 cst.png )
Here's Dasha y170 in her only Vlad video. Its a 15min custom for 'Steve Bree'.



>> No. 62153
File: 147623316665.jpg - ( 313.52KB , 786x687 , VladModels - 2 Girls.jpg )
>>61860 ~ >>59907
Here's is a full length original quality - not original version

Oksana y046 & Yulya y014
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/3QZV6OGR [626 MB]

PW: Oksana

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 62176
>> 62153 >> honest? I do not know how to thank you! I appreciate your effort to share with others and your work ... if you have something Oksana Thank you! Thanks anyway !

>> No. 62177
>>62153 >> honest? I do not know how to thank you! I appreciate your effort to share with others and your work ... if you have something Oksana Thank you! Thanks anyway !

>> No. 62190
File: 147628578096.png - ( 1.38MB , 1024x774 , Marina d5.png )
Here's Marina y171 in a 5min dancing video


>> No. 62191
New to me & it's great to view.
Duizend Nogmaals bedankt gezien or A thousands thanks see you

>> No. 62214
I meant to address this in the Marina vid post.

A huge ThankYou for finding this. This was the Oksana video that I tried to get but it had dead links & the thread was no longer being attended to.
Its a rare chance to see both girls on video, especially Yulya. And its great to hear them talking.
Oksana looks so small, of course Yulya is 4 years older.
A really strange thing about the Yulya set included - I had posted part of it in my set thread as a mixed cstm-style/standard, to make it as long as I could.
I had hoped your version might yield additional pics or even some cstm-style pics that could replace standards.
But bizarrely, the set was labeled as being from 'Aug28th' (p828), yet the cstm-style pics still had the exif data showing the dates as June9+13.01
I compared the pictures carefully, as I still hoped there might be a couple new ones - No luck
Nevertheless, the main item was the video & I'm Very excited about adding it to my collection, as I'm sure many other guys are, as well.

>> No. 62367
File: 147642583967.jpg - ( 870.37KB , 1600x1532 , Olga vid caps.jpg )
Here is the only video of Olga y151. Its a 15min posing vid. It looks like set 81 was done at the same time. I have a date of June11.08
A glance at the caps will show that this video doesn't even come close to breaking any rules - in fact its very tame.



>> No. 62411
File: 147647508724.png - ( 1.19MB , 1203x885 , Kristina y184 15m.png )
Here is 1 of Kristina y184's 2 videos. At 15mins, this is the shorter one.
Along with Dasha y186, she was one of the latest Vlad models to appear on video.
In her greeting we hear her introduce herself (seemingly to someone), although its not apparent to whom.
She then applies makeup, prior to 2 dance #s, with the 2nd sounding like a fast-paced Chinese pop song.
She then changes from pantyhose to stockings & touches up her makeup
When the music is not going, you can hear her receiving instructions/direction from 'The Whispering Coach'
Both parts are needed to get the video.
I'm not sure why I made the 1st pt '346Mb', I usually make it around 385-390Mb.



Sometimes VO appears in the title of that video. I think its an abbreviation of 'Vladmodels Olga'

>> No. 62444
File: 147649770510.png - ( 1.12MB , 1024x774 , Tanya grn bikini20m jan19_09.png )
Here's Tanya y157 in 20mins of the beloved Green Bikini from Jan19.09




Something I've been meaning to mention - When I tried to download Part3 from DataFile, I got a download page for a set of a certain gorgeous WALS/TPI model.
This is not a criticism, as I've seen this happen before on DataFile. (I'd love to know why) In this case, I just used another host - but its a bugger when you find something where DataFile is the last live link (they often are) & you're sent to the wrong download page.
I've even seen some of my old stuff mixed up like that

>> No. 62492
File: 147656986140.png - ( 1.01MB , 1187x879 , Alina y118 15m.png )
Here's Alina y118 in 15min video. I have a date of July22.07
Although its classed as 'posing', its slow-dance/pose



>> No. 62498
Is there any pswd for Tanya y157 in 20mins of the beloved Green Bikin? TIA

>> No. 62524
File: 147660688723.png - ( 1.41MB , 1022x767 , Ira y160 p15.png )
Here is Ira y160 in a 15min video. We hear her voice in her intro & at the end.
You may notice similarities between this video, Dasha y170's & Sasha y174's, as well as an upcoming Marina vid.
This was Ira's only solo video, although she did a tickle custom with Kristina y158, which will be up in the next few days.
Both parts needed. Please ask if you require further assistance in understanding the downloading procedure



>> No. 62582
File: 147664760552.png - ( 660.97KB , 748x561 , p2115 y061.png )
Password? I never use them. Surely, you aren't seeing the long rectangular box, that appears with passworded files.
Now, are you just checking in advance about a possible pw or are you having a problem because of the split files.

The next video is p2115 with Maria (Masha) y061. Its a 15 1/3min posing vid from July24.08, done very near the end of her 4 years at Vlad.
Both pts needed



>> No. 62627
File: 147669224128.png - ( 1.07MB , 1024x768 , Marina pos5m.png )
Here's another 5min video of Marina y171.
I should mention that due to the large # of her videos, almost all of which are 5 or 15mins, the 'titles' are important for keeping track of them.
Its funny that while ,starting with Karina y107, Vlad moved away from #s (eg: p2221), instead using the model & (if any) customer info (eg: y150_Sally-pd25m_Cst-Trump) And yet they continued using the #s for a few models - such as Alisa y038, Irina y038 & (especially) Marina y161. I feel that system is better when a model has numerous videos of the same length


>> No. 62636
File: 147670933276.png - ( 899.50KB , 1024x727 , Ira+ Kristina cstm Sara10m.png )
This is Kristina y158 & Ira y160 in a 10min Custom Tickle video for 'Sara'.
This is a very 'structured' video, with each girl enjoying equal length turns as 'Tickler' & 'Ticklee'. In fact around the 5min mark, the they are alerted by way of a whisper, that its time to switch roles.



>> No. 62683

Thanks for bring this video in for us to enjoy.

Agree very tame if there was a debate on that.

Are you though disappointed like me, Vlad could have made these vids so great but instead just like you said just rolled a movie camera while taking the still photos during the shoot.

>> No. 62690
File: 147676071396.png - ( 1.04MB , 1019x774 , Katya-Marina wr-Duff15.png )
Here's Katya y111 vs Marina y171 in a 15 1/2min Wrestle-Custom for Duff.
It begins with each girl posing solo for 2mins, followed by 1 1/2mins of posing together. They then, "unintentionally bump into each other", causing a 'misunderstanding' which leads to pushing & shoving, which escalates into the match.
During this furious fight, the girls do their best to control their laughter.



>> No. 62738
Well, I mentioned the tameness & used caps, so there would be no misunderstanding about whether the content was within the rules, for the entire duration. I kind of think there may've been some misconception in the past. As you can see, it would probably be considered safe for family viewing.
My only issue with the video is that as the Only video of such a popular model - well, I guess I wish that there were more videos of her or if she did just one, that it be a real cooker & at least 30mins in length.
I guess it sort of pales next to her customs, 2Mod sets & even her best standards.
It just seems funny that even if Vlad didn't think of making more than one video of her, that no customers requested a video.
I might add, she did a fabulous cstm set that same day

>> No. 62775
File: 147688531014.png - ( 1.00MB , 1033x766 , Tanya-Zhenya Duff20m wrestle.png )
Here's Tanya y157 vs Zhenya y167 in a Wrestle-Custom for Duff. Its a tad over 20mins & begins with each girl posing solo for 2mins. They then pose together for just over 1 1/2mins. There is no 'accidental bumping' or 'escalating argument', etc. In this case, the girls, having received a signal (I thought I heard a whisper), simply begin to circle each other - thus begins the match.
This is Zhenya's only video appearance.
All 3 parts are needed. Wait until All 3 parts have finished downloading - then open/extract part1 ,the other 2 automatically follow.
You will have 1 video that's 20 1/2mins.




Please ask if you have any problems with this download process

>> No. 62836
Do you have Alisa y130?

>> No. 62839
File: 147699631288.png - ( 1.00MB , 1022x753 , Tanya 1hr feb27_08.png )
Here's Tanya y157 in what I think is her 3rd video, a 58min custom from Feb27.08
I don't know if 'Steve' who she says 'Hi' to, at the beginning, is 'Steve Bree' of the Dasha y170 cstm vid & likewise 'Bree' of the Katya y111 cstm.
If you like Tanya, as most Vlad fans probably do, then this having video is a Must.
You have to download All 7 parts








>> No. 62870
File: 147702782395.png - ( 485.43KB , 720x576 , 57_49.png )

Tanya y157 pos1h cream custom 2007-11-22.mpg

2,465,669,124 size original MPEG.

full_version.part1.rar http://mir.cr/1L2ELFVG
full_version.part2.rar http://mir.cr/LN06YVOO
full_version.part3.rar http://mir.cr/1G7BXVNX
full_version.part4.rar http://mir.cr/1WHQWAPD
full_version.part5.rar http://mir.cr/0KN3A2NW
full_version.part6.rar http://mir.cr/1SGHRMF2
full_version.part7.rar http://mir.cr/059M8BRV

use to extract


>> No. 62876
File: 147703584151.png - ( 1.10MB , 1024x764 , Irina p2113 15m.png )
I'm uploading her sets as we speak. I'm pretty sure they'll finish in time, so that they'll appear at the same time as this post. They will, of course, be in the Vlad set thread.
Funny, how there's Alina y030 & Alina y130.

Here's the only other Irina y038 video that I have, this the 15min p2113. Its from 2007 & obviously done around the same time (if not the same day) as p2114, the 'Cstm Adam' video posted here>>60792
For the record - I've got many of Irina's sets posted in my other NN Vlad thread



>> No. 62912
File: 147709180896.png - ( 374.34KB , 639x365 , Maria-Zina 14m-duff.png )
An Enormous ThankYou to you for finding (& sharing) this version with us. Where I've found other threads, torrents, pastes, etc with Tanya's videos, in original form, this one was Always the lone exception.
There was one thread I came across a while back, where the OP had a dozen of Tanya's videos in original form. I was pleased to see that this was one of them. Unfortunately, he had posted then wrong link for that one & he was no longer monitoring his thread.
Needless to say, you've put an end to my often frustrating search.
Its certainly a big improvement. (And that's quite the password!)

Here's Marina y171 & Zina y156 in a 14min Wrestle-Custom for Duff. I think its safe to say that Mr. Duff was a big fan of wrestle videos featuring teen girls, since there's 3 that we know of & I don't know of any non-wrestle items that he may have commissioned.
This video begins with each girl doing a solo posing portion. Marina's is 1st & is 2 1/2mins, Zina follows for 2mins. They, then, pose together for about 1min, before they 'accidentally bump each other' which leads to the match, which begins amid a great deal of laughter from the girls.
Both parts needed - ask if you have problems downloading or opening it



>> No. 62915
most of the videos come up black when I try to play them after downloading them but audio can still be heard.

>> No. 62919
File: 147710368315.png - ( 0.98MB , 1022x770 , Tanya 30m.png )
In my last post I mentioned there being 3 Duff Wrestle-Customs. That should be 4

Here's another Tanya y157 video. This one is 30mins & features the Green Bikini - actually, just the top 1/2 until the final 2 mins. The video also features her writing a letter for the 1st 5mins or so.
This is another video, among the ones I'd scribbled down the date of & now can't find the piece of paper. (its here, somewhere)
If I remember correctly, this one was from Jan12.09
All 4 parts are required.





>> No. 62989
Sorry, for not responding. I had figured someone more knowledgeable might offer assistance to you.
With my limited knowledge on the subject, all I can suggest is - Have you tried different players? I don't know what you use, but if its Windows, you might try VLC or MPC.
I sort of think your problem lies elsewhere, though.
I did a Google search posing your problem in the form of a question & several Tech Support forum sites came up, some which had people writing about problems similar to your's. There were numerous replies to them, so perhaps you may find your solution there.
Good luck, I hope you get it fixed, as you're definitely missing out.
Maybe someone more Tech-Savvy will be able to help you more.

>> No. 63005
File: 147725958662.png - ( 1.20MB , 1024x764 , Tanya 1hr cstm Xmas.png )
Here's Tanya y157 in another of her 1hr videos. This is her Xmas custom. We get to her lovely voice in a few brief spots in this very enjoyable video.
I'm not sure of the date on this one. Xmas sets & videos were not necessarily made during the Xmas season.
You'll need All 7 parts








>> No. 63033
File: 147729668610.png - ( 565.14KB , 871x631 , Marina p5minNew.png )
Here's another Marina y171 video. This one is just under 5mins. Its titled "P5min_New". There's the similarly titled '....New3' (actually, a Cstm Louk) but no 'New2'.
Anyhow, the video begins with her introducing herself (to no one in particular, so it would seem that its not a custom). This is the only time she speaks English, other than her 'Goodbye'.
She has a tremendous amount to say in Russian, though! As usual, this makes for an extremely enjoyable video. Even if you can't understand what she's saying, her cheerful tone, smiling face & the sheer enjoyment in what she's doing all make for a wonderful combination & very pleasurable viewing.
She makes several adjustments/alterations to her wardrobe. Each one is preceded by a bit of commentary on what she's doing & why.
The ending is similar to the Custom Louk videos & as with all of them (except the one at the top of the thread that I had to trim) she covers up enough so that The Video Stays Within The Rules.
I think that's the end of her 5min vids - there's still lot's of her 15min ones


Would anybody have a possible solution for this fellow's problem?

>> No. 63048
I don't have the ultimate solution as every setup someone have may differ even with a similar OS & software used.
Windows is the main OS mentioned for now so in a way you're lucky cause I may change OS in a near future:)

Something makes me thinking you're using Windows Media Player.
It's a troublesome player without the correct codecs.
There is files to correct many of the WM players issues in a quite large file of codecs.
But not every issue that may occure when the OS is updating.
And I have one thing more to say before I mention some solutions.
I'm mention the Windows platform only here.
Will grow out of the thread if I'm going to add the other OS's like MAC OS or Linux & its different variations.
And of course the software each of them may handle or not.

I recommend to get all the codecs for the specific player you're using.
And of course search for forums as OP here suggested,the tech you can find in a certain forum are the most useful even if it may be hard to follow them sometimes.
If you've tested the codecs,meaning fresh updated and additional codecs.
Still the same issues?
My suggestion is that you should try other players like the suggested VLC.
Or another one named KM player which is a good player able to play every format of videos.
It's one of those I've used until VLC got my attention.
Sincerely hope you will get your player working or finding a player without the issues you've described.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 63126
File: 14773994741.png - ( 1.15MB , 1215x883 , Dasha y186 pd15min.png )
Here's the other video of Dasha y186. The other one is here>>61573
This is a 15min dance/pose video. It starts with Dasha introducing herself & saying 'This is for you". She then applies makeup, prior to dancing through 2 songs, the 2nd of which sounds like a Chinese pop tune.
As a matter of fact, that was the 2nd song in this Kristina y184 vid>>62411 Their intros were the same, as well. Now, I'm thinking these had to be customs.
Anyhow, I'm sure you'll agree that Dasha looks great in that bikini.



>> No. 63176
File: 147745085522.png - ( 1.31MB , 1231x879 , Alisa y042 p2090 22min.png )
Here's another video of Alisa y042. This is the 22min p2090 from 2006.
This video features her mainly studying an English-Russian dictionary, while taking occasional breaks.
She's featured in 3 different outfits - 1st is a 'Schoolgirl outfit', 2nd is the pictured outfit, while the 3rd is similar to what Yulya m065 is wearing in her Cstm Secretary video.
As each of the 1st 2 portions come to an end, the camera moves in for a closeup of Alisa staring dreamily at the ceiling. It briefly goes black & fades in with her still staring dreamily, but in a new outfit.
I'm thinking this was done around the same time as her brief "Introduction Video">>59220
The outfit featured in that one was from set 207 ,from Apr13.06
Now, for this video, parts 1+2 resemble sets 204+ 205, both of which were also done on Apr13.06; while the 3rd portion resembles set 203, from Mar30.06
All 3 parts are needed to watch the video




I have 1 more of her videos that I'll be posting. I have many of her sets that I'll be posting, as well.
Of the many videos she did, 1 that I was curious about is the 65min p2096.
Interestingly, part of it features her in the outfit from set 206; the 4th set done on Apr13.06
If anyone has this set, I'd love to see it.

>> No. 63292
File: 147756852635.png - ( 805.79KB , 889x627 , Marina y171 r15.png )
Here is Marina y171's 'r15min' video. I'm not sure what the 'R' stands for - perhaps 'Red', as in the dress, although there are 5 other videos ,in which she is clad in a red outfit.
For this video, she is wearing the sunglasses for most of it, although she removes them several times. The length is just over 15mins.
Both parts are necessary. When downloaded & opened (correctly) the 2 parts yield 1 complete 15min video NOT 2 shorter videos. Please ask if you are unclear on how to download & open the 'split files'. I will gladly explain the process.



Please Note - As my Vlad-Set thread has now exceeded the maximum size at which a thread can still be bumped to the front, by way of new posts, I have now started a 2nd Vlad-Set thread. It will be here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/63287.html

>> No. 63343
File: 147762031125.jpg - ( 52.07KB , 720x576 , Alisa y042 p2110.jpg )
Here's my last Alisa y042 video. This is the 16min p2110. It came with about 8 'snapshots' of her in the video. I'm being lazy & using one instead of taking a screenshot of my own. I've tried matching it to a set but don't see one. I'm in a hurry but I'll check again when I return



>> No. 63410
>>63005 ty ty ty ty sexiest Tanya vid ever. She's so beautiful.

>> No. 63441
File: 147775864834.png - ( 1.09MB , 1020x770 , tyrell30.png )
This is Tanya y157's 30min custom dance/pose vid for Chris Tyrell. She makes several adjustments/modifications to her outfit during the course of the video





>> No. 63451
File: 147776951831.png - ( 1.28MB , 1217x883 , Tanya y157 dpos15m.png )
Glad you like it. Its a great video, but it still has less than 100 full downloads, which is Very few for a Tanya video. For a couple of days, I couldn't believe it - I think it took 3 days to reach 10 full (All 7 parts) downloads. I was thinking "My God! How could this great video featuring an hr of Tanya in a red bikini, end up being The most unpopular item that I've ever posted?"
The downloads, for it, have picked up a Bit but still...
Surely its not a case of all these guys looking at my screenshot & saying things like "Looks like a pretty dumb video" Or "Tanya doesn't look very good here. I think I'll pass"
The only thing I can think of, is that most of the guys already have it. That would explain things.
Anyhow, its sure nice to here that someone besides me, loves that video.

Here's another Tanya video. I thought ,at 1st, that I'd posted it, as it had 1 or 2 downloads. Then I realized it wasn't up & I had probably just opened the download page accidentally & that counts as a download.
Anyhow, this is 'dpos15m'. Featured, are several outfit variations, in this enjoyable video



>> No. 63462
At first I was like: "yeah, I try some downloads and we will see how they turn out". I was surprised by the good quality of the videos - and the girls ;) Some screenshots however don't do the videos justice.... Therefor I decidet to download them all.
I am happy to announce: Up until this point all downloads in this thread are still working and so are the videos! >>62915
Thanks alot for the dedication!

>> No. 63483
The m064 Vika videos.
Extracted fine but I've added more info about them in your thread in +18.

>>63451 I would dl the video,well,it's like you mention I have it & many others too maybe.
It's a very enjoyable video like mainly all of her videos are.
I do have another favorite though,her sister y 151 Olga & it's a little sad she didn't made any other videos then her studioposing.
For now I can't think of anything I actually can add to your threads,I'm going to look if there is something though.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 63525
File: 147790062889.png - ( 847.87KB , 902x676 , y184 pd30 - .png )
For some reason, I thought I had Vika's Secretary video posted. I was surprised to see that I was wrong. I've just set it to upload.
Now, besides that one, I have her brief introduction vid & her 5min Custom Tom video (aka clip5).
By coincidence, my Vika m064 videos are her only solo videos. The other dozen that she did for Vlad are all with other girls - 2x Tickle, 3x 2Girl 'pose' vids (all 1hr)- They're not Really 'posing' videos, as the girls try on clothes, do each other's hair, have imaginary phone conversations, etc, etc.
There's also 7 Wrestle videos
Aside from p1901 - which adds Olga y021, All her 2 girl videos have a 2000 #. The wrestle & tickle vids are all 30mins
So now about quality. If its Just a full length video in mkv or some other commonly seen form - No problem. Reduced And the length is cut - Still no problem. These are hard to find & the Nadya m061 fans would probably be thrilled to get even 5mins of the 1hr video - even in reduced form. After all the searching.
Basically, if they are in watchable form - that's fine
Even incomplete versions, are OK - And, if they aren't among the 2 (soon to be 3) posted already, they will All have 2 girls
More about this in the 18+ thread

This is Kristina y184 in her 30min video. Its listed as pose-dance, although the dance portion is very short.
It begins with her in the black 1piece swimsuit with a thin short sleeved jacket-affair over top. She removes the jacket after a few mins. At 16mins, there's a fade out/in & she has a new outfit.
While my screenshot doesn't show her face, it does do a good job of combining the 2 variations of her 2nd outfit.





Glad you're enjoying them & I'm happy to hear that your downloading, etc has been devoid of problems. I know my screenshots aren't always the best. I've gotten a bit better but I'm still not very good at making them.
I still prefer to post a screenshot over caps. It seems that a screenshot jumps out at guys more than caps. For someone glancing at it, even a couple of so-so screenshots look more attractive & decorative than 2 or 3 sets of caps.
Sometimes its hard to get the right moment in either a dance video or a 2girl video.
Of course, in those rare cases in which the video is a non-original of low quality & there's lots of fast movement (eg: wrestling vids, etc) its nearly impossible to get a good screenshot.
Anyhow, I still have quite a few to post, so hopefully, you'll find several more ,among them, to add to your (growing) collection

>> No. 63549
File: 147793000326.png - ( 1.06MB , 1024x774 , Vika m064 16m Secretary.png )
Here's Vika m064's Secretary video that I mentioned in the last post. Its p2086 & runs 16minutes in length. I don't have a date but its from 2006.
This does not appear to be a custom, as she doesn't say Hello/Goodbye to anyone in particular. I'm thinking specifically of Tom.




As I mentioned in the 18+ thread, I misunderstood your reason for not wishing to post her (alleged) videos.
Still, some good has come from this crazy mixup. If this hadn't occurred, I'd've gone merrily along, convinced that I had already posted this video.

>> No. 63589
>>63483 Posted by me.

I've read the posts both in +18 & here.
It's confirmed by another source the videos I thought were m064 Vika isn't her.
Could be mistaken for her though as there's a lot of similarities between both girls.
p2086 were among the others,I'm glad about that one as it's really her & I like it:)
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 63662
I was about to post a video that I had uploaded but realized that the repeated wardrobe malfunctions would render it 'Outside the Rules'. I've started another one to up. Hopefully, it finishes in time to appear with the next posts

>> No. 63670
File: 147810432467.png - ( 1.27MB , 1024x768 , Marina y171as15m.png )
It looks like I can still have time to get this video on before the new posts appear
Here is Marina y171's 'as15min' video. She's featured in the pictured white outfit, throughout.
Both parts needed



>> No. 63741
File: 147824919587.png - ( 784.74KB , 800x700 , VladModels - 2 Girls.png )
If anyone has it - they are more than welcome to post it in the NN video thread.

Yulya m018 & Violetta y087
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/10H8HFDV [633 MB]

PW: 2Girls

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 63792
Thankyou very much. I've been after this video for some time, now. Unfortunately, I can't watch it right now but it looks very good from the few seconds I watched

I'll try post something new tomorrow

>> No. 63841
File: 147841644039.png - ( 1.07MB , 1245x895 , Marina SchoolGirl15m.png )
Here is Marina y171's 15min SchoolGirl video



>> No. 63861
File: 147844624458.png - ( 682.08KB , 855x629 , Marina y171 bp15m.png )
Here's Marina y171 in a 15 1/2min dance/pose video. The dancing comes to an end at 4 1/2mins, thus the last 11mins is posing.
There is a small change to her outfit part way through.
Both parts are needed to get the full length video



>> No. 63935
A million thanks,one the finally & working items I've dl's some time ago.
Now I have the viewable video,finally:)

Good to see this nice video posted & I can now replace the 24 minute version I have.
Same size but somehow my copy never plays longer then 24 minutes.
Thank you,it seems you've got many videos & great ones too.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 64047
File: 147877952340.png - ( 1.32MB , 1024x768 , Tanya cat #1-30m.png )
This post & the next one will have Tanya y157's 2 "Cat" videos. Both are 30mins. Both feature her in the Cat-suit but there are differences in her hairstyle & accessories.
This is Part 1.
I've got a date of Dec11.08 for part2. I'd guess that they were done at the same session but I can't confirm it.
Each of the 2 videos requires you to download 4 'parts'. In other words, 8 downloads = 2videos.





>> No. 64055
File: 147878248034.png - ( 748.05KB , 1020x774 , Tanya Cat30min Pt2 Dec11_08.png )
Here is Tanya y157's Cat part2. Like part1, its 30mins (actually, part1 is 30:32 & part2 is 30:09)
In this one, her hair is down & she doesn't have the red hairband, from pt1.
As I mentioned in the last post, I have a date of Dec11.08, for pt2.
As with pt1, All 4 parts are needed for pt2





Glad to be able to furnish you with a playable copy of Marina's Schoolgirl video

Having had a chance to watch this video I noticed it is unique, in that its one of the few Vlad videos (especially of that length) in which the girls talk throughout - Especially Violetta! Most of what Yulya says, appears to be in response to Violetta.
Some of the tickle videos feature chatter & laughter but this is Very different. I don't believe there's another Wrestle video with anywhere near that much talking.
It makes me wish for subtitles
Like your other video contributions, this one played very nicely & is greatly appreciated

>> No. 65014
Could some kind person please tell me what programme to view the videos in? I use windows media viewer but there's no picture. Thanks

>> No. 65054
Give it more tickle-vids?

>> No. 65055
Download VLC Media Player is free

>> No. 65061
Download VLC media player.It's free and works on almost every format

>> No. 65076
File: 147995645127.png - ( 963.60KB , 1024x776 , Marina secretary15.png )
Here is Marina y171 in her very enjoyable 15min Secretary video.



>> No. 65087
The second part does not seem to be accessible from any of the upload sites.

>> No. 65088
>>62690 part 2 doesn't seem to be accessible

>> No. 65127
File: 148000247431.png - ( 160.37KB , 1024x774 , Download Page.png )
I'm not sure what exactly is happening, as I checked 'Link Status' & over 1/2 of the links were still up. I went further & as you see from the picture, I got the download box from DataFileHost.
5 of the hosts show the green 'Online!' 1Fichier is up ,as well. Even Obscured, which shows up as 'Offline!' yielded a download box. So I don't know why you would've encountered a problem.
Try again - DataFile is easy - just untick the Download Manger checkmark inside the small shield. Obscured (at the bottom) is Super easy.
Hopefully you get the rest of your video

Another good thing about VLC is that it generally plays through 'rough patches' (usually from unfinished torrents)
So, if you have a 20min video & 1min in you have a 2 second bad spot - with Windows, your video ends right there. VLC will play right through.>>65054

Yes, I'm uploading one right now. It'll be ready in a few hrs. Hopefully, it appears at the same time as this post

>> No. 65144
File: 148002316847.png - ( 805.67KB , 887x631 , Cooper tickle15.png )
Here's Tanya y157 & Marina y171 in a 15 1/2min custom tickle vid for Cooper.
This video begins with Tanya as 'tickler' & Marina as 'ticklee'. Tanya appears to spend the 1st 50 seconds 'plotting her course of action'
After liberating Marina of her footwear, she does 3mins of 'foot tickling'. This is followed by another 3mins of 'expanded' & 'less localized' tickling.
At about 6 1/2mins they change roles. It appears that Marina has difficulty controlling Tanya's feet, which results in several amusing moments, especially around the 9 1/2min mark, just before the 'expanded tickling'
At about 11 1/2mins they switch to 'back to back foot tickling that's quite hilarious.



>> No. 65173
Thanks, I think I've sorted out the problem with the part 2. Temporary glitch I guess x

>> No. 65784
File: 14808059773.png - ( 689.95KB , 865x617 , Marina y171 pya.png )
Here's Marina y171 in 'pya' which runs a little over 15mins.
Both parts are necessary



>> No. 65792
File: 148082224522.png - ( 1.19MB , 1024x774 , Zina pya2.png )
This is Zina y156 in a 5min custom video. Like the Marina video that I posted a couple hrs ago, this one is also titled 'pya', except this is pya2.
I have for the video of a date of July21.09


>> No. 65813
File: 148084532759.png - ( 656.71KB , 889x621 , Marina pd15.png )
I have another Marina y171 video ready. Its pd15, which is a little over 15mins & features part of the Green Bikini.
both parts are necessary.



>> No. 65917
File: 148095604183.png - ( 621.56KB , 853x613 , Katya 15-bernt.png )
Here's another Katya y111 custom Bernt video. This pose-dance video is 15 2/3mins & features her in 2 outfits.
I don't have a date but it would be between late July & late Sept of 2008.
Please Note - This is a Reduced version. Its 275Mb, whereas the original would be 705Mb. An original would be Extremely welcome. In the meantime, this video is certainly watchable & will tide you over until an original appears


This video appears to stay completely within the rules for its entire length.

>> No. 66057
Thank you! Zenya is one of my favorites from Vlad. Any chance of a video of Nadya? The one that's just a bit chubby? I see there's a skinnier one in this thread. Thanks again! ;-)

>> No. 66220
File: 148124350283.png - ( 1.58MB , 800x700 , Katya y111 - Preview.png )

Katya y111 pd15m Bernd
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality
full resolution and sharper

DL: http://mir.cr/SDYCNMJD [288 MB]
PW: Katya

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 66585
I actually tried to answer you yesterday. I'll try again:
Her videos are quite scarce. I've tried to find them for other guys but have had no luck

Thanks for the improvement

>> No. 66803
File: 148170213480.png - ( 1.43MB , 1024x774 , Marina Rings 15m.png )
I should've posted this before my lengthy post in my other thread, as this might've made it on with the previous posts
This is Marina y171 in her 15min Rings video
This video shares certain similarities with the videos of Dasha y170, Sasha y174, as well as Ira y160's solo video.
This video runs 15 1/3mins. I just had a look & saw that I still have several more of her videos not yet posted



>> No. 66886
File: 148175957319.png - ( 1.11MB , 1024x768 , y171 dpo15.png )
This will be another Marina y171 video. This is "dpo15m". Although labeled as '15mins', its more than 1/2min under. Nevertheless, fans of Marina will find it quite enjoyable.
As per usual; both parts are needed to watch Any of the video



>> No. 66911
File: 148178181273.png - ( 946.68KB , 1024x768 , y171 d_pos15.png )
OOPS! Sorry guys, I had uploaded 2 of Marina's videos with Very similar titles at more or less the same time. Thus, it appears I got them mixed up.
Here's what the last one should've been:



Now, here's the next one - Its Marina y171 in "d_pos15m". While longer than the last one, its still 10seconds shy of 15mins



Hopefully you fellows won't have to wait very long for this to appear

>> No. 66975
please reup Marina_y171,rings tried every file that says sucess but none of the work with part 1 thank you

>> No. 67043
File: 148192595192.png - ( 84.59KB , 1266x957 , Download box on Uppit.png )
You must've run into some sort of temporary problem. I'm assuming you have part 2. I checked all the 'Success' sites except Obscured (they stopped working about 2 weeks ago)
So - DataFile (normally a favorite) unfortunately gets files mixed up occasionally & this is one of those times - instead of pt1 of Marina's video, you get a Japanese animation vid!!
All the others worked, including 1Fichier
Please Note - It always says 'Not Supported' but it almost always 'Successful'. Its fairly easy to use & keeps links 2 months with no downloads.
Uptobox works but there's a wait time & then you need to hit download several times.
I've included a screenshot of the download box from Uppit (so you have proof the link is still good) They're very easy to use (quite similar to 1Fichier) although a bit slow.
So 7 sites worked
I'm sure if you try again it will work

Some of you may've noticed that I stopped offering Solid as download option, several weeks ago. They had deteriorated to below the level of Lumload. You needed to hit download 5 or 6 times while enduring a barrage of popups AND they had a failure rate on downloads around 99%.
I see they've improved - not quite like the Solid of old but close. Hopefully they're still holding onto undownloaded links as long as before.
Thus,I've started to include again as an option

>> No. 67057
File: 148194066882.png - ( 833.07KB , 949x700 , Marina 21min.png )
Here's Marina y171 in a 21 1/2min video. She's featured in 2 outfits (she's wearing the Green Bikini underneath)
Its rather amusing, as she makes repeated silent requests (via note paper) for $$. I'm also very releaved to see that she didn't go hungry during this rather lengthy shoot




>> No. 67071
1fichier all I get is a non functional orange button plus some excuse not telling if they're closing or what's gonna happen......
Well got what expected anyway:)

>> No. 67072
File: 148196942298.jpg - ( 51.15KB , 917x581 , 1fichier-today.jpg )
Got this hit dl at 1fichier.....
Too bad 1 of the fastest when working:/

>> No. 67177
File: 148205682639.png - ( 357.51KB , 1262x931 , 1Fichier's Download box.png )
1Fichier is still alive But - they seem to have gone downhill, as of last week.
Previously, they were simple to use, had a decent download speed & kept links for 60 days between downloads.
The default language is French - If need be, you can change it to Bulgarian, Turkish, or even English.
The process hasn't changed: Click the Orange Rectangle near the bottom of the page. A new page appears & you'll see an Orange rectangle about 3x as wide as the last one; sitting in the middle of the page. Click it & your download box appears.
However, the wait time between downloads has increased. Also, it might 'think' you downloaded, even if you went to the page but decided not to. Thus, if you try to download from there later, you might not be able to.
Thus, you might find yourself clicking a "seemingly, non-functional orange button", with nothing happening.
They've also decreased their 'no download' period.
I always hate seeing good hosts disappearing or going downhill.

I'm more than happy to assist anyone who's unsure how to use MC, &/or the split file process, or any particular host

>> No. 67242
I've posted this >>67072
All I'll get whatever I'm trying at least some can dl
Well,there's other hosts even if I've like 1fichier as good speeds and even the wait were worth it so it's sad to see them downhill.....
Could it be regional? what I get attempting to dl?

>> No. 67367
File: 14822187526.png - ( 0.99MB , 1019x770 , Marina y171 pos15.png )
It could very well be a regional issue. I'm assuming you went to them through an MC link, as I did. I haven't checked to see if there's a difference going via Google, etc.

I've had this ready for a couple of days but haven't had a chance to up it.
This is Marina y171 in 'pos15m'. It starts with her sitting in a chair & issuing a greeting. She's also wearing the earrings from 'Rings' & the dress from 'r15m'.
The video has some very amusing moments when Marina attempts to walk in her shoes.
Fans of Marina will most definitely enjoy the video.



>> No. 67382
File: 148223437463.jpg - ( 113.88KB , 600x799 , f6fbc604.jpg )
>>67242 Even when you see the RIP scroll down to the bottom of the page and youll see the download access button.Only exceptions is if no one dl'd it within 30 days it expires and if you already attempted to dl that file it won't let you dl it twice in the same day.The RIP sign is just a trick to get people to pay.

>> No. 67391
Nice photo!! f6fbc604 I don't recognize her. Care to share the set. Watermelon pics are always good.

>> No. 67419
I made this post >>67242 Well,I can see what you're describing but not with FF or IE......
A very BETA browser reveals exacty as you say a dl at the bottom.
FF noscript disabled or on,Adblock on or off no change from the RIP only

I'm grateful you and OP telling what I had to look for I'm going to skip 1fichier it's always another host which makes mircr excellent:)

While I'm here >>67367 Thanks a lovely video:)

>> No. 67433
File: 148226724217.jpg - ( 216.07KB , 960x1280 , DSCF0030.jpg )
Question for the Vlad Model Master- Can you tell me how many galleries Vika-m064 made including customs if any?
I am trying to complete her collection. I currently have 28 and they are all just random set numbers.
Starting with 011 and jumping all over the place to 192.

I'm the "DARTS" guy and have asked a few questions without identifying myself, those being the queries about Yulya-m065, Katya-m030 and Katya-m039. Shame the Katya's are not welcome here. I have seen Candy Doll and The People Image models posted here some still with baby teeth but yet these models do not meet the desired age range.

Just know that I am most appreciative of your amazing efforts in providing us with your Vlad collection and the awesome trivia/history on the models,shoots,time lines etc.

Still searching for my custom Katie (formerly Katya-m030) gallery from DARTS.
She would fit well here because had reached her teens by the time the session was filmed.
Julia (the DARTS owner/photographer) informed me Katie's mum was present therefore she had to "tame-down" the posing I requested but still managed to get some amazing shots of her applying baby oil on her feet and a few of her eating candy and ice cream.
The attached pic was from my custom shoot and Julia liked the outcome so well she asked if I would mind if she used some of the outtakes for her standard website galleries.

>> No. 67434
File: 148226756041.jpg - ( 253.90KB , 960x1280 , darts30 151.jpg )
One DARTS gallery I always regretted not having was this shoot of Jane (Zhenya-not sure of her model number) wearing a pair of heels I sent to Vladivostok.
Jane/Zhenya never looked better in my opinion.
If any kind soul out there has this gallery and are reading this I would be forever grateful if it was shared here.


>> No. 67540
Thanks OP for a lot of stuff actually.....
Lot of info too
I'm not much about the holiday well I wish others a great one though
Happy Holidays to the sharers in here.....

>> No. 67547
File: 14824193876.jpg - ( 403.62KB , 1280x960 , DSCF-044.jpg )
Hello Darts Guy,
I'm not OP but I have collected some Dart's, though I imagined small comparatively. Have you posted your collection? I have around 1.5 to 2 gigs of Dart's related photo's. I am unsure of much of it but I do have some Katy. Ksenya was model m006. She was very popular in both agencies.
I looked and found none with a popsicle but I'll post the random pics I have of hers. I would love to see some of your sets.

>> No. 67592
File: 148279333812.png - ( 0.96MB , 1201x883 , Marina y171 d-pozzzz15.png )
Here's Marina y171 in d-pozzz15min (yes dance/pose)
I'm being rushed out the door, so my screenshot likely reflects this.



Good to see you again. I remember you mentioning about the shoes & set
I answered your Vika question in the current set thread
I don't want to sound like a nit-picker, fuss-budget, etc but this thread is closing in on 'Capacity' There's more room in my 'current' set thread (#2), so Non-video questions are better there. I'm also planning to start a 3rd set-thread (I'm finally thinking ahead) Initially, it will be for girls with lots of sets - those whose sets would require 10 posts, to get them all on.
So, if you have any stories, several questions, etc - you can use my new thread, as there will be tons of room initially. Feel free to use the 'frozen' thread - set thread #1 (although its, of course not Really '#1') Its around page 20, so it should be here for a while, also, I do check it a lot.
You may've noticed ,I posted 2Mod set featuring Katya m030 with Yulya y022.
Also, a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to posting my Play/Wrestle sets. One of the sets I posted has Katya m030 in a 'Wrestle-Themed' set with Katya m003.
Zhenya m006 'aka Jane' is also in a few.

I'm nearing the end of my postable videos - there's still 3 or 4 left. Hopefully, after that, I can find a few new additions

>> No. 67625
File: 148285672028.png - ( 1.12MB , 1227x871 , marina y171 b5m.png )
Here's another Marina y171 video - 'b5m'. Some of the titles are obvious, some I can guess, some I haven't a clue.


I've posted Zina y156's 'pya2' . If anyone has pya #1 and/or dream, you are welcome to post them. I have only shortened versions of those other 2

>> No. 67649
>>> 67547 Post please !

>> No. 67651

>> No. 67671
File: 148292887086.png - ( 635.92KB , 1017x675 , Tanya p15.png )
Prior to joining DARTS (where those pics are from) she was Zhenya m006. I posted her sets in my 1st set-thread. Her earliest sets are here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61867
And the rest are here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61920
I've also got several Play and Wrestle sets that feature her. I posted all my Pay/Wrestle sets here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/63287.html#i65441 She's even in the preview pic
I must ask you to please try to combine such a request into 1 single post - especially for this thread, as its nearing capacity. I've got less than 5 (postable) videos left but I'm hoping to leave room for any more possible Video additions, as well as future compliments & that it stays 'bumpable' for as long as possible

Here is Tanya y157 in 'p15'. This video which runs 15 1/3mins, has lots of beautiful closeups of her face. I think its my last Tanya video.



>> No. 67691
Can't thanks all the posters here enough for this huge effort!

>> No. 67697
File: 148296380537.jpg - ( 410.11KB , 1200x1600 , P7250011.jpg )
Help me please ! Have more photo & video whit this gorgeaus girl ? THANK YOU ! Have a nice holyday !

>> No. 67706
No. 61046

>> No. 67711
>>61046 solidfiles is the only server that
carries part 1 but every time try to download
1t stops half way never completes. could you please any other I already have all the other
parts. thank you

>> No. 67789
File: 148309450449.png - ( 665.50KB , 800x700 , VladModels - Valerya Preview.png )
»If you have a Less Reduced version, let me know (eg: 400-700 Mb)«

Valerya m041 [P2o73]
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/FSJXHFNK [575 MB]

PW: Valerღa

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 67791
File: 148309491918.png - ( 943.54KB , 1086x514 , VladModels - Remastered Preview.png )
>>59457 ~ >>59678

Alvina m037 & Alexandra m043 Posing [P1502]
Natasha m054 & Katya m039 Tickle [T1506]
>H264-AVC MP4 digitally Remastered Quality

http://mir.cr/0GWFGQBO [496 MB]

»Did you do this yourself?«
if I have time, yes
»Can low quality videos be improved?«
Any degree of compression will result in loss of information, but not necessarily loss of viewing quality.
»I'd love to have better quality of these, as well >>59352 >>59353 >>59358 «
sorry, this is of extremely poor quality
»A couple that I'm thinking of, already are mp4. Does that make a difference?«
no.. avi, mp4, mov whatever

✰ Happy new Year to all Models Friends ✰

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 68034
File: 148348794946.png - ( 75.67KB , 1269x947 , Part1 on DataFile.png )
Glad you like it. I'm getting near the end of my Vlad videos but I might still have a few more (postable) vids left

There's only 1 video with her but it is 30mins>>60638 Sorry, that's all I've been able to find

I'm sorry to hear that Solid is doing that Again. I had stopped offering them as an option for a while, as their failure rate was close to 100% - but I noticed a few weeks ago that they had seemed to have improved.
Still, while I'm always willing to reup something with a dead link(s) or where the lone live link is woefully inadequate, it looks like DataFile works for ALL parts, including part1. As they occasionally mixed links up, I confirmed that you will get the correct parts in all cases. DataFile is even easier to use now that you don't need to 'untick' the download manager box - they got rid of it, so now you just click Download & away you go.
I'm happy to see that 2Shared is still available for pt4, even though MC dropped them as an option.
I confirmed that 1Fichier can also be used, although their reputation has gone downhill, as of late - when checking for live links "Not Supported" doesn't necessarily mean Not Working.
Anyhow, DataFile is Very easy to use, while not as fast as Zippy, they're pretty decent & (most important) they hang on to links for years.
Note the screenshot with the part1 download box on DataFile
I hope that helps you.

Thankyou once again. The Valerya m041 video looks superb. Its also nice to get an improvement on the 2 older videos, especially the tickle video.
And thanks for the info

>> No. 68076
what's the correct password ?

>> No. 68159
It's the correct password,however it's 1 tiny part causing issues for me too.
Valerღa and this is the bug causing it ღ
I'd like the video but I'll pass making any attempts again
Regards and I'm not the OP of the thread.....

>> No. 68165
File: 148362893324.png - ( 2.84MB , 800x700 , VladModels - Zina Preview.png )
If anyone has pya #1 and/or dream, you are welcome to post them.

Zina y156 - Dream
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/NJUAKQ3A [340 MB]

PW: Z!na


Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 68218
File: 148369412190.png - ( 2.07MB , 1802x1098 , Katya Sauna vid.png )
Assuming you're copy/pasting - is there any chance that you're leaving in a space at the beginning or end?

Thankyou, I had only the 1st few minutes of this video

Katya y111's 30min Custom Bernt Sauna video can not be posted in full. The reason is because after she begins to shower at 16mins, her attire gets very wet & consequently see-through.
Until that point, the clothing was fine, as it was NOT See-Through.
Thus, what I've decided to do is to share a shortened 'NN' version. Its a few seconds short of 16mins, so you'll get a little over 1/2 the video.
In my preview pic, with the combined screenshots (something I just figured out, how to do) you'll see she's in a sweater & jeans, which she removes
NOTE - She's Wearing Her Sauna Attire Underneath her sweater & jeans
She then enters the pool area, pausing to greet Bernt & inform him that her visit to the sauna is for his benefit.
She poses around the pool area for about 15mins, she then appears to look for (& get)confirmation that it is indeed time to enter the shower. I cut it off about 1 second into her shower, as the 1st bit of water hits her face.
There's a few times you can see the camera-person's reflection in the mirror on the door to the change room (not very clearly, though)
I've seen this video is from late November of 2007. I've seen it dated Nov24th &25th. I'm going with Nov24th, as it was a fairly reputable source. This was her 2nd video & the 1st by herself & the 1st of 4 for Bernt
This video was done within a few days of her 'Wet Water' custom.
Again, I'm going to stress:
This Video Has Been Shortened By 14mins To Make It Acceptable For Posting Here.
As I mentioned earlier, during this 1st 16min 'dry' portion, her clothing is NOT see-through, thus its now 'Within the NN Rules'
The original is 1.33Gb, this is 724Mb, the Rar is 691Mb in total.
Note - There is a full length reduced version, of about 700Mb or so, floating around. It gives a time of around 34mins. The audio & picture are out of synch, by several mins.
If you have that version, you may wish to get this one. You'll get to hear Katya speaking, while her mouth is moving, instead of several mins later.
both parts are needed



If any of you decide to share this video, Please be sure to mention that its been shortened for NN posting
For instance, I see this video >>59348
posted a fair bit - But, I've yet to see Anyone else mention that 21mins of it are missing

PLEASE NOTE This Video Has Been Shortened By 14Minutes To Make It Acceptable For Posting Within NN Rules

>> No. 68266
Copy yes,paste to notepad as I usually does,never copy and paste directly into the file.
Don't have the time to attempt too may times.
4 or 5 times max.
Can't open files deleted,is thers another way to use password with unknown symbols?
I've got the video but it's always nice to get an enhanced copy too.
The symbol ღ not compatible with my limited OS or lightweight software,solved later probably but not on travels

>> No. 68401
File: 148387179437.jpg - ( 138.69KB , 720x576 , Zina-y156-p15-dream(15m14s) 555MB.jpg )
Thanks it's an improvement I'd like to see of many other vids by Vlad:)

Got an mpg Zina-y156-p15-dream(15m14s) 555 MB
It's from some years ago,can't remember where but not here
Would you like it OP?
Asking cause it's a few threads here with Vlad:)

>> No. 68497
File: 148394421267.png - ( 1.25MB , 1195x885 , zina dream vid.png )
I had attempted to get an original mpg copy Zina's 15m Dream video several times, by way of a torrent. On the most recent attempt it got to 99.5%. While it played through, it still had 2 rough patches, of a couple seconds each.
However, I did find a copy to download. Although it was passworded, I did manage to figure it out. (No, I'm not some brilliant "password cracker/hacker-extraordinaire", the pw was zina)
So, here it is - I had a date but don't know where it got to. Its 15 1/4mins & you can hear
Both parts are needed & there's no pw needed



Looks like I just missed getting this on. I had started typing it out several hrs ago but got interrupted

I was curious about that size, as mine at 693Mb is more typical of a Vlad mpg original, of that length. Your's would be more in line with a 12-13min vid, but I did see it available.
There's still a bit of room in the thread, so let's take a look at it

I'm almost at the end of Postable videos - 1 more Marina y171 is coming

>> No. 68557
According to VLC the 555 MB vid is 15 minutes 14 seconds,not the best quality and an avi
Got a 260 MB of the same vid an mpg 5 minutes 43 seconds

The fun part about the 555 MB avi is that someone I've exchanged other Vlad with told me he got exactly my 555 MB copy at sharechan
Don't know cause I've not been around here until recently.......
Well,I'll post the cid later
And thanks for the y157 missed them or should say in the right names for customs

>> No. 68718
>>68557 as promised......
y156 Zina p15 Dream avi 555,7 MB

Pass= Z1N4


Not the best quality but the way I've got it.
It's an avi.

>> No. 68766
File: 148414131778.png - ( 1.40MB , 1279x987 , Marina ST shortened.png )
Well you're right, its definitely not the best. Of the 3 versions of that video that've been posted, its in 3rd place. That being said, I'd love to have a few of those very early Vlad videos in that quality.
I'm surprised by the size, though. When I think of some of the reduced versions of Vlad videos that I've seen - usually 1/3 - 1/5 of original size - this one is on par with a few & perhaps a tad better than some of the others.
I guess I thought, with it being around 80% of the original size, that it would be very close to original quality.
Re: What your friend told you - It may be that someone spotted the same links I did & either they were discouraged by the mpg original being passworded, or they simply opted for the smaller size - And then posted it, here

What I have here is shortened/censored video, like the Katya Sauna vid>>68218
In her 15min 'ST' video, Marina y171 seems to be having some wardrobe issues, during the opening 5 1/2min dance portion. She seems to be having trouble keeping certain parts contained inside her garment. Nevertheless, she manages to catch in time, to enable her to deal with it discreetly, on those occasions that it occurs.
I'm thinking she may have been dealing with it a few times, when she turned around, dancing with her back to us.
That all changes at 4:40, when she seemed to give up on fixing it for the remaining 45-50 seconds of the dance portion.
So I've got a "censored" version that goes to 4mins 38seconds. At that moment, her back is turned. I cut it off about 1 1/2 seconds before she turns around, deciding evidently, to ignore the 'problem.
So just to be clear - The portion of this video that I'm posting - Stays Within The Rules.


Maybe someone can help me here
At 5 1/2mins the dance portion ends & there's a fast 'fade out/segue in' & the Posing part of the video begins.
As, she's moving Much slower (or not at all) there are no more problems with the garment. Thus, the last 9 1/2mins are also within the rules.
It seems to be just a span of less than 1 minute that strays outside the rules.
My original plan was to remove the "Rule-Breaking" portion, making a 14min video
Or, to have the portion I'm posting & the last 9 1/2mins separately.
The part I'm posting was made by creating split files, keeping only part1 & & checking 'Keep Broken Files' before extracting. I repeated the process until I had the exact length I wanted (I got it on the 3rd try)
But as for the other part - Try as I might, I couldn't figure it out.
I've got MPC, VLC & Windows Media Player - none appear to have anything in the way of an editing tool.
I've got 'Movie Maker' - It has a 'Video Edit' option, but I can't get it to work.
I've seen some feedback about it not working with Widows 7 (which I have)
I tried something called 'Wondershare' that boasted about its editing proficiency. The 'editing' seems to be limited to adding titles & changing the music ( I'm not interested in becoming a 'Mummy' copycat)
So... If anyone can suggest something, I'd appreciate it.
This is the last Marina video that can be posted - even in shortened form.
The other 2 I have can't be posted At All.
I believe its also the last video of my collection, that can be posted, even partially.
For this reason, I'd sure like to share what I can of this video.

Just to be clear again
I'm posting Only the 1st 4minutes & 38seconds of this video, during which it stays Within The Rules.
The later portion, that I'm seeking help with isolating, is also Totally Within The Rules

>> No. 68845
Wow 3rd of 3:)
Well,I know it's bad and appreciate the poster who can enhance videos
I'm not sure the >>68718 were actually posted in one of your? threads
Discovered the request section and it may have been posted there
Now I've got 3 versions of it:)

Marina y171 I've got the vid and you're right on the spot the outfit seems to have too many lose ends
I've got this vid and most of hers anyway but you should have credits for making a version everyone can enjoy and describing the process
Unfortunately I've got no major skills when it's about videos it's a too large task for me

Thanks for >>67789 the only issue with it is I can't extract without space,with space added to the password
Do I need a particular languagepack installed?
I'd be forever grateful if you could help me to get the enhanced version of Valerya m041 p2073
I simply can't get the password to work and the enhanced video would be a very welcome addition

>> No. 68851
Thanks again for all the wonderful posts! It may help, for video editing I use a free utility called Any Video Converter. It has lots of features including ability to clip sections to any length from any section. Not sure how good the encoding is though, seems ok to me but I am no expert

>> No. 68958
File: 148431828520.png - ( 1.89MB , 2090x810 , VladModels - Marina y171.png )
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality
NN-Rulesshortened version

http://mir.cr/1M1KSJ04 [239 MB]

PW: Marina

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 69079
Nice job! That's exactly what I was wishing I could.

Thanks for the info. I shall try it out when I get some free time

I'm very happy to see that with the videos of Katya y111& Marina y171 have been accepted by the 'Thread-Followers'

>> No. 69406

Thank you very much for sharing these!

I have just one question: are there any more videos of Anya Oxi from her vlad days? I vaguely remember one where she has a lollipop.

I understand if there are some that cannot be posted here, but I just wanted to know if there are in fact any more of her.

Thanks again. :)

>> No. 69509

Is this the password?

All I get is error messages here, and "command exited abnormally".

>> No. 69511
Vídeo is removed! :(

>> No. 69518
I just tried "Solidfiles". It is working for me no worries.

Sometimes a few of the filehosts linked on the mircrocreator page will have the file removed/404.

>> No. 69528
I think what you have in mind is (custom) set 30, which has the same outfit & green background as the Karl vid but also includes the lollipop
While with Vlad, she only did the 2 vids you pointed out

>> No. 69641
There's only room for about 15 More Posts here, before this thread reaches Maximum size ,at which time new posts will No Longer make it bump to the front

I use 10-12 hosts. If 1 no longer has it Please check the others, as some hold a link for only a week with no downloads While others hold them for years. (The video Is still up)

Not my post but just make sure there's no spaces

>> No. 69643
Not necessarely the ""only" 2 videos of y148 Anya.
One more possibly 2,to ever see them posted is something else however.
An extremely cautious customer ordered at least 2 videosessions with y148 Anya.
I know for sure as it's a customer I know from somewhere and overviewed a brief description of some vlad sets and videos.
Another guy I think had a more close conversation with the customer,also a customer at vlad I believe.
I think you may have heard the name bukov previously.
Not particulary much of those ordered stuff have been seen posted,a few customsets but that's probably all there is.
Nothing of the other stuff like y156,y161 and of course y148 Anya.
So it's highly possible it's 4 videos in total with her.
I know at least one other collector of vlad stuff that know about those videos.

>> No. 69644
Interestingly, this video cuts straight into "Tanya y157 pd30m Nov1.08" at the end, with no usual fade out.

>> No. 70600
File: 148543272668.png - ( 3.53MB , 800x700 , VladModels - Katya y111 Preview.png )
Missing or not Found

>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/0PUTVOPQ [271 MB]

PW: Katya

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 70616
While I do have it, you seem to have been able to accomplish something I couldn't - despite 3 attempts. I must've been encountering some sort of 'glitch'
So, thank you for posting it

>> No. 70630
Well,attempted to extract and btw I know how to avoid space ahead or after a pass.
Usually no problems with files with passwords.
However this particular file beats me.
No way for me to get anything out of it at all.
Errr message tells it's an unreadable element.
It's weired as I've got a lot of additional languagepacks.
I've seen this post >>68845 & kind of waited if someone would have a solution I could try,never happened unfortunately.
Final attempt then I'll skip the file and move on.
I'm adding the same as in >>68845,could anyone help me to get the file with a more common password.

>> No. 70632
Right but you'll never be able to see those.
1 copy of each vid no more which must have been a fortune to pay.

I'm just here to ask OP something,if it's ok of course so the post may show up.
Wonder if you ever found set 79 of y156 Zina.
Don't have it right now will recieve the set in a not too distant future,know for sure the set exists not if it's complete though.
Set 91 seems to have vanished without a trace.
Would it be ok to post it when I'm able to post it?
It's nice to see your threads growing with many additions OP.
Tot ziens misschien or at least I hope so.

>> No. 70835
Sorry, my last post "seemed to go astray" - yes that set would be welcomed, as its very frequently requested. It looks like I haven't posted her sets, so put it in 68055 & I'll add to it

>> No. 70957
An excellent version of this video:)
Have the original but your enhanced video are a much better one to view.

Made a post in another thread about the particular set # 79.
Tot ziens misschien well,vaarwel would be more correct as I have issues contributing anyway.

>> No. 70963
File: 148562675457.jpg - ( 167.68KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0047.jpg )
Here is Zina y156 gallery 79

PW: TheBest

>> No. 70990
Thank you million times:)
Have searched for a long time for this particular set.

>> No. 71100
NOT y156_79, but is y156_80.

>> No. 71157
File: 148572303164.png - ( 345.64KB , 589x615 , Y156-787980frmIndx.png )
Yup, here's a screenshot from the relevant of the 2014 index.

>> No. 71223
>>70990 by me

>>71100 & >>71157
Darn,you're right,I had no opportunity to verify it right then.
Well,the mystery will probably never get solved as in the actual set 79 & set 91 found:/

>> No. 73985
ran across a vid of Zhenya y114 I had, liked.. if anyone could point me in the direction or if you have vids would be much appreciated. TiA

>> No. 74463
I've got 2 posted - A 30min with Zhenya & Katya y117 Here>>61417 & a 74 second Custom for Tom Here>>59351

Sorry, her other 4 solo vids - the 3 5min cstms for Adolfo, Bernt & Karl, as well as the 50min cstm for Michel can't be posted for various reasons

>> No. 77194
All the earlier tonya videos have expired links 😢 any chance of reup? Please!!

>> No. 77385
I have a 533mb mp4, but have never uploaded anything before. Glad to contribute if anyone can tell me how I go about it.

>> No. 77952
File: 149006927744.png - ( 129.92KB , 1254x815 , Tanya links.png )
I think that's sort of what we got from this fellow>>67789 He has a way of enhancing lower quality videos, which he's done on several reduced versions, where the original did not appear
You're welcome to check my various set threads to see if you have anything I need.
Unfortunately the 1st one (59235) has disappeared.
Sometimes requested stuff gets added months later, so double check with me to avoid duplicates

Sorry for not responding sooner, I had stopped checking as often.
Reupping the videos would take weeks & its not necessary. I checked them ALL.
The picture shows the link page for her 'p5' video>>59820 Links that didn't work out, during uploading say 'Failed'. If they succeeded, it says 'Success'.
Links are kept for varying lengths of time, depending on the host (eg: Zippy keeps it 30 days after the last download. DataFile keeps them for at least 6 months after the last download.
Many other keep it for only a week
Now, when you're on that page, check for a live link by clicking each link in the column under where it says "Link Status" in the boxes that say "Check". Only check those that say Success.
Some will say Not Supported or other such things - occasionally they still have good links but we won't worry about that, for now
If it says "OffLine", its dead. If it says "OnLine", you're in business. Go to that host or any other you like that says 'OnLine'.
Let me know if you have further problems getting the download box. It can be a tad tricky for 1st timers, due to the unfortunate presence of a couple popups.
Also, copy the thread 'address', as its getting Very near capacity & may get not get moved to the front by new posts for much longer
I follow with another post

>> No. 77953
File: 149006939428.png - ( 64.01KB , 1079x783 , Solid.png )
I used this as an example to show that the links are still live

>> No. 82376
File: 149276896825.jpg - ( 84.67KB , 1043x163 , Early Video Info.jpg )
I found some info that explains a few things about very early Vlad videos. (see preview - its on a few of the early Bio Cards) This will be relevant to the videos I posted of Rada m019 >>59352 & Violetta m002 >>59358
While the quality is quite low on all of them, those in the 15 second range are markedly better than the ones in the 50-60 second range. The only exception is Violetta's 10 second video, which is of the same ultra-low quality as the longer ones.
Those videos will be from 2000 for Violetta, while Rada's would be from somewhere between late 2000 & Feb of 2001 (by the beginning of March she had short hair)

>> No. 88191
First, thanks a lot for al the sharing! I'm creating a small Tanya collection here. I know I'm late on this thread, but I want to ask about a video in your previews: Tanya_y157 cstm_pose_s. That one isn't posted here. Did you post it on some other thread? I would be very grateful if you could share it. Thanks in advance!

>> No. 89889

>> No. 90144
File: 149717948242.png - ( 4.32MB , 800x700 , Karolina-m047-Posing-Preview.png )
>>59444 »I'm assuming its not an original, as its only 270 MB.
Although an original would likely be around 1.35Gb
« 1.48GB

Karolina m047 [P15o4]
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/0NSBOYFB [660 MB]

PW: Kar0l!na

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 91188
may I know which post is it? :D

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