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Here's my new Vlad set thread. As you can see Nonude Sharechan
File: 147238882462.jpg - ( 55.42KB , 800x600 , y072_Sasha.jpg )
59235 No. 59235
Here's my new Vlad set thread. As you can see, I'm featuring a different girl than usual in my 1st post.
I'm just reupping stuff right now.
I've also been able to add some new items to my collection, so this should end up being a pretty good thread.
Feel free to make requests

>> No. 59236
File: 147239048189.jpg - ( 158.91KB , 1600x1200 , P3110032.jpg )
This is Sasha y072, who I featured in my opening post. She apparently only did 1 set, which I have here. Its complete at 74pics & features only the outfit you see in this preview pic. So the mystery is: Where the pic in my 1st post come from? It was the used to feature her in the 2007 archive & has the Vlad logo but I don't know anything more about it.
I can tell you that the posted set is from Mar11.05 Its certainly unfortunate that she didn't do anymore sets.


>> No. 59237
File: 147239111013.jpg - ( 421.58KB , 1200x1600 , P3230007.jpg )
This is another girl who did only 1 set for Vlad. Its Tanya y058 & her set is a custom done over 2 dates - Mar23 + Apr8.04 Now, although there's 2 dates here, her outfit doesn't change, nor does the backdrop.


>> No. 59238
File: 147239413865.jpg - ( 504.25KB , 1024x768 , Pa240003.jpg )
Next is Karina k001. I have her 2 # sets. I don't know if there are other earlier ones. . I'm assuming the 'q' was added to the file names of some of the pics in set 01 to separate them so they could be viewed in order.
The dates appear to be Oct13+24 & I'm assuming its 2001.


She can also be seen in a Wrestle video with Valerya m015
Another thing - I found out a bit more about the 'K' series. I had only known of Karina & Anya who had 2 #s - y010 & k011. I've found out that there are 7 more models from k002 to k010. These are older girls 17-20ys. I guess they're similar to the later 'W' & 'P' series.
I'll try get some sets of these other 'K' girls

>> No. 59251
Thanks ... I appreciate your work...good work!

>> No. 59258
Do you have Yulya y014 sets ? Please

>> No. 59287
good to see you around again OP....
i have som K series not all the ones you mention though
wish i could help you out with these not possible for a while unfortunately but as soon as i can i'll try
last attempts of even posting in any of your threads failed completely for me.....
had some success with other stuff though
as said good 2 see you around again.....
peace Ancient

>> No. 59289
omg hes back !! BILL BRASKY!! best damn poster in the business

>> No. 59296
File: 147250453840.jpg - ( 312.54KB , 1200x1600 , P9150039.jpg )
I'm glad you enjoy it
I have 3 of her earlier sets. I've had about 1/3 of cstm 18 for a while & recently found some more pics for it. I just need to sort it out before posting them

What I have at the moment is 2Model cstm set 04. This is the only set I have featuring Sveta u007. She's with Nastya y027 & the set is from Sep15.01
Sveta's on the right in the black dress, Nastya's on the left. I've seen a thumb of Sveta in a bikini so she did do at least one other set. Maybe I can find more. Here's this for now.


I'll post Nastya's sets when I get a chance

>> No. 59317
File: 147255851914.png - ( 387.70KB , 1020x281 , Vlad K-series.png )
That's sounds quite intriguing. I might be able to find a few pics but if you've got sets (or even partial sets) of these girls that would be awesome.
I'm posting this archive shot for reference - sorry, I didn't quite get it all.
On the left is Karina k001 - I think they said she was 17. On the right is Anya y010/k011.
When I found this, it was the 1st time I had seen evidence of any other K-series models, besides Karina & Anya.
I had said I figured Karina's sets>>59238 were 2001, mainly because I didn't think the Olympic camera & 'P' # system had come into use prior to Dec of 2000. I've since found instances of it being used in Oct & Nov of 2000.
I actually like the idea of Karina's 2 sets being from Oct of 2000, better, since she was in a video with Valerya m015, who appears to have left Vlad by Apr of 2001.

>> No. 59323
File: 147256164831.jpg - ( 129.00KB , 1200x1600 , p4140022.jpg )
Liliya y078 was a nice looking girl who did only 3 sets (set 01 seems to be hard to find)
The 2 sets I have were done a week apart in early April of 2005.


>> No. 59325
File: 147256565117.jpg - ( 324.78KB , 1600x1200 , P4060062.jpg )
This next group of Dasha y063's sets are 22-43 (minus set 37) and cover late Oct of 2004 to mid Apr of 2005.
This group contains several sets missing from most collections - including 22, 34, 36, 38 & 42.
Note - Many collections have 22 & 23 as being identical, with both featuring her in the "Pittsburgh Panthers" Cheerleader outfit. That is set 23. Set 22 has her in a pink outfit.
You'll notice the hard-to-find sets have a different Vlad logo, like pictured set43 (as I said I love her smile)
And speaking of logo, sets 35 & 40 are No Logo


I forgot to mention in my last post that Dasha's set 01 is missing almost 1/2 the pics. There's 41 of 78. As soon as I get fills, I'll post them

>> No. 59327
Wow, they are so gorgeus!
Big thanks to You, OP.
I Just love slim girls in heels. Does anyone know, how Tall those girls are? Especially My favorite Zhenya y114?

>> No. 59342
File: 147260160149.jpg - ( 232.86KB , 1200x1600 , P6010007.jpg )
Re: Height - That's an interesting question. ShowStars put out such info but I don't think Vlad ever did. The thing is, due to the ages of the girls, the info would be outdated within 6months.
It really is hard to gauge their height, especially if they're alone. An intriguing 2Mod set that I often post has Dasha y186 & Ksenya y178. It looks like Dasha is well over a foot shorter than Ksenya!

I guess you can tell that there was supposed to be another group of Dasha sets before this one>>59325
It must make it confusing when you read my references to something that's not there.
I'll deal with that later but for now, we have the rest of her sets.
These are 44-69 (minus set55) Set 50 is missing from most collections & has the same style logo as the other hard-to-find sets.
These sets cover 6 months of 2005, from mid Apr to mid Oct.
For the record Dasha was with Vlad from late June of 2004 to mid Oct of 2005.
Where most of her sets have been pretty much in order, these jump around a fair bit after 51. Sets 52-54 & 66+67 were done in her last 2 weeks between Oct6 & Oct19.05


pic from set50 - That smile is so captivating

>> No. 59346
File: 147260241599.jpg - ( 215.17KB , 1600x1200 , pa180070.jpg )
Darn! I forgot to mention that Dasha's sets 44, 46, 48, 49, 52, 54, 56, 57 & 62-69 are all No Logo.

This is Dasha y063's sets 1-21 (set1 is missing pics 42-78) These start on June26.04 & go to Oct18.04, the date of pictured set 21. Interestingly, that's a year & a day prior to her final set.
These also include a custom version of set 18, dated Sep21.04


>> No. 59387
the k series had the plans as the u series & the w series also note planned to reach 50 different models each
well was the "dreams" a very ambitious founder of the vlad studios had once upon a time
as you know by now there never became as many of each series at all.....
got the info by a former financial provider of vlad studio
he/she went to a destination with no return some time ago.....

btw ever heared of "final countdown" i've reached mine anyway so there's no time to put together any items anyway
thanks for awesome info & some stuff i've missed may you find all the vlad you'd like to find OP....
a good bye well actually yes the final one as well to all known & unknown friends around
peace Ancient

>> No. 59407
File: 14726781432.jpg - ( 252.70KB , 1200x1600 , PB030046.jpg )
Oh No! I'm sure going to miss you.
Re: the U series: I saw it referred to as "Unnumbered Models"

I haven't got around to sorting out cstm18, so here's Yulya y014 in sets 4, 11 & 3pics from set9
Set4 will be Nov3+ Dec22.00, while set11 is Feb3.01
I'll get the other set done tonight
The pic is from the earlier part of set4


>> No. 59413
amazing work! thanks. if possible yulya y068!

>> No. 59439
File: 147273021081.jpg - ( 150.14KB , 1600x1200 , p6130057.jpg )
Glad you like it.
I've got a couple of her short vids up in the other thread. There's several more longer ones I'll be adding. I'll start uploading her sets this morning.

The next item is the 10 sets of the Very pretty Lilya y110. These were all done in 6 week period. Actually, the 1st 20pics of set4 were taken May3.06. The rest of her sets were done between May19 & June14.06
Pictured is set10 (one of my absolute favorites)
Lilya bears some resemblance (& has a similar name) to Liliya y078>>59323 I don't suppose anyone would know if they're related?

>> No. 59440
File: 147273076840.jpg - ( 194.62KB , 1600x1200 , p6140066.jpg )
I might not have gotten the link for Lilya y110's sets on in time, in the last post. That's OK, I was going to post another pic of her anyway
From set9 - her last shoot
And just in case the link didn't get on, here it is:


>> No. 59476
File: 147276262495.jpg - ( 403.85KB , 1600x1200 , P1260002.jpg )
Here's another Yulya y014 item. Its 2Mod cstm set 20 with Katya y017 (aka m020) Its from Jan26.02
Check out the preview pic! It features the girls holding a huge Vlad calender for 2002 that features Elana m032.


I'm uploading that other Yulya y014 set right now

>> No. 59528
File: 147284238768.jpg - ( 399.02KB , 1600x1200 , P6090016.jpg )
Here's Yulya y014's set 18. I have 90 of 136 pics. 50 of the pics are custom. The rest are standard.
There's 2 dates - June8+13.01 With the June9th part, you have pics ending with regular #s (eg: 25) & also pics with (25_2) sitting side by side.
The pics with "_2" were taken After the 1st part of the June9th shoot.
In other words the June9th shoot ,with regular #s, starts at 3:57 & goes to 4:08. The part with the same #s, with "_2" on the end, starts at 4:41 & goes to 4:56.
I will put together a version of this set that can be viewed in the order it was shot. Give me a few days.


I've got some Yulya y068 upped. I'm running out the door, so I'll post it later tonight

>> No. 59576
File: 147291343253.jpg - ( 452.99KB , 1600x1200 , P3240044.jpg )
OK, here's the 1st group of Yulya y068's sets. These are 1-12 & (except for set10) these are all 'Custom-Style'. They are all early March to early May of 2005
Starting with 01, dates are: Mar1, 02 - Mar5, 03 - Mar12, 04 - Mar19, 05 - Mar24, 06 - Apr2, 07 - Mar29, 08 - Apr16, 09 - Apr23, 11 - May7 & standard set10 & Cstm-Style 12 are both from Apr30.05


pic from 05

>> No. 59645
File: 147300252231.jpg - ( 215.94KB , 1200x1600 , p8070064.jpg )
Here's a Vlad model that I've never posted before. Its Vika y131 & she will likely appeal to those fellows who favour girls with a 'top-heavy' sort of build.
She did 6 sets - I have 1-5, done in a 3 week period in Aug of 2006 (Aug7-30)


>> No. 59702
File: 147308934695.jpg - ( 210.16KB , 1600x1200 , P3180006.jpg )
Here's Irina y077. She did 46 sets over a period of 16 months. I've got 12 of her 1st 13 sets here - 10 is missing. Strangely, only 4 sets of this group have 'P' #ing; so the best I can do is to say these cover Mar18 to mid to late May of 2005.
Pictured is the Mar18.05 part of her 1st set. The rest of the set was done a week later.
There are several models who, despite being from the era of the 'P' # system, have numerous sets with DSCF or other #ing. This is very frustrating when those sets are standards, as the 'P' # system helps enormously with dating the sets.
Anyhow, I have most of her remaining sets as well


>> No. 59711
File: 147309628651.jpg - ( 232.79KB , 1600x1200 , p6220037.jpg )
Here's 8 of Lena m028's 9 sets. I'm missing set8
Vlad fans with a liking for slim young Red-heads should find her to their liking.
These sets are completely out of chronological order & I don't have a single custom to help me. It appears that these cover early March to mid Nov of 2001.
Set 9 is an outdoor shoot with several locations. The 1st few pics actually have her on horseback!


>> No. 59722
File: 147309855884.jpg - ( 174.31KB , 1200x1600 , p9160077.jpg )
Here's Valerya y062 in sets 4-9, 14-16, 18-25, 29 & 31-34. They cover mid July to early Nov of 2004.
She did 124 sets. I have a few dozen more that I'll be able to add.


>> No. 59764
File: 147316333333.jpg - ( 394.96KB , 1200x1600 , P5260042.jpg )
Here's Yulya y068's 13-28. Set 21 is a custom & I think 22 is as well. Sets 13-16 +18-20 & maybe 22 are 'Custom-Style'. I'll explain the (rather subtle) difference when I have a bit more time. Sets 23 & 25 are No Logo.
Dates for these sets are: (All are 2005) 13 - May5, 14 - May19. Of the 2 sets done May26th set16 was 1st & 15 2nd.
I only have set 17 (from May28)in standard form, at this time.
From June8 were: 1st - 19 & 2nd - 18.
Jumping ahead to Oct7.05, 21 was done 1st, followed by 20. Custom-Style 22 & No Logo 23 are both from Oct17.05 but I can't tell you in what order they were taken.
Set 24 was Oct20, while No Logo 25 was from the following day.
Moving back to early July, sets 26 & 28 were taken July8, while set27 was done the next day.
Set16 is pictured


>> No. 59765
File: 147316484467.jpg - ( 174.70KB , 1600x1200 , p5230043.jpg )
This will follow up Irina y077's sets 1-13>>59702
This is sets 14-29, minus 17 & 20.
Although 4 sets have DSCF #ing, I can still tell you that these cover late May to mid Oct of 2005. Sets 22-24 & 26-29 were all done in Sep.
Sets 14+ 21-29 are all No Logo, although I forgot to label set29 as such.


pic from 23

>> No. 59774
File: 147317469119.jpg - ( 246.65KB , 1600x1200 , P1280098.jpg )
Here's 18 sets of Tatyana m051. She's one of my favorites & I sure hope to be able to add to these sets. What I have is: sets 6, 21-23, 28, 51-55, 61-66, 68 & 70 Included are 2 customs - the pictured set 06, from Jan28.03 & set 28, from Oct30.03
Set 70 from Apr11.05 is her latest. I imagine her earliest sets started some time in late 2002.
Because these span just over 2 years, I'm going to follow with a couple more previews of her later sets.
I'm also uploading one of several 2Model sets she did.


I should also mention, there's 2 pics from 57 & 1 from 56. I don't recall where I found this 'set chart' but I see that this guy was missing 5 sets. I wonder if it means those are nearly impossible to find.

>> No. 59775
File: 147317524024.jpg - ( 163.00KB , 1600x1200 , P9170084.jpg )
This pic is from set 22 of Tatyana m051 -Sep of 2003

>> No. 59783
File: 147319478393.jpg - ( 189.81KB , 1600x1200 , p6040096.jpg )
And here's Tatyana in set52 in June of 2004

>> No. 59784
File: 147319536985.jpg - ( 217.45KB , 1200x1600 , p8080090.jpg )
This is 2Model set80 with Tatyana m051 & Nadya m061. This'll be Aug of 2003. Tatyana did several nice 2model sets. Another of my favorites is 158 with her & Dasha y063


>> No. 59789
File: 147319798695.jpg - ( 286.90KB , 1200x1600 , m028-set8-p1141348.jpg )
>>59711 About m028 Lena.

m028 Lena set 8.
Think someone,O&E or Rex maybe posted it plus other somewhere,site is gone by now.

Pass: LeNa


>> No. 59814
File: 147324816654.jpg - ( 191.03KB , 1600x1200 , p2280007.jpg )
Thanks for the contribution
I think I know the place & time frame you refer to. Both of those fellows were there as were 1 or 2 other well knowns. I even remember her being posted.
The only reason I can think for my not getting it at that time is that I must've not realized I was missing set 8.
Upon noticing that set9 has only 49pics, I decided to double check the archive for pic totals. Well set9 really is that small. Most of them were OK, except set 7. Its easy to see what's missing, though. Its missing 43pics of 110. The missing pics are 34-76.
I noticed the set 8 you posted is missing 34 of 117pics. I hope you don't think I'm being critical. Its just so guys can record this information. Also it may help get fills.
In set 8, the Jan14 part runs from 294-367. It has 64pics, so 10 are missing. No big holes, just 1 here, 2 there & so on.
The May13th part starts with pic13, so there's a good chance that 12pics are missing there. Pics 31-34 are missing. It ends at 42, I don't know if it should go further. This does account for 26 of the missing pics.
So, I'll keep an eye out for fills for both sets, or maybe someone else will be able to help us.
One other thing, Lena was in a short 3girl Play-Series custom set & Wrestle-Series set2 with Kristina m029 who's sets are rather hard to find.

Here's the only set of Anna y067. Its from Feb28.05 (all the same date)


>> No. 59816
File: 147324853945.jpg - ( 184.26KB , 1600x1200 , p2280046.jpg )
Thanks for the contribution
I think I know the place & time frame you refer to. Both of those fellows were there as were 1 or 2 other well knowns. I even remember her being posted.
The only reason I can think for my not getting it at that time is that I must've not realized I was missing set 8.
Upon noticing that set9 has only 49pics, I decided to double check the archive for pic totals. Well set9 really is that small. Most of them were OK, except set 7. Its easy to see what's missing, though. Its missing 43pics of 110. The missing pics are 34-76.
I noticed the set 8 you posted is missing 34 of 117pics. I hope you don't think I'm being critical. Its just so guys can record this information. Also it may help get fills.
In set 8, the Jan14 part runs from 294-367. It has 64pics, so 10 are missing. No big holes, just 1 here, 2 there & so on.
The May13th part starts with pic13, so there's a good chance that 12pics are missing there. Pics 31-34 are missing. It ends at 42, I don't know if it should go further. This does account for 26 of the missing pics.
So, I'll keep an eye out for fills for both sets, or maybe someone else will be able to help us.
One other thing, Lena was in a short 3girl Play-Series custom set & Wrestle-Series set2 with Kristina m029 who's sets are rather hard to find.

Here's the only set of Anna y067. Its from Feb28.05 (all the same date)


>> No. 59826
File: 147325466930.jpg - ( 145.29KB , 1600x1200 , P2260040.jpg )
Here's sets 1-13 of Alvina m037. Some of you may recall her from the video she did with Alexandra m043, posted in my other thread.
These sets cover Nov10.01 to Aug21.02
1, 2, 6, 11,12 +13 are cstms. Here are the dates - cstm1 Nov13.01, 02 - Nov10.01, non-custom set3 was also taken Nov10th, cstm6 - Nov19.01, noncustom 7 - Feb26.02, noncstm 08 - Mar5.02, noncstm 9 - Mar12.02, noncstm 10 - Apr30.02, cstm 11 - May11.02, cstm12 - Apr16.02, outdoor cstm13 was Aug15+21.02 Set14 was also Aug21.02 & it was taken before the Aug21 portion of set13
I always have a hard time choosing a preview pic of her. I went with set7


>> No. 59842
File: 147326396977.jpg - ( 167.73KB , 1600x1200 , 6_035.jpg )
"I hope you don't think I'm being critical. Its just so guys can record this information. Also it may help get fills."

Didn't know those pics were missing so it's great you told me about it.
Maybe I've got another mini contribution ahead.
y131 Vika,I have a 6th set of her.
For some odd reason the sets I've got with her have the pics numbered like this 5_001 & on.
Preview shows the strange #.
Ok if I add the set #6 of y131 Vika??

>> No. 59871
File: 147328193582.jpg - ( 827.81KB , 1600x1200 , dscf0100.jpg )
Yes, you're welcome to add it. Thanks for asking. Sometimes when all the sets aren't there, I just say "If anyone has the missing sets feel free to add them" I guess I forgot to. If anyone has the missing sets of Irina>>59702>>59765 or anything more of Tatyana>>59774 please feel free to add them.
Back to you>>59842 Those sort of #s appear to have been used from time to time.
Re the missing pics: Sometimes one of those guys posted a set "as is" & the other one (or someone else) might top it up.

Here's set16 of Alvina m037. I'm posting it separate due to its size - 77Mb when opened


>> No. 59881
File: 147329059064.jpg - ( 142.36KB , 1600x1200 , p5030018.jpg )
Wow! Never seen her before but she is amazing.
Hot from head to toe.

Lilya y110

>> No. 59890
File: 147332109475.jpg - ( 152.49KB , 1200x1600 , 6_011.jpg )
I'll keep that in mind,missing some,ok to post.
Might be a mini contribution of something,not sure as my piles are quite unorganized.
No m029 or of the wrestling series,I don't have 1 pic of the model or the series.

y131 Vika set 6.
Unfortunately the odd #'s.

Pass: ViKa


>> No. 59904
File: 147333230181.jpg - ( 274.97KB , 1200x1600 , pa110054.jpg )
Glad you like her. I sure do! Too bad she didn't do any vids

Here's the rest of Alvina m037. As I mentioned earlier, cstm14 is from Aug21.02 & was done before the Aug21 part of outdoor set13.
Set15 has very screwy #ing & is obviously not in proper order. The 2 shoots should be completely separate Not overlapping. Too bad, she looks very pretty - especially the 1st part.
17 - a hot looking noncstm is from Oct11.02, cstm18 from Oct23.02 is missing 38pics of 111. These go to 81, so most of the missing ones will be from 82 on.
Cstm19 is Nov13.02 & features the hot red one-piece swimsuit. Noncstm 20 is from Sep23.02
'Wig' cstm22 is from Feb17.03 Noncstm 23 appears to be the last set she did. Its from Apr7.03
Cstm24 is from Mar20.03, while Cstm25 is from Mar26.03


>> No. 59941
File: 14733887213.jpg - ( 238.39KB , 1200x1600 , file06c7.jpg )
Thanks for the set. Fans of her (judging by download #s there seems to be quite a few) should be very happy to have all her sets.
Don't worry about the #ing. I have a feeling its how it was released. I've seen it before.
For sets prior to mid-June 2007, I like the 'P' # system best. Its the only one that allows you to date noncstm sets (although sometimes figuring out the year can be a real challenge)
Here's a few other unusual Vlad #ing examples:
'P' missing the important stuff - just a string of 0s, a 'default' #ing on noncstms is p101 - what I call the Jan1st date, as that's what it infers. Its wrong about 99.8% of the time. I've seen 2 or 3 times that it Might be correct.
PICT, image_001, m074_002 001, an early one is C00001 or C~001, any sets with 'FILE' prefixes often has Very screwy #ing (check out the preview from Alvina's set15)
I know there's others, this is just to give you an idea. Sometimes they end up being renamed if they end up on an image site.

>> No. 59965
Maybe she's just a bit too well built,just thought it was fun to add something I had:D
#'s is the P system of the 5 sets you've posted of y131 Vika,but none of the sets I have.
Thanks I like the way you've explained about the #'s,Alvina's set15 is quite weired,I think I have some similar somewhere.

>> No. 59981
File: 147347583662.jpg - ( 189.60KB , 1600x1200 , p9040086.jpg )
Here's Natasha m054, one of a small number of Vlad models of Oriental heritage. She can be seen, of course in the tickle vid with Katya m039.
These 9 sets (8 of which are incomplete) include her 2nd set & her last set, thus I'm able to get a pretty reasonable idea of her time period at Vlad. These start in mid-Feb of 2003 & go to mid-April of 2004. I can't confirm whether set 01 would've been slightly earlier, nor do I know if set 27 was, in fact her 'latest' set. It was her last set but ,as sets are sometimes out of sequence, set 25 or 26 may've been shot later.
Sets are: set2 feb18.03 is missing 23 of 109 pics - the majority are likely the 1st 15. Set3 Mar17.03, has 56 of 113 #s go 1-56, so the entire 2nd 1/2 is missing.
Set4 Mar10.03, has only 38 of 123 pics. Missing are the 1st 5 & everything from 44 on.
Set6 Apr3.03, has 65 of 123pics. The bulk of what's missing is the 1st 44pics & the last 9.
Set8 Apr10.03, has 45 of 116pics. There's a large hole between pic6 & 53, also from 92 on.
Set12 July3.03, has 40pics of 102. #s start at 108 & go to 156. It was likely the 2nd set of the day & #s ran consecutive.
Custom set14 from Aug26.03 is complete.
Set16 has 60 of 139pics. Its hard to figure out what's missing. It has 2 dates. The June7.03 portion starts with pic70 & goes to 92. It might make sense that the 1st 69pics are missing but the Sep4th part starts at pic72 & goes to 108.
Set27 from Apr13.04 has 66 of 86pics. The missing pics are likely among 1-21.
I've also included a folder with single pics from 15 sets not included. These are all full size, with 10 of them actually being between 600-750kb. There's also 9pics labeled as 'thumbs'. They're bigger than the typical thumb at 45-70kb & are 240x320. The 'thumbs' have the only pic of set7, otherwise they give you a 2nd pic from 8 of the sets represented by a larger pic.
I've included this folder due to the scarcity of her sets, as well, her heritage makes her very popular.
The pic is from the 2nd part of set16


>> No. 60001
File: 147350691785.jpg - ( 172.46KB , 1600x1200 , pb120007.jpg )
Further to the Yulya y068 request, I'm now posting sets 29-52. With a few exceptions these stay more or less in chronological sequence, starting in mid-July of 2005 & going to early Feb of 2006.
No Logo sets are: 30+31, interestingly both are from July26.05, also 34 & 36-46.
This might be a good moment to touch on the difference 'Custom' & 'Custom-Style' sets.
Actual customs are generally included in the archive (not always, especially with older stuff) Customs are often a bit longer than standards & on rare occasions a few pics shorter.
'Custom-Style' is simply a term I use to describe sets that are "Unwatermarked HQ sets with exif data containing date & time information" I'm sure you can see why I've chosen to use a shorter term. I feel its suitable, since it has the appearance of a custom set. These are always the same length as standards.
I chose to mention this here ,as 'Custom-Style' sets made up the majority of my 1st 2 posts of Yulya's sets>>59576>>59764


The preview pic is from set 49, which is, of course, the basis for the Custom Tom video I posted herehttp://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html#i59321
Xmas set45 goes with the video I posted just prior to that one (also a Cstm Tom)
More sets & vids of her will be appearing

>> No. 60005
File: 147351079488.jpg - ( 560.85KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0039.jpg )
As promised, here's some of Tanya y157's early custom sets. I apologize for the fact these will be slightly out of order. I had originally posted them as I got them (over the course of a day). So, when I was reupping them I just used the archives I already had.
Anyhow, this is 24, 30, 32 +35-38
Dates are: 24 - Oct2.07, 30 - Oct22.07, 32 - Nov13.07, 35 - Nov27.07, 36 - Dec.4.07, 37 - Nov30.07, 38 - Dec14.07
The pic is from cstm30 with the always popular purple bikini


While there's a date of Nov22.07 for her 1st 1hr custom video, the 5min video I posted right after the caps remains a bit of a mystery, as it might've been her 1st.
If you compare her hairstyle in the video with these custom sets you'll see what I mean.
Up to Dec4.07, she simply parts her hair in the middle. Starting Dec14.07, in set38, her hair is shorter in the front.
So, it would seem that the 5min vid would have to be earlier than Dec14th.

>> No. 60006
File: 147351143330.jpg - ( 588.41KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0056.jpg )
a pic from the fantastic cstm set38. This is the set that the wallpaper pic came from that I used when I posted the caps

>> No. 60008
File: 147351348756.jpg - ( 618.05KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0057.jpg )
Here's 4 more of Tanya's early custom sets. They are 25 & 29, both from Sep21.07, the earliest date I have for a custom from her (cstm29 was done 1st) Cstm 42 was the 2nd cstm from Jan4.08


I'm also including her 'Green Bikini' cstm from Nov27.07 It was done a few minutes before cstm 35.


pic from 29

>> No. 60024
File: 147352041091.jpg - ( 148.76KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0090.jpg )
Here are some early sets of Alexandra m043. Of these 15 sets from 1-25, 3 are very much incomplete - 3, 9 & 12. Several of these sets have weird #ing.
Cstms are 2, 6, 13, 20, 22 & 25 Dates are:
Cstm2 Jun18.02, 6 Sep14.02, 13 Dec21.02, 20 Mar22.03, 22 Apr5.03 & 25 Apr19.03
Sets 18 + 21 (pictured) are No Logo
For the record, the earliest date I have for her is the 1st 17 pics of set7 are from May31.02 Due to strange #s, I can't get dates from 1, 3 or 4, all of which might have an earlier date.


In addition to missing sets &-or top ups of partials, I'd be interested in any sets with 'P' #ing of sets 1, 3, 4, 12 & 21. Even 1 such pic from each set would help to put dates to them.

>> No. 60044
File: 147355194742.jpg - ( 309.49KB , 1200x1600 , PC020013.jpg )
These are 26 sets of Valerya y062 from 36-99. Sets are:
36-39, 42, 43, 50-52, 59-62, 64, 65, 75, 77, 78, 83, 87, 90, 91, 94 & 99. Many of you will have, undoubtedly, reached a total of only 24, upon tallying up my list of sets.
The other 2 sets come from my decision to include 2 versions of sets 75 & 83.
For set75, the 1st version has the Vlad logo in the lower right corner - vertical on tall pics & horizontal on wide pics. In the 2nd version, the logo is in the upper right corner, horizontal on all pics.
With set 83, both versions have the logo in the upper right corner, however, in one version its exclusively vertical, while the other is exclusively horizontal.
I feel many Vlad collectors will find these variations to be of interest. I noticed a few different logo positionings in her sets. I don't know enough about this subject, though, to speak with authority on what is an unusual Vlad logo positioning for a given time period.
These sets begin in Nov of 2004. Sets 36-38 are from Nov16th but 39, is earlier by 5 days. They conclude 11 months later with custom set 99 from Oct19.05
No Logo sets are 65 & 91
Also included, is Xmas-NewYear's set59. The bulk of the set features the trio of Valerya with Karina y051 & Maria y061. The fact its a trio is unusual, as these sets usually featured 4 girls in the 1st part.
The later expanded group portion adds: Yulya m018, Olga y021, Zhenya y025, Ulyana y033, Irina y038, Alisa y042, Alfiya y045, Oksana y046 & Zhenya y053
Pictured is set52


>> No. 60051
File: 147358454911.jpg - ( 223.71KB , 1024x768 , DSC00020.jpg )
This is what I have of Alina m009's solo sets (Thanks to Ancient) I'm leaving out any Play or Wrestle sets & will be posting those separately.
There's 16 different 'sets'. There's a version of a set with alternate sized pics. There's also a few loose pics.
I can confirm dates from Dec27.00 to Apr25.01
The 2pic Leopard shorts dated Jan17.00 & the 2 pic Strawberry & the 4 solo pics with the outfit from the Play set with u001, both dated Jan27.98 - All have the wrong year. The date & month are probably correct, thus they would be from 2001.
All dates of Jan1.98 are Always wrong.


>> No. 60052
File: 147358496658.jpg - ( 59.34KB , 640x480 , DSC_000047.jpg )
1 more of Alina m009 from her Violet Bikini set

>> No. 60073
File: 147365336468.jpg - ( 338.97KB , 1200x1600 , 055 p6100007.jpg )
I noticed that with the Alexandra m043 sets I posted here>>60024 while I listed (& provided dates for) each of the 6 customs, mentioned the 2 No Logo sets & mentioned the 3 very incomplete sets, I didn't list the 4 standard sets (I suppose I kind of mentioned 3 of them, but not in a proper list)
Here they are - 1, 4, 7 & 17
I mentioned some odd #ing of her sets. 1, 3, 4 & most of what I have of set12 have eg: m043_003 0001 for set3 pic1.
I don't know if this is original, or renumbered. While I could almost see some 'well meaning' individual who didn't understand how the 'P' # system works, deciding to redo some of the sets, its still possible that this is how they came.
I did find 2 pics with 'P' #ing for a DSCF set. Not only did this give me a date, it allowed me to re# the set.
But so far I've seen no evidence of any 'P' #ing for the above mentioned sets.

As I did with Natasha, I'm posting a folder of 2 dozen pics from sets of Alexandra's that I don't have. 18 sets are represented. In a couple of cases I have 2 or 3 pics from a set.
They span 3 years from late summer/early fall of 2002 to July of 2005. As they're all in 1 folder, its quite interesting to see her changing.
The pics are from: 5, 8, 10, custom 11 with a pic from each of 2 dates - Nov2+23.02
Set23, 29, cstm 31 Aug23.03, 35, 42, 44, 47, 49 (3pics)
Set55 (3pics), 60 (2pics), 64, 95, 97 + 104
pic is 1 of 3 from set55. Set 49 features her in a different outfit in each of the 3 pics. Cstm 11 features her in a different outfit for each of the 2 dates.


I am uploading some more sets of her. I hope to post them within an hr.

>> No. 60085
Tanya is absolutely stunning. Thank you!

>> No. 60089
File: 147367960271.jpg - ( 161.37KB , 1600x1200 , pb0990029.jpg )
Here's 10 more sets of Alexandra m043 to go with the ones posted here>>60024
The sets start with custom set 26 from June7.03
the rest are: 34, 36, 42, 45, 53, 71 & 78-80.
The latest date for this group is Jan29.05 for 79 + 80.
No Logo sets are 34, 36 (which has 2 outfits & 154pics) & 45
I see that I included a pic from set42 in with the previews of sets I didn't have. Funny, while I was composing the text for that post, I was thinking I'd seen her in that outfit in a full set. I had planned on checking to see if maybe she had done 2 sets with that outfit... but I forgot, or I would've caught my blunder in time.
The pictured set is 71, one of my favorite sets of her. Fans of Alexandra will likely be quite impressed with her snug fitting 'Workout Outfit' in set79.


>> No. 60091
File: 147368031640.jpg - ( 177.60KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0073.jpg )
I really like the Vlad mirror sets. Most of them are very nicely done. This is Alexandra from No Logo set 45 & I feel she looks especially pretty

>> No. 60154
File: 147377321833.jpg - ( 176.36KB , 1600x1200 , pa290171.jpg )
Here's Lika m072's 4 sets. The dates are between Oct15 & Nov5.03 The 1st part of set1 indicates its from Oct but has no day.
Unfortunately, these are not complete. Set1 is missing 33 of the 135pics (Maybe the 1st 33)
Ser2 (pictured)is complete. Set3 is a very nice Angel set but its missing 52pics of 85. Most are from 39 on.
Set4 is missing 6 of 88pics. They are likely among 1-8.


Any fills would be welcome

>> No. 60157
File: 147377421057.jpg - ( 178.47KB , 1333x1000 , m010_7 1333 .jpg )
Here's what I have of Ksenya m010 (Thanks to Ancient) There's a dozen different folders & a couple others that are variations of sets.
The only Date that's correct is Jan8.01 There are 2 other Jan dates - Jan17.98 & Jan9.00
This was a common issue with the Sanyo camera.(the few times it gave something other than the Jan1.98 default date)
These pics are very likely Jan of 2001, like the other one.


>> No. 60174
File: 147380005998.jpg - ( 127.75KB , 1024x768 , Yulya m065 16min Cstm Tom Secretary.jpg )
Here's Yulya m065 in p2087, her 16min Custom Tom Secretary video. This very popular video was likely done on or near May24.06, the date of set 147, which features her in that exact outfit & hairstyle.




>> No. 60182
You are wrong on the date. The vid was made 2 months before the photo set.

>> No. 60198
File: 147384948079.jpg - ( 161.26KB , 768x1024 , P3093290.jpg )
Thanks for that info. Is there any chance you have the exact date?
I will be reposting it in the video thread where it belongs. I quickly posted it as I was rushing out the door, which is why I ended up stupidly posting it in the wrong place.

Here's something that Does belong here
This is all I have ,at this time, of Sasha y020. I have Play-Series set16, with her & Lolita y016, from Mar9.01
I also have 3pics from 2Model cstm set11, taken the same day & pictured (Sasha's on the right in the pink bikini, Lolita's on the left in the blue & white checked one)
I was puzzled, as the time on the pics indicated the 2 sets overlapped, & 1 of the 2mod pics is also in the Play set.
I think I've figured it out. The 2mod set is supposed to have 145 pics, while the Play set has 75. It looks like the Play set is a shorter version of the same set. It starts about 40 pics later than the 2mod set. After the 1st 38pics, there are lots of 'holes'.
I've also included Sasha's pic from the 2007 Archive.


I have Lolita's sets upped, I'll post them as soon as I sort out her set dates.
If anyone has anymore of Sasha y020, it would be very welcome.

>> No. 60248
File: 147392269997.jpg - ( 283.95KB , 1600x1200 , p1140030.jpg )
The Vlad career of Yulya m065 covered just over 2 1/2yrs & 150 sets, starting with the 1st 36pics of set1 taken Oct22.03 & finishing with Custom set 148 (& its video) June2.06
These are her 1st 9 sets. Looking at the 4 that can be dated, it appears they take us to mid Jan. of 2004.
Many collections are missing sets 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8. These are much larger than the others (60-80Mb for sets of 92-102pics). When I originally I found them, I didn't know what to make of them, especially as they were neither customs or even No Logo. I've since found other such examples of 'standard' sets with pics of that size. I'm not sure if maybe this might be an example of 'HQ watermarked' sets.
I should mention an interesting difference between these sets & the 4 'regular sized' sets.
The larger sized sets have the logo in the bottom right corner. Its exclusively vertical in tall pictures, horizontal in wide pics. The 4 regular sized sets have the logo in the top right corner. Its horizontal in All pictures regardless of the shape.


pic is from set9 - I came close to having the preview pic be from Xmas themed set6. I can't date it but it sits between set4 from Nov29.03 & set7 from Jan3.04, so there's a good chance it was taken during the Xmas season.

>> No. 60250
File: 147392376090.jpg - ( 369.42KB , 1600x1200 , p7060035.jpg )
Here's sets 10-26 of Yulya m065. They are from 2004 & cover Feb4th to July20th. Set 12 is a custom from Feb14.04, while sets 10 & 13 are like the 5 'larger' sets from the 1-9 group. The logo variation between those 2 & the rest (except for the custom ,of course) is the same as with the 1st group. Those 2 sets are also missing from many collections.


pic from set25

>> No. 60254
File: 147392750277.jpg - ( 150.52KB , 1200x1600 , pb170054.jpg )
Here is Alexandra m073, the last of Vlad's 'M' series models. (Lika m072>>60154 was the 2nd to last) Subsequently, any new models who would've received 'm' classifications were now given 'y' #sseries. I believe Yulya y050 was the 1st such model - a girl who ,otherwise would've followed Alexandra as "m074".
Back to Alexandra. Her stay at Vlad was precisely 2 years - Nov4.03 to Nov2.05 Amazingly, the 2 groups of her sets are each 1 year. This one covers Nov4.03 to Oct27.04 - the next group starts Nov3rd!
I've got a total of 57 of her 67 sets. The 10 missing sets are all out of this 1st group. These go 1-37 & are missing 8-10, 12, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23 & 25. - I would welcome any of these (even in very partial form)
There are 11 No Logo sets: 13, 15, 21, 28, 30 + 32-37
A real oddity is set 28. The majority of it was taken Oct26.04, the day before the latest set in this group. However, following the 1st 81pics, are 4 that are dated Dec8.03! Stranger still, she's in the same outfit as in set 3, from Dec2.03 It gets even better! Aside from the different dates in the file #ing, the Dec8th pics pick up where set3 ends. It ends with pic 87 & the others start on pic 90.
The only difference is the 4pics from Dec8th have the 'waterfall' background.
Some of you may wish to copy these pics into set 3, where they will fit in more logically.


the pic is from the 2nd part of set1 (Nov17th) I'm going to provide a couple of extra previews before I post the other 1/2 of her sets.

>> No. 60255
File: 14739278164.jpg - ( 182.91KB , 1600x1200 , p3230008.jpg )
Here's Alexandra m073 in set13, in late March of 2004

>> No. 60256
File: 147392825489.jpg - ( 153.38KB , 1600x1200 , p9290018.jpg )
Alexandra m073, again, from set35, from the end of Sep 2004. Quite the change in the 11 months since the 1st part of set 01!

>> No. 60258
File: 147393110786.jpg - ( 177.05KB , 1600x1200 , pb020053.jpg )
Now here's the rest of Alexandra m073's sets. These are 38-67 (although they say '37') They start on Nov3.04 & go to Nov2.05 (although sets 40+41 are out of sequence & are from Sep20+ Oct6.04)
The preview pic shows how she looked at her final shoot


>> No. 60271
File: 147395293589.jpg - ( 94.00KB , 768x1024 , P2150091.jpg )
Here's The 17 sets of Elana m032. She is ,of course, the girl featured on the 2002 Vlad Calendar being held by Yulya y014 & Katya y017 here>>59476
Elana is one of several Vlad models whose sets circulate (unfortunately quite widely) in Very muddled versions. So if you have an Elana m032 collection, you may wish to read on.
I too had a muddled version. I found a much better one, but it still needed sorting & not all the sets are complete.
1 thing ,before I start going through her sets, several of her sets start with a few pics labeled "M032" or perhaps "M032_4". Now, these fit somewhere into the sets they're in. I think ,in one case, someone may have put 1 such pic in the wrong spot in the set.
More about those pics, shortly.
Elana's sets cover almost 9months starting on Aug15.01 & going to May6.02
So, here we go: Set 01 has 66 of 67pics. It has 2 dates. The 1st part, from Aug15.01, has 21pics running 1-22. The rest is from Aug17.01 - those pics start at 29.
Set 01 also has 9pics with the 'M032' #ing. 2 are from the Aug15 part & the other 7 are from Aug17th.
I will endeavor to try fit these (& the other M032 pics of other sets)in where they belong, when I have some time. If any of you wish to try, you're more than welcome. Be Warned - it will be a Very painstaking, time-consuming task. You need to find spots where there are missing pics & then see where the pic most logically would fit.
Now for set 02 - This is the set the Calendar Pic came from (#18) I've included 2 versions of set 2. The custom has only 37 of 55 pics. Its from Aug29.01 & the last pic is of Elana with Nika y023. This is The Only pic I have of Nika (except for her 2007 Archive pic)
The standard version has 18pics from Aug15.01 - These continue from the Aug15th part of set 01, with #ing beginning with 24 & going to 41. There's 3 'M032' pics from the Aug15th part. I think 2 would be pics 23 & 25, while the 3rd pic would be 38. The standard version does not have the Nika y023 pic.
Set3 (complete with 87pics) begins with 28pics from Aug17.01 These were taken shortly before the Aug17th portion of set 01, which continues the sequence, starting with pic29.
There are 4 M032 pics, all from this portion. Look at pics 5+6. Do they not look out of place? I think a few others are as well.
The rest is from Sep7.01 & is a mirror set featuring her in 2 different outfits. The 2nd of these outfits is the Very beloved "Single-Button Little Pink Shirt". This is 1 of 2 sets featuring her in it.
Next is Custom set 4, from Sep25.01
PLEASE NOTE: The 14pics with the 1st outfit (Orange sleeveless top & checked 'Schoolgirl' skirt) belong to Custom set 05. Move them over & this will make Cstm5 complete at 86pics. I already have these pics in the standard version of set5, also complete.
Set5 is, otherwise from Nov19.01, so you'll also need to add the 2nd date to the folder.
Cstm set4 now has 88pics of 103.
Sorry, I didn't catch that until after I'd uploaded it.
Before we move on, the Sep25th date actually indicates a year of 1999. It looks like Vlad was having an issue with their Olympus camera(s) for 2 days - Sep25+26 of 2001. Alisa y030's 1st set has a portion from Sep26.01, that indicates a year of 1999. There's 1 other instance but I can't remember the model, at the moment.
Custom set6 is from Dec10.01 & is complete at 103pics.
Standard set7 ,from Dec20.01, is complete at 119 pics. It features 2 'Black Bunny Ear' outfit portions. The 76 pic portion is in the studio. The 43pic portion is with a backdrop & ends a 'NewYear's theme' These are 'merged' eg: 001, 001_2, etc. Some of you may wish to separate the portions for more coherent viewing.
Standard set8 from Xmas Eve 2001, is complete at 80pics.
Standard set9 ,from Jan28.02, & complete at 109pics, has the exact same issue as standard set7, in that it has studio & backdrop portions merged. Again, you may wish to view the 2 parts of this set separately.
We now bounce back to Dec3.01 for Cstm set10. Its complete with 86pics & thankfully, no strange 'issues'.
The lengthy standard set11 is complete, with 180pics. It has 2 dates, each with a different outfit. The 1st part (roughly 2/3) has a white top & tight navy shorts & is from Jan17.02 The 2nd part - blue 1piece swimsuit is from Dec6.01
There's 3 'M032' pics - 2 from Jan17 & 1 from Dec6 (likely pic 20)
Standard set12 (pictured)is from Feb15.02 & is complete at 100pics. Part of it is a mirror set.
Standard set 13 is from 3 days later - Feb18.02 & is complete at 109pics.
Standard set14 is complete with 101pics & is from Apr15.01
2Date Custom set 15 is complete with 120pics. It has a different outfit for each date - Apr15+18.02. The Apr15th part has that Awesome 'Single-Button Pink Shirt' again. The Apr18th part combines the skirt from the Sep25th part of set5, with the orange sweater from the Nov19th part of that set. I suppose that's the reason its often ,incorrectly, mixed together with the 2 parts of set5.
Standard set16 is complete with 58pics & is from Mar16.02
Finally we reach standard set17 from May6.02, complete with 100pics.
Elana walks through the door in a pink Snoopy sweatshirt & an enormously long & baggy brown skirt. She sits down & begins going through a Vladmodel 'photo-book' (Zhenya m006 can be seen)
She then chooses an outfit off the rack & models it for a while, sometimes adding an accessory. She repeats this process several times, leaving in the same outfit she arrived in.
If I appeared long-winded, its only because I'm hoping I can help a few guys figure out if they have the correct version or the 'muddled' version of her sets - or a combination. In reading this, they will hopefully be able to figure things out.


>> No. 60277
File: 14739684962.jpg - ( 35.92KB , 311x428 , Nika y023.jpg )
Here's the 2007 Archive pic of Nika y023 who's with Elana m032 in the last pic of Cstm Set2 posted here>>60271 This is the only 2 pics I have of her.
Any other sets, or even loose, random pics of her would be most welcome.
Just a note - It looks like there were several instances circa 2001-2 where an older 'Y' series model appeared in a couple of pics in an 'M' girl's solo set. 2 that come to mind are - Sandra y024 in Zhenya m006's outdoor set8 & Lisa y031 in Alina m035's set 13.

>> No. 60336
File: 147402223015.jpg - ( 210.56KB , 1200x1600 , p7310074.jpg )
Just to touch on Elana m032's sets>>60271 again. I'd certainly welcome any top-ups, to the incomplete sets, but be sure to read through my (lengthy) post 1st. If you think you may have something to contribute, please read through my (rather lengthy) post, 1st, to determine that its from a correct set.

I was fortunate enough to find 2 more Alexandra m043 sets. Sets 58 + 59 are from exactly 1/2 way through her 4 year Vlad career.
They were done 2 weeks apart, on July17+31.04
If you refer to the folder I posted, containing loose pics from a few of her missing sets, you'll notice that set60 was done between these 2 sets (July24.04), while that intriguing looking bikini set64, was done a week after set59, on Aug7.04


That great-looking preview is from 59. (A wonderful set)

>> No. 60419
File: 147414982330.jpg - ( 171.27KB , 1200x1600 , P1300034.jpg )
I've got a couple of small quick items. 1st is set 23 from Natasha m054 from Jan30.04 - the full set


>> No. 60420
File: 147415122996.jpg - ( 135.76KB , 768x1024 , DSC00051_2.jpg )
Here's something from Rada m019. Some of you may recall her from the 2 short videos at post 59353 in my video thread
Most of this is 183pics of her in a Yellow Bikini, from Jan of 2001. There's 2 dates mixed in - Jan4th & Jan24th.
There's a few extra pics (I used 1 for the preview) These have the outfit she wore in the dancing video. They're mostly at a rocky beach, although 1 is inside with her talking on a phone. There's also a Wrestle pic from Dec28.00 - I can't see who it is (it might be Yulya m017)


I have found even more Alexandra m043 sets (5 1/2) I'm going to see if I can get a few more before I post them. They're all between 30-73

>> No. 60513
File: 147420168494.jpg - ( 587.94KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0076.jpg )
Here's 3 more of Tanya y157's earlier cstms. These are 41, 43 & 51, taken over a 6 week period. The earliest is set43, taken Dec20.07 An Xmas tree is visible in many of the pics, lending an appropriately festive atmosphere to the set.
Next was set41, it was the 1st custom taken on Jan4.08 - cstm set42, which I posted earlier, followed it by 7mins.
The latest of these was cstm set51, from Jan30.08
pic from41


For the record, her next cstm set was 2 weeks later. It was an 'Office Set' for Hartmut. Her next #-set cstm was in late April.

>> No. 60515
File: 147420490054.jpg - ( 54.08KB , 1186x430 , y114_Zhenya bio (2006-9-13).jpg )
I was working on making bio cards a while back. They stopped posting anything like this shortly after this. Hope this helps you.

>> No. 60517
I've been having some problems with Firefox lately but I want to post these. I think you'll appreciate the info. Adblock and noscript get dumped everytime I restart. so bio cards unfinished project.

>> No. 60527
File: 147421518857.jpg - ( 1.16MB , 2635x2201 , Vlads other source NEWS.jpg )
What a hassle but here is what I had. I was working on this when something better came up. I never finished it so you'll have to excuse the way they look. Most of these were found on the wayback machine. Others from saved webpages. Here is the link at Mirror creator.



>> No. 60530
Ok here's the link for the unfinished bios cards.


>> No. 60596
File: 147432081112.jpg - ( 136.77KB , 768x1024 , p2180013.jpg )
I wasn't able to post for a day or so, as I was having an 'upgrade' done. Then I had to figure out how to get back here. I'm lazy & rely on my history to find sites. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that anymore, as it was, of course all gone - for some reason I had a harder than expected time finding this site.

Thanks, I just had a quick look at them, but they look like they'll be handy & interesting. I see you even have the extremely hard-to -find girls like Masha m040.
It looks like you did some great work.

This is Ilga m021 & I have (at the moment) 9 of her 30 sets - 1, 2, 5, 6, 9-11, 22 & 30
The dates I have cover Feb7.01 to June16.02
The Feb7 date is from the "blue bikini' portion of set1, most of it is in cstm form. I'm almost certain some of that set was taken earlier. Someone expressed interest ,earlier, in the dates of the various changes in the studio. I'm pretty sure that any other pics I've seen with the tiled floor have been taken with the Sanyo camera, which generally gave only a default date (Jan1.98) or, occasionally, a date which may've been partially correct - the latest being Jan of 2001.
There's some of it that I can't date
There is a later portion from Jul20.01
Sets22 & 30 are incomplete - 22 is missing 14pics of 106, while set30 is missing 43 of 97.
I have some more sets of her but 5 sets have resized pics (900x1200) These pics are always of a lower kb size. Each pic also has (web) in the name. I definitely don't want to be posting them, especially as I know where I know where to get more of her sets
pic from set6


>> No. 60597
Thanks,seems familiar in some ways.
Seen something similar to your preview I'm not sure though.
Interesting I think so I'll grab these & the unfinished too.
It's not always the looks of something showing the value,in my opinion it's an appreciated job you've done.

>> No. 60639
File: 147436677735.jpg - ( 129.45KB , 1200x1600 , P5270003.jpg )
Here is Olya y039. She did 3 sets. I have her 1st set, from May27.02. As well, I'm including 3 pics from custom set 03, taken Aug10.02 & a very nice pic from set2. I don't have a date for set2 but thanks to the bio cards, I can say that it was prior to June20.02


pic from set1

>> No. 60680
File: 14744483957.jpg - ( 188.53KB , 1200x1600 , pc080091.jpg )
Please Note: This post contains a very important correction.
Its taken me several hours to compose this:

Somethings been bugging me about the later 'M' series models.
With Yulya m065 having a custom (set12) from Valentine's Day 2004, we can then safely say that her earliest dateable pics are from Oct22 of 2003.
Elana m066 had 1 set & I assume it was from 2003. It was identical to Yulya's 1st set, as it had the same bikini taken over 2 dates. The 1st date was Oct20th (2 days prior to Yulya's 1st portion) the rest was Nov4th, the day after Yulya's.
The remaining 'M' girls ,I assumed, debuted shortly after. I assumed by early 2004, all new models who would've fallen into the 'M' category, were now given a 'Y#'. The most glaring example is Ksenyas y056+57. Both would, Unquestionably, have been placed in the 'M' series, if it were still around.
Both made their debuts at the end of March of 2004.
Even though I had no other custom sets to work with I felt I could work this out, as it seemed straightforward.
Naturally, I assumed that Alexandra m073's 'November' debut sets were from November of 2003 - but there have been some things that didn't quite add up. Dasha m068, Tanya m069, Dasha m070 & Lika m072 all had debuts during the months of Aug or Sep. If this were 2003, this would have them starting earlier than m065 & 66.
While the 2Model sets are not always in perfect chronological order, Alexandra's sets did have me a bit puzzled.
The biggest issue, it turned out, was a custom set of Dasha m070. Without close scrutiny, it seems to fit just fine. Its set 50 from March of 2005. However, when you check the 'P #' of each set, you realize those 50 sets were Not done in a year & a half, but a mere 6 months!
Now the only other explanation would be that after the debuts of Yulya m065 & Elana m066 ,the 'M' series is discontinued for new models. However, about 10 months later (Aug of 2004) it is revived for about 3 months & 6 more new models are assigned 'M' #s.
If I had Dasha m070's earlier cstms, I could've figured this out a bit faster. The Bio cards help bear my theory out, particularly with Dashas m068 +70, by telling how sets they'd done by a certain point.
Dasha m068 is listed as having 4 sets as of Sep24.04 - this is indeed so. Dasha m070 is listed as having 25 sets, as of Dec8.04 - I get 26 but she did a set that day & it may've been done later on.
So, I'd say that with Lika m072>>60154 & Alexandra m073>>60254>>60258 you'll need to change the year on any info you've recorded, regarding their Vlad start dates, etc.
For instance, remember me mentioning some pics at the end of set 28, that seemed to go with set 3? I said set3 was from Dec2.03 & the extra pics were from 6 days later. Well, all that is correct, except its Dec of 2004, Not 2003.
this pic is one of the 4 at the end of set28
Sorry for the misinformation earlier.

>> No. 60683
File: 147444966625.jpg - ( 171.58KB , 1600x1200 , p0000056.jpg )
Here's the 1st 20 sets of Dasha m068. She is among the later 'M' series models, whose Vlad career dates I've corrected. Read my long post that should be just above this one
It appears these sets cover Aug26.04 to Feb4.05
She did 5 more that I'll add shortly


You'll notice that set15 gives only the month of the set (dec), while pictured set16 & set 17 give no date or month info (note the long string of 0s, following the 'p')
Such examples pop up from time to time. Fortunately, they're not that common.

>> No. 60687
File: 147445343767.jpg - ( 161.89KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0054.jpg )
Here's Karina y194, the 2nd to last Vlad model. She did 18 sets. I have 15 complete sets 1-3 + 7-18. Of the 117 pics from set4, I have 30 pics of the 1st outfit & 1pic of the 2nd.
I've included the only pic I have from each of sets 5+6.
I have no date but I'd guess these must've been 2009.
pic set12


>> No. 60688
File: 147445439081.jpg - ( 202.53KB , 1600x1200 , p8270031.jpg )
These are the 12 sets of Yulya y044, covering 6 months of 2003, from Apr23 to Oct21. Set4 is a cstm from May29. The pictured set is 11. She has several other nice sets, including outdoor set 10.


>> No. 60690
File: 147445561835.jpg - ( 184.73KB , 1600x1200 , p7240049.jpg )
Here's another 19 sets of Yulya m065. These are 27-45, covering a 3 month period from late July to late Oct of 2004.
Pictured, is one of my favorite sets of her - set28.
In the early part of this set, she leafs through a modeling book in it, you can see pics of Valerya m041, Alexandra m043, Alisa y042 & a 2mod set with Katya m039 + Dima & I thought I saw Alisa y030 but I couldn't be sure.


I know it says 27-46, set46 is in the next bunch of her sets

>> No. 60732
File: 147451074939.jpg - ( 155.13KB , 1200x1600 , p7050039.jpg )
This is Dasha m068's last 5 sets - 21-25. The 3 sets I can put dates to are 22 & 23, done on consecutive days in late Feb of 2005 & No Logo set24 done roughly 4 months later, in early July.
A couple of notes: Set21, also No Logo, is 60Mb for only 72pics. Set23, with the popular 'Hooters Girl' theme, appeared to be missing the 1st 25pics, as it starts with pic26. Its a full set, though, at 66pics.


picture is from set 24, which has her latest date - July5.05
Her 1st 20 sets can be found here>>60683

>> No. 60744
File: 147453487014.jpg - ( 278.59KB , 1200x1600 , image0062.jpg )
Here is Nastya y043's only 2 sets. The last 16 pics are June27.02 but I don't know about the other 76pics. Set 01 is from July10.02
She was the last 'Y' series model to start for 10 months, until Yulya y044>>60688


>> No. 60746
File: 147454021970.jpg - ( 158.77KB , 768x1024 , DSC00047.jpg )
Here is one of Vlad's earliest models, Violetta m002.
Many of you have, of course, seen her 5 short videos; which are posted in the video thread.
The original post, contributed by Ancient, contained 45 folders, this includes numerous alternate versions. For those collectors interested in browsing through all that material, the link will be posted below.
I've also created a more "Streamlined" version. What I did is leave the folder labeled 'Original Setup' with 10 sets + the misc. folder, which contains the videos & a few interesting tidbits, intact. I then took the best versions of each set in the 'Renamed by 3rd Source' section. In a couple of instances I was able to further increase the size of ,what appeared to be, the largest version of a given set by comparing smaller versions for pics that could be added.
This will probably please those who simply want the longest possible sets.
She was certainly a very pretty girl, as those who've seen her videos will agree.
All her sets were taken with the Sanyo camera. Thus, they may have all been done prior to the date of the Bio card, Oct18.00, which is around when they began using the Olympus camera. We also don't see any pics with the studio, as it appeared starting around that time. (The Ilga preview pic offers an example) >>60596
Ignore the Jan1.98 dates, as its a 'default setting'. However, 3 sets offer a date of Jan23.00 - I don't know what to make of it, as the Sanyo dates often have something incorrect - like the year. This could be correct. Either way, I'm sure the year is right.
Each section of the 'Streamlined' version has over 800pics. 1 set has over 200 pics, 3 have 99-113 & 6 have 35-90.
I've chosen a pic from the set that goes with the videos. I especially like the mirror portion
Here is the streamlined version


And this is the full version as posted by Ancient. I double checked & his links are still up
password - Vm4nC13Nt



>> No. 60758
File: 14745468852.jpg - ( 138.86KB , 1600x1200 , p8260011.jpg )
This is the 5 sets done by Katya y093. They cover 2 1/2months between Aug26 & Nov9.05
The pic is from the 1st part of set 01


>> No. 60760
File: 147454894629.jpg - ( 164.66KB , 1600x1200 , pa070012.jpg )
Here's sets 1-5 of Vika y090's 7 sets. These go from Aug26 to Nov4.05 I've included a folder with 1 pic each from sets 6+7.
Here's something interesting: Both Vika y090 & Katya y093 had a brief initial shoot on Aug26.05 that was incorporated into each girl's 1st set.
I guess Katya was 1st as her's run 1-15, with Vika's going 16-29.


>> No. 60766
m002 Violetta,new to me thank you:)
M,U & Play series I do miss a huge stash of those.
In fact no M series at all until I've found my way here.
Do you happen to have something you'd like when it's about the Y series OP??
Can't promise I've got it but I can at least give it a try:)

>> No. 60791
File: 147462836326.jpg - ( 163.01KB , 1600x1200 , pa180034.jpg )
Here's what I have of Katya y094. She did 5 sets over 6 weeks from Oct4 to Nov15.05
I have the 5 sets here but sets 3 & 5 are incomplete.
With set 3 (pictured), I have 77 of 101pics. Depending on whether pics 4 + 22 exist, I'm either missing the last 22 or 24 pics.
Set5 has 47 of 77 pics. The last 30pics are missing.
If anyone can offer the fills to these 2 sets, it would be appreciated.


Glad its helping you out. I have at least Something from most of the 'M' series models. Unfortunately, I can't post all of them, as some are Way too young.
At this time, the only 'U' model I have a set of is Sveta u007>>59296
I have around 15 sets that from the the Play & Wrestle series. I'll be posting them fairly soon.
The 'Y' girls I'm missing completely (as in No sets) are generally either very early models or those with only 1 set.
There is one 'Y' girl who has 11 sets, that I've been unable to find anything other than 1 pic from 6 of her sets. Its Lisa y047.
Another one I have nothing of is Zhenya y053. She had 3 dozen sets.
And Irina y071 had 5 sets.
Otherwise, if you see any posts where I mention that I'm missing sets of the model that I'm posting & request contributions, please feel free to add if you have any (Yulya y014 is quite incomplete)

>> No. 60797
File: 147463211457.jpg - ( 153.25KB , 1024x768 , P4260091.jpg )
Here's my Valerya m015 collection. There's about 40 folders. I've hopefully removed all doubles.
Those sets with dates are from Dec18.00 to Apr26.01 (the pictured set)
There's lots of wonderful stuff here. She's one of the most popular of the early Vlad models.
She can, of course, be seen in an 8 1/2min segment of a Wrestle vid in the other thread.
Her Play, Wrestle & 2Mod sets will be posted soon.


>> No. 60807
File: 147465428845.jpg - ( 164.94KB , 1200x1600 , p9280019.jpg )
Re : sets 3 & 5 - Here's the 2 versions I got many moons ago from back in the days of Rapidshare . My set 3 includes 24 pix of Katya in the bikini against the green backdrop - see photo included( would these be the missing pix you refer to ? ) and also missing #'s 4 & 22 . I believe that set 5 is complete as I got it about 8 years ago. Katya's another really cute but overlooked model, not to mention her superb pair of stems .
Always glad to pay something back for all the sets you've helped me add to my collection


>> No. 60820
I've got a bunch y mostly,barely sorted at all.
Have been like this since I took a pause collecting.
I'll copy your post & million thanks for m015 Valerya:)
Checked Ancients links fascinating & dl'd too,you're saying I've got doubles now?
No big deal I've got a lot of copys of other models sets:)
BTW I've added the topheavy y131 Vika,one from the unorganized bunch.

>> No. 60839

Epic thread. Thank you for sharing your collection.

Have been looking for some Tanya in particular and was thrilled to find her here.

>> No. 60840
File: 147471101815.jpg - ( 183.02KB , 1200x1600 , y053_023_pa030032.jpg )
y053 Zhenya set 3-32 & all I've ever found,said in a textfile from when my break arrived.
Had an old link & it's an Oron so it's not useful.
Not sure if the sets are complete but hope you'll enjoy them anyway.
y047 Lisa & y071 Irina,not a single pic of them,have a few photos of set 18 of y014 Yulya nothing else.
And I don't have the Archive I've seen you're refering to,2007,is there an archive & what is it???
I've been off from collecting Vlad for some time,must have missed a lot I think:/

2 files,dl both or the prefered file.

y053 Zhenya set 3-32,file 1,set 3-17.file 2,set 18-32.

Password: zhenya53



>> No. 60856
File: 147472146188.jpg - ( 169.13KB , 1200x1600 , p4250061.jpg )
Thankyou - It looks like I was mistaken about set3, as it was the 1st 24 pics I was missing - not the last.
The 2 dozen pics you've provided would be from her 1st shoot. I had thought it strange that there was no bikini set, this explains things

Here's another 2 dozen sets of Yulya y068 - 53-76. They cover Feb18 to Apr29.06
I've chosen my preview pic from set75


Please Note - Set 62 has some very screwy #ing. Also, the 1st 2 pics are at the end. I found another copy of that set. It still doesn't have conventional #ing. Its "y068_62-001" & so on - but it is in order & its not as 'off the wall' as the other version.
So, I'm recommending that you either delete set 62 or skip over it while extracting the other sets & instead download this version of set62


>> No. 60859
File: 147472240251.jpg - ( 147.58KB , 1600x1200 , p6290023.jpg )
Here's a dozen more sets of Yulya y068. These are 77-88 ,covering the 2 month period from late April to the end of June 2006.
pic from 87


>> No. 60878
File: 147475032250.jpg - ( 52.94KB , 800x600 , y069 Sasha set01.jpg )
Strange, I see a couple more posts from last time I was here but the posts I made aren't up. Hopefully, they'll appear soon.

Glad you like it. I have more of her I'll be phasing in - likewise with her videos. You did see my Vlad video thread, too - Right?

Well, thanks a lot. That's 30 out of 37 sets - Much more than I expected.
For the record, these appear to cover 11 months - late Feb of 2004 to late Jan 2005.
I've got the 2007 Vlad archive here. Of course the 2014 one is far superior (I'm uploading it, too, but its much bigger)
Still, even if you have the 2014 one, the 2007 is very handy, as many early models aren't featured in the 2014 arch.
There is 1 error in the 2007 arch - Anna y123 appears twice - where she should, but also in place of Alina y103.
The 2007 arch also makes note of a few instances where models had 2 #s. Examples such as Yulya m049 (+m022) can also be found in the Bio cards. These are not noted in the 2014 arch.
The 2007 arch, which I believe was put together at the end of 2007, ends with Ira y160.
Also, only 2 'K' series models are featured but all of the 'U' series is included.
So, here you go


pic is Sasha y069's archive picture - the only one I have of her

>> No. 60880
File: 147475218667.jpg - ( 171.99KB , 1600x1200 , p2020047.jpg )
This was requested. Its the only sets I have of Maria y060. There's only 3 sets of her - sets 18, 20 & 23, done between early Nov of 2004 & late Feb of 2005.
pic is from set 20


I'd very much welcome any more sets of her, as she's quite a nice looking girl & her sets are rather difficult to track down.

Something I forgot to mention - You said you had some pics of Yulya y014's set 18. I have it posted here>>59528 Its about 2/3 complete but in 'mixed form' eg: cstm & standard pics tossed together. As you see, the set is quite disorganized but that's how it came. I notice that I forgot to put together a chronologically sorted version (I promise to get on it today)
Anyhow, if you download that set & see that you have any pics I don't (I'd welcome them, even if its just a few), also, if you have custom pics where I have standards, I'd welcome those, too

>> No. 60882
File: 147475349373.jpg - ( 148.57KB , 1600x1200 , P4170013.jpg )
Another request:
Here's Yulya y099. She did 9 sets but I don't have set 8. With these, set 7 is complete, while set 9 is missing 1pic (I notice there's no pic82)
Otherwise, set 01 is missing 17 of 109, set 2 is missing 4 of 78 - but I just noticed pic 65 should've been deleted before I uploaded this, so its really missing 5 pics.
Set 3 is missing 8 pics of 80. Set 4 is missing 10 pics of 79. Set 5 is missing 16 pics of 77. Set 6 is missing 4 pics of 75.
They start at the end of Oct 2005 & go to mid Apr of 2006.
pic from set9


>> No. 60884
File: 147475964137.jpg - ( 107.37KB , 1024x768 , p8250048.jpg )
This is the 2014 archive. Its quite complex. You have sections with thumbs for the sets of each model, as well as videos & multimodel sets. There's also text lists & pdf files which allow you to look up all sets for a certain model or all videos or all Play sets or 2Model sets, etc.
As I said earlier, many early models aren't in here. I think if a model didn't do any # sets or if her early sets (usually labeled by clothing description) weren't repackaged with #s, then she's not in here.
Some of those models can be looked up for videos, or multimodel sets (particularly Play or Wrestle)
That's why its a good idea to have both the 2007 & 2014 archives (& the Bio cards for good measure)


The picture is of y088 Sveta. Its the only one I have of her. Naturally, I'd love to have her full set. Sadly, she did only 1, although it did feature 2 outfits.

>> No. 60887
File: 147476180360.jpg - ( 189.27KB , 1200x1600 , p2060059.jpg )
Here's another request:
This is the 10 sets of Dasha m052. I can only get dates from 3 of the 1st 7 sets but it appears they cover 4 months of 2003, from early Feb to early June.
There are 3 customs: set 2 from Feb27.03, set 8 from May7.03 & set 9 dated June4.03
There's something weird with set 1. Now, set 4 has 2 parts - the 1st (pictured) appears to be her earliest shoot. Its 63 pics running 1-73. The 2nd part has the 'prehistoric' theme. Set 4 is complete at 169pics.
Set 01 has 151 of 168pics - The 1st 105 have her in a blue 1piece swimsuit. The last 46 are identical to the 1st 46 from set 4! Now the archive doesn't show a sample of the bikini part of set 1. Its not proof that it doesn't belong but it does make me wonder if, perhaps, there should be another 63 pics of her in the blue 1piece instead.
So if anyone has pics from set1 of the blue 1piece beyond 105, I'd welcome them.
On the other hand, maybe they did put that shoot in both sets. If you add the last 17pics of the bikini shoot to set 1, you have 168pics - making a full set.


>> No. 60905
File: 147479019657.jpg - ( 172.93KB , 1200x1600 , p4170082.jpg )
y099 set 09 pic p4170082

>> No. 60906
File: 147479047078.jpg - ( 148.02KB , 1200x1600 , pb140065.jpg )
Fix for broken pb140065 in set 2

>> No. 60907
File: 147479178347.jpg - ( 137.53KB , 1600x1200 , pb140029.jpg )
Other fills for y099-02

>> No. 60908
File: 147479180766.jpg - ( 148.42KB , 1600x1200 , pb140036.jpg )

>> No. 60909
File: 147479183662.jpg - ( 160.90KB , 1200x1600 , pb140066.jpg )

>> No. 60910
File: 147479185932.jpg - ( 151.28KB , 1200x1600 , pb140077.jpg )

>> No. 60914
File: 147479390996.jpg - ( 165.81KB , 1600x1200 , pb090087.jpg )
Fills for y099 set 01 as follows:
pa310006.jpg pb090037.jpg pb090067.jpg pb090074.jpg pb090087.jpg
pb090003.jpg pb090043.jpg pb090071.jpg pb090075.jpg
pb090004.jpg pb090060.jpg pb090072.jpg pb090085.jpg
pb090036.jpg pb090066.jpg pb090073.jpg pb090086.jpg


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

Depending on how File Managers/Photo Viewers handle upper/lowercase indexing it may be beneficial to amend the alphabetical part of the filenames, in this and the earlier few posts, to ensure smooth sequencing with the OPs collection.

>> No. 60917
Unfortunately the pics,y014 Yulya,I have is the same,6 only and yours are full photos where mine are cropped.
Million thanks for the archives,both your posts.
I've found vlad mainly doing like this,a host with recent uploads noted below the dl button:)
Needed a lot of windows opened but with getright I've got a lot,unsorted too & a lot of guesses what belonged where:/
Asked & got the vlad name and #,sometimes.
The 2014 Archive I wish I had earlier,million thanks.

y053 Zhenya I've got as told above,the archives,yes stored as found,tells I've dl'd her sets almost 7 years ago:)

y060 Maria,y099 Yulya,y069 Sasha I'm not sure & have to go thrue the zips & rars.

>> No. 60955
Not OP but thanks for the fills of y099 #01 0dds&3nds.
Still missing #121 of Carol??
Can't link,nothing bad,in a thread by you somewhere a thanks from me.

>> No. 60963
File: 147484092881.jpg - ( 367.92KB , 1200x1600 , IMAGE0072.jpg )
Good to see you & thanks a lot for your fills

Please Note - With the fills for Yulya y099's set 2 & 9 that 0dds&3nds posted, by way of individual pics, make sure you copy/paste the correct file name in (the 'p' #), as you will initially have the long Sharechan # starting with 147....

Now here's the 1st 15 sets of Nadya m042. This is a request but I had definitely planned to post these anyway.
Much of my Nadya m042 collection came via O&E's fantastic Nadya thread.
In my 1st attempt at archiving it, I was alerted to a corrupt pic in set 5, which I removed.
Sets missing pics are: 1 - 7pics, 2 - 5pics, 5 - 1pic, 8 - 23pics, 9 - 4pics, 10 - 3pics, 11 - 23pics, 16 - 2pics
These sets appear to cover 4 months of 2002, from June5 to Oct11.
There are some sets that have a mixture of 'custom' pics (yielding date/time info) with 'Logoless' pics, that don't yield such data. I had previously wondered about these but I think its likely just from someone(s) trying to fill out a set. In fact set 3 has 2 standard pics at the start. The standard version is longer than the cstm version. I couldn't figure out why mine had 92pics instead of 90, until I noticed the standard pics.
Dates are: set1 June5, 2 June14, 3 June21, 4 July4, 5 June28, 6 July18, 7 is a very weird one & I just don't know what to make of it. The 1st 4 pics & the last one are dated July11.02. All other ones give a date of July26.03
Now, I've seen sets with segments done 2 or 3 months apart but not a full year! I'm leaning to the year being wrong on the camera (there's instances of it happening) At the same time, I can't confirm this. I wish there were pictures of her standing beside the chair in the earlier date (as in the later one) that way her height could be compared - which would certainly answer the question.
Set9 - July26.02, 11 - Sep6.02, 12 sep13, 14 sep27, 15 Sep20 & 16 Oct11.02
pic from set9


>> No. 60996
File: 147489406926.jpg - ( 282.06KB , 1600x1200 , P5160067.jpg )
Here's more Nadya m042 sets. These are 17-21 & 25-34. Starting with set 19 (I can't tell when 17+18 were done) These cover Dec6.02 to July18.03
These are mostly complete. Exceptions are: set19 missing 2 pics of 108, set28 - 1pic of 108.
Set 29 is missing 26pics of 107. I should mention that 2 or 3 of them were corrupt pics that I removed, prior to archiving.
You will see that with set26, I've noted that it has 92 of 109pics. You can remove that, as its complete. The custom set has only 92pics.
The standard version is listed as having 109pics, though I wonder if the pic totals for 26 & 27 are mixed up. See, my set 27 has 108pics, yet the pic total is listed as only 94!
I think the standard version of set26 might have 94pics, while set27 should be 109 (which would have me missing 1pic)
If you got the last bunch of her sets ,that I posted, you'll notice that I've noted that some of the very short sets are 'complete'. I figured that way there would be no doubt that a 50pic set was, indeed, complete.
Dates of custom & 'custom style' sets are:
Set19 - Dec6.02, 21 Feb7.03, 26 Apr25.03, 30 June20.03, 32 June13.03 & 33 July11.03
I don't believe there's any 'mixed cstms' in this group.
pic from set28


>> No. 60997
File: 147489591893.jpg - ( 348.82KB , 1200x1600 , P8290008.jpg )
Here's 6 of the 7 sets of Polina y082 - I'm missing set 5. These sets, which are sitting very much out of chronological order, were taken between early July & late Oct of 2005.
Set 5 (even part of it) would certainly be appreciated, if anyone has it. Its sort of a bikini set. I've included a thumb from it.
Some of these sets will probably appear rather short - they're all complete.


>> No. 60999
File: 147489779578.jpg - ( 162.03KB , 1600x1200 , P3120070.jpg )
While I have numerous 2Mod & Sports sets with Lisa y031, I only have 2 of her 14 solo sets. I have sets 8 & 12. I've also included 3 pics each, from sets 11 & 14, as well as a pic from where she makes an appearance near the end of Alina m035's set13. (I'll be posting Alina's sets soon)
These were taken between Jan & Apr of 2002.
The 2nd portion of set 8 was taken Jan24.02, thus the 1st portion Might have one of the Very few instances where the Jan1st date(p101) could be correct. Its almost always just a default date that's obviously wrong but it sort of fits here. Of course it could still be wrong
Pic from set12 - Note - it has 2 separate shoots mixed together
Any more solo sets of her would be welcomed


>> No. 61048
File: 14749644433.jpg - ( 286.19KB , 1600x1200 , P3250014.jpg )
Here's a further 19 sets of Nadya m042. They are: 35, 39-42, 45-47, 49-52, 54-56 & 59-61. This will only add up to 18 sets, because I've included both the standard & cstm versions of set 50, as the standard has significantly more pics than the cstm.
Aside from cstm 35 which sits very much out of chronological sequence, these cover early Aug of 2003 to late March of 2004.
Custom dates are: Set 35 - Mar14.03, 42 Aug22.03, 49 Nov12.03, 50 Nov7.03
Most of these sets are complete. Those missing pics are:
Cstm set 50 is missing 7 of 78pics. The standard set has 96pics. Factoring in the missing pics, the standard set will have 25 more pics.
I removed 1 corrupt pic from set 54 & its missing 1 other one, leaving you with 106 of 108pics.
I removed 4 corrupt pics from pictured set 59, leaving you with 97 of 101.
Set 60 is missing 16 of 102pics - 1 of them was removed by me.
Set 61 has 93 of 95pics
One reason I mention the corrupt pics is that if someone finds (say) set 60 with 87pics, they will know that the 1 extra pic it has may, very well, be corrupt.


>> No. 61060
Thanks the m series IS appreciated as I don't have more then you've posted:)

>>60997 y082 Polina think I've got set 5 somewhere.
Well,I'll up it if I'll find it:)

>> No. 61068
OP, O&E here, are you able to list the individual Nadya-m42 file #s you have as corrupted? Just slightly concerned some might have come from the various fills packages I posted in the old thread but randomly spot-checking my collection doesn't show up anything in my photo-viewer and I can't recall getting any errors in compiling the archives originally.

If you can make such a list I can probably dig out some fixes.

>> No. 61099
File: 147506721650.jpg - ( 237.98KB , 1600x1200 , p3010027.jpg )
I guess I deleted my Recycle Bin too soon. Set 5 has 28 possibilities as its missing 1 pic of 113 but #s go to 140.
I'm putting a full list of possibilities together, if you wish to compare them to see if you have any pics to match the #s.
Set 5 - the pic is 1 of these: 3, 7, 13, 16-19, 21, 23, 29, 34, 35, 48, 53, 57, 58, 62, 63, 79, 89, 90, 95, 107, 111, 114, 119 & 127.
Although 29 & 60 are missing quite a few pics, most are after the last one, thus the lists don't have to be so long.
set29 - the pics will be among these: 5, 27, 29, 35, 37, 53 & 73. I think 1 of them was not fully corrupt (as in it just had a small border along the bottom)
Set 54 the pic will be 1 of these 3: 9, 62 or 74.
Set 59 the 4 pics will be among these: 1, 4, 12, 17, 31, 46, 74, 84, 92, 99 & 107.
Set 60 the pic will be among these: 15, 32, 44 or 83. I remember the pic had a border covering at least 1/3 of it.
So, if these sets are all fine in your collection, perhaps something happened in the upload or download processes.
In each case, I was alerted while archiving. I then stopped & checked each set that was to be archived at that time. Upon finding a set in which all the pics didn't open immediately, I would investigate further.
Most of the time I get an alert re: corrupt pics, while attempting to archive. Once in a while, a partially corrupt pic does slip through.
I feel bad about not, at least jotting the #s down, before deleting.

Here are 16 more sets of Yulya m053. These are 16-23, 25 & 28-34. They cover Oct10.03 to Mar22.04
Sets 21 Dec3.03, 22 Dec11.03, 28 Feb10.04, 31 Feb26.04
St 23 is No Logo. It also Might be a case of the 'p101' 'Jan.1st' date being correct. It follows a Dec set & it has a NewYears theme - she even appears to shape the tinsel into '2004'. However, set 25 has it, too, & we don't know when set 24 was done.
Set 20 is like set 9, a very large standard set, given the fairly normal # of pics - 97 & its 66Mb.
I have a somewhat larger than average thumb from each of the 3 missing sets. I forgot to include them here but they'll be in the next group.
Set 30's last 30 pics are from Dec26.03 (the 1st part(pictured) is from Mar1.04) When comparing what I can see of missing set26 to this Boxing Day shoot, a few things (like the snowflake) look the same, although the outfit is totally different


>> No. 61100
File: 14750686815.jpg - ( 151.22KB , 1600x1200 , 0815133505768_06_575a0de9f1903.jpg )
Hey can someone post any pictures of y120 Vika?
She is really nice, isn't she.

>> No. 61103
File: 147507109164.jpg - ( 148.37KB , 1200x1600 , pa150045_jpg.jpg )
Here's Yulya m053's 1st 15 sets. There's 3pics in set1 from Jan27.03, otherwise, they start on Feb22.03 & go to Oct15.03
Custom or custom-style sets are: set3 Mar7.03 - I'm missing 104 of 223pics.
Set5 Apr16.03, Set6 Mar11.03 & set10 June24.03
2 other sets are missing pics. Set9, is missing 16pics of 142. With 126 pics, its already 100Mb! The remaining pics would likely add another 15Mb to its size. Its certainly large for a standard set.
Outdoor Vladivostok set11 has 57 of 104pics. Strangely, it looks like some of the missing pics are part of the set10 shoot.
The pictured is wig set15. Black wig set16 didn't fit on by 2Mb


Set3 is missing pic84, otherwise missing pics are likely from 121 on.
Likewise set9, set11 is missing 14, 15, 42, 59 & 62 on.

>> No. 61130
File: 147509349067.jpg - ( 123.43KB , 1600x1200 , p6060010.jpg )
This is the 9 sets done by Alina y149 (aka Arina) after joining Vlad from Showstars. Her & fellow exShowstar Anya y148 (Oxi) were the last Vlad models to join, prior to the discontinuing of the 'P' #ing system.
Between June6-12.07, she did 8 of her sets. The last one was some time after June16.07, the last day that P #ing was still used.
Several of these had cstm versions. I've included the only cstm pics I have - 2 from set5 June6, 1 from set1 June7, 1from 7 June8 & 1 from 4 June12


I'll see what I can do. Some of the later ones & definitely her cstms, have to go in 18+. I have a Vlad thread there with 4 of her vids. I can post her earlier ones here, though

>> No. 61166
Not as daunting as it first appeared, as most of the numbers listed don't exist in my collection. In this package are
set 005-P6280058.JPG
set 029-P6130005.JPG
set 054-P1060003.JPG
set 054-P1060062.JPG
set 059-P3130031.JPG
set 059-P3130012.JPG
set 059-P3130017.JPG
set 060-P3250044.JPG


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

Just to double-check I ran them through a slideshow and they have no grey bits, discoloration or scanline errors.

>> No. 61167
File: 147513762243.jpg - ( 177.35KB , 1200x1600 , P3130004.jpg )
Oops, this one went astray. *4 for set 059

>> No. 61168
A question,y149 Arina,2014 Archive shows 10 sets,just curious if I've missed something?
I have 10 sets,regular sets and no customs,but maybe one of my 10 sets is a custom but for now I really don't know.
Your dates & info really helps me sorting Vlad,it's really needed too.
Thanks for the m's:)

>> No. 61175
Alina y149 set 10 is just a truncated edition (72 pics) of set 8 (79 pics).

>> No. 61197
File: 147519485396.jpg - ( 236.54KB , 1600x1200 , p8310077.jpg )
Thanks they're all perfect, But.. now I feel bad because I screwed up on 2 of them, causing you to post 2 pics that were already there. Now with set 5, I can come up with a fairly good excuse: 2 pics in a row were missing, I put 57+58. It should've been 56+57.
With set 54, I can think of absolutely No reason whatsoever for why I listed pic3. Perhaps I was briefly overtaken by a 'wave of stupidity'.

If your set were a custom it would yield date+time exif info, when you hover over a pic from it.
I found out about the sets (this is weird!) OK,
Set 8 is available in both standard & cstm form.
Both have 79pics. Set 10 appears to be set 8 all over again, with 7 fewer pics. I could see that 1 thumb was the same for both sets. I compared the other 3 of the set10 thumbs & they are All in set 8 as: pics 21, 34 & 50.
So I have no clue what the deal is. As you say you have 10 sets - Could you check & see if you have 2 sets with her in the green nightgown/teddy. If sets 8 & 10 have the above totals, the question is solved. And is set 10 a standard? (Vlad logo/watermark)
It looks like this was done with Dasha m052. But that was only a portion of the 2 sets involved. This is a full set.
So if you can let us know of your findings that would be great.
Its always good to know that the date info that I provide is useful.

This is another request. Here's Luda y134. She did 62 sets from early Aug of 2006 to June15.07
16 more sets were done sometime After June16.07
These cover 3 exactly months, from Aug9 to Nov9.06
Many of you will who like her will already have her Cstm Karl video, posted in the other thread. The video, from Oct8.06 was done 2 days after set17 & the day before set16. The backdrop & her outfit are identical to set18, except she has different footwear.
She's a very nice looking girl with gorgeous hair. Her hair was often used to great effect in many of her pictures.
pic from set12


>> No. 61207
File: 147520172158.jpg - ( 157.51KB , 1600x1200 , P6090101.jpg )
Back to Nadya m042. This is sets 63-84, there's no missing sets except set 75, for which I've included the only 4 pics I have, from it. These sets cover 6 months, from the beginning of April to the end of Sep of 2004.
Most sets (aside from set75)are complete. Those missing pics are:
Set66 is missing 1 of 99. Cstm 71 is missing 5 of 109 (35, 36 & 64-66). Partial cstm 74 is missing 3 of 112 (10, 66 & 101). Set 77 is missing 8 of 101. Set79 is missing 1 of 90. It will be either 131 or 174. Interestingly, set 79 carries on consecutive #ing started with set 80. Both were done Sep6.04 but set 80 was done 1st.
There's 1 full custom & 2 rather curious partial cstms.
Set64, with its 'Balloon theme', is from Apr24.04 & has 25 cstm pics. The 77 standard pics are in 3 groups: pics 12-43, 56-63 & 77 to the end.
Set 71, from July5.04, is a full cstm.
Set 74, one of the popular 'Driving themed' sets, is mainly a No Logo set, with about 2 dozen of the pics being 'Custom-Syle'. I say this because its not officially listed as a cstm. Somewhere, in an earlier post, I explained 'Custom-Style)


>> No. 61218
File: 147523329550.png - ( 1.20MB , 1203x889 , Sasha 15m.png )
Here's Sasha y174 in her only Vlad video. Its a little over 15mins & begins with her introducing herself. Its a posing vid, thus she is sitting in a chair for the 1st 4mins. She then gets up & stands &or walks around, returning to the chair for the last 2 1/2mins.



>> No. 61219
>>61168 My post.

Ok,then I'll know about that:)
Not sure it's complete.
Someone said it's 9 sets somewhere but never why 10 sets is always found.
I've concentrated on the +18 mainly until 4,5 years ago.
Thanks the info will help me:)

>> No. 61223
File: 147524764422.jpg - ( 180.88KB , 1600x1200 , P9250014.jpg )
I accidently opened the same thread twice & didn't bother dbl checking. So I'll also be posting where it belongs. I did that a couple of weeks ago, as well. Perhaps I'm developing senility issues.

Here's something that actually Does belong in this thread.
This is Tanya m069. She did 5 sets from mid Aug to late Sep of 2004. Set 01 has 2 dates, although with the same bikini. The 1st part is her initial shoot of 28pics. The Aug30th portion starts with pic88. This is because it was done after set3, the 1st set of that day.
The later part of set 1 + sets 2-4 were all done in the 9 days from Aug27 & Sep4. Set 5 (pictured) was done 3 weeks later.


>> No. 61226
Comparing my copies of Alina-y149 sets 8 & 10 DSCFs 0003, 015, 026, 035, 036, 049 & 068 are the files that are in set 8 but not set 10. In all other aspects they are identical.

>> No. 61242
File: 147526376238.jpg - ( 267.08KB , 1200x1600 , P8140107.jpg )
Re-up of Nady-m042 set 075 (106 pics)


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

>> No. 61257
File: 147528596653.jpg - ( 420.71KB , 1600x1200 , P1010734.jpg )
I wonder why your's are DSCF, instead of p6090...

Thankyou. I must've somehow missed that one. I know that both times you had them posted, I was often working very quickly, in downloading them.

I keep meaning to mention a couple of things about 2 MC hosts.
I notice with Zippy, a new tab opens, then the word 'Connecting' appears & the little circle starts spinning...& spinning. If you see 'Zippy' flash on briefly, when it goes back to 'Connecting', Hit the 'Back Page' arrow & you'll be instantly at your Zippy download page.
If 'Zippy' doesn't briefly flash on, then when you feel you've been watching that circle spin for Way too darn long - hit the 'Back Page' arrow & you'll get your Zippy page.

I found some Vlad things a few months back, where Gett was often the only live link. Yet it didn't work 98% of the time, despite being supposedly, still having the live link.
It would work the odd time, like I recall downloading a couple items that had only 30 or 40 downloads in 4 years! I've tried making it one of my hosts a few times just to try it & of course it doesn't work.
So my question is: Can anyone say that Gett works All The Time for them? It used to work for me until around Jan or Feb.
I tried disabling AdBlock. The only difference was the appearance of a couple of ads featuring buxom blondes in their early 20s, clad in string bikinis; who are supposedly dying to meet guys like me. (lol!)

Moving along to the next item:
Zhanna m025 has long been a mystery to myself & other Vlad collectors. This is supposedly 'Set 10'. Where are the other 9?
I've thought that maybe set '010', should've been '001'. I'm sure she ,likely, has early Vlad sets, from the 'Pre # set era'.
She also participated in a Custom Wrestle set with Yulya m017. Unfortunately, there isn't even a thumb from it.
So, 'Set 10' has 3 outfits. I have 34pics from the pictured outfit & 1 pic from each of the other 2 outfits.
As you see, they have the default date of p101 (Jan1st) Although the other 2 pics came as 10 +10b, I can tell they would have p101 #ing, as well.
Hover over those pics or any others from this partial set & you will get exif info that looks almost like for a cstm, except for no date/time.
This was very common with early Vlad 'p101' sets.
(almost forgot) the 2 extra pics are 1024x768 vs 1200x1600 for the rest. Also, the extra 2 are 91kb & 155kb, while the rest are 225kb - 425kb.
So if anyone has Anything more of her, from this set, or the Wrestle Cstm, or any Early sets - they would be Most appreciated (even isolated pics)


The Bio Card gives a date of Feb23.01, while showing pics from this set - so we know its before that date.

>> No. 61284
File: 147531750582.png - ( 129.56KB , 449x622 , m042-005-compact-list.png )
P6280056 was also not included in my Nadya set 005. I'm never quite sure about gaps in # sequences, was the picture not released or did it go missing somehow?

>> No. 61287
File: 147532124065.jpg - ( 170.50KB , 1600x1200 , p9210057.jpg )
Here's a folder with 3 'plus-size thumbs' of Yulya m053's missing sets. Its 24, 26+ 27, missing out of this bunch>>61099


The picture is from set40 (sep21.04), part of the group I'll be posting next.
In her early sets, I think she's really cute. As time went on, she got hotter & hotter. I think she looks incredible here.

>> No. 61290
File: 147532644661.jpg - ( 180.44KB , 1200x1600 , P5240010.jpg )
Here's Anya m034. I have 5 of her 6 sets. They're cover a surprisingly long period - 9 1/2months, from Sep11.01 to July22.02
Set1 is missing, Set2 (complete), has a 21pic shoot from Sep11.01, the rest being Nov8.01
Some of these pics are normal size - 115-125kb. But many are down around 65-75kb (rather small)
The remaining 4 sets are all Custom or Custom-Style. Set 3 has 143pics but its supposed to be twice that size (295pics). Its from Oct22.01, although there's 1'Non-exif' No Logo pic, from Sep11, with the same blue swimsuit.
Set4 is from Apr17.02 Set5 has 2 dates - Feb20+ May24.02
Set6 has 100 of 104pics & is from July22.02, Anya models 3 outfits. I recall this set being an utter mess. I believe I did my best to sort it. If someone has a full version of this set, running in sequence for the 70mins, from 1:37 to 2:47, it would be a big help. Likewise, anything that could be added to set3.
pic from cstm5 - Anya was in a 30min video with Zhenya y025 (likely very hard to find)


>> No. 61295
Thanks for Nadya M042, hope for more.

I was wondering if you knew how many GB's a total Vlad collection would be, just to give me an idea of how far away i am.

>> No. 61297
File: 147533808093.jpg - ( 172.34KB , 1600x1200 , pc100150.jpg )
Here's another pic of Yulya m053. Like the preview from my previous Yulya m053 post, this is also from Dec10.04 This set was done immediately following set49.
I'm a big fan of Vlad's 'Hooters Girl' theme. (Especially, when the featured model is around the same age that Yulya is, here.)

>> No. 61302
File: 147534030749.jpg - ( 413.24KB , 1200x1600 , P3180047.jpg )
Here is the last of Yulya m053's sets. These are 53-60, covering her last 2 months at Vlad - Feb4 - Apr1.05 Interestingly, set 59 was taken way back on Sep23.04, 2 days after set40!
The pictured set is a custom. Its set 55, from Mar18.05 & in addition to the grass skirt, you'll notice that fantastic Purple Bikini. (Tanya's wearing it here)>>60005
I will also be posting her wonderful 2Mod sets


>> No. 61306
File: 147534124146.jpg - ( 152.49KB , 1200x1600 , pc020035.jpg )
I feel compelled to post a couple more pics of Yulya m053, so please bear with me.
This is from set50 Dec2.04(with sets 35-52)

>> No. 61307
File: 147534292594.jpg - ( 188.60KB , 1200x1600 , p3250038.jpg )
And here's Yulya m053 in set 57 from Mar25.05 She did one of her 2Mod sets that day & another, the previous day.
Regarding sets 53-60, I almost forgot, set 54 is a No Logo set, with DSCF #ing. Its rather large for 84pics (50Mb)
Fans of Yulya will find her set 54 costume to be quite cute.

>> No. 61333
File: 147534764089.jpg - ( 301.65KB , 1200x1600 , P5200110.jpg )
Here is Yulya m049. She was also Yulya m022 in some early sets from the "Pre-#-Set Era". This is noted in the 2007 Archive & the Bio Cards, but Not the 2014 Archive.
This is sets 1-4, 6-8, 11 + 13-19, covering late Sep 2002 to the 1st week of June 2003. I've included a set12 folder with 3pics. Otherwise , set1 is missing 4pics of 113 & No Logo set14 is short 2pics of 86. Set2 has 5 more than the 101 listed.
Custom or Custom-Style sets are: 01 - Sep24.02, with a dozen pics from a Sep20 shoot
Set2 Oct8.02, set6 Nov26.02, set13 Apr15.03, set16 Apr22.03, set17 May20.03
No Logo sets are: 4, 7, 8, 11 +14
Several of her sets have some totally screwball #ing. In this group ,its sets No Logo sets 8+11. Luckily, I found a standard pic for each set (these will be part of an 'Extra pics' folder, in the next bunch.)
Anyhow, the standard pics gave me the dates & proper #ing prefix for both sets. Set 8 is Xmas Eve 2002, while set11 is Dec17.02
Unfortunately, when I compared these standard pics to the sets, they're way out. So these sets with funny #ing, might be all muddled.
So, in addition to missing sets, I'd welcome standards of 8 &or 11, as this would help me to fix up the weird No Logo versions of those 2 sets
Pic from 17


I know some guys just grab stuff from the latest posts without opening the thread. That works when there's only 2 or 3 new items, but you will be missing new stuff if you don't open the thread ,this time

>> No. 61339
File: 14753557861.jpg - ( 283.09KB , 1200x1600 , pc100050.jpg )
Well, this is decidedly odd. The post with the link for Yulya m053's sets 35-52 seems to have gone astray. With all those extra pics of her, that I posted, I should've added it to a couple of those posts, as well, 'for good measure'.

Well, here we go.
This is the pic from the other Dec10.04 set (49) that I was referring to here>>61297
(some of you may've been scratching your heads, wondering where this supposed post was, that I was referring to & besides, I also claimed to be 'finished' & yet a dozen & a half sets are missing.)

These 18 sets of Yulya m053 (35-52) cover early April 2004 to late Jan of 2005


>> No. 61340
Any chance someone will include m061 Nadya while this M series is running ? Her sets are almost impossible to find .

>> No. 61401
>I was wondering if you knew how many GB's a total Vlad collection would be
A simple question, unfortunately I don't think there is a definitive answer. My collection is ~400GB yet I am completely missing material from nearly 40 y-series models, 10 m-series models, at least 5 of the w-series (I don't know how many there are in total for this series), any solo stuff for the u-series, plus an unknown number of k-series models.

A full collection is a 'Holy Grail' for me and I guess quite a few others!

>> No. 61403
File: 147540736939.png - ( 143.81KB , 470x629 , m021-030cstmfillsx44.png )
Ilga-m021 cstm-030 fills as per pic related


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

>> No. 61405
Well, I was sure I'd seen an Ilga-m021 post here as I got the incomplete cstm-030 from somewhere recently, just to compare with my set.

>> No. 61418
File: 147543093026.jpg - ( 238.87KB , 1600x1200 , P9110034.jpg )
I don't know & I have so many rar files that the size of my Vlad collection can't be measured.
So its good that he>>61401 answered

Thanks for the Ilga top up
>>61405 It was here>>60596
I have part of set3 but only 58 of 163pics. I hope to find some time to check for more items tomorrow.
I have reduced versions of 13, 15, 19, 20 & 26. You've likely seen those ones that have '(web)' in each pic's file name. I refuse to post that stuff. But I suppose it does have a purpose. It definitely beats trying to figure out what's in a full set from 4 thumbs.

Well, I don't have much. I've always preferred thinner girls, but I know she has many very devoted fans.
I'll post these: sets 10,11, 35, 77, 121, 133 & 137 + 1pic from set9
11 is a cstm from Sep11.03 & I assume these go from Aug27.03 to Nov3.06


So, any Nadya m061 fans who can help out, are welcome to post their sets. I have seen threads in the past with Lots of her sets. I looked for videos of her for a guy, a few months back, but was very surprised that I wasn't able to find any

For those who like larger girls, I have some sets of Olya m027, that I'll post soon

>> No. 61423
Everything & meaning everything of M,K,U,W & Y series with sets,all of them plus all vids,the short,long & not counting more then the released.
Make sure not to count any copys though,I've got some.

I've seen a few figures & I'm not quite there yet or even think I'll get there at all.
Not that far from one figure of those I've seen is mentioned here >>61401
Another figure would be 557 GB's but one # I've seen seems slightly too high 670 GB's & I'm not sure at all what's counted into it.
My own will reach around 400 even without the copys.
My guess,a complete collection of Vlad would stop around 500-525 GB's & I can be wrong.
For me it's not the counting of bytes or in this case GB's that's important,more the rare sets & videos in any size & just for the fun of it:)

>> No. 61432
File: 147545843430.jpg - ( 350.51KB , 1200x1600 , 27.jpg )
Have you ever posted the 58 pics from set 3 of y021 Olga's. If so please direct me. I have 7 pics and have had for years.

>> No. 61433
y021_030.rar Pic PC200005.JPG was missing

>> No. 61444
Yes, thank you, let us not confuse our y021s with our m021s, nor our Ilgas with our Olgas. The outcome will not be good for the sanity.

>> No. 61448
File: 147548104122.jpg - ( 177.00KB , 1200x1600 , p1010034.jpg )
Hmmm, we seem to have got onto the subject of Olga y021, thus I'm uploading some early sets, starting with 01.

At the moment though, I have these 15 sets of Yulya m049. Sets are 20-22, 26-29, 31, 32 & 34-39, covering almost a year, from mid-May 2003 to Apr30.04
Non-Standards are: No Logo set20 (undateable), Custom-Style set21 June17.03, Custom set22 May13.03, Cstm set26 July22.03, No Logo set27, Cstm 28 June10.03, No Logo 29, No Logo 32 (undateable), Cstm set34 Dec6.03, No Logo set36 (undateable)
We have more weird #ing - Fortunately, set28 is a custom, so at least we get the date (pics are in proper chronological sequence) Sets 27 & 29 also have it, but there's a folder labeled 'xtras', that has a standard pic for each of those 2 sets (thus 27 is Aug7.03 & 29 is June24.03), it also has the pics for sets 8 + 11, that I mentioned in a previous post, as well it contains single pics from missing sets 5, 9, 10 & 30
As you'll see, pictured set 35 has p101 #ing. This is likely just by default, although with set34 being from Dec & subsequent sets being from early 2004, there's a slight possibility the set may have actually been done on Jan1st. (I still doubt it)


My collection is over 500Gb, but with the archived stuff (for uploading), its impossible to get a proper size

I'd love to have the other 6 pics you have from set 3. Is that how they're #ed (27)? If it was with the P, it would be p81400...
I see that your pics are 'Custom-Style'.
That set is a real oddball mix. It has a total of 169pics, made up of: 73 pics that are 1600x1200 (your's), 59 that are 1024x768 & 37 that are 2048x1536
Anyhow, I'll be posting my Olga y021 sets in about an hr

>> No. 61450
>>61423 Posted by me.

>>61432 I'm not OP of the thread,just another collector.
But I may have posted y021 Olga set 3 somewhere,not anywhere here at sharechan though.
Any actual post by me somewhere were about 4 years ago.
I'll see what I can do,give me a couple of days though.

>> No. 61480
File: 147549908832.jpg - ( 146.81KB , 1024x768 , PB290005.jpg )
Here's 15 sets of Olga y021. They are: 1, 4, 5, 7, 9-11, 14, 16-18, 20, 24, 27 & 28
The earliest date I have is now Aug14.01, from the set3 pic - posted here>>61432
Looking at her Bio card, I'm guessing she did pre-# sets. I don't recognize the light green bikini. I recognize 1 pic as being the set5 outfit, but I don't see that pic in the set. Perhaps, there was an earlier shoot with that outfit.
This group of sets goes to Dec5.02
Here are the dates of the Custom-Style sets:
Set4 Nov26.01, 5 Sep12.01, Set14 Mar12.02, 20 Apr13 & July12.02
Set 27 is an Official Custom from Oct11.02
These are pretty much complete. 1 pic is missing from set7's Oct22 part - either pic 4 or 57. Sets 17 & 20 are each missing 3pics. There's too many blank spots for me to list right now.
I have many more that I'll be posting, however any that I Didn't post from 2-26 are welcome (even partials)
pic from set1 - there is a video with Olga in the other thread


>> No. 61485
File: 147550063512.jpg - ( 380.61KB , 1600x1200 , P3120071.jpg )
The version of Olga y021's cstm set14 in my last post is very much out of sequence (although that's probably how it was released)
There's 2 shoots mixed together, so between 2pics shot seconds apart, sits another shot a 1/2hr later.
I'm offering this sorted version, that I've put into order, as it was shot over the 42mins, from 6:05 to 6:47. I've changed some #s, so they run 1-142
This is for those who prefer to view them in order.
Be sure to explain what it is, if you ever share it. It might also be a good idea to label the other as the original. It can get difficult to keep track of such things, as your collection grows.


Olga was with Vlad until the summer of 2006

>> No. 61496
>>61450 Posted bt me.

>>61432 I've checked & unfortunately I can't have posted that particular set at all as I don't have it:/
Have to say what I have numbered as y021 set 003 is actually a copy of set 034,all of that info in a note & it's to my dismay correct.
Your 7 pics would be welcome as I don't have a single one.
I don't know what OP would say about it,well,I'd like the 7 pics of y021 set 003 very much:)

>> No. 61501
File: 14755202572.jpg - ( 146.90KB , 1200x1600 , pc240004.jpg )
I'm not familiar with M series,not really anyway,well,m061 Nadya I've got more of recently.
A poster noticed posting here was the original poster BTW,I've got them on a DVD from a friend as a joke among

friends,he's collecting a lot of different items maybe not photos in particular.
Almost all of her 146 sets regular sets released.

This post contains only the 2-Models sets with her though.

m061 Nadya 2-Models sets,80,133,142,144,154,193,197

Preview from 2-Models Set 193,m061 Nadya,m065 Yulya,y068 Yulya,y095 Alina,I like this set as m065 is there


Password: NaD061yA


>> No. 61507
File: 147552886382.jpg - ( 173.33KB , 1600x1200 , pc020020.jpg )
Here's the 1st 23 sets of Ksenya y057. They cover 8 months ,beginning with Custom-Style set 01 on Mar31.04 & carry through to pictured set23 on Dec2.04
She was one of 3 consecutive Ksenyas (y055-57), all debuting on Mar30+31.04
As I mentioned, she was one of the models who started during a 10 month period when new models were not being assigned 'M' #s - it would be very briefly revived later that fall (for more on this subject read this>>60680)


Many more to come, eventually. And I've got vids of her posted, as well

>> No. 61508
File: 14755289648.jpg - ( 169.84KB , 1200x1600 , P131013.jpg )
If found this under "unknown"

>> No. 61585
File: 147562196211.jpg - ( 154.91KB , 1200x1600 , p6030049.jpg )
Here is sets 1-18 of Karolina m047. They appear to cover just over a year, from Sep18.02 to Oct10.03
Pictured, is set 17.
She can, of course, be seen in a video, posted in my other NN thread. Its over a 1/2hr in length & should please any fans of her.
I will post her other sets shortly


That's Karina k001 posted here>>59238 Since that post, I had decided the year of those sets was 2000, not 2001. As your pic is from Jan31.02, I wonder if I was correct the 1st time.
I wonder why this doesn't appear in the archives. Its quite a find - Thanks for sharing it.

>> No. 61587
File: 147562640972.jpg - ( 161.16KB , 1600x1200 , p31300~9.jpg )
Here's sets 1-15 (except13) of Lolita y016
I uploaded this about 3 weeks ago but I've been trying to make sense of the dates. The best I can guess is that sets 1 & 2 are from Oct & Nov of 2000. Custom-Style set3 gives dates of Jan31 & Apr29.01
A lot of the dates of the sets move along chronologically but I'm thrown off by large gaps with no sets & cases like sets that are out of sequence.
If set12 is July4.02 & set14 is Apr11.02, then much of her 16-29 sets are very much out of sequence - you can see why I kept putting it aside.
A few of the links expired while I dithered around (1Fichier doesn't show when you do the check but its still up)


Speaking of dates - a contribution in my 18+ Vlad thread has provided a very important piece of info. I'd previously assumed the last date in which the 'P' #ing was used was June16.07
I can now say it was 2 days later, June18.07

Lolita can be seen with Sasha y020 in this 2Mod/Play set>>60198

>> No. 61596
File: 147563957352.jpg - ( 462.20KB , 1600x1200 , PICT0056.jpg )
Here's Lolita y016's sets 16-29. Once again, there's 1 set missing. In this case its set19
Dates I can confirm are from the 4 Custom-Style sets - set21 Aug14.02, 23 July25.02, 28 Dec18.02 & 29 from Xmas Day
Aside from set 16, from July11, being out of sequence (but less out of sequence than set12, from July4) Its pretty much in sequence, except for set20 from Feb20, sitting between set18 from May16 & set21 from Aug14
If we ignore sets12, 16 & 20, we appear to have a continuous sequence of sets from set7 Dec10.01 to Set29 Xmas Day 2002
Sets 26 & 27 are rather short. 26 is complete at 43pics, like most of Vlad's early Waterfall sets, its quite short. Set27 has 58 of 59pics.
Strangely, set16 is 43Mb for 155pics, followed by set17 - 9.8Mb for 110pics (some are only 65kb!)
Set23 is a rare instance in which a Custom-Style set has a large amount of pics under 100kb.


If anyone has sets or even part sets of 13 (pale blue backdrop, navy shorts & the purple 'Friend' guests in some of the pics) or 19 (pink backdrop, leopard-print top, brown pants)
Also any Custom-Style versions of any sets that I've posted as standards.
Even 1 single cstm pic can help determine the year, especially with those confusing ,out-of-sequence sets

>> No. 61622
File: 147567803755.jpg - ( 325.86KB , 1200x1600 , p5050050.jpg )
Here's the rest of Karolina m049's sets. This is 19-34. These go from Oct of 2003 to the end of May 2004
The picture is from set33. In this set, pic43, you can see the photographer, in the mirror


>> No. 61625
File: 147568128293.jpg - ( 159.35KB , 1600x1200 , p3250005.jpg )
Hope I got that correction made on the last post before it went through. In case I didn't its Karolina m047 not 49

Here's the 2Model & Sports sets of Yulya m053. There's Sports36 from Apr7.03, by coincidence, it also features Karolina m047, the last girl I posted. The 2 girls are fighting over a doll.
2Mod 91, from Sep24.03, has her with the rather plump Olya m027.
The remaining 3 sets, 164 & 166 & 167 are from Mar24+25.05 & Apr15.05
Her partners are: Karina y051, Alisa y042 & Valerya y064. I noticed 167 was done 1 week after her latest solo set (58)


>> No. 61627
File: 147568322294.jpg - ( 164.77KB , 1600x1200 , p8150059.jpg )
Here's the last of Yulya y068's sets - 89-109, as their a bit out of chronological order at times, they cover May4 to Dec11.06
There's many great sets here. Pictured is set99. I must also mention set89, with the very tight shorts.
With her huge popularity & many great sets & vids, its hard to believe she was only with Vlad less than 2 years (21 1/2 months)


>> No. 61660
File: 14757300873.jpg - ( 297.71KB , 1200x1600 , P9040083.jpg )
These next 2 posts will be primarily of interest to those guys with a preference for heavier girls.
Before I get into the contents of the post, I'd like to mention that when I didn't see a deluge of Nadya m061 posts, I took it upon myself to search for some torrents. I found about 10. Some overlap & some are near dbls, but that's good because a lot of them have had the pics renamed. To say I'm a bit irked about that is putting it mildly!
The dbls will also help top up sets with missing pics & hopefully, help me to rename them properly.
I'll post sets as I'm able. I'll also let you know when the torrents all finish, as to what I'm left with, as far as incomplete sets.

So, here another girl who should appeal to guys who like larger girls. Its Olya m027. Judging by all the 2Model, Sports sets & vids she did, I'm guessing she must've been very popular with guys who like such girls.
Looking at the 2Mod sets of Nadya m061>>61501 It seems strange that Olya & Nadya were never paired up. I would think guys who like larger girls would be delighted by such a combo.
It looks like Nadya was at Vlad for about a year before Olya left, so the opportunity was certainly there.

I did find a similar such pairing. Its Sports set 17, with Olya & another large girl - Nastya m036. This set is from Mar13.02
As, Nastya did only 2 sets (that I don't have), this is a rare opportunity to see her.


Here's 2 Custom-Style sets of Olya m027. The 1st is set 7, which has 2 dates - Mar14.01 & Jan31.02 I believe this was a case of 1 or maybe 2 sets from the 'pre #-set era' being cobbled together with later sets. The result is a set of 170pics, in length. Because Jan is p1 & March is p3, the much later date appears 1st.
It has 127pics. The early date features 2 outfits through 43pics. As the very early sets were usually labeled by outfit, I wonder if this portion may have originally been 2 short sets.
The next set, also Cstm-Style, is 12(pictured) from Sep4.02. It features her in the role of 'Lion Tamer'


I have also her last 10 sets & will post them next

>> No. 61661
File: 147573107691.jpg - ( 165.52KB , 1200x1600 , P5270014.jpg )
Here's Olya m027's sets 50-59. These start at the beginning of April & go to mid-June 2004
pic is from 59


>> No. 61663
File: 147573227790.jpg - ( 369.89KB , 800x1200 , 131850021693.jpg )

Indeed she did way too short career and here's a nice "Aftervlad" pic of Yulya y068 and she really had potential for so much more...

>> No. 61665
File: 147573264415.jpg - ( 106.77KB , 520x780 , 007.jpg )
And here's another pic of a bit older Yulya y068 after her Vlad career. Don't remember where I came across to these pics and really wish there were more...

She's definitely in my Top 5 of all Vladmodels along the other Yulyas (m053 & m065) :)


>> No. 61675
File: 147575001512.jpg - ( 723.82KB , 1096x6103 , Nadya m061 index.jpg )
Odds&Ends here, those m061 torrents will probably stall, Anon. Unless they've been repaired and patched up in the last year or so, you will get anywhere between 30% and 70%, with one or two staggering to the mid-90%s. At any rate there will be quite a bit of wreckage to rebuild and reconcile, trust my bitter experience on this!

If Anons seeking Nadya-m061 sets can be patient I still have archives that I have posted in the past, it is just a question of tracking down the correct drive with them in (strangely they are not on the drive I found this index on). I recall the archives feature all bar 20 commonly missing sets. Then I will have to find a time slot to sit down and reup them, which won't be imminently, but it is on my 'to do' list.

>> No. 61677
File: 147575162994.jpg - ( 161.01KB , 1200x1600 , PA260032.jpg )
I have this 1 set of Anna m060 (set37). Because, I also have single pics from 4 other sets of her, including 3 cstms, I can say its from Oct26.04
The other pics are from set 2 June4.03, the rest are cstm - 11 Sep19.03, 17 - Nov17.03 & 51 Mar31.05
Those are some very snug fitting shorts.


I'm not always that keen on a lot of 'AfterVlad' stuff. Sometimes they don't look as good, sometimes they're a bit too old - But this particular picture is breathtakingly beautiful!

>> No. 61678
File: 147575201114.jpg - ( 194.15KB , 1200x1600 , m043_104_p7060046.jpg )
Neglected this thread,well,a fast visit with a question to you OP:)
Would this set fit here?
m043 Alexandra Set 104,it's the only set I have BTW.
Thanks for the M series,I've found the m043 set in a stack of Y's,well hidden.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61687
File: 147576300595.jpg - ( 189.37KB , 1600x1200 , p0000041.jpg )
Here's Yulya m065's sets 46-69. They cover about 9 weeks from Nov1.04 to Jan5.05
Set 69 features a Vlad NewYear's gathering on Dec30.04.
Sets 65 & Xmas-themed 66 indicate Dec but no date, while pictured set67 is devoid of month & date.(note the string of zeroes)


>> No. 61690
File: 147576542190.jpg - ( 234.72KB , 1200x1600 , C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Tem.jpg )
Who is this model?
Can someone post some sets?

>> No. 61696
File: 147579007295.jpg - ( 184.05KB , 1200x1600 , pc130078.jpg )
I just knew you'd have a bunch.(if not All of them)
One of them got to 99.8%, unfortunately it was one that had the altered #ing.
Your idea sounds Infinitely better.

She's Yana y066 & it looks like I've got almost all of her 80 sets. Watch in the next bunch of posts

I have only 1 lonely pic from that set, thus your set would be most welcome.
I've posted some sets of her (& a few loose pics) in these 4 posts>>60024>>60073>>60089>>60336
Right now, I'm posting 3 more sets I've found recently (earlier ones)
If you'd like to, you could post your set 104, when you see this post. I'm going to post the later sets I have of her, so they'll appear in the following posts (so hopefully, the later ones will appear at the same time as your set) My later ones are 106, 109 & 114-128

So, here are Alexandra m043's sets 30, 37 & 73. Sets 30 +37 are from early Sep & mid-Dec of 2003, while 73 is Nov of 2004. It has 2 dates, the 16th & 20th. This seemed to be a fairly common issue with sets done in Nov. - I seem to notice it a lot in Nov of 2004.
pic from set37, which is missing 1pic of 98. Candidates are: 8, 13, 42 or 92
I've found 5 more partial sets. Hopefully, I can get finish topping them up.

>> No. 61699
File: 147579572364.jpg - ( 115.70KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0041.jpg )
Yana Y066

The sets I have are a jumble. I got them via a torrent that never finished, so about half of the pics in each set are either missing or badly corrupted.

>> No. 61700
Thanks Odds & Ends ! I for one would like to have as complete a set as possible of her stuff . I see mention of videos as well which would be nice to have . Again thanks for your efforts .

>> No. 61715
This particular set seemed to be like a stray & the only one deeply hidden in a large pile of the Y series.
Before I've found my way here I had no M series at all.
Except the m061 2-Models plus the almost all 146 sets a friend handed me on a DVD quite recently.
I can give a hand of posting some of the m061 Nadya sets,I'll leave it up to you & Odds&Ends though.
Odds&Ends were the OP of the m061 sets I've got by my friend BTW.

m043 Alexandra set 104 photo #'s p7060001 to 7060075 No Logo.
Hope you can help me with the date on this set OP:)

Password: aLeX043aNdRa


>> No. 61716
Excuse me,missed the preview:/
Well,easy to correct thought.

Here,this is the set I've posted >>61678

Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61722
My browser is not showing a link for the m043 sets. Has it been edited out at all?

>> No. 61727
File: 147584653719.jpg - ( 281.76KB , 1600x1200 , p4220022.jpg )
Here's some of Alexandra m043's later sets. These are 106, 109 & 114-128. Sets 106 & 19 are from mid-July & mid-Sep of 2005. The rest start 2 months later & go to May6.06, the date of 128, her final Vlad set.
So far, there's only the 1 video posted, with Alexandra. The early one of her & Alvina m037. Perhaps I'll eventually track another one down.
The pic is from set127


Hopefully, we'll also see 104

>> No. 61732
Thank you for your efforts so far.

I missed a couple of downloads from your old Vlad set thread, I had it saved but the links (from around June) are no longer available.


I checked the M065 sets I have and I could not find regular sets 81 93 97 or the customs, your DL time is probably full right now but any chance of the above some time in the future would be appreciated.

>> No. 61737

Sharing would be good ;-)

>> No. 61748
File: 147587192142.jpg - ( 169.94KB , 1600x1200 , PB110039.jpg )
It looks like I still may have time to get these on before the next posts appear.
Here's 28 sets of Yana y066. They are: 1, 6-10, 12-18, 20, 22-33, 35, 38 & 39
These begin with an initial shoot of 28pics, which is the 1st part of set 01. There is no 'date' in the picture file names of these. I can only say they're from Oct of 2004.
Otherwise, the remainder of set 01 is from Nov11.04, which is the earliest complete date. This group of sets covers 1 year, as they go to Oct24.05 Sets 29-31 are out of sequence, with Oct/05 dates, thus sets 38+39 have earlier dates of Aug19+15
Set1 is missing 2pics - there's 4 possibilities - in the Oct portion - 7 or 16 & in the Nov11 part - 17+35
I removed a corrupt pic from set8, it was pic56.
I'm following these with 6 partial sets spanning 11-36. I will post the rest of her sets to 80, over the next day
pic from set1 (2nd part)


Don't neglect checking 'inside' the thread, as there should be more than 3 new posts, including the links for Alexandra's sets 30,37+73 that I left off earlier

Maybe you can help with fills. The next 6 sets will be missing pics.

>> No. 61749
File: 147587360684.jpg - ( 182.09KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0009.jpg )
Here's 6 more sets of Yana y066 - All part sets.
These are: set11 has the 1st 55 of 75pics, set15 missing 27 of 108, set19 has the 1st 20 of 87pics, set21 has the 1st 43 of 75pics, set34 has only the 1st 9 of 77pics, set36 has the 1st 36 of 73pics.
I realize I said sets 12-18 were in the last bunch, whereas 15 is here. Its #ing starts at 101 & goes to 181, that's because set 12 was done the same day (Feb14.05). As set12 went to 75, I don't know if set15 starts at 76 (thus 25 of the pics would be missing from the start) or if it just starts at 101 & the pics are all missing on the end, like the others.
pic from19


Fills would be great. Basically if anyone has pics in any of these sets past the point that mine end, then those pics would be most welcome.
Or in the case of 15, they Might be 0076-100, but more likely 182-208

>> No. 61755
File: 147588205778.jpg - ( 173.38KB , 1600x1200 , pb160200048.jpg )
Sorry, I forgot the 1st time but In did try post it when I noticed, but somehow my post with the link didn't go through.

Here's the link for Alexandra m043's sets 30, 37 & 43. The info & a pic from set37 are here>>61696 in the 4th paragraph at the bottom
this pic is from 73 - notice the 2 dates in the file name of the picture


Thanks a lot, the date of your set 104 is July6.05

A lot of that will be in the next 2-3 bunches of her sets. I think I've posted up to 69 right now.

>> No. 61774
File: 14759030511.jpg - ( 180.24KB , 1200x1600 , p1010052.jpg )
Here's 3 NN sets of Irina w001.
Please Note - I have posted 5 TL sets of her in my 18+ Vlad thread. Since these 3 sets are completely NN, I felt they would be 'out of place' in the 18+ thread.
So, here they are: pictured set 2, as well as sets 11 & 13, both from May of 2005. I can't say about set 2, although I mentioned some oddities about the early 'W' sets in the 18+ thread.


I'm also including the link for Alexandra's 3 sets again - for good measure.


I forgot to mention that this fellow's>>61715 Alexandra set 104 is a No Logo.
Something else worth mentioning - And, guys (especially Alexandra fans) Please don't take this the wrong way, I don't mean to be critical (I like her a lot) Unfortunately, during her last year with Vlad, Alexandra began developing acne. Initially, this was only visible on her forehead, when her hair was parted to the side - which she started doing around that time.
Fortunately, in set 104, she has something very close to her old hairstyle, which covers things up perfectly. It makes me wonder why they didn't do this more, especially when it was still just confined to her forehead. It could've made Such a positive difference in her appearance.

>> No. 61801
File: 147593821893.jpg - ( 145.70KB , 768x1024 , p7020015.jpg )
Thanks guy, Yana y066 is very beautiful. I'll be very grateful if you share all sets that you have it.
Also I have a question about this model is similar to Yana y066. I do not know if it will be the same but younger. I know your name is Jane and works in an agency called darts, but has also worked in Vladmodel, as you can see in the two images. Maybe you or someone has some of his sets in Vladmodel. I have some sets of her, but in the other agency.

>> No. 61802
File: 147593827016.jpg - ( 132.87KB , 768x1024 , c000085.jpg )

>> No. 61803
File: 147593924387.jpg - ( 167.63KB , 1600x1200 , p8070048.jpg )
Well, I'm delighted to see my Alexandra link finally made it on. I was getting concerned, thus the extra posting of it, with Irina's sets.
I took a look at these partial sets & saw that they'd be very easy to add fills to. So, I'm posting them.
Here's Alexandra m043's set 56. Its missing 25 of 104pics. It looks like the 1st 4 are missing & 88 & up. Maybe 40, 47, 75 & 78, as well.
Next is set 62 - I have 75 of 143pics. The 1st 67 pics are missing. The other pic could be 81 or 99.
Set 64 has 39 of 93pics. Missing are the 1st 31 pics, 34-36, 43, 63, 68, 70, 74, 78-87 & 89 & up.
I've thrown in 2 more very tiny ones, as they were in the same 'neighborhood'.
Set 61 has what appears to be 8 of the last 9 pics. It has 108pics, I have pics 100 & 102-108.
Set 63 has 102pics, I have only the last 3.
Obviously, if someone has full sets of 61 & 63, it makes more sense to just to post the whole set. I've listed the pics in case someone has a partial set or a few isolated pics they wish to contribute.
Hopefully, we can get these topped up, as she sure looks nice in these sets.
The pictured set is 64. These sets are from 2004, with 61, 63 & 64 going chronologically over 5 days: Aug2nd, 5th & 7th. Set 62 was the earliest - July8 & Set 56 was the latest - Sep22


>> No. 61808
LOL Sorry about the confusion. This set is in my personal top 10 wanted list.
y021_Olga 003 7pics inc:

>> No. 61810
File: 147594514530.jpg - ( 375.95KB , 1600x1200 , p2170116.jpg )
Your 1st 3 sets are going to be in this group. The 2 cstms will be in the next bunch.
This is 21 sets Yulya m065. These are 70-77, 79-81, 83-85, 88, 89, 91, 93-95 & 97. I've also included the 3 pics I have from set78.
There are several No Logo sets - 83, 85, 88, 89, 91, 94 & 95.
Sets 88 & 89 are quite large. 88 is 53Mb for 87 pics, while 89 is 67Mb for 80 pics.
These sets cover mid-Dec of 2004 to May12.05 Out of sequence sets are the only Dec sets. Undateable set 70 (p0000..etc) is (I think) from January.
pic is from 81 - I assume another set was done right before it. Its a missing one - 82, maybe.


>> No. 61813
Thanks,truly appreciate the date:)
And of course the additions of her sets,the M series is growing & makes me a happy guy.

m061 Nadya??
I'd be happy to post some but I'm going to wait for Odds&Ends to tell it's ok or not.
I'll never interfere in anyones plans,even though I know we have the same sets.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61817
Thank you.
Unfortunately I've added to the confusion.
>>61450 & >>61496 posts by me.

Still don't have the set nor found any traces of that sought after item.
The best sofar is the y021 Olga 003 7 pics you have added,the hunt for the rest of the set will continue though.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61867
File: 147595747727.jpg - ( 186.45KB , 1024x768 , p3123539.jpg )
While with Vlad, she was Zhenya m006, one of the earliest Vlad models. I'm making this post of just her very early sets from the 'Pre #-set era'.
Many of these items are from 2000. Dateable sets start on Jan19.01 & go to Apr21.01
The Sanyo Camera dates of Jan1.98 are Always wrong, its a default date.
The very pretty picture is from the Mar12.01 'Fishnet/Bunny' set.
You should have about 20 'sets'. Pic totals vary from 1 to 115.
I must thank 'The Darts Guy' for his info. I wasn't even aware that she was 'Jane', until he mentioned it. He also said Katya m030 was a 'Dart'.
I have numerous sets featuring Zhenya with various partners, from the Play, Wrestle, Sports & 2Model Series that will eventually get posted.
But now, I have to Run! - More of your Yana sets are uploading. And Zhenya's # sets will appear by tomorrow


ThankYou very much for posting the 7 pics from Olga y021's set3 - But why were there 2 links, each for the same pics?
Well, I confirmed that the sets were renumbered.
Guys, Please Note - There's 4 different dates for those 7 pictures. 2 from June18.01, 3 from Aug14.01, 1 from Aug17.01 & 1 from Aug30.01
I've used the 'P' system on them & used the time to figure the order on the 2 dates with more than 1 pic.
These are now, the earliest dates I have for Olga.

>> No. 61876
I posted two links only because I didn't know what to do when, once posted I got them. It was puzzling to me too. Oh well I haven't done much posting this way for years.

>> No. 61878
File: 147597478390.jpg - ( 213.61KB , 1200x1600 , PC030034.jpg )
Here's more Yana y066 sets. These are 40-46 & 48-69. (Set 47 is the only set missing from 38-80.)
These sets cover late Aug of 2005 to Apr11.06 Some of the early ones are out of sequence. Set45 was done the same day as set31.
Set52 is missing pic77
Interestingly, from sets 60-69, they were done in '2s'. 60+61 were Jan31, 62+63 were Feb14, 64+65 were Mar14, 66+67 were Mar28 & 68+69 were Apr11.06 - Actually, this was sort of continued to set79, but(for those who find this interesting) you'll have to wait for me to post those sets, to continue this 'observation'.
pic from 53


>> No. 61896
In a minor "Eureka!" moment I found the Nadya-m061 archives. Here's the first batch, file quantities are as per the 'x' no. in the archive title, I have set 005 marked as incomplete at 70 pics. Of note is an absolutely massive variation in the MB density of the sets, this seems to be a feature rather than a bug.

I have included both standard and unwatermarked editions of sets 10 & 11.

For previews please use the index posted at >>61675


The pass should be 0dds&3nds but if this rejects, try the earlier pass of Odds&Ends
It will be one or the other.

>> No. 61897
More Nadya-m061, to 030.

Missing are sets 21 to 23, I believe these are commonly missing from many collections. Further searching has been fruitless so far, if anyone out there does have them I suspect they would be a very popular and welcome share...


See earlier post for note about the pass.

>> No. 61899
Nadya-m061, continuous run of sets 031 to 049.


Again, see earlier caveat re: pass

>>61813 Thank you for your kind offer, if you are able could you please post sets 096 upwards, this would be a great help. I have them, they are just not ready to go up atm.

>> No. 61900
File: 147600679778.jpg - ( 147.87KB , 1600x1200 , P5170003.jpg )
Here's the last of Yana y066's sets. These are 70-80 & they continue the pattern started in the last group of being done in 'pairs'.
70+71 is from Apr25, 72+73 Mar17, 74 alone on May23, the next day it was 3 sets - 75-77. The final pair (78+79) was 2 1/2 months later, on Aug9. The last set (80) was 4 weeks later, on Sep6.06
pic from 72


>> No. 61901
File: 147600743070.jpg - ( 234.30KB , 1600x1200 , P8270001.jpg )
Forgot to add earlier, unwatermarked sets 010 & 011 are the only ones I have with useful EXIF regarding dates of the shoots, which were both in 2003.

>> No. 61917
Thanks guy, Yana y066 is a beautiful, amazing girl. Thank you very much for the information and all these sets. Good contribution.

So as I said, I met Jane (Zhenya M006) in darts agency. How wonderful her photos. I'm just amazed by her beauty.
I thank you for Zhenya sets. It's a shame resizing of the photos, but anyway she looks beautiful, cute, adorable.
I've only got a few sets of darts Zhenya in the agency. also I have several single images and thumbnail images showing that she has many sets I would like to obtain.
You say it will publish more sets of her. I ask you please to share all sets you have. I'll be more than grateful to you.

>> No. 61920
File: 147603688225.jpg - ( 167.76KB , 768x1024 , P1010042.jpg )
This will be the followup to Zhenya m006's early sets posted here>>61867 - which I should add, originally came from Ancient (like a lot of 'pre #set era' M sets). Buried in there, was text file, which provided a tutorial on the date code for the 'P'# system - So, in a roundabout way, I have him to thank for this handy piece of knowledge.
Something I didn't mention in my last post is that the 73pic Unlisted Cstm of Jan19+24.01 is actually the Aubergine Bikini portion of the 115pic 'Aubergine Bikini' cstm, also of Jan19+24.01, that, in fact, features 3 different colour bikinis.
How's That for convoluted?
I'm surprised that some of the early sets weren't incorporated into # sets, especially those from March & April of 2001, using the Olympus Camera.
Now, on to the # sets, 1-11. All are from 2001
Cstm1 from June19+21 & July21.01 is complete at 227pics.
Custom-Style set2 ,from Aug29+ Sep9.01 is complete at 190pics.
For set3, I'm providing a Custom-Style version, as well as a Standard. There's definite differences, between the 2 & also the Cstm-Style set is missing 111 of its 192pics. The Standard is complete at 192. Dates for the 2 versions are Mar27+29,Apr22&Oct15.01 for the Cstm-Style; while the Standard has Oct15.01 & an unknown date that doesn't match up with pics from the Cstm-Style version.
Standard set4 has 158 of 163pics & has 3 dates - June7, July2 +Oct30.01
Set5 has 4 great outfits (including this one>>61801but in a different set) One of the other outfits has a leather skirt & a flowery version of the beloved Pink Single-Button Top.
This set is missing 6 pics of 99. The last 15pics are Standard otherwise this is...something Very unusual.
Take Note - Set5 has the 'default date' but is No Logo &, as it gives exif Camera Info, I can safely say that if the date were set, this would be a Custom-Style set. In a case like this, you are able to rule out the possibility that the set may've been actually taken on Jan1st. If it had been, then in this case, the Jan1st date would appear, along with the times.
Set6 is a Custom with 3 dates: July7, Aug16+ Oct25.01. It features a Schoolgirl outfit & is complete at 291pics. For some odd reason the standard would have 1 more pic. If I find the pic, I'll post it.
Set7 is also a Custom. Its a Mirror-Set from Nov6.01 & is complete at 111pics.
Standard set8 is from May15 & Aug28.01, as well as an unknown date - probably earlier than May.
There's a few Cstm-Style pics at the end. Its missing 1 pic of 157.
Please Note: Also at the end, are 5 pics of her excitedly greeting & receiving a piggy-back ride from the seldom-scene Sandra y024. As I have only 3 other pics of Sandra, I've copied those 5 & have also added them in her rather small folder.
Standard set9 has 2 pics missing of 164. Its 1st part is from May14.01, while its 2nd part has her latest date of Nov26.01 The beginning of the Nov part has 2 shoots, from that day, mixed together. They alternate eg: pic 0001, pic 0001_2, etc
This goes to about 1/2 way through the date, then the shoot with the '_2' continues without the 'suffix'.
On her final Vlad day, Zhenya also did a 2Model set with Alvina m037.
Custom set 10 is from May24.01 & is complete at 114pics. She takes a couple of calls on her phone & during the 1st one, gestures for us to 'Quiet down'.
Standard set 11 is missing 1 pic of 102 & is from June29 & July2.01 & features the Purple outfit>>61801 & the Flowery Single-Button top.
I will be posting my Play & Wrestle sets fairly soon, Zhenya has several.
Picture from set5


Here's a few Custom-Style pics from sets 4, 8, 9 & 11. The ones from 8 (from the end of the set ,with Sandra) have already added to the set, as those pics were missing.


>> No. 61923
File: 147604303289.jpg - ( 148.48KB , 1600x1200 , y068_k18_031.jpg )
Thanks Odds&Ends set 96 & up:)
I'll start getting them up to host tonight.
For now the files will be done.

OP I've found a couple of y068 Yulya,don't know at all what it is except it's her.
Sets named y068_k18 78 pics & y068_k63 76 pics,#'s 001-078 & same for the other set.
No EXIF resolution 1200x1600,I'm not sure but I
preview from k18.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61930
File: 147604646419.jpg - ( 168.12KB , 1600x1200 , p5170017.jpg )
Here is more of Yulya m065 (>>61732 your last requested items)
This is sets 98, 101, 103, 105 & 108-124. Also, I've included the SchoolGirl Cstm from Sep14.05, the same day as set 115
These sets cover 6 months from mid-May to mid-Nov of 2005. 116 from Sep23.05, is in Cstm form, as is 119, from either Nov7 or Oct14 (the only time I've seen that the exif data differs from the date code)
There's videos posted that go with Cstms 116 &119, as well as pt1 of set109 (love that top)
The 2nd part of 109 is a mystery. Its from Sep3.05, but the #ing has me confused. It might be that it goes with the #ing of one of the missing sets.
pic from set98 - words can't describe how awesome she looks, here


>> No. 61932
Wow... This is wonderful. Dude, I'm very grateful to the work that you are taking you.
Zhenya I love, especially when making those gestures with her beautiful face. It is divine.
It would also be very good for getting the Zhenya sets in other agencies. You say you have, and you will share them later. I'll be waiting for more than Zhenya.
Thank you very much.

>> No. 61965
What an outstanding thread... thanks to all for all the work involved putting it together.

Just curious, though; am I the only one having issues with the Mirrorcreator links? For the last 24 hrs, when I click the Mirrorcreator links in the posts, the Mirrorcreator page opens up, but the page does not generate any mirror site links. Instead, it hangs up and displays a note saying "Just a few moments please, Fetching download links...". I assume it is an issue with the Mirrorcreator site, but wanted to see if I was the only one getting that issue when trying to follow the links.

>> No. 61973
File: 147609257914.jpg - ( 163.71KB , 1200x1600 , m061_set-127-pa240045.jpg )
m061 Nadya set 096-146 & original poster of these are Odds&Ends.
Preview from set 127
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

Password: NaD061yA





>> No. 61975
File: 147609265988.jpg - ( 571.78KB , 1200x1600 , m042_cstm-2-DSCF0007.jpg )
Have'nt seen this of m042 Nadya posted here,it's a custom,as it's TL I'm not posting anything else then the

preview for starters.
Set is named,m042 cstm 2 2008-11-24 & the EXIF tells the date,I'm not convinced,yet,it is m042 Nadya though.
Well,is it m042 & better posted in the +18 section if it is her???

As I'm going thrue more of the stored vlad I'm finding some strays,not even aware of I had this set.
I do know why I'm discovering a few sets not really fitting in with the Y series,well,it's another story:)
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 61980
Wow... This is wonderful. Dude, I'm very grateful to the work that you are taking you.
Zhenya I love, especially when making those gestures with her beautiful face. It is divine.
It would also be very good for getting the Zhenya sets in other agencies. You say you have, and you will share them later. I'll be waiting for more than Zhenya.
Thank you very much.

>> No. 61982
Thanks for reply + sets.

>> No. 61986
That is Alisa-y042, custom2-hartmut 241108. There is also a custom1-hartmut from the same date.

>> No. 62000
I'm not OP.

I've discovered similar issues with other multihosts as you have with Mirrorcreator.
Don't know for sure but for me having issues with other multihosts it turned out to be something about cloudflare.

Sometimes cloudflare can give issues like you got.
Mostly when using FF but if you're not using FF meaning Firefox & I'm not sarcastic promise.
Try to wait for a couple of days & don't ue the link at all in that time.
In some cases my FF acting like this occasionally but not yet with Mirrorcreator though.
I'll try another browser or wait for a day or two,usually it's working later.
Told it could be IP's are treated as suspicious ones,yours on the list even partly,it's annoying for sure.

Hope you'll get a functional Mirrorcreator again.
Still having the same problems in a couple of days tell here & I'll see what I can do to help a little.

>> No. 62006
Not OP.

I've got some sets,think it's about 10 or so with DARTS Jane.
I'll have to check it first even if I know I have them,the question is where:/
If ok with OP here I can post all I have.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 62022
Thanks somehow I've must have stored it wrongly named:/
Have changed it now.
Duizend Nogmaals bedankt gezien or A thousands thanks see you & it's for the M's mainly:)

>> No. 62023

Thank you for the info, frustrating as Mirrorcreator was working fine and then just stopped loading links. Bummer, too, as I am finding quite a few of the M model sets that I don't have. Anyway, I tried another bowser and no joy there, either - Mirrorcreator page loads but the links never appear. I hope they have not blacklisted my region's IPs or something like that.
Anyway, thanks for the info and I will give it a couple days and try again. And again, hats off to the OP and other for making this a great Vlad model's thread!

>> No. 62041
Okay. If you find sets Jane on your hard drive, you can publish it. I'll be very greatful.
If you think that being from another agency, is not correct post in this thread, you can do it in the "requests" section or you can create a link.
Thanks in advance.

>> No. 62049
>>62000 My post

Not working even with another browser seems like "suspicious IP handling" at least to me.
Well,as mentioned,if you have same problems in a couple of days tell here.
Then I'll try to help you just tell me the links of your choice.
Don't make it a couple of hundreds though;)

>> No. 62061
I underestimated what I had,I have a total of 23 sets of DARTS Jane.
Don't have any info about DARTS unfortunately,all I know is Jane modeled at Vlad before DARTS & that's all I know.
I'll have it at host soon & post a note in here for you later where the actual post are.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 62129
>>62041 & >>62061 posted by me.

I've posted in Requests & it is 2 separate files,but all is there.
Post is named Darts Jane by request!
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

Excuse me OP posting here about other Items.
Related,yes but it's not exactly vlad:/
May occure again but then with vlad only.
Duizend Nogmaals bedankt gezien or A thousands thanks see you.

>> No. 62130
File: 147621266314.jpg - ( 166.68KB , 1600x1200 , p2130071.jpg )
Sorry, I've been unable to post for the last couple of days.
Hopefully the MC issue was just temporary. Its working fine for me, except for the message in red that can be ignored.
That's set 38. I vaguely remember some reissuing of Vlad material in which the models were given totally different #s. I believe they started with 'N'. This might be one of those sets.

Here's the last of Yulya m065 - sets 125-148. They begin in late Oct 2005 & go to June2.06
Set 148 was her last set. It was a custom, although I have it only in standard form. I have managed to find 2 cstm pics, from that set, which are in a separate folder.
Set 136 has the outfit, shoes, etc, from the 5min Cstm Tom video.
Set139 (mar24.06) appears to tie in with her 18s 'Intro-Video'.
Sets 131+132 reflect the fact they were both done near Xmas of 2005.
There are many Wonderful sets. I shall follow with a couple more previews. This one is from set135.


>> No. 62133
File: 147621585871.jpg - ( 137.13KB , 1600x1200 , pa280027.jpg )
Here's another pic from Yulya m065's last 25 sets. This is from No Logo set 136.

Again I apologize for not responding sooner. The Zhenya/Jane Darts info was provided by a fellow who was given the sobriquet of 'The Darts Guy'. He also provided a few sets of Zhenya as 'Jane', some of Katya m030 as (I can't recall) & even a picture of a female photog from Vlad & Darts, with whom he had extensive correspondence with.
On a couple of occasions, he regaled us with very interesting stories, including one related to some shoes.
I prefer the threads stick to Vlad - Otherwise where do we stop?
So, because this is an interesting subject (although I had 'Jane' Darts sets, I hadn't caught on that it was Zhenya, prior to The Darts guy mentioning it)
And because it was a topic in my earlier threads, with The Darts Guy's stories being quite popular,
And because this is a case of a Very popular Vlad model, who left far too soon. They are more or less from what would've been her 'prime'.
She was also very 'animated' & the Darts sets demonstrate that.
So go ahead & post the sets of her at Darts. If you can do it in larger groups that would definitely be best.
If there are any with her with any guys, Please skip them as they go 'Off-Topic' for this thread. The few Vlad 2Mod sets with Dima, are a world away from the Darts boy/girl sets.
I did notice that the year was wrong in the exif data, on some of her sets, it seems the Darts Guy had the correct dates

>> No. 62134
File: 147621628734.jpg - ( 162.62KB , 1200x1600 , pc020071.jpg )
Here's another pic from Yulya m065's sets 125-149. Its from set129 - I'm very surprised that this was not a custom, especially as 'Tom' seemed to have such an interest in shoes, etc.

>> No. 62187
Solved the DARTS post with 2 separate files & it's up in Requests.
I'd never post anything not vlad here even not closely related & that's why I've done the post as I did.
Don't have anything else of DARTS & no boy/girl sets at all,not even sure if I've seen any of those:)

I've offered to assist someone having issues with Mirrorcreator,it's vlad only though & many of your links I guess.
I'll make a thread for the assist links if you think I should,promise.
Limits of a thread,well,will occure some time & I don't want to have caused it.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 62188
File: 147628527161.jpg - ( 112.13KB , 768x1024 , P2050004.jpg )
I see my post came after your's. The idea this fellow>>62041 had was much better than my suggestion. This way, if guys wish to request other Darts girls, (or Darts 'boy-girl' sets, for that matter) they're free to do so, without going off topic.
In fact this can be the perfect answer to requests related to any other Post-Vlad modelling activity that these girls may have done.
And a thanks to both you & Odds&Ends for the Nadya m061 contributions, as she has such enthusiastic fans - it thus, pleases me to know that this thread provided them with such a good chunk of her sets.
I haven't had time to get all the sets, but it looks like she began in July of 2003.

And I always enjoy hearing from that people enjoy the thread (hope the MC problem is gone)

Here's Alina m035, with sets 1-8, 10, 11 & 13. I have nothing at all of set9, but I have 3 pics from set12, that I've included in a folder along with 1 odd pic from Feb14.02 that I've never figured out.
Her sets span about 6 months ,from Oct17.01 to Apr23.02 - amazing, considering she also did 10 Sports & 2Mod sets!
Before I go further - Please Note: This is the official version of her sets (minus what's missing) BUT - There's also a "Muddled Version" that circulates Very widely.
Thus, I'm also posting full previews of each version
Back to the sets. Standard set1 & Custom-Style set2 tie together. Set1 begins with pics 1-35 from Oct17.01 - Set2 starts with pic37 from Oct17 ,going to 77. Then there are 48pics from Nov12th.
The 2nd part of set1 begins where set2 left off - pic49 from Nov12th. The 3rd part of set1 is from Nov20th. Pic total is 172 & 87 for 2
Cstm-Style set3 is from Oct20.01 - 116pics
Custom set4 is from Nov1.01 & 109pics
Standard set5 is from Jan12.02 with 102pics
Custom-Style set6 from Nov22.01 & Jan24.02 is missing 36 of 140pics. They are 1-36 of the Jan24 date.
Custom-Style set7 has 114pics & is from Feb5+ Mar11.02
Custom set8 is from Dec18.01 & Mar2.02 with 138pics
Custom set10 from Apr15+16.02, has a mere 51 pics but she goes through an astonishing array of outfits.
Standard set 11 opens to 80 pics from Mar22.02 These are 'normal size', ranging from 105-180kb.
A 2nd folder inside, holds the Mar19th portion of 88pics, totaling 5.8Mb, many are only 55kb.
Set12 is a standard from Mar25.02
Standard set13 has 103pics & is from Apr23.02 The last few pics also feature an appearance from Lisa y031
pic from7


Now here's the official version & muddled version with a pic from each Portion of each set. You'll see how portions of sets are labeled as 'full sets' in the muddled version.
Don't feel dumb if you have it. Its still getting passed around as 'Official'. Thus, I'm hoping to help some of you to get the proper version.


>> No. 62237
Big Thank You to both of these posters for Nadya .
Where has she been hiding ? Very lovely girl with awesome legs !
I look forward to seeing the rest of her sets.

>> No. 62238
I was having the same very sudden issues with Mirrorcreator but only on FF, and as with you, frustrated . Then I decided to look at my Add-Ons and discovered the culprit . A couple months ago I installed uBlock to control runaway re-directs . I now simply disable it when using Mirror and everything's good again, If you use uBlock this may be your problem

>> No. 62243
This set is a custom for the same person. Trust me.

>> No. 62251
File: 147632013255.jpg - ( 185.57KB , 1600x1200 , Yulia Y068.jpg )
Before CandyDoll there was VladModels This tread is an absolute treasure, thank you.

Anyone travel to Vladivostok?

Now, Y068 Yulya

>>61923 -Please, we just have to see what
you got -Cheers!

>> No. 62263
Here's the rest of AIH of Nadya-m061. There are quite a few gaps in this batch, missing sets as noted.

Unwatermarked sets have 'NoLogo' appended to the archive name, they don't appear to have any extractable EXIF attached to the files.

Missing set 050
Missing sets 053 to 058 incl.
Missing sets 060 & 061
Missing sets 064 to 067 incl.
Missing set 069
Missing set 072
Missing set 076
Missing set 078

Pass should be 0dds&3nds
one or two archives may have slipped through with the earlier pass Odds&Ends

Nadyas videos seem untraceable, unless they are hidden behind a totally unrelated search term. I've exhausted all the combinations I can think of.

>> No. 62330
I'm going to post them,a little too occupied at the moment though:/
In a day or two,they will be here,it's a promise:)

Agree,Vlad is great,still I think it's what I'll chose first,in my humble opinion it's what I prefer.
Vladivostok,well,not anymore but have been there not as much as outside Moscow though.
Some years ago & today I prefer the warmer regions slightly more when I occasionally will travel somewhere:)

I don't use Ublock & have similar issues with other multihosts sometimes exodhare but mainly with another of those not seen that much around here.
Do you know or have any thoughts about what else may cause the issues if it's not what I mentioned here >>62049
Please excuse me I'm not extremely good at explaining in english:/

Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 62334
Well, I do use FF, but I have not added any new plug-ins or add-ons for months, but I will check and make sure nothing slipped in.
Just checked FF again, and Mirrorcreator still hanging up while generating links.
My workaround was I installed Google Chrome, and MC works fine in there. So I have been grabbing anything I want that way without any issues.
I do appreciate the follow up heads up, though, and will try and track down the hang-up and report back in a day or two.

>> No. 62360
Interesting. I found the reason Mirrorcreator is hanging up for me in FF this morning.
As I said, my workaround was downloading and using Google Chrome, and it worked perfectly.
But to get rid of all the crazy pop-up ad windows MC generates, I added the AdBlock Extension.
And what do you know - MC stopped loading the download links in Chrome, too!
Toggle the AdBlock extension off - the download links load perfectly; turn it back on - and it hangs every time.
And it works the same in both FF and Chrome for me - AdBlock on, no download links, and AdBlock disabled, MC download links show up pretty as can be.

>> No. 62369
File: 14764284839.jpg - ( 169.45KB , 1600x1200 , p9100056.jpg )
Here's 30 more sets of Ksenya y157. They are: 24-29, 34, 35, 41, 43-46, 53-55 + 57-69, covering (for the most part) Dec15.04 - Feb4.06, although set28 is out of sequence & is from Oct9.04
45 is a custom-style set from May19.05
No Logo sets are: 41, 54, 55 & 58-67 - most are not labeled as such.
I've included the 6 pics I have of set 40
pic from61



>> No. 62375
File: 147644787215.jpg - ( 152.66KB , 1200x1600 , y068-Yulya-k18_007.jpg )
>>62330 & >>61923 Posted by me.

I do know it's y068 Yulya but that's all I know.
No EXIF & photos #'rd 001 and on.
Info very appreciated.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

Password: yUl068yA


>> No. 62410
File: 14764728784.jpg - ( 168.44KB , 1200x1600 , p8300046.jpg )
As I mentioned earlier, I believe its a repackaging of her sets - in this case set 38. When I 1st mentioned it>>62130 I said I 'vaguely remembered' a few former Vlad models being given 'N' #s, with repackaged sets, but now I'm pretty sure of it. It seems to me Olga y151 was there (possibly with another name) with a # like 'N17'.
Marina y171 was there, too. I remember a sort of "photo collage"/"picture chart", which I kind of remember being 3x5, for 15 ex-Vlad models (but I may be wrong.)
So, everything of her (as far as sets) is here>>59576,>>59764,>>60001,>>60856,>>60859 +>>61627
All that's missing is Custom versions of 46, 49, 81, 85, 86, 102 & 103, as well as 'Custom-Style' versions of sets 10 & 17 all of which I've posted in standard form - or, as in the case of 46, a 'Non-exif Unwatermarked Set' aka what I call a 'No Logo' set, when I'm describing a group of sets.
I'm also interested in any 'Custom-Style' sets, that I may not be aware of (I've posted all of her 1st 22 sets in this form except for 10&17 + set21 which was an official custom)

>> No. 62416
File: 147647753335.jpg - ( 151.29KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0078.jpg )
These next 2 posts will be of 2 Vlad models with consecutive #s, who started in the early summer of 2007, shortly after the 'P' #ing system was discontinued.
My guess (its only a guess but I'm taking into account early # set cstms of Kristina y158 & Tanya - both who started later) so I figure they began in late June or early July.

The 1st one is Nastya y153 & she did 12 sets, all of which are here. 1/2 of the sets have from 97-139pics.
The picture is from set 11


>> No. 62418
File: 147647812324.jpg - ( 161.74KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0039.jpg )
Here's the 2nd consecutively #ed model I spoke of, in the last post. This is Anya y154, with her 18 sets
pic from set9


>> No. 62419
k18 I think can find in set standard number there I can not look about for now.
I think number for photos different maybe like p,dscf.
k63 I never see before,k set made like custom with standard I do not have day and year,sorry.
I before crash had k32,pity no photo.

>> No. 62462
File: 147652239965.jpg - ( 68.43KB , 480x640 , DSC00010.jpg )
Here's an early Vlad model who had 2 #s - Nelly m008 aka m013. I have no idea why she would have 2 different #s so close in sequence. If a model left & returned I'd imagine there should be a greater span between the #s.
Anyhow, I have 6 sets (no dates). 2 lengthy sets combine for over 200pics, while the other 4 each have 33-53 pics.
This was another contribution from Ancient


>> No. 62466
File: 147652566641.jpg - ( 317.87KB , 736x881 , Nastya m014.jpg )
This is Nastya m014 with 8 "sets". A couple have around 25 pics, but several are in the 2-3 pic range. 2 of the sets were taken on Jan16.01, this is the only date I have for her sets.
I've also included a misc. folder of 4 pics
I also have her in a couple of Play sets that I'll be posting soon.


>> No. 62468
File: 147652760595.jpg - ( 144.02KB , 1024x768 , C000014.jpg )
Here's Asya m016 in 16 sets. 4 have 6 or 7 pics each, while the remaining dozen range from 14-67 pics per set.
There are 8 sets that yield dates. 4 were done on Dec21.00, while the other 4 were done 4 days later, on Xmas Day.
A Play Set (that I'll post later) indicates that she was with Vlad until at least early Feb of 2001.
About 98% of my Asya collection came from Ancient


>> No. 62469
File: 147653172224.jpg - ( 157.30KB , 1600x1200 , p9030067.jpg )
Here's the 4 sets done by Katya m062 between late July & mid-Sep of 2003.
pic from set 3


Thanks go to Odds&Ends for increasing the size of set 1 from 17pics to 68, a few months back.

>> No. 62474
File: 147653685822.jpg - ( 168.52KB , 1600x1200 , P8290093.jpg )
Here's Rita m063. I have only sets 3-6, done during 3 1/2 weeks from Aug22 to Sep15.03
Sets 4 + 5 are cstms. 4 is from Aug22.03 & 5 is from Sep8.03
pic from 3


If anyone has sets 1 &/or 2, they would be a very welcome addition

>> No. 62490
Thank you & to >>62419 It's a pity you don't have a photo of the k32.
Well,if it's as OP here told more then once, it's probably one of the regular sets or another set repacked/redistributed.
sorry I've must have missed the particular info BTW:/

>>62462 >>62466 >>62468 & >>62469
Thanks added a lot to the M's:)
Abel to dl without any risks here made it a very great find I think.
Not as safe where I've seen the latest posts of M series about a month ago,but a poster mentioned as Ancient here & it's the pw I've recognized had a lot posted there.
Along with a lot of other quite rare Vlad.
I really appreciate your work here OP & hope to add if not here but in the +18 section soon.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 62510
File: 147658700185.jpg - ( 296.10KB , 1200x1600 , P6020065.jpg )
Here's Lola m056. She did 34 sets between Apr of 2003 & Feb of 2004. I have 8 sets - 3-5, 7, 8, 11, 14 & 25
Pictured set 11 is a cstm from June2.03, while 25 is a cstm from Sep15.03
As a bonus, I'm including a folder with the 1 or 2 pics I've been able to gather from all but 2 of the missing sets. There are pics from 9 Custom-Style sets, which help to get a timeline.
Set 7 is missing 3 of its 95 pics.
Any missing sets would be extremely welcome


>> No. 62523
hi Vlad OP

could you upload Oksanay046 please?

there's a thread up atm but a couple of files I can't download from the host

>> No. 62528
File: 147661428361.jpg - ( 123.97KB , 768x1024 , pb120059.jpg )
In Asya m016 post>>62468 I forgot to mention her video appearance. I have a 25min Wrestle video, featuring her & Yulya m017 (whose sets I'm posting here)

Here's Yulya m017's # sets. She also did earlier sets, likely labeled by certain clothing items (eg: 'Pink Sweater') or outdoor sets.
I've delayed posting these as I'd hoped to be able to list some info about when these were taken. None of the sets are customs & as they bounce around in & out of sequence, I'm not always sure about the year.
I know that she was there from sometime in 2000 to early 2002.
Sets with dates of May-Sep should be 2001. Sets with Oct-Dec could be 2000 or 2001.
Some of these sets are fairly lengthy
Here they are - Set 01, with dates of June11,16+22 has 175pics. Set2 has 401 pics, 65 are from Oct19 & the rest have the default date. For some strange reason, part of the set has pics alternating between different backgrounds.
Set3 - 176pics - has the default date for 1/2 the set, then May15 & Oct24. A large portion alternates not just different backgrounds but different swimsuits, as well.
Set4 has 110 of 116pics. It has the default date, followed by Aug10. The 1st 6 pics of this set have a 'c~' prefix. They will likely be from Dec 2000 to Feb 2001
Set5 has 75pics & is from Sep26
Set6 is missing 1 pic of 118 & is from Nov12, I'm pretty sure this is 2001
Set7 - 241pics, has the default date, July30, Oct12 & Nov4.
Set8 has 119pics & is May31 & Oct24. Pajama-themed set9, with 115pics, has over 1/2 the set with the default date & the rest is July5.
Set10 (134pics) from June18 & July24, has various outdoor settings.
Set11 ,from Dec5, has 105pics


She was in many Sports, Play & Wrestle sets (even the lone Boxing set)

>> No. 62571
File: 147664375656.jpg - ( 168.63KB , 1200x1600 , m056_027_p9250021.jpg )
m056 Lola Set 21,23-29.31-34 preview from set 27.
Tot ziens misschien.

Password: Lo056lA


>> No. 62604
File: 14766622609.jpg - ( 372.67KB , 1600x1200 , P4110161.jpg )
OK, I will. In fairness to that OP, if a person needed only 1 or 2 sets, its easy enough to get his, but if you need most of her sets, I will have them in larger groups.

Here is 2 custom sets of Katya m030. They are set 01 from July31+ Sep21.01 & pictured set 9 from Apr11.02
She will likely appeal to those guys with a preference for chubby girls.
Apparently she was also with Darts.


>> No. 62606
File: 147666321224.jpg - ( 174.78KB , 1600x1200 , p1160041.jpg )
Here's Diana y139. Along with Natasha m054 & Kristina y158, she is another Vlad model who appears to be of Oriental heritage.
She did 8 sets in her short stay. Sets 1-4 were done between Dec9-19 of 2006 & 5-8 are from Jan16-27 of 2007
pic from 5


>> No. 62608


>> No. 62611
File: 147666537356.jpg - ( 391.66KB , 1600x1200 , PB200045.jpg )
Here's more of Nadya m042. This is 22 sets spanning 85-134. We're now into the area that has a lot of missing sets. From 101-164, I have only 13 1/2 sets.
These sets cover Oct4.04 to Feb21.05
Sets are: 85-93, 95-100, 105, 110, 111, 113, 122, 124 & 134
There are 3 cstms - 110 from Nov6.04 - it has 2 standard pics (63+64), they were likely added to complete the set.
Cstm 111 is from Nov20.04 (I mislabeled the folder "Nov24") & Cstm 122 is from Dec11.04
Set 113 has 34 of 74 pics. It looks like the #ing carried over from cstm set 111, as this set is also from Nov20th & the 1st pic is #123. I've included the only pic I have from set 118. Its in a folder.
Pic from cstm 111


>> No. 62612
File: 147666605565.jpg - ( 165.04KB , 1200x1600 , p7170040.jpg )
Here's a nice looking girl I don't see posted that often - which is why I'm posting her sets even though they're incomplete. Its Alexandra y121 & her 4 sets were all done in a 1 week period in July of 2006 from the 13th to the 20th.
All sets are missing roughly 20 pics.


>> No. 62613
Hopefully some set fills for Lola. I have 6, 9, 12 and 16 all complete except 6 (according to 2014 idx)


No pw

>> No. 62616
File: 147667015893.jpg - ( 200.89KB , 1200x1600 , P8050184.jpg )
Here's Oksana y046 with her 1st 19 sets. They start on Oct31.03 with these going to early Aug of 2004.
Set 7 is missing 2 of 113 & set15 is missing 3 of 104
pic from 19


>> No. 62625
I don't have set 006 on this pc, but I can tell you. You may have deleted the other 6 photos. They appeared as sad attempts of thumbnails of the other pics c~000129-136 and included an a, i.e, c~000129a.jpg. Apparently Vladmodel's had not yet mastered making thumbnails. This came from a reliable source, but is believable from my personal experience.

>> No. 62628
File: 147669694737.jpg - ( 589.67KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0066.jpg )
Here's the sets of former ShowStar Kristina y158, that I've been meaning to post for some time now. Precise start & finish dates aren't possible, but I can give a good guess.
This is sets 1-25, including 2 customs. Cstm set 15 is from Aug21.07 & (as the preview indicates) it features the very popular Single-Button Pink Top.
On Sep25.07, she did 2 cstms (25+26). 25 was 1st & is included here. 26 is in the next group.
Based on the date of the 1st custom (& a few other factors) I'm figuring that she started in early to mid July of 2007.
There are 2 videos posted, featuring her. One is a tickle vid & the other a wrestle vid. I'm pretty sure I'll get the 3rd one up as well, before you see this.


Be sure to check inside the thread for more new posts. There's 6 or 7, altogether

>> No. 62629
File: 147669778823.jpg - ( 188.39KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0071.jpg )
Here's Kristina y158's sets 26-53. As I mentioned in the last post, 26 is a cstm & it was the 2nd cstm of Sep25.07
pic is from set 50. You'll notice a new hairstyle in her last few sets (49-51+53) & her Wrestle vid. Set52 must've been done earlier.


>> No. 62633
File: 147669905829.jpg - ( 128.05KB , 1600x1200 , pa070028.jpg )
Here's the only set I have of Marya w004. Its set 1 & I'm a bit confused on the date (actually the year) I'm leaning to Oct7.04
I touched on this in the 18+ thread, when I posted another 'W' model's sets


>> No. 62642
File: 147671201576.jpg - ( 278.66KB , 1200x1600 , c~000136.jpg )
I actually kept the thumbs as as amusing curiosity.

In my Yulya m017 post>>62528 I forgot to mention that there was 1 pic included from Play-Series 9 from Dec28.00 with Yulya & Rada m019.
The thumbs I mentioned are Very odd looking & if anyone wishes to see them, the link is below.
They are supposed to be of the 1st 6 pics of set6
Interestingly, in these 6 pics, Yulya looks identical to how she looks in Play-set 11 with her & Kristina m023 & the 'Furry model with the long nose'.


>> No. 62644
File: 147671490625.jpg - ( 200.84KB , 1200x1600 , p8130157.jpg )
Here's the very few early sets I have of Valerya m041.
I have her last 2 dozen sets & ,in fact I'm uploading them, as we speak.
What I have is Sets 2, 3, 6, 7, 71, 77, 79, 99 & 105. I've also included 4 pics from 78.
Cstms are 2 from June13+ 20.02 & I have only 43pics of 102.
Cstm 3 is from May30.02 & is missing 1 pic of 109.
Please Note - I forgot to change the folder label of set3 after I added a bunch of pics. It says it has only 30 or so pics.
Cstm 6 from June27 +July10.02
No Logo set7 is missing 10 of 117 pics
Set 71 has 54 of 130 pics. This set from Mar12.04 features her several outfits.
Mirror set 77 from July23.04 has 138 of139 pics
Pictured set 79 is complete at only 55pics. Its from Aug13.04
Set99 from Feb5.05 has 35pics of 99.
Set105 from Apr23.05 is complete.
If you have no Valerya sets, this will be a start.
There is also a video of her posted in the other thread


Any missing sets up to 121 would be extremely welcome. Likewise, any top ups of incomplete sets.

>> No. 62646
File: 147671955077.jpg - ( 617.13KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0011.jpg )
I was wondering if you could help me out. If you took only her picture sets how large is your y157 Tanya folder. I am building a post and am having a hard time believing my size. I may have done something wrong. I don't know.

>> No. 62649
File: 147672041672.jpg - ( 168.94KB , 1600x1200 , p7130003.jpg )
And for the trouble of looking:

>> No. 62651
File: 147672128144.jpg - ( 354.37KB , 1600x1200 , P1280005.jpg )
A huge Thanks, guys for the Lola sets. This brings the total to 22 sets.
I was wondering how you got a date for set 33, as it had the default date (p101) Then I figured it out - Properties. It even gives the time.
Thus, I suppose someone could change the pics to 'pc23', if they wished to.
I had tried it on a few things a while back & wasn't able to get much. I got probable dates on a few Dscf sets
So the Dec23.03 date of set 33 is the latest date; set 34 is from Nov18.03
Some of you may be wondering why I claimed she was with Vlad to "Feb of 2004".
I didn't know the dates of 33 & 34 but I knew that 2Model set 115 with Irina y038, Nadya m042 & Lola was from Jan28.04 (pictured)

>> No. 62652
File: 147672195272.jpg - ( 140.60KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF052.jpg )
Here's the only set I have of Nastya y192. Its set 2 & I see its short 5 pics. Its hard to say what's missing, as I think it may have originated from an Image-Host, as it had long weird #s. I renamed it to Dscf.
She did 14 sets ,in all. Any others would be welcome.


>> No. 62654
File: 147672326088.jpg - ( 164.85KB , 1600x1200 , p1280016.jpg )
Here's Valerya m041's sets 122-145. They cover Sep of 2005 to May20.06
Set 145 is a custom from Mar18.06
Sets 122 - 133 are all No Logo. Set 124 is an outdoor 'Vladivostok' set 128 is in Black & White.


>> No. 62666
File: 147672774820.jpg - ( 1.32MB , 914x8284 , y038s_1.jpg )
Please upload collection

>> No. 62667
This post made me a happy man:)
Somehow I've lost the first 30 sets of y158 Kristina.
I hope you have found the m056 Lola >>62571
I could be hard or even quite impossible to get a reply from for a few days.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 62674
"I was wondering how you got a date for set 33"
It's an easy question for me to answer:)
Most of what I've found of vlad I have to blame or thank a particular host for.
Added all links to getright,dl'd & stored in a bunch to sort later,now I'm going thrue GB's of vlad & some are in fact copys with a couple of gems too sometimes,like the very few M series I've found.
Dates was never added by me for the m056 Lola sets in this post >>62571 :)
Tot ziens misschien & million thanks for the M's plus some Y series too.

>> No. 62681
File: 147675408997.jpg - ( 158.68KB , 1200x1600 , P5040087.jpg )
Thankyou! I was, of course, hoping the full sets would appear, but I never imagined it would be instantly! In cases like that, I often check to see if the missing pics of any or all of the sets are all together (eg: at the end of the set), thus, making it easy to add fills, which means less to upload for the contributor.

Now, for Tanya. The sets are about 11 1/3Gb. There isn't much archived, just the # cstms. As for the videos, its 49Gb - But all the videos are archived except the 2 5min ones. So, I guess you can say 25Gb for the videos & 10 1/2Gb for the sets.
Hope that helps

Here we have Yulya y054, a nice looking girl who did 25 sets during her time at Vlad. Her initial shoot which appears as part of set3, was on Feb19.04 In the 4 1/2 months between then & July6.04, she did 23 of her 25 sets.
2 months later she did set24 & another month later she did set 25, on Oct8.04
She also did a nice 2Mod set (145) with Maria y060, on June11.04
Set 8 is pictured


Well, now I can upload What I Have of her, which is about 200 or so sets. I can't do it in 1 fell swoop, as I have to fit it in amongst other stuff. But I'll try for 1 or 2 groups per day.
I should also say - You have one of the set charts with errors. You'll see among the early set pics a few pics where she's noticeably older than the surrounding pics.
I have 1 of her videos posted. I'll post her other one, too

>> No. 62693
Is Vlad your favourite agency OP?
I love how they have the vintage pin-up charm to them

>> No. 62766
File: 147686855271.jpg - ( 327.13KB , 1200x1600 , P8160043.jpg )
Well, its the one from which I spend the most time hunting stuff down. I do enjoy stuff from many other agencies & my collections are fairly decent in some cases - but few other agencies had so many models, with some staying quite a long time.
They had great ideas for sets & vids - Some of the longstanding themes were very enjoyable. I never got tired of seeing sets featuring the 'Single-Button Pink Top'.
Re: Pinups - I never thought of it as I was choosing a preview pic, but this>>62681 really does look like a pinup type pic.

Here is more of Oksana y046 for you. This is 25 sets: 20-33, 35-39, 41-43 & 45-47.
These sets cover Aug11.04 to early June9.05
There are 6 No Logo sets: 36, 27, 29, 43, 45 + 47.
There are many nice sets. Xmas set 31 was actually done on Xmas day.
I like Oksana the most in these earlier sets. I think its because her eyebrows are too 'sharp', in the later ones. In these sets her face looks 'softer'
Just my opinion
Pic from set 20


>> No. 62769
File: 147687681213.jpg - ( 588.43KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0007.jpg )
A breakdown of Tanya-y157
numbered standard sets ~1.8GB
numbered custom sets ~1.9GB
named custom sets ~8.5GB
21 solo videos ~21.9GB

>> No. 62770
File: 147687886834.jpg - ( 189.41KB , 1600x1200 , pa280139.jpg )
Here's 15 of the 16 sets I have of Alina m050. I can't tell about set 1 & I'm missing set 16, otherwise these cover about 6 months from mid-Oct 2002 to Apr21.03
It looks like they're all complete except set 01, which is missing 16 of 92 pics. Strangely enough, 3 sets have more pics than the official listed amounts. There's no dbls & all the pics belong there.
There's 2 official customs - sets 2 & 14. I don't have cstm versions of either set, although at 98pics, my standard version of set 14 is 15pics longer than the cstm version.
I do have 5 Custom-Style sets - they are:
Set 4 from Dec2.02 & with 99pics (11 more than the official total)
Set 8 from Jan16.03, set 9 from Jan20.03
Set 11 from Feb13.03 & set 13 from Apr14.03
Set 11 has 'file #ing' - that is, the word 'file' followed by random #s & letters. As such sets are notorious for having the pictures out of sequence, I checked it. For the 1st 1/2 of the set, there's several suspiciously big jumps in time. I then came upon a picture taken 1min prior to the one leading off the set. When sorted, it would run continuous for a 1/2hr.
Set 10 begins with the weird 'file' #ing but after 4 pics it goes to 'P' #ing, indicating a date of Jan6.03
Speaking of sets having pictures out of order, set 01 has 29 bikini pics, then the portion with the 1piece starts with the remaining 7 bikini pics scattered throughout.
Interestingly sets 14 & 15, both from Apr21.03, have #ing that carries over from 14 to 15.
She has some nice sets. The pictured set 6 has her trying on several different pairs of stockings


Set 16 features her on a gymnasium 'climbing apparatus'.
To anyone who might have this set: Your contribution would be most welcome. As would be cstm versions of sets 2 & 14

I plan to make an attempt to sort set 11 into order from 3:33 - 4:02. I'll post the sorted version when I finish

>> No. 62773
dear OP, your Vlad collection is quite impressive!
I wonder if you have two sets I am looking for since ages:

Valerya y064, Sets 004 and 006?

Thank you in advance for looking :)

>> No. 62776
Here's Tanya y157 vs Zhenya y167 in a Wrestle-Custom for Duff. Its a tad over 20mins & begins with each girl posing solo for 2mins. They then pose together for just over 1 1/2mins. There is no 'accidental bumping' or 'escalating argument', etc. In this case, the girls, having received a signal (I thought I heard a whisper), simply begin to circle each other - thus begins the match.
This is Zhenya's only video appearance.
All 3 parts are needed. Wait until All 3 parts have finished downloading - then open/extract part1 ,the other 2 automatically follow.
You will have 1 video that's 20 1/2mins.




Please ask if you have any problems with this download process

>> No. 62782
File: 147689186611.jpg - ( 149.38KB , 1200x1600 , p4010108.jpg )
I suppose the Tanya-Zhenya video will end up going through. Basically, it was here because I copied it from the other page. Anymore explaining would take too long.

Here's the 1st sets of Irina y038. There's 19 sets from 1-28. Sets are 1, 2, 5-10, 13, 15, 16, 18 & 22-28. I've also included a folder with 3 pics from each of Custom-Style set 4 from July15.02 & set 21.
I can't get dates from the 1st 2 sets & set 3 is missing; but comparing the earliest shoots of y037,39+40, I see they all started between May23 & 28 2002. The Bio card shows that by June11.02 she had done sets 1 & 2. Thus, these sets cover about a year, going to June9.03
There are 3 official customs - 8, 15 & 25 + 5 more custom-style sets.
Dates of those sets are: 5 is July6.02, 7 is July24.02, 8 is Sep4.02, 10 is from Sep26.02, 15 is from Nov29.02, 24 is Apr18.02 & 25 is Apr25.02
Set 6 is missing 21 pics out of 107 & set 18 is missing 4 out of 116.
Pictured set is 22. Set 7 is interesting, as it has 10 consecutive facial closeups, in the middle of the set.


Any missing sets are very much welcome (even if they're incomplete) Basically, if I haven't posted a given set in the group where it would be; then you can safely assume I haven't got it but would love to have it.

>> No. 62793
Yes it did help. I had included Parity files and didn't realize I was making duplicates. Thus the post grew to over 25GB. I knew something was wrong, it just took a little hunting to find it. And thank you for a wonderful post. I have found a few gems here. I did something similar a long time ago.

>> No. 62807
File: 147693708613.jpg - ( 143.14KB , 1200x1600 , p920023.jpg )
Sorry, Valerya y064's sets are rather hard to find. All I have is about 3/4 of set 5. I also have a grand total of 7 pics out of her 1st 3 sets. But nothing from 4 or 6.
The little bit I do have was enough to answer a question that had been nagging me. In the 2007 archive there's 2 pics of her (odd, for someone who only did 6 sets) Anyhow, she looked very different in the 2 pics.
Well, now I see that she had a short initial shoot on Oct15.04, then 4 days later she did the remainder of set 1 & set 2. The #ing from the Oct19th portion of set 1, as well as set 2 ran continuous from 1 to about 175 or so.
She then returned 5 months later - Mar18.05, to do set 3. I don't know about 4 +6, but 5 was done Apr8.05 This makes me think those 2 sets were done pretty close to the days of 3 + 5.
The 5 month gap explains why there was such a difference between sets 2 & 3 of someone who did only 6 sets.
Its too bad I didn't have a pic from each of sets 4+6, with the 'P' #ing. There's a couple of places where its actually easier to search by the pic #, than the model's name or #.
I have found a few sets that way.

I have 1 more set of Valerya y062 whose sets I've posted here>>59722+>>60044 Set 17 needed to be re#ed, as it had srewy #ing. Its complete & appears to be in order.
I've also included a folder with 7 pics. There's 1 pic from each of sets 1+2 & 2 from set 10, taken at a lake (1,2+10 are all bikini sets), also a pic from set 108, in which she appears to have a broken wrist. This is the Only time I've seen a Vlad model in a set while wearing a cast! She doesn't have it in any other sets or pics that I have & its not in any other thumbs. I also have a pic each from 109
& 110. These are 12 days after 108 & 4 weeks prior.
I should mention that I now have a start date for her of June16.04

>> No. 62808
File: 147693944757.jpg - ( 558.78KB , 1200x1600 , P8300050.jpg )
Here's more of Irina y038. These are sets 30, 32-34, 36-41, 44-50 & 52. They cover late June to mid-Nov of 2003. Customs are 32, 38-40 & 49, there are also 2 custom-style sets - 34+46.
Dates for these are: 32 July5.03, 34 July17.03, 38 Aug30.03, 39 Sep3.03, 40 Sep10.03
Now, bizarrely enough, custom-style set46 was done June9.03 - the same day as set 28! In fact 46 was done about 4hrs earlier than 28. On the subject of Cstm28, I had forgotten to mention Irina's 'guest' who appears in 3 pics near the beginning of that set.
And the last cstm is 49 from Oct24.03
There are 2 No Logo sets - 33 & 47.
Pic from 38 - while choosing a pic, from that set, it came to my attention that some of the pics in cstm38 are ordinary No Logo pics that don't have the 'custom' exif date-time info.


>> No. 62842
File: 147699991799.jpg - ( 160.65KB , 1200x1600 , 17 P920001.jpg )
No wonder nobody had gotten Valerya's set17 etc>>62807

here's the link


>> No. 62844
File: 147700157930.jpg - ( 165.04KB , 1600x1200 , PB1609230021.jpg )
Here's Olya y071's sets 1-20+22. She was one of 6 'M' series models who joined during the short period in which the 'M' series was revived from Aug to Nov of 2004.
While, at 1st glance set 4 looks to be her 1st set with a date of Oct3.04, I kind of think the long weird #ing in set 7 (pictured) indicates that the 2 segments were done on Sep23rd & Nov16th. I've noticed quite a few sets done in Nov of 2004 have this issue - even ones done on just 1 date show a dbl date.
Anyhow, these go to Apr23.05 - set 20 is missing & not easy to find, if anyone has it, feel free to add it.


I have several items uploaded, I'll post them when I return

>> No. 62858
File: 147702080120.jpg - ( 160.56KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0055.jpg )
Here is Karina y163. She did 16 sets, starting (I assume) in early 2008. I have 1-15. I was initially skeptical of sets 5, 8, 10+ 11, as they combine for less than 30Mb, thus I thought they might be reduced versions. I have since found them to be original size.
Pictured set is 15. Also of note - she did 2 sets that feature the popular 'Single-Button Pink Top'.
Set 11 starts at pic 92; I don't know which set the #ing originates from.


Her missing set 16 would be most welcomed. At 160 pics, its by far her longest set. It features her in what appears to be a sort of ballet-style light pink tutu.

>> No. 62862
File: 147702189929.jpg - ( 191.47KB , 1200x1600 , NNcontent644.jpg )
Can you post this set

>> No. 62872
File: 147703180325.jpg - ( 88.06KB , 768x1024 , pb090155.jpg )
Here's Nastya y027, like Alina m035, her sets are also often circulated in an incorrect version. In the incorrect version, 8 of her 9 sets are labeled as '17 sets'.
In light of that, I'm going to go through her sets in a fair bit of detail, to allow anyone with such a version to correct it, if they choose.
Set 1 has 3 dates - Sep12.01 (it starts at pic17), Sep18th 1-35 in one outfit & 83-108 in a slightly different one. A Schoolgirl portion is from Oct24th & starts at pic 34 & goes to the end.
Next is Super-Sized set 2. Before I go further, I should mention that the entire set features her in the same orange bikini. Occasionally accessories such lengths of tinsel are added, or flowers, or a fruit basket. 'Alf' even joins her for a few pics.
Set 2 starts with the 1st 16 pics from Sep12.01 (the rest being in set 1), next is Oct13.01, with pics going 1-121, a Nov9th portion goes 1-196 & features 2 backgrounds. Nov17th goes 1-65 & Dec3rd goes 1-125, it starts with a black background & then moves to the studio.
I have included the only 4 pics I have from set 3; I have no date but the set has 146pics & features her in a blue 1piece swimsuit - A full set would be Extremely welcome.
Set 4 begins on Sep18.01 with pics 36-82. This is the portion of Sep18 pics, absent from set 1.
Next is a portion from Oct19.01 (When labeling the folder, I referred to it as Sep19 - you'll need to correct it)
Lastly, is a 'Cavegirl' portion from Oct24.01 running 1-30. This would've been done just prior to the Schoolgirl portion of set1 from the same day starting with pic 34.
Set 5 has 108 pics from Sep27.01 & 50 more from Oct29.01
Set6 is quite a nice looking one from Jan10.02
The 1st 1/2 features her in 'Bunny Ears'
The #ing is a bit odd ,going from 712-851.
Set 7 is all from Dec21.01 It has 142 pics but #s only go 1-75. That's because it goes 001, 001_2, 002, 002_2, etc. Usually, in these cases, pics with the '_2' suffix are shot at a different time. Fortunately, that's not the case here, as they all are in proper sequence.
Sets 8 & 9 are custom-style sets. Set 8 is made up from 3 dates, in the same outfit, although Mar29.02 makes up over 80% of it. The 1st 4 pics are from Mar21st, the next 14 pics are from 2 days later. The rest are from Mar29th. With pics 1-26, they alternate with pics with the '_2' suffix (eg: 01, 01_2, etc) While the '_2' pics were shot about 1hr later, they isn't much difference so its not terribly jarring to view them in order.
Set 9 is all from Apr9.02 & features 2 outfits - both look quite hot.
So the sets cover 7 months.
The picture is from the Nov9.01 portion of set2, I'll follow with another pic


Nastya can also be seen in 2Model custom-style set 4 with Sveta u007 here>>59296

>> No. 62875
File: 147703459345.jpg - ( 141.35KB , 1200x1600 , P3290010_2.jpg )
Another pic of Nastya y027 (set8)

>> No. 62877
File: 147703642297.jpg - ( 176.51KB , 1600x1200 , p8190062.jpg )
This was a request
Here's the 9 sets of Alisa y130. These were done over a 30 day span from Aug7 - Sep6.06 Strangely, both set 01 & 09 were from Aug7th.
pic from set4
Upon noticing the request, I noticed I didn't have it but quickly found what turned out to be a very 'fast acting' torrent. It was done in 15mins


>> No. 62878
File: 147703767383.jpg - ( 174.51KB , 1200x1600 , p1090058.jpg )
Here's sets 26-52 of Luda y134. They cover Nov15.06 to Mar20.07
pictured is set 35


>> No. 62914
File: 147709397497.jpg - ( 456.63KB , 1200x1600 , P2170017.jpg )
All of Kristina y158's sets are in these 2 posts>>62628 &>>62629
The 1st one has 1-25 - including cstms 15+25
The 2nd has 26-53 including cstm26
Thus, if you want Just the pictured set (49) get the 2nd batch & extract only set 49.

The next item is 18 more sets of Irina y038. They are: 53-56, 58, 59, 61 & 64-74. These start on Nov25.03 & stay, pretty much, in chronological order to Apr29.04
Pictured set 64 is an official custom from Feb17.04, while set 65 is a custom-style set from 2 days later.
There is a possibility that set 58, with the p101 #ing Might actually be from Jan1.04, as sets 54-56 are from Dec2-9.03 & missing set 57 has an Xmas theme. Set 59 is from Jan8.04
So, while it is in the right time frame to be an extremely rare case of being the correct date, its just as likely that the set was from late Dec or another early Jan date.


Many more sets of her will be appearing over the next while

>> No. 62917
File: 14770992894.jpg - ( 275.42KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0004.jpg )
Here's sets 1-19 of Vika y155. She did 21 sets. A thumb is not available for set 20. I don't know if this means its very scarce.
I would think her sets would start in July of 2007. Going by dates of her customs - Not included here. She was with Vlad to at least late May of 2008.
Set13 is pictured - If anyone has sets 20+21, feel free to add them, as they would be welcome additions.


For the record - I will not be able to post her 'Non-NN' customs, as she is not 'clearly over 18'

>> No. 62938
>> 62769 Please ... someone has video with it? corresponding video picture? THANK YOU !

>> No. 62962
File: 147717233279.jpg - ( 165.78KB , 1600x1200 , P2250191.jpg )
Here's Alfiya y045. She did 77 sets; I have 11 of them. What I have is Sets 2, 3, 11, 17, 21, 24, 28, 29, 57, 68 & 74.
Set 17 is a custom-style set from Jan9.04 Its missing 7 of 108pics. Possibilities are: 20-22,46,47,52,69,84+102
Sets are, otherwise complete except for sets 2, missing 1pic of 96 & 21, each missing 2 pics out of 93 (70 & likely 71). The extra pic included is a slightly cropped pic70, from set21 - some of you may wish to use it as a 'placeholder' until fills come along.
Although it has a mere 41 pics, set 3 is complete.
These sets start on Oct29.03 & go to Mar16 of what I assume is 2005.
Although its only 11 sets of 77, these span pretty much her entire Vlad career.
pic from 28


Please Note - If you got these Alfiya sets from my 1st big Vlad thread, you probably ended up with a few corrupt pics (sorry) This time around, I deleted all the corrupt ones & was able to replace them. So if you have that version, you can either replace the affected sets or insert the pics to replace the corrupt ones, you've likely deleted.
The only one I couldn't replace was pic70 from set 21, that I mentioned above

>> No. 62963
File: 14771741294.jpg - ( 243.90KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0045.jpg )
Sorry, while there are many videos of Tanya, there isn't one matching that picture. There IS one with her in a similar top. I don't think I can post the video, though, as the top in the video is see-through, unlike the one in the pictured set.

Here is another of the later Vlad models. This is Nastya y191. She did 4 sets ,of which I have sets 2+4. Both are complete at 68pics


>> No. 62964
File: 147717973257.jpg - ( 586.37KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0001.jpg )
I've decided to post an NN version of the 3 cstm sets I have of Vika y155.
To make them NN, I have Removed 27 pictures from the 73 pic MK cstm from May10.08
Of the 2 cstms from May24.08, I had 24pics of 105, from the 1st & 34 of 117 from the 2nd.
With the 2 cstm from May24th, I've removed 12 pics from the 1st & 4 from the 2nd - which is mainly a Green Bikini set.
I tried getting these sets from 2 different sources but in both cases, the customs were an absolute jumble. The MK cstm was in multiple folders, yet each folder contained many of the same pics!
There is a 4th cstm called 'Custom Anon' that I don't have pics from.
Strangely, from one source, 1 folder was labeled 'Custom MK', while another was labeled 'Custom Bokov', each had mixtures of all 3. It was a real mess.
Sorry, this is all I can post of the cstms, while staying within the rules.
I don't see a 'Bokov' custom listed for her.
pic from MK


>> No. 62971

>> No. 62987
"I don't see a 'Bokov' custom listed for her."

It's not as mysterious at all actually,well,some time ago at some site a "member" & I discussed being a customer of items at Vlad.
To make this shorter I'll tell what the Bokov stands for & why it's not mentioned.
Bokov is/was the person I discussed with about customordered items.
However this person told he ordered some sets,think it was some videos too,and had to pay a quite hefty sum as the items ordered by him would not get released to public in a specified time.
All in a contract made specially for a very limited number of items for Bokov,most certainly it's not listed anywhere because of this.
Unfortunately I didn't saved the proof he posted,only what were told.
My thoughts at the time were more about "can't save everything",well,I've learned to save the rarely told but that was a little later.
BTW,you are correct,it's better to post the NN of her sets,the rarely told I'm saving now would confirm your thoughts.
Tot ziens misschien & I know I've been absent for a few days & notice I'll have to dl some really nice items:)

>> No. 62988
File: 147721674196.jpg - ( 137.41KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0040.jpg )
Here's 4 more NN sets of Lena w003. They had apparently been on a long time 'missing' list.
These were among a dozen sets of her that I found; the other 8 are in the 18+ thread.
These sets are 7, 13, 14 & 17. I've also included 3 pics of set 20 that I found. It appears to be a secretary-themed set.
Unfortunately, these did not have the 'P' #ing, although I'm sure the did, originally.
pic from 7


I'm not sure if you hadn't seen my reply in the 1st paragraph here>>62914

>> No. 63018
File: 147727200875.jpg - ( 169.94KB , 1200x1600 , p5100101.jpg )
Thanks for the explanation. Would that mean her Apr5.08 custom, labeled 'Custom Anon', was also for Bokov? (this was the 1st one she did, that I have no pictures from)
Actually, there is a set in the archive labeled 'Custom Bokov', not for her but coincidentally for another Vika - y120. Its from June24.08, thus not long after the y155 cstms.
Anyhow, I'll discuss Vika y120/172's customs more in my next post in the 18+ thread

Here are 8 sets of Katya y048. She did 26 sets; the ones I have are 2-7 + 18 &19.
I'm almost positive that sets 3-7, which I just got, have had the #ing altered. I'm pretty sure they originally had 'P' #ing. I felt this #ing. as it was, was unnecessarily long so I removed 'Katya' & a couple of '0s' from the file names to shorten it up a bit.
Still, with the 1st set, as well as the last 2 sets of this group having the 'P' #ing, I'm able to say that these sets cover 5 1/2 months, from Nov21.03 to May10.04
pic from19 - I included a few extra pics


Any missing sets would be welcome

>> No. 63028
File: 147728480975.jpg - ( 185.56KB , 1600x1200 , p8110026.jpg )
Here's another 23 sets of Irina y038. These are 75-97, covering mid May to late Sep of 2004.
There is 1 custom set in this group - set 81, from June25.04, featuring the popular 'Driving theme'. This set actually has a mixture of custom pics & regular No Logo pics (sans exif data). I'm assuming this was a case of someone filling in the missing pics of a custom set.
I was kind of surprised that the little piece under the license plate ,saying 'Summit Motors Vladivostok', was not in Cyrillic.
There's 4 sets that are each missing 1-4pics. Set 78 is missing 2 pics out of 93 & set 97 is missing 1 pic out of 107 (for some reason, I have it labeled as missing 2pics) Both those sets have #ing that goes far beyond the pic totals, making it too difficult for me to figure out what's missing.
The next 2 are easier - set84 is missing 3 pics of 118 - they'll be 78, 94+95. Set93 is missing 4pics of 106 - they are 7, 38, 39 +45.
pictured set is 86. Set 79 looks somewhat similar to cstm set 38. There are differences though


>> No. 63030
File: 147728646736.jpg - ( 169.10KB , 1200x1600 , p1190002.jpg )
Here's Alexandra y049. She did only 1 set, spread over 2 dates. Her initial shoot of 19 pictures was on Jan19.04, while the remainder was from 1 week later.
Her set totals 104pics; this means the Jan26th part has 85pics. At this point, I have 61 pics, all of the 1st part & 42 pics from part2.
At the moment, I'm missing 45-87. I have 88 - I think it might be the last picture of the set.
If anyone has the missing pics, that'd be great, although I will be able to have the rest of it within 2 weeks.


>> No. 63040
Thank you for the sets, excellent thread.
Y057 Ksenya - do you have beyond set 69 that has been posted.
M042 Nadya - would it be possible to post anything above set 84.

>> No. 63062
File: 147733630439.jpg - ( 190.26KB , 1600x1200 , p8170036.jpg )
Here's some y048 Katya fills for ya.

Set 1 only have 49 of 95 pics with pb? numbering.

sets 3, 5-7 have DSCF numbering, don't have set 4

sets 8-13, 15-17, don't have set 14. All with p numbering.

sets 20-26 with p numbering. All complete except set 1 noted above and set 26 with 78 of 102 pics.




PW: Katya

>> No. 63063
File: 147733640944.jpg - ( 181.91KB , 1200x1600 , y048_set-11_p2200021.jpg )
"Would that mean her Apr5.08 custom, labeled 'Custom Anon', was also for Bokov?"

As far as I know particular set could be another Bokov item.
We rarely discussed exactly what was ordered,by him or me at Vlad.
So unfortunately I can't confirm it's a set ordered by Bokov.

Excuse a question,I'm not being rude,well,you know me & english.
Is there any way lets say where you find y155 >>62964 you'll also find a date when first published???
IF you'll happen to find out the "Custom Anon" was published & note for the first time,lets say more then 6 months after the EXIF tells.
THEN it it's more likely a Bokov oredered item.

As you notice it is or was quite a secret what was purchased & not,when were never told but occasionally info about when a first appearance could slip.
Bokov had rules,contracts for every purchase,6 months never before of a public publishing the contract told.
Wish I had saved that particular info too:/
A few times customers at Vlad posted a tiny preview with more sets then 1,had to guess but the purchase were there,you had to save it to remember though & I didn't.

And I may have some sets with y048 Katya,1-26 except set # 4.
I've added a pic from # 11.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 63071
The #ing of the sets I have of y048 Katya is.
set No 1 have pb060001 to pb060030 plus pb140001 to pb140022 I think it's strange but I can't tell.
The other sets have 3-7 as DSCF from set 8 and on it's the p2060001 & set 26 have this p8170001

All sets except for 1 with 49pcs of 95 & 26 with 78pcs of 102 are complete.
And I am extremely happy about the 2014 Archive,really wish I had it way earlier:)
Learned something new about how to use it recently.
I'll post them as soon as I can.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 63093
File: 147736634079.jpg - ( 296.68KB , 1200x1600 , P3250051.jpg )
Thanks a lot. That's a big help. Its funny, but I had even considered renaming sets 3-7 as 'DSCF' before posting but changed my mind.
The 'b' following the 'p' in set 1 indicates the set is from Nov. - Nov6+14 of 2003 to be precise. Almost all sets with 'P' #ing are useful for getting dates of standard sets

Thanks for the info.
You & the Katya poster must've got your sets through the source, as you're both missing the same amount from 1 & 26. I don't suppose you have set 14?

The Katya y048 sets 8-26 span Feb6 to Aug17.04
The next item is sets 1 & 3 of Kristina y075. The 2 dates are Mar25 & Apr13 of 2005.
pic from set1 - I know the link says 'sets 1+2', It should say 1+3.
If anyone has set 2, that would be great, although I think its hard to find.


With both girls, I have most of the rest of their sets. I do plan to post them. I just tend to get sidetracked. Its a combination of getting requests - some for models who've done lots of sets & my own short attention span & inability to stay focused.
I'll do my best to get more sets of both girls posted.
Just so you know, I did do 1 more post of Nadya m042, covering sets 85-135, here>>62611 As I mention in that post, 101-164 is a bit of a 'dry area', as I have only scattered sets. After that its pretty much complete. Did you notice O&E added set75?>>61242
I also have 4 videos of Nadya & 2 of Ksenya posted in my Vlad video thread

>> No. 63094
File: 147736782686.jpg - ( 164.99KB , 1600x1200 , P4130045.jpg )
Here's the only 3 sets of Yana y079. All 3 are No Logo. Her initial shoot, which appears as the 1st part of set 1, is from Mar26.05, set 2 is Apr9.05 & the 2nd part of set 1, as well as set 3 were done 4 days later, on Apr13th.
pic is from the 2nd part of set1 - set2 is a rather conservative Schoolgirl set with an amusing twist near the end.


>> No. 63118
File: 147738284257.jpg - ( 160.89KB , 1200x1600 , y048_set017_p4260036.jpg )
Seems we have similar files as my # 1 have 49 pics only & the set 26 78 of 102 as yours have.
Hope my post would give both OP and you additional sets.
Excuse me for posting copys of some sets,had something else going on & had no opportunity to post until now.
Tot ziens misschien

>>63093 All sets except the missing set # 4,seems like it's vanished completely never to be found again.
Complete,except # 1 & 26,so the source we have are probably the same.

y048 Katya set 1,8-17,20-26,preview from set 17.

Password: kAt048yA


>> No. 63140
File: 147741126878.jpg - ( 126.32KB , 1600x1200 , p6280044.jpg )
Well, I did get set 14 out of it & the download was quick enough that it wasn't a big deal downloading the extra sets.


So, here's more of Ksenya y057 sets 70-82, 84, 85, 90 & 93-99, covering Feb11 to July1st 2007
There's 2 customs - Set 90 is a cstm from June6.06, while Set99 is from June2.06
Many of these sets are out of sequence.
I've included a folder with 5 extra pics - 3 from set 88 & 2 from cstm 89 from June3.06
pic from 96


lots more of her - also, I'm uploading more of Nadya m042 at this moment

>> No. 63151
File: 147743112952.jpg - ( 184.84KB , 1600x1200 , p5160078.jpg )
Here's 27 more sets of Nadya m042. They are 135, 136, 152, 153, 158, 160, 165-167, 169-172 & 174-186.
The last bunch ended on Feb21.05 - These start on the following day - Feb22nd & go to Nov18.05 - actually, they're fairly tightly clustered up to sets 184+185 in mid Oct, while 186 is a month later.
There's 2 customs - 152 from Apr23.05 & 174 from Aug8.05
No Logo sets are 135, 170 & 171, 175, 176 & 178-186
I think the only incomplete one is 180. Its missing 11 pic of 77. Missing pics are: 8-12 & 55-60
pic from 158


If anyone has any of the 50 ,or so, sets missing between 101 & 164, feel free to add them. Missing are: 101-104, 106-109, 112, 114-121, 123, 125-133, 137-151, 154-157, 159 & 161-164

>> No. 63167
File: 147744334316.jpg - ( 219.28KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0065.jpg )
I have a set 004 with 102 pics if you'd like me to post it I will.

>> No. 63168
File: 147744488999.jpg - ( 172.13KB , 1600x1200 , p8170003.jpg )
Here is a link for set 001, 004, 026 set 1 is the short older version. I can't share the new one here (New logo)

>> No. 63175
File: 147744852665.jpg - ( 159.11KB , 1600x1200 , P5040053.jpg )
I figured I'd add another quick post. This is the only set I have of Valentina w009. This is set 2 (& yes its NN).
A date of May4th is indicated. I'm very sure its from 2005.
I'm sure you'll agree that she's a hot looking girl with a very nice smile.
She did a total of 17 sets. I know where I can get a few more this weekend but if anyone wishes to add any of her other 16 sets before then - you're welcome to do so.
*Just be sure that any of her sets that you post here are NN. If any are Not or if she's wearing something completely C-thru, then post such set(s) separately in the 18+ thread. Looking at the previews in the archive, I think the only set that might be outside the NN rules ,would be set15


>> No. 63191
>>63118 Posted by me.

Something made me just hoist the files up to host.
Well,usually I'm not a fan of posting duplicates.
Life contains something I have been dealing with for a while,now it's just moved on to actually get somewhere & it's good but probably bad as this hobby got less attention.
In a couple of days I can concentrate on Vlad again.

>>63167 & >>63168
Thought set 4 was one of those vanished for ever.
Huge thanks LL for the complete set 26 also.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 63252
If you still need Katya y048_004 here it is complete 102 images


>> No. 63267
File: 147753652062.jpg - ( 259.65KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF041.jpg )
Its OK, thanks but I just renamed the set 4 I posted earlier.(it took 15 seconds) I really don't know Why I didn't just go ahead & rename those sets prior to posting them, in the 1st place - but that Is my new policy. Anything that doesn't have Vlad #ing (eg: P, DSCF, PICT or FILE) will automatically be renamed prior to posting. If I'm lucky enough to have a pic with 'P' #ing And its a full set - then it gets P. If not, its DSCF
I already did that with 2 Ksenya y057 sets
Anyhow, here's set 4 of Katya y048 re#ed as DSCF


>> No. 63283
File: 147755357077.jpg - ( 250.97KB , 1600x1200 , p3210123.jpg )
Some fills:
10 fills for sets 078 to 097. Unfortunately this still leaves one short for set 097. Files have been prefixed by me with set# for ease of ID-ing.


Standard set 021 (116 pics), thumb is from this set.


Standard set 081 (118 pics)


11 fills for set 180


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

>> No. 63284
File: 14775549757.jpg - ( 131.31KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0102.jpg )
Here's a postable set featuring Marina-y161, Two Model #241 with Kristina-y158. Entirely NN, no slippage, no wardrobe malfunctions, 103 pics.


Passwd: 0dds&3nds

>> No. 63286
Thank you:
I've dl'd set 4 in this post >>63168 BUT I really enjoy seeing the set showing up so I'll dl the one you've posted too.

And this one too when I'm here:)
For now I'll have to go,a day or two then everything should be done so I can be back.
BTW,I will give an update about something I've been searching for,it's about videos mainly,well,more details later.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 63291
File: 147756470290.jpg - ( 154.80KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0012.jpg )
Thankyou I was happy to get the last 2 dozen pics of set 26.
Re: set 1 - By 'New Logo' - Do you mean like this?>>59325>>59342 or something else

I had neglected to check on the # of posts for a couple of weeks & ended up letting the thread get too big for bumping to the front.
Thus, this will be my final posting of sets in this thread. Barring any unforeseen issue, this should be my new Vlad-Set thread http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/63287.html
Thus, while I will still monitor this thread, requests will be best made in the new one.
The video thread is here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html
This is a thread I have for 'Non-NN' sets/vids of 18+ models http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html

On to the post - I've fittingly chosen the sets of final model listed in the 2014 Vlad archive, for my last post here.
This is 12 sets of Valentina y195. Sets are 1-6 + 8-13. I can't put dates to them but I would think they're from near the end of 2009.
Vlad collectors Please Note - These sets all contain the seldom seen 'Dual Logo'. Its a Webmodels logo & 2 other examples can be found in the 18+ thread.
The pictured set is from set 1.


>> No. 63299
ThankYou - I was wondering why set 21 looked somewhat familiar. Then I realized its 1 of the sets that I had 2 or 3 pictures from. I took a quick breeze through it. It looks like the sort of set that the Feet-Guys should definitely enjoy.
I sure appreciate the fills, sorry I couldn't list the possibilities with 78 & 97. It would've taken too long & I was pressed for time.
That DataFile sure has a high 'muddle' rate. They actually have your set 81 showing up with the proper link, As Well As with the link for set 21!
They do this an awful lot. Its a bummer because I really like them, otherwise. They're easy to download from, they have fabulous file retention & no popups but this business of mixing stuff up... A couple of times while looking for stuff, I remember being so pleased to find a Vlad obscurity still up, only to find out DataFile had mixed it up for something else (that I didn't need)
Thanks for posting this, I didn't think to check 2Mods for her. I post some 2Mod or Sports here & there, while I plan to post my Play & Wrestle sets, I haven't decided on 2Mod & Sports. Maybe I'll post them when I get near the end.

So, the new thread is indeed up, If you happen to find anymore fills for things I've posted here, you can post the fills either here or in the new thread - whichever you choose

>> No. 63314
>>62263 Re: m061
Thank you for all of these, looks to me like all those missing sets & Vids probably were never released by Vlad . I appreciate your keeping an eye out for the Vids and for all of these great posts .

>> No. 65263
Can't believe you found NEW set of Yulya y068 after all these years!
You're a legend, sir!

>> No. 65371
I'm glad you liked >>62375.
As OP told me here & I missed >>62410 it's most certainly a repacked regular set from her more known sets.
Nevertheless I'm glad you like the set k018,it's one of my personal favorites of y068 Yulyas sets:)
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 67915
Anyway you'd be willing to share the videos of Tanya y157?

>> No. 68197
Why can you not post the complete custom sets in the nude+18 section??

>> No. 68643
Because I wasn't allowed to.

I have every single one of her videos posted in my Vlad video thread the link is here>>63291

Speaking of links, the 'New' Vlad-set thread I mention in that post is now close to capacity. I've stopped posting in it so it doesn't meet the fate of this one, which no longer can be 'bumped' to the front.
Here are the 2 new set threads
This is for models with lots of sets, like Tanya y157 http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/68055.html
This is for models with fewer sets

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