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This will my Vlad-Set Thread #2. Vlad-Set thread # Nonude Sharechan
File: 147756127223.jpg - ( 142.15KB , 1600x1200 , pc050038.jpg )
63287 No. 63287
This will my Vlad-Set Thread #2. Vlad-Set thread #1 is still up. Unfortunately, I let it get too big to be bumped up by new posts.
While I welcome Vlad requests, Please check the old thread 1st too see if I've posted the item you're after. Vlad-Set thread #1 is here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html
And, of course, go through this thread too, as it will get quite sizeable very quickly.
Most 'M' series models are in the above mentioned thread. Remaining ones (old enough for posting) will be added here.
The old thread has a tremendous amount of info regarding dates of the models Vlad careers, as well as dates of standard sets. This will, of course continue here.
I have Vlad videos posted here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html
All sets & videos of 18+ Vlad models, that are 'Non-NN' are posted here http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html

The picture is from 2mod 184 from Dec5.05 (Anna y076 + Nadya m042)

>> No. 63288
File: 147756205682.jpg - ( 286.60KB , 1200x1600 , PA210065.jpg )
My 1st item added to Set thread #2 will be the of 2Mod 99, featuring Lola m056 & Irina y038, from Oct21.03
Its a 'Custom-Style' version.


>> No. 63302
File: 147758311678.jpg - ( 124.13KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0014.jpg )
Here's Lena y169's 13 sets. Sorry, I can't put dates to her sets. The best I can do is to say that she likely started around March/April of 2008.
Personally, I think this girl is Incredibly hot & its a shame that she didn't do at least 1 short video.
pic from set7


>> No. 63305
File: 147758341856.jpg - ( 169.36KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0045.jpg )
Here's a bikini pic of Lena y169 (set1)

>> No. 63311
File: 147758787564.jpg - ( 434.01KB , 1600x1200 , PC110023.jpg )
Here's Custom set121 of Nadya m042. I forgot it while posting her sets 85-134. It was labeled differently than her other sets, so it was sitting at the bottom of the folder & I just found it.
The set is from Dec11.04 & ends 9mins prior to the start of cstm 122. Cstm 122 carries on the #ing, beginning where 121 leaves off.
There are 4 standard pics. At 1st I thought they were there to fill in for missing pics - Well, that's sort of the case. The cstm is shorter than the standard by 4 pics, so someone added those pics in this set.
Sorry, I didn't label it as a cstm or put the date on.


The 2mod set with her & Anna, pictured in the 1st post is from almost exactly 1 year after this set

>> No. 63325

i looked through the old thread and didnt see this set posted. If you have it, i'd really appreciate if you'd post it.

>> No. 63348
File: 147764196837.jpg - ( 148.04KB , 1600x1200 , pc050025.jpg )
You're right I haven't posted it (Thanks for checking for the item 1st)
In my final post in the old Vlad-set thread, I touched on (& lamented about) the issue of the 2Model sets.
Up to this point, I've posted them mainly in cases where there's little or nothing else of a certain model Or if a model is a real favorite of mine & I wish to post as much as I can find of her. (likewise with Sports sets)
I will be posting some of the early Play & Wrestle Series sets from late-Summer of 2000 to Spring of 2001.
I will probably post the Sports & 2Mod sets 'en masse' as I get towards the end of my collection.
Nevertheless, here you go - Anna y076 & Nadya m042 made for one of the All- Time Great Vlad pairings.
In addition to the fabulous set that you requested, they did one other 2Mod set, which I'm adding, in the following post.
They also made 3 videos; the Tickle-Series one that leads off my Vlad-Video thread & the Wrestle one posted about 2 posts later.
They made 1 more that I'm sad to say, I don't have.
So as I mentioned, 2Model set 184 with Anna y076 & Nadya m042 is from Dec5.05 & is a Very popular item.


I will be wrapping up Nadya's solo sets quite presently. As per Anna, I will be posting her sets in this thread, among them several customs, as well as some custom-style versions.

>> No. 63355
File: 14776477586.jpg - ( 177.01KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0071.jpg )
I'm not sure if I was just too late with this set (the new post showed up just minutes later) anyhow just to be sure nothing 'went wrong' Here's Anna y076 & Nadya m042 in 2Mod 237 - probably late summer to early fall 2007


>> No. 63357
File: 147765552854.jpg - ( 147.79KB , 1600x1200 , PB100076.jpg )
These next 2 posts have the last of the Nadya m042 sets. This bunch has 25 sets - 187-211.
There are 2 customs - 203 from Mar29.07 & 205 from May22.07
Interestingly, set 206 features her in the same outfit as in 2Mod 237>>63355 Set 206 is the 1st set done after the switch from 'P' to DSCF.
Set 187 was done Nov10.05 ,about a week earlier than the latest set in the last group. Her next set is not until the NewYear. 188 is from Jan5.06 & 1 of a handful of sets from 2006. 189 is Mar3.06 & 190 is Mar17.06 With sets 191 & 192, we now move into April. These 2 sets were done on consecutive Fridays - Apr7+14.06
Now it gets murky. Sets 193 & 194 are from Nov6+17 - But I can't be 100% that its 2006. This could be 2 sets that are out of sequence & really from 2005. Remember, 186 was taken Nov18.05; thus, 194 could be from the previous day.
She then returned on Feb22.07, doing 6 sets (195-200) over the next week to Mar1.07
201-204 were done between Mar20-Apr10th & cstm 205 is the last dateable set on Mar22.07
What we do know is that Nadya went from doing over 50 sets a year - 187 in her 1st 3 1/2 yrs to doing 5 over 5 months & then taking a break of either 7 months or 10 months.
Now whatever the length, I'm wondering if she left & returned (in addition to leaving & returning in 2009 as y190)
pic from 187


Guys, I could sure use some help with nailing down whether sets 193 +194 were November of 2005 or 2006. I've got so much to do right now & this would take some time.
What I need, is for a volunteer(s) to meticulously compare sets 193 + 194 against those that we know are from Nov 2005 - 186 +187. The question is - Do they look like they were done within days of the others or a year apart. Is there any difference in her hair length?
Now, by February 2007 her hair was blonde but compare her face with the sets in question.
I know many of you will read this & say "Is he out of his mind?"
I'm sure 99% of you will have absolutely no interest in something like that. I'm hoping that among the 1%, there are a couple of obsessive types like myself that would jump at the opportunity.

>> No. 63358
File: 147765758356.jpg - ( 278.87KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0022.jpg )
Here's the last of Nadya m042's sets - 212-216
While the 1st 3 are likely somewhere in the fall of 2007 - maybe towards Xmas, as per the theme of 212 & 211 in the last bunch
215 + 216 were definitely done later, in 2009 with her y190 sets.
5 of her sets from 201-207 were reissued as y190 sets. 215+216 aren't among y190 1-15 but sets 16-19 have no previews available, so maybe they match these 2 sets.
I'll post the y190s later
pic from 212


So, while there are a few sets missing here & there; the one big area that's missing the most is 101-164. I went over it in the other thread. I'm doing it again - factoring in 121
Missing are 101-104, 106-109, 112, 114-120, 123, 125-133, 137-151, 154-157, 159 & 161-164
And of course 113 is missing 38 of 72pics

For those who like to have standard versions of cstm sets, I have a feeling Odds&Ends will help you out.

>> No. 63376
Really surprised to see that this set is labeled in both my inventory and the 2014 index as featuring Zhenya y167 and Anna y076.
It is obviously Nadya and Anna, to these old eyes anyway!

>> No. 63380
File: 147767542050.jpg - ( 438.16KB , 1600x1200 , y079_1.jpg )

Wanted to thank you for the Yana y079 sets, I did not have any of them.
I only had 4 placeholder photos in that folder, which I thought were simply No Logo format.
But under closer inspection, they turned out to be Customs, with the shoot dates in the EXIF, like this example from Set 001.
As you like to have the shoot dates & times, Set 003 was shot just prior to the pink bikini portion of Set 001, and set 002 was shot first of all, on the afternoon of April 9, 2005.

>> No. 63399
File: 147769794035.jpg - ( 203.88KB , 1200x1600 , P3210101.jpg )
So we move from Nadya m042 to her friend & frequent modeling partner, Anna y076.
This is sets 1-18+ 20&21. Sets 1+2 use DSCF #ing, thus I'm unable to put dates to them.
However, using set 3 as a starting point, we have Apr15.05 - moving forward through the sets ,we eventually reach the Real starting point. Her initial shoot/audition of 21pics from Mar21.05 (it obviously followed another model's set, as it starts on pic 82) These are followed by a much larger 81pic portion, from Exactly 4 months later - July21.05
Sets 20+21 are from Oct4th & 6th of 2005 - yet they are Not the latest.
Bizarrely enough, the 3 sets immediately preceding set12 (9-11) have dates of Oct12-23 of 2005. That's right - The latest sets are the 3 just before the earliest(!)
No Logo sets are: 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 & I've included 6 pics from the No Logo version of set 5.
Customs are: set 6 from May13.05, set 10 from Oct19.05, set 13 from July30.05 & set 17 from Aug27.05


Choosing a pic is a daunting task (she's So hot)
Here's 1 from her 1st shoot & I'll follow with a later one

If anyone has Anything from set 19 - even a few pics - Please feel free to add them

>> No. 63400
File: 147770031269.jpg - ( 190.27KB , 1200x1600 , PA040042.jpg )
Here's a later pic of Anna y076. This is from set 21 - Oct4.05 She looks like such a sweetheart in this set

>> No. 63420
Thank you Vlad OP, life is worth living

>> No. 63428
File: 147775264166.jpg - ( 143.80KB , 1200x1600 , p5230101.jpg )
Your welcome, Yana's not posted too often; nor are several other models in that 'neighborhood of #s'.
I grabbed your picture - I don't know if you already have this tidbit of info, but the pic matches P4130010.
Thanks for the time order on the sets. Any chance that you can upload the others, or (as its just 3 pics) even just post them as previews. I'd love to have them.
Just so you know: These appear to be what's known as 'Custom-Style' sets. You may have seen me using the term. Basically, those sets listed in the archive ,as such, are Official Customs.
Thus, sets like your's aren't actual Customs but they are "In the style of a custom". Officially, they are: 'Unwatermarked sets, yielding exif data, including date and time information'
I'm sure you'll agree that sounds longwinded & convoluted. I figure 'Custom-Style' is much more succinct & gets the point across, especially when I mention 'official customs' & 'custom-style' in the same post.
Hope it makes sense.
Oh. And I like the twist near the end of set 2, where she looks in the Schoolbag. Also, the shirt she's wearing under her coat is a bit of a surprise.

Here's one of my favorite 'short-term' Vlad models. She's Ksenya y037 & she did 3 sets. The 1st 2 are from May23+24 of 2002.... part in a most interesting way. Set 01 has the 1st being from May23rd, while the last 27 are May24th - Like a backwards version of a set containing an initial shoot, as well as a full set.
The #ing continues into & through set 2. As she is wearing the same bikini for the whole set, I initially considered that it might be a late-night shoot that ran past midnight. I scrapped that idea when I noticed that the May23rd part comes to a distinct end, with the May24th session having noticeable differences - 1 being that they were experimenting with different color shadings in the 2nd date of set 1.
Thus set 2 begins with pic 31 of May24th & going straight through with it.
She has an extremely pretty face & a Very hot body that looks fabulous in a bikini or (as in set2) the tight skirt & short top.
Set 3 has a very different look with her hair pulled back. She's wearing a sleeveless top & short skirt.
I'm unable to put a date to set3, due to the 'Non-P' #ing. I checked the Bio Cards & was surprised to see that Ksenya's (dated June11.02) had only sets 1+2 - meaning set3 was done later (maybe later that day or maybe a month later.


>> No. 63429
File: 147775297371.jpg - ( 325.53KB , 1600x1200 , p5240068.jpg )
Ksenya y037 in set 2

Glad your enjoying the posts/threads

>> No. 63484
File: 147783308354.jpg - ( 424.34KB , 1200x1600 , y079.jpg )

Thanks for the clarification between the official Custom's and the Custom-style.
I have always preferred the Custom and Custom-style sets for the much higher image quality in those sets.
As I am a total newbies on uploading the RAR files to the various hosting sites, I will simply upload the 3 other Custom-style images of y079 that I have as previews here.
File names as obtained, though I do understand the images correspond to set images. Here is the first of the other three, from Set 003.

>> No. 63485
File: 147783316648.jpg - ( 461.44KB , 1600x1200 , y079_3.jpg )

Second of the three promised Custom-style y079 photos, also from Set 003.

>> No. 63486
File: 147783327990.jpg - ( 405.95KB , 1600x1200 , y079_2.jpg )

Last of the three promised Custom-style y079 photos, this one from Set 002.
Thanks so much again for all your Vlad posts, very much appreciated!

>> No. 63488
File: 147783550883.jpg - ( 393.15KB , 1600x1200 , y037_05.jpg )

Just saw your y037 post, and when I checked her folder on my hard drives I already have her three sets.
Interestingly, the 2014 Archive lists Set 002 as having 106 photos, while my set - and yours you shared - only has 105 photos in them.
Also, like in my y079 folder, I also found 11 Custom-style images for her, 7 from the May 23 portion of Set 001 and 4 from the May 24 photos in Set 002.
Preview is from Set 001, labeled as found.

>> No. 63497
File: 147784285083.jpg - ( 162.69KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0025.jpg )
Here's the rest of Luda y134 - sets 53-78. Sets 53-62 are May27-June15th 2007
A few sets are rather small, led by set 67,which is only 50pics & under 5Mb, with a few pics being only 65Kb
Pic from set 63


>> No. 63555
File: 147793702889.jpg - ( 165.96KB , 1600x1200 , pa030017.jpg )
Thanks a lot for posting these. It will be easy to find where they go.
I'm glad the explanation helps you with understanding the difference
Wow! This is getting fascinating! I'd love these as well!
I'm not sure which part of the uploading you aren't sure of or I'd help you.
I will say, as you'll have a very small archive ,it'll only take a couple of minutes to upload. You can make it even smaller for 'practice'. Put 1 or 2 pics in, up it (done in 30 seconds) Download, open - All's fine? You're ready to upload for posting

Here's Oksana y046's 48+ 52-81. I can't say about 48 but otherwise these cover just over a year - from Aug10.05 to Sep4.06
pic from 57


>> No. 63557
Is anybody reading these? Or just looking at the pics before deciding weather to click on the download link?

>> No. 63600
File: 147800678083.jpg - ( 373.06KB , 1200x1600 , y037_10.jpg )

Well, here goes with a first try... The 11 random custom styles for y037 from Set 1&2 and a couple index files I found in her folder indcluded for the heck of it.
Preview and files named as found.

Hope this works!


>> No. 63603
File: 147801162837.jpg - ( 159.82KB , 1600x1200 , PB040028.jpg )

I noticed you had some fills needed for these Oksana y046 sets.
I also noted that you have some corrupted or clipped image files in a few of those sets, too.
That image included in the folder Set 70 is what I found in my archive that was the only one missing from your set - think you will get a laugh out of that one!


>> No. 63629
That's what happens when I don't take my time. Even if I made the archive without checking, I Absolutely should've gone through the sets before posting. I know that I was in such a hurry, I skipped mentioning the sets I knew to be short; intending to address them upon my return, which ended up being So much later, that I completely forgot - until seeing your post.
If I recall correctly, the Oksana sets came from torrents. I had cropped a few to create decent (temporary) placeholders - All the more reason that I should've Extra thorough in checking, before posting
I sure do appreciate you catching my careless blundering.
Re set70: I had deleted it, with plans of explaining about its absence ,upon posting. You wonder why Vlad didn't leave it out, too.

You did great (sorry for not posting earlier. I had to leave this post 1/2 done & have just returned to finish it)
Anyhow, I was pleased to see that several of my favorite pictures of her are included.
Please let me know if you see any other cases where you have a few of such pictures to complement what I've posted (in either thread)
I have a few of that guy's indexes, mainly from earlier.

>> No. 63652
File: 14780836577.jpg - ( 150.21KB , 1600x1200 , pa070056.jpg )
I've been very busy & although several items are uploaded, I've been unable to find much time for posting. I want to be sure I allow enough time to do a proper post & to catch anything that would constitute a reason to hold off on a particular item.

Here's 20 more sets of Irina y038. (Her earlier sets are in the other thread of Vlad-Sets) These are sets 98-117, starting on Sep29.04 & going to Dec16.04 The last set begins with pic88. Set 118 (1st set of the next batch of her sets) runs 1-87 & must've been taken 1st.
The 1st 2 sets are missing pics. 98 is missing pic 109 & 99 is missing 4 pics - 3, 40, 55 & 66
Sets 114-116 contain a 3-set 'Wig-Theme' that's Very different from the usual one.
For this one Irina wears a black wig & her face remains hidden from the camera the whole time, except for 4 closeups of her lips, in set 114.
They were done on Nov2nd & Nov23 and/or 24th - Vlad was having issues with dbl dates appearing in Nov of 2004.
The Nov2nd shoot was 213 pics & it started & ended with set 116. 1-85, 107-132 & 195-213 are in 116, while 86-106, 133-194 is in 114. While set 116 is exclusively from Nov2nd, set 114 also contains a portion with the later date.
The Nov23/24 shoot contains 205 pics. Set 114 has 1-52, 89-100 & 120-137. Set 115 has 53-88, 101-119 & 138-205.
Many outfits are featured throughout this 418 pic Theme-Shoot. Quite a few were worn by her in other sets.
I will follow this post with a picture from one of these 3 sets.
The pictured set is 108 - one of Vlad's 'Girl wrapped in a sheet' sets.


>> No. 63655
File: 147808488359.jpg - ( 271.53KB , 1200x1600 , pb230240156.jpg )
Something I should mention. I said you don't see her face in these. You don't see her Full face. In many ,her head is completely turned away; but others have her looking down, or to the side - with her wig only partially obscuring her face.
It looks like 114 has the same outfits on both dates, except that the 1st one from Nov2nd is not repeated
I should add, that there's a 19pic Office portion at the end of 116.
This a picture from 115 - I realize not all of you will care for these 3 sets but I'm sure a few of you will love them.

>> No. 63657
File: 147808532997.jpg - ( 330.73KB , 1600x1200 , pb230240175.jpg )
1 more
just to be clear - this pic & the previous 'Wig pic' are part of 3-set, 418-pic 'Wig-theme', that is part of the 20 sets of Irina y038 that I just posted

>> No. 63659
File: 147808788182.jpg - ( 276.17KB , 1200x1600 , p7080089.jpg )
Here's Katya y040. At the moment, I have only 69 pics - 21 from bikini set 01, from May28.02 & 44 from pictured set 3, from July8.02
The bulk of this set appears to have been taken in the studio.
There's also 1 pic from each of 2 & 4. I have included another 1 each from 1 & 3 that I can't add to the sets, due to different #ing. The extra pic from set 1 is rather odd, in fact it probably shouldn't be added to the set. Its only 65kb and its 1024x768, while what I have of the set is 1200x1600. This is the official size of the whole set.
If anyone has anything to add - either or both of sets 2 & 4 (or parts of), or fills for 1 & 3, that would be wonderful.
Set 1 has 100 pics - I have 77-98. Set 3 has 101 pics. I have 68-114. I'm guessing 114 is likely the last pic in the set.


>> No. 63712
File: 14781926977.jpg - ( 157.81KB , 1200x1600 , P9290109.jpg )
Missing photo from y038 Set 98

>> No. 63715
File: 147819608868.jpg - ( 329.41KB , 1200x1600 , IMAGE0090.jpg )

Sets one to four with 100, 113, 101, and 110 pics - 96 mb.


pw: VlaKa

>> No. 63716
File: 147819635976.jpg - ( 192.24KB , 1200x1600 , PA060024.jpg )
Thanks for the Irina y038 sets, got quite a few missing singles from that upload.
So, to return the favor, I already put up the missing Set 098 fill, and here are the four fills for your Set 099.
I have also included a full sized Set 100, as the one in your RAR file were all reduced in size.


>> No. 63718
File: 147819819399.jpg - ( 258.65KB , 1200x1600 , IMAGE0020.jpg )

Sorry, no time to sort out what you posted from the two partial sets you put up, but hope you won't complain too much on the double posting.

Here are all four sets of Katya y040, complete according to the 2014 Archive.
Preview from Set 002.


>> No. 63728
File: 147822447036.jpg - ( 194.41KB , 1200x1600 , P6050024.jpg )
Truly sorry for the now triple upload of y040 sets.
I had no idea someone beat me to the fills due to the long lag times before the replies get posted.
Preview from Set 004.

>> No. 63790
File: 14783461979.jpg - ( 170.21KB , 1600x1200 , P1260049.jpg )
Sorry for not thanking you guys sooner. I hope none of you were thinking me ungrateful; I was just unable to post during the last couple of days.
I'd had such a difficult time finding those 2 partial sets of Katya y040 & suddenly 2 of you appear with her 4 sets in complete form. Thanks for putting an end to my rather frustrating searches.
While I definitely like to see duplicates avoided, sometimes as was mentioned, a lengthy period between the appearance of posts can result in cases like this.
Thanks for the fills & for spotting the 'reduced' version of set 100 & furnishing us with the original. I'm usually able to catch those, but unlike most of them, this one seemed normal size, thus it didn't set off alarm bells.
Another giveaway is the sets that have (web) in every pic's file name.

Here's the rest of Alexandra y049's set 01 (her only set). For those of you who got the 1st part I posted, this will give you a complete set.
For those who don't have the rest, I'll explain - Near the end of my 1st Vlad-Set thread (likely Oct23rd) is a post with 61pics of this set. It has the 19 pics of her 1st appearance (Jan19.04) & pics 2-44 +88 from her Jan26th shoot. Altogether 104 pics
Here's something interesting I noticed: Alexandra & Katya y052 both had their initial shoots on Jan19.04 & like Alexandra, Katya returned on Jan26th.
So they each did only 1 set with the same 2 dates. In their Jan19th parts, both girls are wearing the same item.
Anyhow, here's the rest of Alexandra's set


>> No. 63791
File: 147834945372.jpg - ( 161.33KB , 1600x1200 , p9140023.jpg )
Here's 21 early sets of Violetta y087. These are All NN. Later 'Non-NN' sets are in the 18+ thread. (39+41 & up)
These cover mid-July 2005 to late May 2006
Sets are: 1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 12, 17, 19-21, 23, 25-33 & 37
Set 23 is missing pic #1
Set 2 is a custom-style set from July25.05
pic from set6


If anyone has any of the missing sets up to 36, feel free to add them. Set 40 is OK, but 38 should go in the other thread.

>> No. 63796
Thanks for the four Katya y040 galleries. I was not familiar with her so this was a real treat.
Love those pink shoes, very hot.

Also is the Alexandra y049 part 1 posted here somewhere? I could not find it.
Could some kind person share the link here?
Thanks a million.

>> No. 63802
File: 147837215557.jpg - ( 174.46KB , 1600x1200 , pb180054.jpg )
I think this is all of your y087 Violetta fills except for set 4, which I don't have.

This folder contains: Set 1: pic 1, full sets 3 (custom version), 5, 8-10, 13, 14-16, 18, 22, 24, 34-36, 40. all complete.

Do I understand that you also still need set 38? If so, or if I missed anything else, let me know, and will post. If set 4 ever shows up I would be very pleasantly surprised.


Pw: litanglvr

>> No. 63854
File: 147843726320.jpg - ( 154.53KB , 1600x1200 , p3140097.jpg )
Its in the old Vlad-Set thread (link at the top) scroll down to post 63030 (almost at the bottom)
I'm posting the link for the rest of the set, here (to save you time), but you Really should check out the other thread (if you haven't already) as there's loads of good stuff - but also, there's several models posted here, whose earlier sets start in the old thread.


Thanks a lot. That makes just about the whole collection. Aside from set 4 that you mentioned, that makes all the NN sets. There's a couple more that would go in the 18+ thread - set 117 & a cstm from Feb9.07, done the same day as set 88 & sharing a few similarities.
I see you have the same odd-sized pics in set 9, as I do. I don't think I've ever seen that particular size before.
Re set 38: I figured it should go in the 18+ thread.

Here's another model, like Violetta, who did both NN & 'Non-NN' sets. Its Liza y105 & I've posted all of her sets ,that fall outside of the NN rules, in the 18+ thread. Where Violetta made the transition from NN to TL quite quickly (within a couple of weeks), Liza took over a year.
So, what we have is sets 1-25,28,29, 31+33
All are NN. The 4 missing ones are posted in the 18+ thread.
These sets start in mid-March of 2006. Liza did an 18pic 'initial shoot' on Mar14.06 & returned 2 days later to do the rest of what would be set 01.
Strangely enough, her 1st shoot starts on pic 80 - something I've never seen. While 1-79 could've come from a set of any model with Vlad, at that time, I did notice Sveta y102's set 3 was taken Mar14.06 & has 79 pics.
Up to set 31, the sets cover to July31.06 Set 33 was done 7 weeks later, on Sep19.06
the pic is from the 1st part of set 1
The rest of her NN sets will appear fairly soon


>> No. 63894
File: 147848016152.jpg - ( 137.75KB , 1600x1200 , pa310005.jpg )
Here's 5 sets from Yana y098. They begin with an initial shoot of 25 pics on Oct31.05, which makes up the 1st part of set 01. After that the sets are very much out of chronological order. Set 5 was next on Nov4th, then came the rest of Set 01 on Nov9th, set 2 - Nov14th, set 4 - Nov22nd & lastly Xmas-themed set 3 on Dec16.05


>> No. 64042
File: 147877601782.jpg - ( 145.50KB , 1600x1200 , p0319055.jpg )
Unfortunately, I've had very little free time lately.
There is a positive in all this; its that I've uploaded numerous items.

I shall start with Liza y105. This is 29 of her last 30 NN sets. These sets pick up where these>>63854 left off.
We have 35, 36, 38, 40-43, 46-50, 52-54, 57, 59-62, 64, 65, 67-70, 73, 82 & 84
They begin on Sep28.06 & stay in chronological order to set 62 on June9.07 There was a 2 month break from Dec13.06 to Feb13.07 between sets 50-52.
Normally, I wouldn't be able to tell you much about sets 64-84, however, this is an instance when 'Properties' seems to yield a 'ballpark' date for each set.
If you go to a picture in each set from 64-84 & hit 'Properties', you'll get a date (the one that says 'Modified') from Sep3.07 to Feb9.08
When I do this with a set with 'P' #ing, I get a date that ranges from a few days later to 3 weeks later.
The picture is from set 54. Many of you will recognize the bikini from one of Karina y107's 30min videos. I should mention that set 59 features her in 'The Green Bikini'.


Its too bad the technique I mentioned above, can't be used more often, but it does work on some models' sets. Unfortunately, its quite time consuming & only works some of the time.

>> No. 64043
File: 147877778927.jpg - ( 159.60KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0040.jpg )
One of the last sets that Liza y105 did, happened to be NN. This is set 131.
Using the 'system' from my last post, I get a date of Apr14.09
I checked random sets from 84 to her last set,133 & the dates moved steadily along, in chronological order. Thus, I think this set was probably done shortly before the date ,given


For anyone not aware, Liza's other sets are in my 18+ Vlad thread.

>> No. 64061
File: 147878661361.jpg - ( 132.39KB , 1600x1200 , p2030011.jpg )
This is Nastya y144 & I have all 34 of her sets. The reason I was able to fit them all on is that several are quite short & small in size. 1 has 35pics & 2 others have 43 & 45pics. There are a few others that have low pic totals &or are small in size. In those cases, I have noted that the set is 'complete'.
All sets are complete, except set4 is missing pic54 And set8 is missing pics 128+171.
Set 8 has #ing that starts at 86. It continues over from either set 7 or 9. I can't say which, though. Both are from Feb20.07 (same as set8) & both have 82 pics.
Set 19 is complete, although it says that its missing pic7, in the labeling. I got the picture but forgot to make the change.
I just noticed that pic25,from set 24 is corrupt. You won't get it, though, as it was left out of the archive. I will post it for you, right after this post
Nastya's sets start on Feb1.07 The 'P' system is used up to set 24, which was done on May30.07
Unlike with Liza's sets, I can't get any likely dates for Nastya's later sets.
I'm sure you'll agree that Nastya is quite a nice looking girl. This picture is from set 2


>> No. 64063
File: 147878683345.jpg - ( 193.55KB , 1200x1600 , P5300025.jpg )
Here is pic 25 of set 24 of Nastya y144. This replaces the one you will be missing, which I mentioned in the last post

>> No. 64067
File: 147878832054.jpg - ( 157.56KB , 1600x1200 , P3160010.jpg )
Here is Ksenya y146. Like Nastya y144, she also did 34 sets. The 1st group of Ksenya's sets include 1-23. They start on Mar16.07 & go to June14.07, the last set with 'P' #ing & thus, the last dateable set.
Strangely, pictured set 14 is the earliest set - Mar16.07. Otherwise, they're pretty much in order. Set 14 is missing the last 30 pics.
This group includes an outdoor set - 22, taken in a park


>> No. 64069
File: 147878898280.jpg - ( 98.10KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0043.jpg )
Here's sets 24-34 of Ksenya y146. As I mentioned in the last post, I can't give any dates other than to say they're later than June18.07
Set 33 is missing 20 pics. As with her set 14 in the last post, this is a very easy fill. Its pics 33-52 that are needed.
The pictured set is 34


>> No. 64076
File: 147879317084.jpg - ( 187.53KB , 1200x1600 , P7280029.jpg )
Here's Ksenya y055, the 1st of 3 consecutive Vlad models named Ksenya, all 3 of whom debuted on Mar30+31.04
This Ksenya made her debut on Mar30th for a 19pic 'initial shoot'. This made up the 1st part of set 1. The rest was shot on Apr5.04. The 24 sets included here go to Dec2.04
pic from set12. Those who like Secretary/Office-themed sets will probably like set24


>> No. 64077
File: 147879350940.jpg - ( 182.14KB , 1200x1600 , p1270019.jpg )
Here's sets 26-36 of Ksenya y055. These go from Dec2.04 to Apr7.05 - Almost exactly 1 year after she started. Sets 32, 33+36 are No Logo
pic from set30


>> No. 64079
Please include more information on your posts

>> No. 64223
File: 147896441926.jpg - ( 230.74KB , 1200x1600 , P2030054.jpg )
Fill for Nastya y144 Set 004, image name P2030054.JPG

>> No. 64224
File: 147896453592.jpg - ( 121.81KB , 1600x1200 , P2200128.jpg )
Fill for Nastya y144 Set 008, image name P2200128

>> No. 64225
File: 147896468325.jpg - ( 122.29KB , 1600x1200 , P2200171.jpg )
Fill for Nasty y144 Set 008, image name P2200171

>> No. 64229
File: 147896756668.jpg - ( 171.71KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0035.jpg )

Here are the fills for Ksenya y146, Set 33 numbers 33-52 you were missing.
Alas, my Set 14 was identical to yours...


>> No. 64235
File: 147896920985.jpg - ( 188.54KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0048.jpg )

After I down loaded your Liza y105 sets, I noticed that Set 068 has 8 corrupt files in it: #18, 19, 35, 39, 67, 69, 71 and 85.
I went to my archive to get the fills for you - and discovered my Set 068 was missing those exact files!
Wherever I got my y105 sets from must have had the same corrupt files in Set 068, and they simply deleted them looks like.
I can only suspect that somewhere back in time our original sources must have been from the same long ago inventory!

>> No. 64872
Thank you for all the Vlad sets.

Do you have anything of these models:

Y194 Karina
Y174 Sasha
Y170 Dasha
Y163 Karina
Y080 Nastya

All combined their sets total around 80.

>> No. 64965
File: 147981531057.jpg - ( 172.50KB , 1600x1200 , PB0990006.jpg )
Guys, I'm dreadfully sorry for my absence for the last 2 weeks. I had a serious problem with my PC & just got it fixed today.
Hopefully the issue won't occur again

More info? Gee, I think this is the 1st time someone has said that I don't include Enough info in my posts. What sort of info were you thinking of?

Thanks a lot for the fills for Nastya y144 & Ksenya y146

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I guess, as the pic totals were all OK, my main focus had been which sets were NN & which were not.
What you mention about the original sources is very likely. I got her sets from an "All in 1" torrent. The only set not included was 130. After checking the archive, I've just now realized, it would be a non-custom version of her Hartmut Custom set.

OK, at this moment, I have 15 of the 16 sets that Karina y163 did. They're posted in my earlier Vlad-set thread (it got too big & doesn't bump to the front anymore)
With Karina y194, I have 15 1/2 of her 18 sets, also in the old thread.
As per Dasha y170 & Sasha y174, they each did 1 video. I have both of their videos in my Vlad video thread. I have the sets of both of those girls & will post them in the next day or so.
I'm sorry to say, I've only got 3 pics of Nastya y080. I'll see if I can find more.
The links below will take you to the 4 posts. I recommend checking out both of the threads. You will find lots of Vlad sets & videos. The set thread also has lots of info regarding dates, etc.

Karina y163 http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62858

Karina y194 http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i60687

Dasha y170 cstm video http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html#i62114

Sasha y174 video http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html#i61225

Here's sets 5-22 of Yulya y050. She did 24 sets, so we're missing the 1st 4 & the last 2.
These sets cover early March to mid-November of 2004. It appears she did no sets from June10th to Sep13th.
I have a strong hunch that she started in mid to late Jan 2004, based on the start dates of y049, 51 & 52
pictured set is 20


To anyone has any of the 6 missing sets - You are welcome to post them if you wish. They will be much appreciated, as they are not easy to find

>> No. 64982
File: 147984180569.jpg - ( 145.04KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0072.jpg )
Here's your Dasha y170 sets 1-16
I'm not able to give an exact date for these sets, however, 'Properties' yields 'ballpark dates' that seem as if they'd be right. Basically, this means these sets were likely done between mid-May & early Sept. 2008.
The pic is from set 2


>> No. 64987
File: 147985119984.jpg - ( 180.48KB , 1200x1600 , PB230062.jpg )
>>64965 Good to see you back. Sorry to hear about your problems. Modern tech can be wonderful, but it can be a pita sometimes too.

More info? ROFLMAO!!! I for one, and I have no doubt that there are many others, appreciate the info that you have provided.

Here are y050 sets 23 & 24, sorry, don't have sets 1 - 4.


Pw: litanglvr

>> No. 64997
Personally, I would appreciate it if you would bother to identify the model in this post. I read the post upside down and downside up, and have done searched for every model mentioned in it, but I still do not know who this is. It just looks to me that shouldn't be too much trouble for you to do this. In any case I hope you do not assume that anyone asking this question should be expected to peruse all of the lengthy threads to find that information. It would probably not even be possible.

>> No. 65017
Thank you. I appreciate the quick response.

>> No. 65024
P.S I'm the requester 64872 not the complainer 64997.

As for 64997 if you are referring to the links in post 64965 look at the last five digits, it's pretty easy to find them after that.

I look forward to Sasha Y174 sets and again thanks for the quick response.

>> No. 65059
You get poster of the year as far as I am concerned. You certainly have put in enough time into it. I have a question and ask because you seem to be a book of information on the subject. What constitutes a custom set? I have seen regular sets that are quite revealing,and customs that are rather bland. Thanks for your thread,and any information you can provide on my query.

>> No. 65103
File: 147998150716.jpg - ( 150.85KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0004.jpg )
Thankyou for the additional sets.
While its good to be running again, its not as fast & there are some new glitches, hopefully I don't run into the same problem as before.
Its always good to hear that the info I provide is helpful. Now, I shall see if I can get to the bottom of the "More Info" dilemma.

I'm really curious as to which posts you are referring to. Could you give an example of one that seems to be lacking in the information department.

Your Sasha y174 sets have just finished uploading. I was about to post them shortly after the Dasha sets, when I noticed set 4 was missing & several were incomplete. Since then, I've able to get a few more pics.
Sets 1,2,6,7 &12 are all complete. Set 1 has only 41pics - that is the official total.
Set 3 is missing the last pic of the set (#72)
Set 5 is missing pics 33-35 Set 8 is missing 73+74, which are the last pics of the set.
Set 9 is missing pics 32-34
Set 10 is missing 8 out of 84 - the pics are: 12-14, 37,38 +73-75
Set 11 is missing 27+28 Set 13 is missing 28,29,47,48 +76 (the last pic of the set)
Sorry they're not all complete. Hopefully, someone will have some fills for you.
I've also included a custom set with Sasha & Marina y171, from Dec13.08 It was a custom for 'Fadden'; its also 2Model set #268.
Using the same method as with Dasha, I get Nov14.08 - Jan11.09; so the 'ballpark' is early Oct 2008 to early Jan 2009
She did 21 sets, hopefully someone has some or all of the missing ones.
Here's 1-3 + 5-13
the pic is from set 10


Set 4 appears to be missing the 1st 2 pics & 1 more, later in the set. As the 1st pic is corrupt, it would require something other than WinRar or Zip to open it.
If nobody posts set 4 in the next few days, I will post the archived set, to see if someone can open it.

>> No. 65105
File: 147998233221.jpg - ( 154.31KB , 1200x1600 , P4300029.jpg )
I'm posting the 3 pics I have of Nastya y080 for you, they are from set 2. I can give you an exact date for these of Apr30.05
Hopefully, someone may have 1 or both of her sets (even in partial form)


>> No. 65110
File: 147998853156.jpg - ( 163.32KB , 1600x1200 , p4040008.jpg )
Here's sets 22-48 of Anna y076. These sets start in early Nov of 2005 & run chronologically to set 39 ,from May29.06 There are no sets for 5 months, until sets 40+41 from Nov6+17.06, then another 3 months until sets 42+43 on Feb22.07 She did 2 sets on each day she posed. These end on Mar1.07
Set 38 is a custom from May10.06
Sets 22-25 are all No Logo.
Here's an interesting #ing oddity I came across - sets 34-36 were all done on Apr18.06 - now, set 34 runs 1-90 but set 35 starts off at 101, running to 202. Stranger still, set 36 starts at 191, going to 307.
I've always assumed that Anna & Nadya m042 were friends, as they had been paired several times in 2Mod sets & videos, with fantastic results. Well, I notice that, while Nadya took an even longer break in 2006, both girls returned in November for 2 sets - which they did on the same days! Nov6th & 17th
Then they both took another break & both returned on Feb22.07 & both did 2 sets that day. While Nadya didn't do any sets on Feb27th, both girls also did 2 sets on Feb28th & Mar1st & 1 each on Mar20th, 28th & 29th.
Anyhow, the pictured set here is 32


>> No. 65113
Wish I could help with the missing sets y050 Yulya 001-004.
All I have ever found is sets claimed to be these missing ones,unfortunately never the truth.
Really nice seeing the sets 23 & 24 have found their way here.
Now I wish electricity will stay,for now I'm here again.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 65115
File: 147999469892.jpg - ( 145.20KB , 1200x1600 , yulyap5040001.jpg )
Is this yulya set 50?

>> No. 65136
Archive tells that set is Set 097 50 pics at 1600x1200 resolution.
y068 Yulya & it's posted by OP of this very good thread.
Here the set 90 are posted in a earlier thread:
http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html go to post#61627
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 65139
File: 148001846091.jpg - ( 237.18KB , 1200x1600 , y174-set-4-DSCF0047.jpg )
I've got these a quite long time ago,but when shared somewhere I were told she was y151 Olga:)
So I've let them collect dust for all this time.
Tot ziens misschien

y174 Sasha set 4,81 pics complete none corrupt.

Password: Sa174sHa


>> No. 65141
File: 148002030076.jpg - ( 140.43KB , 1200x1600 , y174-set-10-DSCF0013.jpg )
Ok if I post the sets of y174 Sasha?
Some of them seems more or less complete.
My set 10 have 84 pics.
And now a question,the sets I have got webmodels logo,is it ok with that particular logo?
Many of the sets you've listed I have as complete.
I don't have the rest up to the 21 though.
I'll put together the sets I have & I'll post them all except set 4,if you son't tell me to not post any of them:)
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 65174
File: 148006447597.jpg - ( 130.62KB , 1200x1600 , y174-set-12-DSCF0018.jpg )
Decided to post the fills only,as I've got something else waiting.
Tot ziens misschien

Fills for y174 Sasha set3,5,8,9,10,11 & 13.
Preview from set12

Password: Sa174sHa


>> No. 65209
File: 148010321932.jpg - ( 173.28KB , 1600x1200 , pb040021.jpg )
Thanks a lot for the fills & set 4. Sorry for not responding sooner. I was in the middle of replying to this fellow>>65059 when I heard a commotion in my yard. This matter took many hrs to deal with & I was far too tired to resume.
So if you have any of Sasha's sets beyond 13, by all means, you're welcome to post them. The Logo doesn't matter.
It looks like Yulya y050's sets 1-4 are quite elusive

As you can see by the above reply, I attempted to respond to you in a more timely fashion, but circumstances did not allow it
If a customer requested a certain theme with a certain model(s) it would be a custom (set or video). Certainly, a lot of the customs "pushed the envelope" a bit. If such a custom is a # set, a standard version Might be a bit shorter.
On the other hand, you're right, some of the customs do feature the models in rather conservative attire. A customer just might like certain outfits
It looks like about 2006 they began giving the customer the option of having their name on the custom set or vid.
All custom sets will yield date/time exif info from each picture. But not all sets that do this are customs. In the 1st paragraph of this post>>63428 I explain about Official Customs & those that 'Just look like customs'
Some videos are not listed as customs or don't list a name. Before posting, I always dbl check to see if the girl says Hello to anyone in particular, as the video is obviously a custom for that person.
That's about all I can tell you.
And you do know about my other 3 Vlad threads, listed at the top?

Here's something I uploaded just before my 2 week computer problem. 5 of the links are still up, including 1Fichier, even though it says 'Not Supported' when you check.
This is Dasha m070's sets 1-23. These sets cover Sep3rd to Dec8th 2004. For those who understand & use the 'P' # system, you'll notice many of the November sets list 2 dates eg: pb0034 doesn't mean Nov34th, take it as either the 3rd or 4th. I've noticed this problem was quite prevalent during Nov of 2004.
Another curiosity is that several sets appear to carry over #ing from other sets from the same day. At least 2 of them appear to have a large gap between the end of one set & beginning of the other.
All sets are complete, although set 7 begins with pic 7.
Set 3 has 157 pics & is a 2 part mirror set. The 1st part has a pink 1 piece swimsuit & the 2nd has Dasha with what must be a dozen pairs of shoes.
pic from set 15, another mirror set


>> No. 65211
File: 148010436981.jpg - ( 232.83KB , 1600x1200 , p9150010.jpg )
Dasha m070's set 3 - part1. I should add, she is one of 6 'M' series models from when the series was briefly revived in Aug 2004.
After Yulya m065 & Elana m066 started in late Oct of 2003, new models who would've been 'M' series received a 'Y' #. However 10 months later Vlad began using the 'M' series again but only for 2 1/2 months. After that all new models received a 'Y' #, regardless of age except for those who were over 18, during the existence of the 'P' & 'W' series

>> No. 65222
Sorry don't have any sets of y174 Sasha beyond 13.
I know I'm not the best to explain & sometimes I know I should just use as few words as possible:/
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 65235
File: 148012806123.jpg - ( 123.26KB , 1200x1600 , p7080002.jpg )
Guys, I'm in a major hurry right now, so of the stuff I've got uploaded this will be the quickest: Ksenya y057 - sets 100-110, 112-119+ 121-133. They cover June to Oct of 2006, with many out of sequence.
There's 2 cstms - 113 from July14.06 & 132 from June24.06
pic from 109, more info later


>> No. 65254
File: 148015685439.jpg - ( 148.44KB , 1600x1200 , p7120011.jpg )
I was in a real hurry when I posted Ksenya y057's sets 100-133 & there's some things I need to address.
Her custom set 113 was done the same day as her 6 1/2min custom video for Karl. It also features the same 2 outfits, although towards the end, the set explores a different theme.
The recently posted sets cover mid June to early Oct of 2006. Many of the sets are wildly out of sequence - 2 of the most extreme examples are: The 2 sets from June24th were 101+ cstm132. From June26th were sets 103 +130.
For those who aren unaware, her sets 1-99 are in my earlier Vlad set thread.
The 3 videos I have of her are in my Vlad video thread - links to those threads are at the start of this thread.
pic from 106

>> No. 65258
File: 148016501889.jpg - ( 214.05KB , 1200x1600 , PC270058.jpg )
Here's 16 of Alisa y030's 17 sets. The missing set is 11.
These sets go from late September 2001 to the end of April 2002.
I'm going to go through her sets in detail. There are 2 official customs & 4 'custom style' sets.
Before I go further, Vlad were having a problem on Sep25 & 26th of 2001, with an incorrect year appearing. In Alisa's case, it was 1999. This occurred with other models as well.
Set 1 is a custom style set beginning on Sep26.01 for the 1st 17pics, followed by 64pics from Oct17.01, finishing with 106 pics from Nov20.01 for a total of 187. All 3 parts feature her in bikinis
I'm jumping to set 3 now. It starts on Sep26.01, carrying over from set 1, as it starts on pic 20 & going to 78. The next part is 80 pics from Oct23.01
Back to custom-style set 2. The 1st 32 pics are from Sep26.01, going 1_2 to 35_2. These were the 3rd part of the Sep26th shoot. The 2nd part has 48 pics from Nov9.01 going 1-50. This set is missing 4 pics somewhere.
Set 4 is from Oct23.01 & begins on pic 81, carrying over the #ing from the Oct23rd portion of set 3.
Set 5 is from Nov1.01 Set 6 starts on Nov22.01 & features her in 2 1piece swimsuits & admiring an array of different swimsuits & a few pics in shorts & a bikini top. After pic80, the next 87 pics are from Dec3.01 & features her in the same pinkish bikini from the Nov20 part of set 1.
Set 7 is from Dec13.01 Custom-Style set 8 is from Dec3.01
Set 9 is a very nice mirror set but there are a couple of oddities. It has 92 pics, but is under 8Mb. Some pics are as small as 65kb. Also the #ing is funny. I believe its from Jan12.02
Set 10 has 3 dates & 3 outfits: starting with 65 pics from Jan31.02, followed by 8 pics from Feb14.02 & 34 from Mar4.02
Custom set 12 is from Dec27.01 Custom-Style set 13 is from Mar11.02
Set 14 is from Mar18.02 It has 2 shoots mixed together - eg: 01, 01_2, 02, 02_2 So if I can remember, I'll post a sorted, for those who prefer to view the set in order.
Set 15 has 2 dates Mar27 & Apr16.02 - she has the same outfit &the background is the same, making it look like a continuous shoot.
Custom 16 is from Apr29.02 & set 17 is from 1 week earlier - Apr22.02
pic from cstm 12


I also have 3 pics from set 11

If anyone has the full set of 11 - or even a few more pics from it - it would be most welcome

>> No. 65259
File: 148016541799.jpg - ( 110.21KB , 1024x768 , p1121153.jpg )
Here's a nice closeup of Alisa y030 from mirror set 9

Your English is quite fine - I just didn't read it properly

>> No. 65262
File: 148017052412.jpg - ( 368.52KB , 1600x1200 , P4210016.jpg )
There's a helluva storm here. We just had the 2nd blackout - both while I was typing out my posts. Luckily they haven't been very long. Unfortunately, I've had to restart my uploads both times

Here's another set of Yulya m017. This appears to be from before the # sets. This set is from Apr21.01 & contains 31 pics. Sorry, I can't tell you if its complete or not - #ing goes to 68. The 2 pics ending in 0 were at the end of the set. I noticed that they were taken at 9:30, 11mins prior to the start of the set, so I renumbered them ,bumping them to the front.
Its funny but some of the early Vlad models have regular # sets from earlier 2001 & even late 2000.
These early sets are usually listed by outfit (eg: Blue Bikini) I've also seen some that were labeled as being from certain CD's
Those who have Yulya's sets will recall seeing her in this bikini several times.
I just looked at her Bio card & saw a sample pic from this set that I don't have.
If anyone has anymore of this set, I'd sure appreciate it. I have only 4 pics from 25-36 & 3 from 41-68. Any other early sets (or part sets) of Yulya from prior to the # sets, would be extremely welcome - I saw about 6 such samples on her Bio card.


For those who don't have Yulya's 11 regular # sets, they're in my earlier set thread 3/4 of the way down, post 62528

>> No. 65265
What about a top 5 sexiest vlad vids?

>> No. 65301
Actually, the place for that is in my Vlad Video thread. That way guys could just browse through the posted videos & perhaps have their memories jogged by the screenshots While I still have some to post, there's quite a few up, already.

>> No. 65306
Great thread. I have checked both your 'set threads' and I couldn't see any Y167 Zhenya or M039 Katya, any sets would be welcomed.

>> No. 65316
File: 148026050143.jpg - ( 320.78KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0035.jpg )
>>65258 y030 Alisa set 011 119 pics complete.


Pw: litanglvr

>> No. 65318
File: 148026118661.jpg - ( 254.21KB , 1200x1600 , pc020010.jpg )

Just curious, not pushing at all, but I was wondering if your post of Set 001-023 for m070 Dasha were all you had of her sets.
The main reason I ask is I have another 23 of her remaining sets between 024 and 074 as listed in the 2014 index that I could offer back as a help for all your Vlad posts.
No way I can fill all 51 of the unposted sets, but wanted to offer if you needed them.

>> No. 65320
File: 148026393539.jpg - ( 201.80KB , 1200x1600 , P9260020.jpg )

I just wanted to share back some files you did not post for Alisa y030.
The attached RAR contains Sets 012 & 016 with the standard Vlad logos.
The RAR also contains 34 extra mainly (33 of them) custom style photos that I found in my archive - similar to the oddball customs I posted for you previously.
Most of the oddball customs don't really fit into any of the regular sets either, though I see 2 of them are custom styles files for the Set 011 you posted 3 images of, which I unfortunatley do not have to fill for you.
The oddball custom files are named/numbered as found in my inventory.


>> No. 65441
File: 148039015687.jpg - ( 91.38KB , 1024x768 , DSC00025.jpg )
I've been working on this post in bits & pieces for 3 days, everytime I had a few mins. (which was not very often

Here's my Play & Wrestle sets from 2000 & 2001. Before I start, I should mention that, while I will provide a few extra previews to follow this post, many of these girl's sets are posted in my old thread (several even have videos that I have up in my Vlad-video thread) With the exception of Katya m003 & Yulya m018 - All the girls featured have sets posted in my earlier Vlad-Set thread (59235) or link at the top of the thread in the 1st post.
Also Valerya m015, Asya m016, Yulya m017, Yulya m018 & Rada m019 are all have videos in my Vlad vid thread (59216)
I'll add some Yulya m018 sets as soon as I can
I will give dates where possible but only those taken with the Olympus camera yield a correct date. The earliest Olympus date is Dec17.00
Prior to that the Sanyo Camera was used & those sets have DSCF #ing & generally yield a date of Jan1.98 - That date is Always wrong. It looks like a few from early 2001 have what may be correct date + month but an incorrect year

Play Series #1 with Alina m009 & Zhenya m006.
The girls are featured 4 different outfits & several activities.
Play-Series 2 has Nastya m014 & Valerya m015 in 2 outfits
PS4 has Zhenya m006 & Valerya m015. It has 86 pics of 100 & feature's the girls wrestling. Yes, it is odd that some Play sets are actually wrestle sets
PS6 is another 'Wrestling Play Set' It features Valerya m015 & Rada m019 & is from Dec17.00 An Xmas tree is visible in some of the pics, lending a festive touch to the wrestling match.
PS7, also with wrestling, has Katya m003 & Nastya m014 & is from Dec21.00 The last 2 pics had different #ing. The times indicated that they went at the end. I renumbered them to what I hope is close to being correct. The pic total is 69 of 100
Play-Set 10 (also wrestling)has Yulyas m017 & m018 & is from Jan29.01, & has 91 pics of 110.
Strangely enough, pics 1-15 were taken After the rest of the set, as they cover 9:27-9:29, while pics 108-186 were taken from 8:58-9:07.
The majority (or all) of the missing pics are likely from after 186
PS12, with Asya m016 & Rada m019, is from Feb1.01 & features wrestling - & is backwards! It starts with pic 1 at 9:39 & ends with 105 at 8:49. So its best viewed backwards. It has 105 pics of 131. I don't know where the extra pics would go.
PS18, with Alina m009 & Yulya m017, from Mar20.01 has wrestling & arm wrestling. I have 98 pics of 109. It has strange #ing, going from 4719-4838.
The Play Series Custom with Alina m009 & the unknown u001 was taken with the Sanyo Camera & has a date of Jan27.98 - the day & month are likely correct, while the year would be 2001. There's no known pic total but I have 3 pics with both girls & 4 with Alina, that seem to belong. I now think the 1st pic (44) doesn't belong, as it has a Feb17th date
Now the Wrestle Series - Wrestle Set 4 with Zhenya m006 & Yulya m017 is from June21.01 This set also has them arm-wrestling at the end.
Wrestle 6 has Katyas m003 + m030 & is from July5.01 - I didn't know that that Katya m003 was still with Vlad at that point, as my latest set of her is from over 2 months earlier. Its strange then that she has no # sets. Also, this was almost 4 weeks prior to the 1st part of Katya m030's set 1.
The Wrestle-Custom with Alina m009 & Valerya m015 is from Jan27.01 & has 54 of 70 pics
The Wrestle Custom featuring Zhenya m006 & Rada m019 is from Jan30.01 This set has truly bizarre #ing - the prefix is C%7E000.
I've also included a very early 2Model set. Its 2Model set 10 with Valerya m015 & Yulya m017 from Mar14.01, making it the earliest 2Mod set by several months.
Because of the participants, it seems more like a Play set.
They are featured in 2 different outfits (the 1st is bikinis) They apply suntan oil in the 1st part & the 2nd, they assist each other with hair combing, makeup etc. They also dance for much of the set.
pic from Play Set 1


>> No. 65446
File: 148039465965.jpg - ( 154.18KB , 1024x768 , C000116.jpg )
I have both, probably all of Zhenya. As for Katya, I used to have most her sets but lost them a few years ago. I have 10 at the moment - 5 are complete, 4 missing 2-4 pics & 1 missing 10
I'll upload them for you
Did you find the videos with them that I have posted?

Thanks, I've been looking for that one for quite a while

Oh I have more but MC's limit is 400Mb & that group was 395Mb. I often get sidetracked & don't post all of a girl's sets at once.
How about wait until I get to 70 & see if you have anything different. If I don't have anymore of someones sets I always mention it. If I don't it means more are coming

Thanks I'll take a look at them shortly

this is from PlaySet 10

I forgot to mention there's 2 extra pics with the Play-wrestle sets - Wrestle set with Yulya y014 +Valerya m015 & one with Yulya y017 +Rada

>> No. 65471
File: 148042973336.jpg - ( 138.80KB , 1200x1600 , y076 Anna-005- p5060069.jpg )
I have 63 sets 65 (that I know of) of Anna y076 - 1.09gb 5,576 pics. Many custom sets and several are "no logo". I'm missing sets #2 & #4. Would any of these be of help to you?

>> No. 65489
Jua question to the great poster of the vlad wrestling series sets those are great but do you have in your archives m009 Alina's actual individual sets etc she had like 2500 pictures acording to way back so did m003 Katya just wondering if you had those like the leopard miniskirt series for Alina and so forth ythanks

>> No. 65496
Thank you,never had any of the Play or wrestle previously:)
Add a thanks for m017,new to me.
Unfortunately I've not found anything you don't have posted in your threads already.
Well,have'nt got opportunity going thrue everything of the many extremely encrypted archives yet.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 65508
File: 148046267683.jpg - ( 292.26KB , 1600x1200 , PICT0107.jpg )
Here's what I have of Katya m039 (as I said earlier, I used to have Much more).
What I have is 10 sets, all but 1 are Custom or custom-style, & a folder of previews of some missing sets.
Sets are: Custom set 2 from Feb19.02 This set is missing 2 out of 100. (maybe 2 of 20,23,48) This is one of those sets that has 2 shoots mixed together - eg: 01, 01_2, 02, 02_2, etc.
Those with the _2 suffix were taken 1st, while the 1st 23 pics with regular #ing (1-25) were taken Later. So the earlier shoot consists of pics 1_2 to 25_2 AND 26-78 & was taken between 2:35 - 2:55.
Pics 1-25 were taken between 3:04 & 3:10
I hope that makes sense. If I had more time, I'd offer a resorted set running from 2:35 - 3:10
Next is custom set 4 is from 5 days later - Feb22.02 & has 99 of 100 pics. Its another set like set2. Regular #ed sets 1-72 were taken from 1:47 - 2:09, while 1_2 to 45_2 were taken from 2:27 - 2:38
Both shoots have her in that wonderful pink single-button shirt.
Some of the missing pics might be 42-44 + 42_2 - 44_2
Custom 5, from Mar11.02, is yet Another with 2 shoots mixed together - Why did Vlad do this?? (at least they look similar) The 1st shoot, from 1:45 - 2:03 has pics 2_2 - 33_2 + 34-79
Pics 1-33 were done between 2:16 - 2:23
The set is missing 4 out of 101pics
Custom-Style set 19 has 67 of 69 pics & is from Oct1.02 #ing for this set goes to 80 so I have no idea what's missing
Set 22, also Custom-Style, is from Oct9.02
Custom set 27 is from Jan31.03 Custom-Style set 28 is from Feb5.03 & has 113 of 117pics
Custom 29 is from Jan24.03
Custom set30 is from Mar10.03 - sorry for not removing that extra crap in the picture names of this set.
Set 51, the lone standard, is from Aug12.03
I've also included a folder with about 70 pics from 18 of the missing sets, from sets6-39. All vertical pics from standard sets are 576x768, while all horizontal pics are 1024x768. All cstm pics are 1024 or 1600x1200.
pic from set 30 - the jacket was also worn in set28


If anyone has any missing sets, they're welcome to post them - likewise fills. Sorry, I couldn't be more help on possible missing pics, due to the #ing of the sets

>> No. 65509
File: 148046361098.jpg - ( 334.00KB , 1600x1200 , P2050118.jpg )
Oh, I have think I have most all of them & a bunch of NoLogo (I just get sidetracked easily) I have 1 more group of her's to post then I'll look for missing cstms, etc - But I could use set 19 she's dressed in yellow with a pink background

If you see any posts where I request extra sets or pics (here or in the 59235 thread or my 18+ thread) & nobody has filled the request, you're welcome to add to it eg: the Katya m039 post

speaking of her ,here's a nice closeup of Katya m039, whose sets I posted a few mins earlier
I also have a tickle vid of her with Natasha m054 posted in my video thread

>> No. 65515
File: 148046628975.jpg - ( 307.30KB , 1600x1200 , pc150014.jpg )
Here's sets 24-42, 44, 45,48 +49 of Dasha m070.
These cover late Nov of 2004 to Mar16.05
Sets 42 & 48 are No Logo
pic from 26 - one of my favorite sets of her's


if anyone has 43,47 or48 feel free to add them - sets 50-74 are coming soon

My lengthy post did (kind of) mention that her sets were in my earlier Vlad-Set thread 59235 (full link in the 1st post of this thread) scroll down to 60051) Its Not her full output, but that would be next to impossible to find - I've only got 1 or 2 pics of leopard mini
Katya m003's sets probably can't be posted

Glad you liked them. It seemed Yulya m017 did quite a lot of the Play & Wrestle sets

>> No. 65519
File: 148047424789.jpg - ( 236.11KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0117.jpg )
I was going through some of your posts on the first Vlad models thread, and found a couple holes I could help with.
First off, for Karina y194, your original post is here: >>60687
Here are Sets 004, 005, and 006, all No Logo format and all complete according to the 2014 Archive.
Preview from Set 004.


>> No. 65532
File: 148049017594.jpg - ( 280.17KB , 1600x1200 , p5260018.jpg )
And here is the second hole from your first Vlad thread that I found I could help with, Ilga, m021.
Your original post is here: >>60596.
You posted 9 sets, scattered through her 30 official Sets + 2 official Customs.
I got frustrated trying to truly sort out what you had posted from my inventory, as it was fairly mixed up.
I also found a few of your sets were missing image files, so after a while I just gave up; sorry, but a few of these files will be repeats.

Anyway, these two RARs contain the following:

Regular Logoed Sets: 1-3, 5-28 only missing Sets 004, 029, and 030, all complete according to the 2014 Archive except Set 003 (missing 1) and Set 022 (91 of 106).

Custom-style Sets: Set 001 (58 of 158), Set 003 (12 pic files), and complete Custom-style Sets 010 and 030.

Extras: a folder of thumbnails of all 30 sets, and a folder of 640 pixel sized Custom-style files from what looks like her early work.
You need both RARs to unzip them and get all the sets successfully.
Preview from set 023.



>> No. 65536
File: 148049187943.jpg - ( 118.72KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0013.jpg )
Thankyou, for the missing sets. After seeing what set 4 was like, I see that fills would've been completely impossible, with the pics alternating back & forth between the 2 swimsuits.
If I'm missing sets in the middle, like that, feel free to fill in the missing ones.

I did reply to you but forgot to refer to your post. Its here>>65515 above 65496


Here's Zhenya y167's sets -24 +26-30. I see I was wrong about having 'All' of them. There's 26 more that I wasn't aware of until I checked her archive.
I'm assuming she started around Apr 2008.
pic from 29


sets 25+ 31-56 would be most welcomed

>> No. 65564
File: 148051653822.jpg - ( 156.66KB , 1600x1200 , p3090015.jpg )

Well, I don't have Sets 043 and 047, but here is a complete Set 048 for Dasha, m070.
Preview from Set 048


>> No. 65566
File: 148051702327.jpg - ( 109.86KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0002.jpg )

Unfortunately I am missing Zhenya y167 Set 025, too; only had the exact same 29 sets as you so cannot help with the fill.

But your comment that she had another 26 set out that after Set 030 really surprised me, too, as I also that I had most of her sets!

Sure hope some kind soul out there as a few of these later sets of her that they can share, as she really goes through some striking changes according to the Archive!

Preview from Set 009.

>> No. 65570
File: 148051952276.jpg - ( 301.54KB , 1200x1600 , P4160022.jpg )

Here are four more Custom sets for Katya m039: 025, 028, 034, and 042.
Sets 034 and 042 are listed as valid Customs released by Vlad according to the 2014 Archive.
Sets 025 and 034 are missing one photo per set; the other two are complete.
Preview from Set 034.


>> No. 65584
File: 148053206252.jpg - ( 553.30KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0013.jpg )
This is last of my Dasha m070 sets. These are:
50, 51, 53, 54, 56-62, 65, 67-69, 73 +74 They cover mid May to late Oct of 2005
Set 50 is a custom from Mar17.05
There are 2 Custom-Style sets:
Set 62 from May11.05 & set 65 from May26.05
The 4 No Logo sets are: 51, 56, 59 +61
pic from 56


Here's a standard version of set 51, as well as a folder with 1 pic from set 55 + 1 pic each from custom versions of sets 15, 19 & 25


As per your offer: If you have any of the missing sets or custom versions of those that I had just single pics from or any custom-style versions - feel free to post them

>> No. 65614
File: 148055976275.jpg - ( 183.36KB , 1200x1600 , p3170009.jpg )

Nope, sorry - can't help with anything except Set 048 for Dasha...
Your last two Dasha posts totally cover the later sets that I have for her, with quite a few fills - thanks!
Well - I could offer to put up the logoed sets for some of the Custom and No Logo sets you just posted, but not sure if you would want those or not.
I have Sets 50, 51, 59 & 61 in the logo format; if you want them, let me know.
Preview from Set 050.

>> No. 65641
File: 148058712046.jpg - ( 182.35KB , 1200x1600 , m057-set-10-p5210077.jpg )
Have these sets,it's m021 Ilga set 4 & 29
Set 4 is quite strange,well,have seen this quite regulary when it's about the M series.
The # of set 4 is as follows,P2040001 & then P204001_2 #'s from 1-79.
Can't tell if they're complete,anyway it's the sets I have.

About something else,it's the M series though.
m057 Nastya recently I've found set 1-31 except set # 23 & 24.
Sets have in no particular order #'s starting with p or dscf applyed to the photos.
Set 10 have the p,set 11 have the dscf,I wonder if you think as I am,are these #,s changed later maybe?
The preview I've picked from set # 10.
I'm positive you've got them already,only curious about the #'s & you have a lot of knowledge I don't have.
Tot ziens misschien

Password: iL020gA


>> No. 65650
Still wondering about my question of Alina m009 and all the missing pictures from all her sets also she did some videos, I kn ow all this is quite old but still wondering thx

>> No. 65660
File: 148060625563.jpg - ( 176.68KB , 1200x1600 , m058-Violeta-set18-02.jpg )

Thanks much for the two fills for m021 - not many folks seem to post any except the most popular of the M models.

For example, the m057 Nastya you mentioned you found. I have no sets of hers, had no idea she had that many. The Next two M models, m058 Violetta and m059 Ira - all I have are a few random single photos, no sets.

Maybe I don't dig deep into the torrents or something, but most of the holes in my Vlad collection can be found in the M series.

>> No. 65686
File: 148064930186.jpg - ( 367.33KB , 1600x1200 , pc300052.jpg )
Any chance you have this holiday set ? I've looked thru my entire 2 Models collection with no luck and I'm sure I've seen it posted here somewhere on Sharechan - TIA and Happy Holidays OP

>> No. 65693
can we have this set of Violetta m058-18 set plse

>> No. 65703
File: 148068893847.jpg - ( 184.81KB , 1600x1200 , m057-set-27-p1260080.jpg )
I know for sure it's the reason I don't have everything with vlad:)
Torrents,what can I say,for me it was all about time,probably why I've never learned to use them.
Sometimes it's surprising to find something you've been searching for about some time.
Found at a completely different location then I ever thought possible,very recently too.
Tot ziens misschien & CTOP for these.

Password: nAs057TyA


>>65650 m009 Alina & many other models also.
Torrents of today or forums & chans,seems to concentrate about the more popular items.
Published & found today,unfortunately a big difference.

>> No. 65704
File: 148068899038.jpg - ( 219.68KB , 1200x1600 , m058-set-41-pa24000 (30).jpg )
Got these for you OP,these files are mainly previews of what I've found stored.
It's the 2 models you've mentioned >>>>65660 both of them.
Some of it at least,probably I'll find more among something else.
Seems I'll never really know what I've stored until I've been going thrue all of it & it's not done yet.
Any of it interesting,tell me & I'll see what I can do.
Tot ziens misschien

Password: V58I59


>> No. 65729
Lots of posts since my last one, 2 days ago. I don't have a lot of time, so I will make my next addition later. Right now I will just do responses. While I have had other things interfering with my 'Thread-Time', there was another issue.
Thankyou for the Ilga sets. I had wanted to go through all of them before my next post. However, I've found several corrupt pics. The problem is that if there's a corrupt pic in a set, it can be a painfully slow process to wait for the pics to open, so I can locate it & delete it (another verrry slooowww process if it involves corrupt pics). Nevertheless, replacement pics can be had from the sets I posted. Even in those where the pic can't be replaced, I'm still very happy to have them

Sorry, I screwed up. In explaining which sets were included, I mentioned set 48, then I said that set 48 was No Logo, however at the bottom, I requested sets 43, 47 &48. It should've been 43, 46 +47.
If you wish to add the Logo sets, that would be fine, as many collectors like to have both versions

Thanks for the Katya sets. I certainly missed them after losing them

I did responded to you, mentioning where Alina m009's sets were. I didn't include the link, just the thread # & post #. For the record this was the link. http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i60051
I haven't added Katya m003's solo sets, as I'm not sure she was old enough at the time

Hopefully some others show up

That set is set 66 for Yulya m065's sets. It can be found in my earlier thread in the sets posted here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61687

Thanks for the additional Ilga sets. Set 4 is a real odd one. I noticed pics 8+24 are corrupt in set 29 (I think at least 1 more is, as well). As I mentioned above, no big deal, as I'm just happy to have all her sets.
These >>65660>>65693 weren't my posts. I actually have 13 sets of Nastya m057 & 22 sets of Violetta m058. I don't have the missing Nastya sets, though.
It looks like Violetta's set 41 is supposed to be set 20 (she only did 40 sets - the preview folder is incorrect)
It almost looks like the sets I posted a while back. Her sets came with a paragraph worth of crap with each pic. I didn't know about 'Bulk Renamer' yet so I did a 'Windows Fix'. Thus it renamed them eg: p108000 (1) & so on. I could fix it with Bulk Renamer but the problem is the sets won't have the exact #ing. It would be OK for a 100 pic set that went 1-100 but if the set skipped a few #s, you wouldn't get exact #ing. This is why I hadn't posted her sets in either thread yet. I know her sets came in a torrent with other Vlad models. If I can track it down, I'll fix the #ing up & post them.
I didn't have any sets of Ira m059, so Thankyou for those, as well as the 16 Nastya m057 sets that are new to me.
An easy way to recognize if it me posting is that I always try to add something while posting - unless I'm replying to a dozen posts (which shows that its me) or if I'm in a hurry, in which case I'll apologize for not having time to add something.

Nastya m057's sets cover a year - April 2003 to late March of 2004
Violetta m058's sets go from late April 2003 to early Sep 2004
The sets of Ira m059 start in mid-April 2003 & go to Boxing Day of that year.

>> No. 65733
File: 148073393942.jpg - ( 271.16KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0019.jpg )
Now, here's the rest of my Anna y076 sets. (except for 2 more cstms that're on the way) This is 49-67 +69 & 70.
Set 52 is a custom from Mar29.07 & set 61 is a custom dated Feb18.08
These sets start on Mar1.07 I believe set 62 was probably the end of her y076 period. I'm assuming it was done around the same time as cstm 61.
Sets 66-70 all double as y188 sets. (as do 51+ cstm 52 - don't ask me why!)
I believe sets 63-65 were also done when she returned as y188 but were added only to her y076 sets.
Using the 'Properties' method I get what would seem to be fairly accurate 'ballpark' dates for sets 63-70. Each set has a different date, which is another reason I trust it. The dates span Mar13.09 to June2.09
I believe Anna also took a lengthy break between sets 52 & 53. I'm thinking she was likely gone from the beginning of April 2007 until near the end of the year.

The pic is from set 60


for the record - set 51 is y188 set 8, 52 is 10, 66 is 13, 67 is 14, 68 is 12, 69 is 5 & 70 is 6.
I'll post the rest of the y188 sets in the 18+ thread

>> No. 65734
File: 14807343384.jpg - ( 561.11KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0051.jpg )
Here's a custom set of Anna y076. This is from Feb27.08, 9 days after cstm 61


>> No. 65736
File: 148073509495.jpg - ( 593.67KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0046.jpg )
This is one more cstm. This is Anna y076 & Marina y171. It runs 159 pics. Its primarily Anna's set ,as the 1st 45 pics are of just her.
The set has her labeled as y076 but it was done during her y188 period


>> No. 65751
File: 148074711017.jpg - ( 176.99KB , 1200x1600 , m058-Violeta-set36-03.jpg )

Well, I am not the OP, I just contributed the Ilga m021 sets and a few other random fills here and there.
But thanks so much for the sets for m056, m057 & m058, very much appreciated.
Like I said previously, I did not have even one complete set for any of those three.

>> No. 65755
File: 148075997975.jpg - ( 343.17KB , 1200x1600 , pc300033.jpg )

Well, I had to resort to searching the entire Vlad inventory by name of the photo, but found it.

Yulya, m065, Set 069.

Merry Christmas!


>> No. 65758
File: 148076157391.jpg - ( 107.94KB , 768x1024 , katya0033.jpg )
If this post appears then you will have the Katya m003 sets you were asking for. There's 21 folders; 20 were 'sets'. Pic totals range from 1 to 40. I'm sure its nowhere close to the original amount but its extremely difficult to find complete collections of these early Vlad models.
Most of the sets were taken with the Sanyo camera & give the incorrect date Jan1.98 Most of the Olympus camera sets give dates. 3 sets were taken Dec20.00 Other dates are Jan15.01, Feb1.01, 2 from Apr23.01 & 1 from Apr27.01
The Blue Top2 from Apr23rd has pics 70-93 being from 11:00 - 11:04. The 1st 2 pics belong at the end - just change them from 013 & 017 to 113 & 117


I directed you to my Alina m009 sets in my 1st post of yesterday, but I'm including the link again for good measure. Sorry, but there's nowhere near 2500 pics. There's probably about 280. They are all from solo sets.


>> No. 65797
File: 148082526551.jpg - ( 206.52KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0049.jpg )
Technically its a NewYear's set, as its from Dec30.04 (although some of the girls wear Santa hats) Nevertheless its still 'seasonal'. The sets are available in various combos. They feature a quartet for most of the set followed by the large group at the end.
Thus, there are (I believe) 2 sets with quartets drawn from the large group featured at the end of your set.
Like that one, I may have others posted already, as part of a group of sets. Of course there will be others I haven't posted. I just don't have time to check at this moment.

This is Karina y185. She did 21 sets, of which I have 1-20. Most of the sets are smaller than usual for Vlad. 18 of the sets have pic totals from 65-82. Set 15 is the longest at 122pics.
All sets are complete - BUT - Sets 6 & 7 are mixed up. Be sure to switch 6 to 7 & 7 to 6.
I have no dates but when I tried my new method for 'approximate' dates, sets 1-10 gave dates that started with May26.09 ,moving slowly & logically to July26.09 for the 1st 10 sets. The rest said Sep26.09 That might be close to when the last ones were done but I'm sure some were done earlier
I guess its safe to say they were done between Spring & early Fall of 2009.
pic from set9


if anyone has set 21 that would be great

>> No. 65804
File: 148083992623.jpg - ( 390.48KB , 1600x1200 , P5030026.jpg )
This is the 1st 15 sets I have of Katya y034
They are sets: 2, 4-8, 10-13 & 15-19 They cover exactly 8 months, from Mar25th to Nov25th 2002.
There are 3 custom sets (8, 11 &17)& 3 custom-style sets (4, 18 &19). Dates are:
Set 4 Apr12.02 Set 8 May3.02 Set 11 Sep25.02
Set17 Oct7.02 Set18 Nov18.02 & Set19 Nov25.02
These sets are all complete ,except for set 15, which is missing 65 of the 118 pics. The set features 3 outfits - 42 of my pics feature the grey dress. I have 3 pics indicating Oct21.02 (pa21) The rest is 'FILE' followed by a jumble of letters & #s, making fills impossible. If anyone has the full set, that would be great - if you have the full set with 'P' #ing, that would be even better.
Several sets are quite lengthy - the 2 longest are sets 12 at 183 pics & set 7 at 203pics. At the other extreme, Waterfall set 13 is complete at only 43 pics.
As you can see, Katya is an incredibly good looking girl.
pic from set8


In addition to set 15, any of the 4 missing sets (1,3,9+14) would be Very much appreciated.

The rest of her sets will be in my next post

>> No. 65805
File: 148084023921.jpg - ( 290.69KB , 1200x1600 , P3250~11.jpg )
1 more pic of Katya y034 from set 2 - part of the group of sets I just posted

>> No. 65806
File: 148084061385.jpg - ( 222.95KB , 1200x1600 , 001_70_pics.jpg )
I just found single pics from 3 of the missing Katya y034 sets - This is from set 1

>> No. 65807
File: 148084065394.jpg - ( 214.46KB , 1200x1600 , 003_113_pics.jpg )
Katya y034 set 3

>> No. 65808
File: 148084090486.jpg - ( 227.92KB , 1200x1600 , 014_108_pics.jpg )
Katya y034 set 14

>> No. 65810
File: 148084425779.jpg - ( 147.66KB , 1600x1200 , PICT0003.jpg )
This is the rest of my Katya y034 sets. Included are sets 20-23, 26 & 27
These cover Dec2.02 to Apr23.03 Set22 is a custom from Jan30.03
pic from set23 - a fairly long one, with 144 pics
If anyone has sets 24 or 25 , you're more than welcome to post them


I'll be following Katya with Marina y035. They started at almost the same time & appeared together ,in 2Model sets an incredible 7 times, in just over a year (not counting 2 larger group sets)

I should've mentioned this when I posted Karina y185.
While a few Vlad models did leave & return, to be given new (higher) #s, I noticed several higher #s assigned to long term models who did Not leave & return. In the thumb-preview section are y179 Irina (Irina y038), y180 Alisa (Alisa y042), y181 Olya (Olga y021), y182 Masha (y061 Maria/Masha) & y183 Zhenya (Zhenya y025)
For some strange reason, there their 1st 9 or 10 sets from their real #.Not one of them had Any 'new' sets. I thought it was rather bizarre.

>> No. 65811
File: 148084491952.jpg - ( 178.87KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0118.jpg )
I noticed that some of your sets for Anna y076 were incomplete, so have upped some fills for you. Also, set 062 had 5-6 corrupt files in it and those are included.


Here are just a few more semi-random Katya m003 photos; not much, but what I had after comparing my inventory with your post.


Wow, what a strange set format! Very surprised it isn't listed in the Archive anywhere I could find, or as a dual model set! Thanks for that one, new to me!

>>65729 >>65532
Very sorry you had issues with corrupt photos in those set; I had no idea there were any there. Can you give me a hint which sets they were in, if you have time?

>> No. 65873
File: 148089824496.jpg - ( 231.45KB , 1600x1200 , P5080004.jpg )
Holy Christ! How in the hell did I miss that?! It looks like some of them were missing 1/2 the pictures.
Its a funny, usually a set opens much slower for me when there's even one corrupt file, (which immediately gets my attention) yet that wasn't the case with set 62.
I found that set with Anna & Marina fairly recently. Its a real mystery. I even checked to see if it could be 2mod 271 or 272 the 'unknown participants sets', however, it has too many pics.
Thanks for the Katya m003 pics. I see some new outfits. I still can't believe how long that girl's hair is!
I still haven't been through all the Ilga sets. I didn't keep track of the 1st few, as I thought it would just be a small amount that I could remember but I'll let you know what I end up with when I'm done. I'm just happy to have all her sets, even if some are missing a few pics.

Here's 11 sets of Marina y035. (more to follow) The sets are 2, 4-8, 12, 13, 15, 17 & 19 covering Apr of 2002 to March 2003
Some of you who have a similar collection (up to set 19) might wish to take note - Especially if you think you have an extra set.
A supposed incomplete set (9 or 11 - I can't remember for sure) turned out to be the other 1/2 of the incomplete (to that point) set 15. Set 15 is in standard form. A custom version would be welcome.
I have 2 custom-style sets - 6 from May29.02 & set 8 from July19.02 This set is missing 35pics including the last 30
I renumbered set 6 from 1,2, 3 to P #ing & put a few pics in proper order, they'll say 'b'
I also re#ed 17 to DSCF from 'y035_017'
pic from set4


gotta run - the rest wil be in a few hrs

>> No. 65875
File: 148090656027.jpg - ( 176.85KB , 1600x1200 , P2190053.jpg )
Here's the rest of Marina y035 - another 11 sets. 21, 22, 24-26 & 30-35, covering 1 year ,April 2003 to April 2004
26 is a custom from Oct23.03 It features 2 outfits, the 2nd of which is not featured in the Archive, but it clearly belongs. There is only a 7 min span between parts
pic from 33


Katya y034 & Marina y035 were frequent 2Mod & Sports partners, so I'll follow with some of those sets

>> No. 65876
File: 148090833170.jpg - ( 372.80KB , 1200x1600 , PA070109.jpg )
This file from Set 017 for Katya y034 came through in your posted RARs for her as corrupt.

>> No. 65877
File: 148090893188.jpg - ( 151.89KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0010.jpg )

Here is your missing Set 021 for Karina, y185, complete according to the 2014 Archive.


>> No. 65906
Is there any chance of the following, I have put them in my order of preference but whichever is easier for you, I also put 18+ next to the ones that seem to be over 18
so I assume they would be posted in the Nude +18 thread. Only Y092 seems to have a lot of sets.

M057 Nastya
Y092 Vladislava
Y179 Irina
Y139 Diana 18+
Y127 Ira 18+
Y116 Ksenya 18+
W013 Tanya 18+
P004 Alena 18+
Y136 Olesya 18+

Thank you for all your past efforts.

>> No. 65907
File: 14809526841.jpg - ( 278.89KB , 1200x1600 , PB290019.jpg )

Here is your Marina y035 Set 015 Custom-style as you requested, as well as Sets 16 and 26 in regular logoed format. Don't have any others that you didn't post, unfortunately.
Preview from Set 16


>> No. 65912
File: 14809541257.jpg - ( 392.33KB , 1600x1200 , p9130163.jpg )
Thankyou - That was sure fast; I was thinking it might be a hard one to find.

Thanks for the replacement. Its funny, I've often browsed through her sets & never had a delay with opening that one (as I normally do if there's corrupt pics) But I see how I could miss it - There's a very small grey border at the bottom, virtually the same shade of grey as the carpet. It also stays within the bounds of the carpet. The only thing that gives it away is that it covers part of Katya's left shoe & toes.

Here's 6 sets pairing Katya y034 & Marina y035. Amazingly enough, they did 4 other 2Mod sets that I am missing. Quite something as Katya was only there for 1 year. They also appeared together in 2 'Large Group' sets (1 of which I have) & they each did sets with other girls (most of which I have) But the focus here is with them as a '2-Some'. They are 1 of the great Vlad pairs; right up there with Anna y076+ Nadya m042, Katya y111 +Karina y107 & Tanya+ Olga.
Sets are: Sports set15 is from Apr26.02 - not long after their debuts
I have no date for Sports 31 but its hilarious! They are dressed in pretty winter coats & start fighting over a fruit basket - it escalates to 'brawling', then 'swordplay', with the victor taking the loser's pretty winter coat (& the fruit basket)
2Model set37 is from Sep13.02, with the girls at the beach, wearing bikinis. This was 4 days after Katya's set 12 & 5 days prior to Marina's set 12.
In fact, Marina's set 12 was done on Sep18.02, at a waterfall - as was 2Model 40, featuring her & Alisa y042. 2Mod41 had them joined by Katya & a few others, this was the same session, as was Katya's set 13. (for that matter, so was Alisa's set13!)
Back to the posted sets - The 4th set is 2model 43, from Nov6.02 & features the girls is 'Workout Clothes'
2Model 49 , from Feb5.03, is quite interesting. Marina is looking through a Vlad Models 'booklet', & Katya shows up. It seems they get ideas for outfits & shoes, (of which there are plenty of both) for Katya to try on. She ends up looking Very Hot! In the 'booklet', I caught pictures of Alina m009 & Zhanna m025. Zhanna was wearing the red & white Mickey Mouse shirt & red shorts - For those interested in Zhanna, I have her posted in the other thread - here's the link http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61257
The last 2Mod set I have of them is 53, from Mar5.03 (7 weeks prior to Katya's last set) the model book is out again - they have a brief tussle too
pic from 2mod37


>> No. 65919
File: 148095699580.jpg - ( 263.99KB , 1600x1200 , P9290015.jpg )
1 last post & I must take a break.
This is Elena m055. She did 13 sets, of which I have 4 - 1-3 + 13
2 sets are customs - set2 is Apr9.03, while set13 is Sep29.03 & is pictured


>> No. 65942
File: 148100427992.jpg - ( 133.70KB , 768x1024 , P1010679.jpg )

Not sure if you ever got any fills for Zhana m025 Set 10, so here is a complete set 10, plus a few odds and ends in her folder.
No idea what happened to Set 1-9!


>> No. 65971
File: 148102647093.jpg - ( 258.85KB , 1200x1600 , m055_008_p5050082.jpg )
>>65877 Thank you for the complete set.
If this post may show up I can at least tell I have the y185 Karina 021 set,not as complete though.
I have set 21 but the set I have,photos not numbered as I'm quite sure it should be.
Mine have y185_(P001) and on,ending at 079 plus missing 046 to 051,plus some have logo some don't.

m055 Elena,I have set 1-3,5,6,8,9,11,12,13 & customs of set 2 & set 13.
Now I'll go back to going thrue my stored items again,something I'm in complete control of.
Was quite fun as long as I were able to add something,will take some time before an attempt of sharing something again,not a decision I wanted to make though.
2 posts of mine did'nt pass through,whatever the reason were,no more attempts by me of even asking about something.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 65976
File: 148103058743.jpg - ( 125.68KB , 1600x1200 , p5300023.jpg )
I've got most of them already posted. I have the sets of Ksenya y116 that I just uploaded. As for Tanya w013, I've started some torrents & hopefully they yield some sets
The rest of the models are posted. I'll direct you to them
But 1st - Please Note - I reserve the 18+ thread for TL sets & vids &/or those with See-Through clothing. So regardless of age, if a model's sets are NN, they go here. If they have a mixture, the NN one's are here & the 'Non-NN' are in 18+
Here are the posted models:
A regular follower/contributor added Nastya m057 over the weekend - its just a few posts back>>65703
I've been working on sorting through Vladaslava y092, in my spare time, for a few days, now. I'm checking that they're all complete, And also, she did some TL sets, which belong in 18+ (as long as she is deemed old enough) The thing is that she didn't`just switch to exclusively TL at a certain point.Its like 1 here, 1 there kind of thing.
Re: y179 Irina - Its just the 1st 10 y038 sets reissued under a new #. For more info on that, read the large paragraph at the bottom of this post>>65810 I have Irina y038 1-97 in my earlier thread HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62782
HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62808
HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62914
& HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i63028
& In this thread - 98-117 are Here >>63652 read the 2 posts under it. Also fills & missing sets have been added here & there
I also have 2 videos of her in my Vlad video thread, HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html#i62876
And HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html#i60792

Here is Diana y139 http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62606

It looks like I had Ira separated into NN & 18+, & archived, over a month ago but forgot to upload it - I'm doing it now

Olesya y136 is in 18+ 1-26 is Here http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html#i13876
Olesya's 27-52 is HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html#i14213
And Olesya's sets 53-60 is HERE http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html#i14230

Watch for Ira in both threads

Vladislava's 1st sets will be here - Actually most of her sets will be in this thread

As per the P sets, I was going to figure out who goes in which thread but hadn't got around to it. Alena P04's set is now in the 18+ thread, in the bottom post

I should mention, between my 4 Vlad threads, most of the Vlad models are represented in at least 1 post. Its not a big deal for me to point out where a certain model is posted but it does entail a wait of a full day for you, as you have to wait for your post to appear & then for my response.

Now your Ksenya y116 sets are all fine for this thread.
Set 1 is missing the last 19 pics, otherwise All the sets are complete. Maybe you'll be lucky & someone will have the last part of set1
These sets cover 6 weeks from late April to early June of 2006 But they're Completely out of sequence
pic is from set10


>> No. 65984
File: 148103762915.jpg - ( 177.73KB , 1600x1200 , P9220032.jpg )

Well, I would not usually post incomplete sets, but the OP seems to like even partials, so here goes.
This RAR contains logoed sets for Elena, m055 - Sets 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 12 - all of them missing some files when compared to the 2014 Archive.
However, while one set is only ~60%, most are in the 80-90% complete range; each folder is marked with the number of missing images.
Also, I found a note in her folder stating that Sets 4, 7, and 10 are lost sets, so between the OP's and my posts all 10 logoed sets and 2 customs in circulation are offered here.
Preview from Set 12.


>> No. 66004
File: 148105544716.jpg - ( 151.24KB , 1200x1600 , p8030006.jpg )
ThankYou, Marina looks great in set 16 - Its nice to have a date for 15. As well, I now have a complete standard 26. Previously, I had only the 2nd part (green background).

This is a pleasant surprise! I got Zhanna's partial set several years ago.
It was 34 of the 38 pics for the 3rd portion of the set. I eventually found a pic of each of Zhanna in each of the other 2 outfits, but nothing else, until now
I've also wondered about the "Set 10" label. I figured she either had early sets from prior to the # sets. OR it was an error & it should've been labeled 'Set 001' instead of 010.
She also participated in a WrestleCustom with Yulya m017, that unfortunately has no previews

Here's the NN portion of Ira y127's sets. Its 2, 3, 6 & 11-14


>> No. 66025
File: 14810839721.jpg - ( 164.65KB , 1200x1600 , p8210007.jpg )
Thanks for the sets. Usually the request for 'even partials' is when I sense something might be hard to find, or its one of my favorite girls, thus I can enjoy some new (to me) pics.
I have a hunch we'll be able to have fills quite shortly

As per the Elena m055 sets that were posted, I will go through & determine which pics are missing from each set & post my results.

I had a request for Ira y127. 1/2 her 14 sets are NN & 1/2 are not. So these are the Non-NN sets - 2,3,6+11-14 Set5 (in the 18+ thread) is the earliest ,from July29.06. The latest is set14, from Jan29.07


>> No. 66029
File: 148108534316.jpg - ( 103.45KB , 1200x1600 , 2 PICT0001.jpg )
Here are the only 6 pictures I have of Lena y047. Each pic is from a different 1 of her 11 sets, which cover Nov 2003 to early April 2004. If anyone can add to my Ultra-Meager Lena y047 collection, I'd be extremely grateful. I've had no luck in finding any more pics (let alone sets)


>> No. 66040
File: 148110209285.jpg - ( 230.50KB , 1600x1200 , P3180008.jpg )
It looks like I haven't posted this model in either thread. Its Katya y074 & I have sets 3-5, of her 8 sets. Sets 3+4 were done Mar18.05, while set 5 was from 2 weeks later, Apr1st.


>> No. 66042
What I posted in one of the disappeared posts is.
I told I made a mistake about thinking someone were OP here.
Also thanked for m065 set 69 and thought it's themed for the upcoming holiday.
Then I went on to ask about n029,something I've found somewhere,not in any of the stored though.
I know absolutely nothing about the N series,so I asked you OP,not a request cause I have it already.
Well,none of it got thrue plus another post made somewhere else also didn't showed up at all.

Can tell I've found m039 Katya set 1-55,had some thoughts about if it's possible to know the amount of sets which were published with her,if this post is going thrue there is.
Set 13,18 & 33 are customs EXIF for 18 & 33 only,set 37 contains 4 samples only.
I don't know what's ok to ask or not anymore,maybe I've crossed some line again simply asking about m039.
For now I'm on a break from visiting any sites & going thrue the stored items,may need some time.
The Y series are the primary items I'm looking for,if anything is found the lottery of posting here makes me consider if it's worth the efforts anymore,doubt it is though.
What kept me returning here is the M Series & all the information by you OP and other friendly posters here.
Tot ziens misschien & excuse the long post.

>> No. 66078
File: 14811369009.jpg - ( 178.37KB , 1200x1600 , P3050175.jpg )

Here is all I have for Lena, y047. Oddly enough, it is an exact match for the 6 images you posted, but these are complete sets according to the Archive.
This RAR contains regular logoed Sets 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 11.
Preview from Set 008.


>> No. 66120
File: 14811815095.jpg - ( 657.67KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0041.jpg )

OK, now I am intrigued... I have never heard of an N-series for Vlad, and of course have none of the sets. Any additional info would be most welcome.

Also - to the OP of these fine Vlad threads, who seems to be a wealth of knowledge re: Vladmodels.
I have heard many a rumor/story about what happened to the business, from raids to hacks to disgruntled employees to unrequited love stories.
Just curious if you have any facts or semi-firm info on why Vlad closed up what had to be a pretty profitable business?
Photo of Tanya, y157, Set 129.

>> No. 66219
File: 148124146967.jpg - ( 350.35KB , 1200x1600 , P3275413.jpg )
You guys must think I'm some kind of idiot posting this twice>>66025>>66004 What happened is that I posted 1, then returned 6hrs later. The sets weren't up yet, but I incorrectly assumed I'd posted the 18+ sets, so I ended up posting the NN ones twice.
I've just posted the Non-NN sets of Ira in the 18+ thread, as well as about 92% of Tanya w013's set 21. Otherwise my torrents of her are not doing so well. I've only got a few sets with 1/4 to 1/2 of the pics (& some with even less).
Perhaps someone else has her sets someone can help.

This is a Katya y019. She did 8 sets between (I believe) Feb22.01 & Sep22.01 I'm quite certain all dates are for 2001. Set3 is p101, making it undateable & there are a few other portions of sets with it.
Set 5 is in custom form & was done on Mar26+27 of 2001. The 1st 25 pics have p101. I don't know if they're from a separate day or if they are from Mar26 or27th & the date wasn't set for them. The 1st shoot is the 1st 28 pics of set6, the rest of that shoot is in set2. Next is a Mar23rd shoot that starts in set6 for 21pics, with the rest being in set2
3 sets have pics from Mar26.01 I think set 8 was Probably 1st, followed by set6, then set5
Mar27 is equally confusing but I'm guessing set8's portion came before set5's
Set7 is Apr27.01, Outdoor set4 is Aug22.01 & is complete despite having only 59pics
The 1st 33pics of set1 are p101 but the rest is from Sep22.01
pictured is custom set 5, which has 150pics - set6 is the longest at 174pics


For those interested in the standard version of Katya y019's set 5, here it is - it is shorter than the standard by 46pics. I think the Mar27th part is where most of the shortening was done


>> No. 66223
File: 148125059332.jpg - ( 318.28KB , 1198x1410 , DSCF0029.jpg )
ThankYou! I've been trying to find her sets for a Long time.

Re Xmas/NewYears sets: It looks like there were several 'large groups' with a dozen or so girls; these were broken down to (usually) quartets for the bulk of a set, with the larger group appearing for a few shots at the end.
As for Xmas videos, the Tanya 1hr BC cstm & Yulya y068's rather brief 74 second custom Tom vid are both in my video thread
If you have 55 Katya m039 sets, then you have them all. We're still missing 1, 3, 6-18, 20,21, 24, 26, 31-33, 35-41, 43-50 & 52-55
I've been slowly trying to get Katya's custom set 33. I'm allowed to download 4 pics per day (its how I got Alexandra y049's only set) I guess I can stop now.
The N series appears to have been from someone reissuing some Vlad sets & giving 'N' #s to the girls, whose sets they had. They even gave some of them different names! There were no new sets & I don't know if these sets included any of the sets that are very difficult to find. I'm guessing not. Also, the sets will be labeled differently than with Vlad - eg: Vlad set 56 of a given model might be set 11 of her in the N series.
Official Vlad series are: K, M, P, W & Y.
As for Vlad's demise, I'd heard a disgruntled person representing (or wanting to represent) a Very popular model (I'm not sure if she was disgruntled or not) - supposedly 'obtained' a huge amount of Vlad sets & made them freely available, drastically cutting into their profit.
Of course that's 3rd hand at best & maybe 87th hand, for all I know.

Here's a model who's not listed in the Vlad archive. Its Sasha y193 & I have only 7 pics of her July14.09 custom.
I had 3 pic from the set & found a torrent for it. While it only got to about 78%, I was still thinking I'd have about 1/2 the set of complete pictures. It turned out I got only 4 'finished' pictures.
If anyone has the rest of this set, or any others she might've done, or info on how many she did, it would be much appreciated.
For now, here's 7 pics. The one you see is a cropped pic that's not part of the Rar


>> No. 66257
File: 148129939264.jpg - ( 177.41KB , 1200x1600 , p9300032.jpg )
Another huge Thank you for keeping this Vlad theme going.

Just got the Ksenya-y055 and must say I was pleasantly surprised. As much of a Vlad Model fan I am it's a nice treat to get something completely new. I recall seeing her and not knowing her name but never complete galleries.
Some of her galleries are my new all-time favorites. Wow!
As with many Vlad's some of her galleries are bland and uneventful and some are absolutely stellar!
Here is an example of a truly classic Vlad Model photo gallery. Ksenya is stunning in this one. (021)

>> No. 66277
File: 148131241083.jpg - ( 155.70KB , 1600x1200 , pc160040.jpg )
Here's the 1st of my Vladislava y092 sets. Its 1-17 covering Sep3.05 to Jan27.06 Also included is custom set 30 from June6.06 (I just noticed it says '08' instead of '06' on the custom)
pic from set11


there's lots more of her

>> No. 66278
I have n029 Marina set 1-16,sorry but can't post a preview.
Did once but it followed the other bytes somehow,lost in space or similar.
Set # 12 is a custom & date is 2007 09 19,or September 19 2007 with 104 photos.
Found recently & not in my stored items of vlad,all I know.

>>66223 "reissuing some Vlad sets & giving 'N' #s to the girls"
Then I have a question what is the items I've found of the n029,the girl with a different ID?

>>66223 Value of your information are excellent as always,there is 1 major problem though.
I do have 55 sets of m039 I don't really know about the accuracy as I've found it recently.
A couple of the sets have some samples only though,those aren't complete of course.
Problem #1 & major is >>66042,can't post any of it.
Tot ziens misschien if possible,for now my final attempt:/

>> No. 66309
File: 148135203050.jpg - ( 185.79KB , 1600x1200 , p9200025.jpg )
Glad you like the thread - as per Ksenya y055 - she also did a couple of good 2Model sets with Olya m071.

I kind of think Olga y151 was N17, otherwise I don't remember much of it. Marina y171 was ,I remember, included ,under another name (Katya, maybe). I don't recall the #.
Your custom date & pic count may prove helpful, as I may be able to figure her out that way.
With Katya m039, what I have that may help you is the folder of thumb previews of her sets, from the archive. It has 4 thumb-pics per set, so its useful if there are multiple outfits.
Also, I'm including a folder that was with the sets I posted; with previews of missing sets (25,28,34+42 are no longer missing). These are full size (& sometimes from customs) or 1/2 size, so might be more helpful than thumbs, in some cases.
It should help you to confirm whether your sets are #ed correctly & to allow you to make any needed corrections

Here's more of Vladaslava y092. This is sets 39-59, covering late July of 2006 to mid Jan of 2007. I thought I was only including the custom version of set 58; I see that I've included the standard ,as well. The date is Dec2.06 & both versions have only 63 pics.
pic from 43


more coming soon. I'm posting a Non-NN cstm from a couple years later, in the 18+ thread

>> No. 66312
Some more of Katya y111,pics especially, please?

>> No. 66324
File: 148137131450.jpg - ( 282.45KB , 1200x1600 , p2100003.jpg )
Hello dear Sir! First of all, let me say that I am deeply appreciative (as I'm sure everyone else is) if your fine endeavors regarding Vlad models; your strings have been fabulous! I have a request: if you've already posted, please excuse me, but I've looked and cannot find Posts for Zhenya y056 beyond the few sets I already have (132-154). Might you have the earlier ones? I would so appreciate your posting These if so!

>> No. 66327
File: 14813813444.jpg - ( 571.40KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0048.jpg )

Have to laugh at myself, as I am not sure that I have ever looked at this set, yet it was in my inventory!
Only 50 photos in this custom-style set, and no other photos of her that I know of in my inventory.
Check the time stamp on these - taken at 1:40 AM in the morning!
Makes me think one of the janitors brought in his night's squeeze and made up a set of this pretty little lady and slid it into Vlads archive or something!!!
The poor lighting and pretty awkward posing along with the shoot time makes me wonder about the origins of this set.
Preview from the set.


>> No. 66329
File: 148138452910.jpg - ( 151.59KB , 1200x1600 , P4250017_2.jpg )

Here are fills for your Ksenya y116 Set 001 that you uploaded that was missing 19 photos.
Numbered as found.
Preview from the fill.


>> No. 66378
Well that didn't take long. Marina was intended to be model y150. She got lost in the shuffle and never made the board. Very cute, very young walked into the studio with two models whose #'s are right after hers.

>> No. 66431
Inspiration after an evening on town maybe hard to use the cam so he must have had a fun evening b4 the shoot:)
I def like these

>> No. 66489
File: 148148555078.jpg - ( 165.46KB , 1600x1200 , pb23020054.jpg )
This is a tall order but I am trying to complete my Yulya-m065 collection.
Any fills would be appreciated.
Missing galleries- 78, 81, 82, 86, 87, 90, 92, 93, 96, 97, 99, 100, 102, 104, 106 and 109.

My last set is 149. Is this all she has?
Here is a random pic of Yulya-m065 from gallery 60

>> No. 66513
File: 148150680864.jpg - ( 158.27KB , 1200x1600 , p7200005.jpg )
I somehow missed you in my last post - ThankYou for the fills.

Here's sets 1-21 of Ksenya y056. As I mentioned in posts of Ksenyas y055 +57, not only were there 3 consecutive Ksenyas, but they all debuted on either Mar30th or 31st of 2004. This particular Ksenya started on Mar30.04 These sets go to late Sep 2004.
Set 1 is a custom-style set. The 1st 20 pics are from Mar30.04, with the rest being from Apr6.04 This was a rare instance in which a partial set "audition?" did not have at least 1 missing pic.
Set 17 is an official custom from July28.04
As I've mentioned earlier (in much greater detail) Vlad had stopped assigning 'M' #s in late Oct of 2003, commencing again from late Aug to early Nov 2004
Thus models like Ksenya who would've otherwise been assigned an 'M' series #, were instead given a 'Y' #. Otherwise she would've been somewhere between M068-70.
pic from 15


>> No. 66581
>>66312 >>66324 >>66489 >>66329 >>66327
Ummm... I DID answer ALL you guys, during the course of THREE (or was it 4?) posts, none of which have appeared, some of which contained requested items
What can I say??????

>> No. 66582
File: 148153203924.jpg - ( 58.93KB , 742x323 , My collectiion.jpg )
Try searching binsearch with The+Treasures_of+Vladivostok

>> No. 66583
N series is "new" as someone opened the site. It is online. Prices are very reasonable. You can't post "New" sets.

>> No. 66584
Sorry, I tried

Sorry, see above

Thanks for the set - I had a witty comment, in my previous attempt. I'll try leaving it out

Thanks for the fills

I have what you want in my old thread - here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61810
And here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61930
The 1st has 21 sets from 70-97 & the 2nd has 22 sets 98-124. You should get Most of what you want. A few of them are among those 'Ultra-Difficult-To-Find
There's a few customs you might not have in the 2nd group - including an unnumbered one that makes 150 sets
There's also 7 videos of her in my video thread.
4 of her vids are cstms for Tom

>> No. 66650
It's not what >>66042 are about anyway.
That guy can't post whatever here not a single preview of y157 Tanya or whatever you name it.
It's all in that post >>66042

Guessing it's Dutch in the end maybe english is hard for him I know it is for me sometimes you know.
There's nothin NEW about vlad at all,reselled old stuff nothing new produced since a couple of month before they closed business.
These n029 have year 2003,so it's not new.

>> No. 66652
OP these "new and determined requests" it's THE time of the year agin and I think you know what I'm talking about.
Happened here B4 I've seen it and it's not as nice.

But as long as you're going on I've got to thank you for >>66513
One of my favs,lost all I had of vlad stuff.
Thanks you're a nice guy OP and Odds&Ends plus others I may have missed to mention.
I'm wishing a happy holiday to all sharers.

>> No. 66778
File: 148168292178.jpg - ( 222.37KB , 1200x1600 , p1050021.jpg )
I have kind of settled down after my disappointment from the other day.I was still upset enough yesterday that I ended up posting in the wrong thread - obviously I needed to cool down for a while

Here's more of Ksenya y056. This is sets 22-39 & 41-43, as well as a 152pic custom set from Dec8.04 Chronologically, it fits between sets 32 & 33. I've seen it posted, incorrectly, as a custom version of set 13, which it of course isn't. While she's wearing the same swimsuit, the cstm is from over 5 months after set 13.
These sets start at the end of Sep 2004 & carry through to the beginning of March 2005
Set 34 is an example of a 'P' set with a month but no date. I can only say that its from Dec.
Set 36 is an example of a 'P' set with no month or date. This appeared to be something that occurred in the 1st set of the year, occasionally.
Set42 is No Logo - pic from set 35


>> No. 66798
File: 148169576335.jpg - ( 129.12KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0023.jpg )
Here's more of the requested Vladislava y092 sets. These are 67, 70 +77-97, as well as an Office/Secretary-themed custom from May29.07. This 117 pic set was done the day after set 82.
Set 77 is also a custom from May10.07
I regret to say that I had to omit the custom from May28th, due to 'see-through issues' that spanned the entire set.
I'm afraid I can't be much help on the dates, with these. As has already been pointed out, 77-82 cover May10-28 of 2007 Sets 67 & 70 had to be renumbered.
Using 'Properties', I got what seems like a good 'ballpark' date - March6.07 for set 67. I like that date because the last group ended with set 59 from Jan16.07, so the date fits well. Set 70 didn't yield a useful date. Sets 83 & up fall after June18.07 & have DSCF #ing; I couldn't get any likely dates from any of them.
pic from set83


An interesting bit of trivia: The customs from May28th & 29th were started 24hrs apart, almost to the exact second!

I have 1 more large batch & a small one, which will cover 98-138. I'm uploading them right now.
A Hartmut custom done near the end of her Vlad days, is in the 18+ thread
These are what's missing - 18-29, 31-38, 60-66, 68,69 +71-76. Also, if someone has sets 67 +70 with 'P' #ing, it would be welcome as it would help us to put dates to those 2 sets.
Sets 139-142 Will be missing after I post the rest of my Vladislava sets

>> No. 66811
File: 148171481893.jpg - ( 147.74KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0128.jpg )
Here's more of the requested Vladislava y092 sets. These are 98-130. I can't tell you much about the dates except that they likely cover the 1st 1/2 of 2008
pictured is 103, the longest set of the bunch, at 131pics


>> No. 66816
File: 148171647084.jpg - ( 200.89KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0024.jpg )
This is the last of my Vladislava y092 sets - 131-138, as well, I found set 76 & included it here.
These will likely be from the Fall of 2008.(except for 76)
Pictured is set 137. She had this hairstyle for her last few # sets & the Hartmut custom posted in the 18+ thread.


So, there you are, that's pretty much everything you requested. For the record - All of Tanya w013's sets are in the other thread

>> No. 66825
Thanks so much for These and the other Ksenya 056; they are very much appreciated and Long waited for! I'd be grateful for whatever more you can provide!

>> No. 66875
File: 148175056736.jpg - ( 147.42KB , 1600x1200 , p3200007.jpg )
Glad you like them - I've had an issue with the group of sets I'm currently trying to upload. I've made 4 unsuccessful attempts, in the last 30hrs. I'm going to go through them pic by pic to see if I can find a corrupt one. Failing that, I'll break it down. Hopefully, you'll see more of her sets when the next posts appear.

Here's Olga y106. She did 4 shoots, which were made into 3 sets.
Its funny but I've had these sets for a while, thinking I had 4 very incomplete sets, until I checked the archive yesterday.
So, it turns out her 1st date was Mar20.06 Those 28 pics with the pictured Corona bikini make up the 1st part of set 3.
3 days later was the 43 pics that made set 1 (red)
1 week later (Mar30th) was the 69 pics that made up pt2 of set 3.
The last shoot was Apr6.06 for the 57 pics of set 2.
Besides the low pic totals, the other reason I thought the sets were incomplete is that set 1 starts with pic 46 & set 2 with pic 24
I'm sure I wasn't the only one confused or mistaken over what exactly I had.
I still don't see why the bikini pics weren't added to set 1. It would've been more in order chronologically & it would've given set 1 a total of 71 pics, putting it closer to a regular pic total. Set 3 would've still had 69 pics. Oh well.


>> No. 66897
File: 148177243962.jpg - ( 155.03KB , 1200x1600 , set78.jpg )
I'm hoping you located the Yulya m065 sets in my earlier thread found. I noticed 107 wasn't on your list - Does this mean you have it? Its one that I'm missing.
As you likely noticed, I had only 3 pictures from set 78, however, I've found 1 more pic, to bring it to 4

>> No. 66900
File: 148177470257.jpg - ( 387.51KB , 1200x1600 , p6020001.jpg )
In my earlier thread, Yulya m065's sets 126-149 are here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62130
Set 148 was her last set (it was done 8 days after 149) I included the standard version & (in a separate folder) I added the only 2 pictures I had from the custom version. I've just found 1 more - its the 1st pic from the custom version

Yulya's sets are all posted in the other thread, they include several cstms. Besides 78 & the Custom version of 148, missing sets are: 82,86,87,90,92,96,99,100,102,104+106-108

>> No. 66938
Thank you for all your efforts, including past requests I have made. I hope you find all the remaining Vlad material you are searching for.

>> No. 66948
File: 148180927490.jpg - ( 337.58KB , 1600x1200 , p6040057.jpg )
Here's more Ksenya y056 set(finally)
I'm not sure why I've been having such problems. Every picture,from 44-77 is fine & when broken down ,these sets uploaded with no problems. Yet I couldn't upload it all at once. I think I'm zeroing in on the 'problem set'.
I'm posting the 2 links covering the dozen sets I have from 44-60.
These are 44,45, 47, 48, 50, 52, 53, +56-60.
They cover exactly 3 months, from Mar4th to June4th 2005.
Set 48 is No Logo
pic from set 60

Here's 44-48 (minus 46)


And this is the 8 sets from 50-60


>> No. 66965
File: 148182534348.jpg - ( 177.18KB , 1600x1200 , pa200028.jpg )
So, here's the rest of what was supposed to be 1 group of Ksenya y056 sets. Its 61, 62 & 65-77, covering 5 months from early June to Early Nov 2005
These are all No Logo, except 61, 62 & 67
Pictured is 72
Here's the 1st 3 - 61,62+65


And 66-77


Before breaking it down this far, I tried uploading 61-77 but it stopped at 9% for a 1/2hr. When I split them down, they were done in nothing flat. Strange

>> No. 66968
File: 148182702054.jpg - ( 162.20KB , 1600x1200 , p5240050.jpg )
I forgot to list 107,I don't have it.
And yes I found all your Yulya-m065 posts.
Now we just hope someone can help us locate the missing galleries.

I have gallery 149 unless it is mislabeled.
Here is a pic from my 149-

>> No. 66988
File: 148186505345.jpg - ( 183.84KB , 1600x1200 , p1250009.jpg )
You must be referring to my typo in the 125-149 post. The only ones I'm missing are the 12 listed here>>66900 well, 13 including set 78 & of course the custom version of 148.
Having those few pics from 78 & cstm 148, at least proves that those 2 sets are circulating.
My 1st torrent of Yulya m065 was for 125 sets ,if I remember correctly. I recall hearing that the other sets 'weren't out there', so you never know.

Here's more of the requested Ksenya y056 sets. Sets 78-100 take us from early Nov 2005 to custom set 100 on May10.06
Sets 78+79 are No Logo
pic from 88. A few sets covering late Dec to about early Feb show her with the 'bangs' hairstyle


>> No. 67016
File: 148187833189.jpg - ( 169.01KB , 1600x1200 , p5240038.jpg )
Here's more Ksenya y056 sets. These are 101-119, covering late May to mid Oct 2006. There are 4 customs in this group - all done during the course of 2 weeks.
103 is from May23.06 , 105 is from May31.06 In this case, I've included the standard version, as well. At 103 pics, it has 3 more than the custom.
106 is from June2.06
From June7.06 is Custom Ext.108, which at 159 pics, has 18 more than the standard version.
Pictured is set 102 - 1 of several fantastic sets, among this group. That purple bikini is every bit as awesome as the more celebrated 'Green Bikini'


In the last group of her sets, I forgot to mention that her 8 second video from the 'Introduction Series' appears to have been done at the same time as set 97, on Mar22.06

>> No. 67017
File: 148188142560.jpg - ( 243.96KB , 1200x1600 , P4090004.jpg )
I'm really excited to announce that I've found some pictures (mainly custom-style) of some Very hard-to-find early Vlad models, none of whom are to be found in 2014 Archive; although they're all in the 2007 one.
Its from the same place I got the set of Alexandra y049 (over the course of a month)
I was working on getting Katya m039's custom set 33 but I'm going to pause & try to get as much as I can of these 'seldom seen' models.
Thus, I'm going to post what I have of Katya's cstm 33, at this time, which is 43 pics out of 105.
I will be resuming working on Katya's cstm, once I've got all I can find of these other girls.
This is a case where I'd be willing to pay a bit for a 1-3 day's access, in order to get everything - but I tried once before & they wouldn't take my prepaid credit card.
So, Katya's cstm is from Apr9.03
Missing pics are 44 & up, in case anyone can offer fills.
Otherwise, I will post the rest of the set as soon as I have it


There are several of her other sets (mainly custom & custom-style) in 2 posts in this thread. She can also be seen in a tickle vid, in my video thread

>> No. 67068
File: 148196438678.jpg - ( 160.64KB , 1600x1200 , pb080080.jpg )
This is sets 120-143 of Ksenya y056, covering late Oct 2006 to late March 2007.
Set 136 is a custom from Dec16.06 - I've included the standard version as well. At 105 pics, it has 4 more than the custom. Set 143 was also a cstm (from Feb28.07), although I only have the standard version. I've included the only 2 pics I have from the custom version.
The pictured set is 123.It was done Nov8.06, the same day as Office set 121. Her 5 3/4min Cstm Adolfo video (which is in my vid thread)was done Jan30th - 3 days after set 137 & a week & 1/2 prior to set 138 from the request post>>66324
Also in the 30min tickle vid with her & Yulya y068 (also in the vid thread) Ksenya has the 'bangs' hairstyle seen here>>66988 which, as I mentioned, she had for a very brief time, which helps to 'date' the video.
Her last sets are uploading - they shouldn't be too long.


>> No. 67070
Ain't this the best thread ever say:D
y056 Ksenya had a couple of her sets only
Who'll need xmas I've got what I've wanted here

>> No. 67073
Found your links at candydollchan OP.....
Exactly it's yours no doubts even this are added "I found set 76 & included it here"
I do like your posts better though cause you know what you're doing
Thanks for the y056 it's all I've wanted for some time:)

>> No. 67075
File: 148197471350.jpg - ( 100.23KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0006.jpg )
Here is the last of Ksenya y056's sets, 144-154. Set 144 was done March24.07, the same day as 142 from the previous group. 2 weeks later, Apr7th, she did custom-ext. 145. Her next sets were 5 weeks later. On May12.07 she did sets 146, 147 & custom 149, which featured the Green Bikini.
Her last set before the end of the 'P' # system was done 1 week later, on May19th. It was an outdoor shoot that became set 148.
Set 154 was a custom from July20.07. With sets 150-153 we only know they were done after June18.07 Using 'properties' I got Aug15.07 for Standard 154 (maybe a release date) For 153, Aug8.07 & 152 July30th. Thus, it could be that 153 was done about July13th & 152 about July3rd.
It wasn't as helpful for 150 & 151 (early Oct & early Nov) While nothing says they couldn't've been done later than 154, I don't think they would've been Much later. But - I'd say they were done the same day, as she has the same hair ribbon.
pic from 152


>> No. 67077
File: 148197855247.jpg - ( 243.79KB , 1200x1600 , P5190051.jpg )
Here's 1 last picture of Ksenya enjoying an icecream cone, near the end of the outdoor shoot of set 148.
So, to go over what Ksenya y056 contributions would be welcomed: sets 40,46,49,51,54,55,63,64 - as well as a Custom version of set 143
And of course, any of what I refer to as Custom-Style sets, other than set 01.
To simplify - Any of her sets that Look like a custom that aren't in the archive, or that I haven't posted.
Sometimes they turn up, very unexpectedly.

>> No. 67080
File: 148198179818.jpg - ( 434.37KB , 1200x1600 , PA110007.jpg )
I decided to post the Oct11.05 2Model custom, featuring Ksenya y056 & Nadya m042. I also included the only 3 pictures I have of the custom they did the week before (Oct3.05)
In the earlier one, Ksenya is wearing the outfit you see Nadya in
The Oct11 cstm was done the same day as set 71. I'm not sure if she braided her hair after the cstm or did 71 ,then undid the braids for the cstm.
In set 72 from Oct20.05 you see Ksenya in the outfit from the cstms>>66965


If anyone has the Oct3rd custom, it would certainly be welcomed.
Another 2Model set I'm missing, that fans of Ksenya & Yulya y068 would surely love to have, is 212. It was done at the same time as the Pool Video (post 61046 in the video thread)

So that wraps it up for Ksenya y056 (unless any of those Very hard-to-find sets appear) Hope this has helped you out

Coming up next will be the customs of Anya y148 (aka Oxi) from her short Vlad period

>> No. 67092
File: 148198960317.jpg - ( 142.81KB , 1600x1200 , p3150071.jpg )
LOL!! Not again?! I remember the 1st time I saw such a thing. Evidently the individual felt my posts were too long, so he only included part of the posts. As in, he was too lazy to edit it properly, thus it made for laughably awkward posts. Nevertheless, I recognized unique phrases, etc - Oh & he didn't add a single word of his own & didn't answer anybody.
Now I'm wishing I had routed everything Adfly, Linkbucks & Shorte St (maybe twice for good measure) I could be making some money
Just joking

I'm glad to see the Ksenya sets were helpful. The 2Mod set was an afterthought but its already got 50 downloads in less than 1hr

I never like to post 'empty handed' & Anya cstms aren't ready, so..
Here's my only set of the 25 done by Anna y091. Its set 17.
Checking the models before & after her, I'd say she very likely started either the end of August or beginning of September of 2005.
This set is from Mar15.06
Naturally, any more sets of her will be welcomed


The early models I mentioned here>>67017
are all 'Y' series; thus I'm quite happy, even if it means getting a few pics every day.

>> No. 67124

Thanks man for all the Ksenya. Just love the girl

And the one last picture looks like she has done well too, joining the Strategic Air Command.

>> No. 67127
Can tell I've started recently with vlad......
Don't know much don't have much probably much less then you've posted here
Know what to blame
Your threads:D
Thanks I've been in the vids thread too......1fichier pic by me

>> No. 67137
File: 148202198211.jpg - ( 339.19KB , 1600x1200 , P2280023.jpg )
>>67077 Here is your y056_143 custom:


Pw: litanglvr

Kind of lost track of which "customs" you have posted. I also have "custom" versions of sets 17, 100, 103, 105, 106, 108, 136, 145, 149, and 154. Let me know if you need any of these.

The others on your list seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

>> No. 67139
File: 148202293712.jpg - ( 133.23KB , 1024x768 , PA030110.jpg )
twomodels_custom-2005-10-03 (m042 Nadya, y056 Ksenya) 228 pics


Pw: litanglvr

>> No. 67140
File: 14820231096.jpg - ( 179.32KB , 1200x1600 , p5170007.jpg )
twomodels_212 (53 pics - Yulya y068 Ksenya y056)


Pw: litanglvr

>> No. 67142
Can you post a link to your 18+ Vlad thread? I just went back as far as page 14 looking for it to no avail. Thanks. And by the way,like everyone else,I much appreciate your work.

>> No. 67150

Could anyone upload m065 Yulya´s set Nr.60, please?

>> No. 67152
File: 148203360049.jpg - ( 579.00KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0043.jpg )
Here is Anya y148 (aka ShowStar Oxi)
Her & Alina y149 (aka ShowStar Arina) came over from ShowStars together in early June 2007. They were the last 2 Vlad models to start while the 'P' # system was still in use. Fortunately Anya did so many customs; thus we have a fairly complete timeline for her.
These 7 customs were all done after the June19.07 changeover.
They are 22-24 + 28-31
22 is the 1st cstm of July17th, 23 & 24 were the 1st cstms, done on June19.07 - the 1st day without the 'P' system. 23 was 1st, followed 15mins later by 24
28 was the 1st custom of the following day June20th, followed about 15mins later by29
cstm30 was July4.07 & 31 was the 3rd cstm of June23rd
I'll get into better detal next time & discuss where her vids fit in
pic from 31


These are All Within the Rules, unlike some of her 'Non-Vlad' material

>> No. 67155
Please could you upload Anya's full Vlad collection? Thanks =)

>> No. 67167
File: 148205250943.jpg - ( 142.96KB , 1600x1200 , P9220011.jpg )

I just posted all the 25 missing sets for y091 Anna on the 18+ thread, as quite a few of the sets have some topless shots in them. Set 18 is completely topless.
Preview is from Set 02.

>> No. 67178
yeah, would be great !

>> No. 67201
File: 148208462063.jpg - ( 172.55KB , 1200x1600 , pb23020058.jpg )
# "Could anyone upload m065 Yulya´s set Nr.60, please?"

No problem. Copy and paste the link. I do this in case Zippy develops a problem.
PW: TheBest


>> No. 67234
File: 148209004656.jpg - ( 202.72KB , 1200x1600 , P8120053.jpg )
Love to see Katya m039's complete collection posted here if possible. Do we know how many galleries she made?
Also how many galleries did Katya m030 make?

Thanks a million.

>> No. 67241
You actually can dl from 1fichier??
All I get when click dl is a RIP image
Clicknuload works fine Userscloud well like a tombola but mainly slow if working
And I'm the guy who posted the 1fichier pic in the vid thread as it's all I get every time:/

>> No. 67333
Million thanks for y092 Vladislava:)
So anything else then vlad can contain whatever ok.....
Even questions?
I had one tiny one question but I'd rather not asking about it then
Well seem like I have to ask at OH and get kicked out again:/

>> No. 67356
File: 148220387736.jpg - ( 612.25KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0036.jpg )
For some reason my post from yesterday isn't here
For the record I did acknowledge all the contributions>>67137>>67139>>67140>>67159>>67164>>67167>>67168>>67179>>67198 Sorry, I don't have as much time as I did yesterday, so I must be brief this time around. Anyhow thankyou as they're all very welcome

I had been curious as to what 'Nr' was. Is this the reissued Vlad sets?
ALL the Yulya m065 sets that I have (about 137 of 150) can be found in this thread http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html
in about 7 posts
1st group herehttp://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i60248

last one herehttp://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62130
the rest are between those 2 posts

Katya m039 did 55, I believe re: Katya m030 - 9, I think & a couple of her sets are posted in the earlier thread

Its in the 1st post of this thread

Thanks for trying

Much has been said about 1Fichier lately. They are still up. (I posted a screenshot of 1F page with a download box 2 days ago) I was aware of changes but thought it was limited to shorter file retention (a slight disappointment) but with much slower download speeds, it means much longer between downloads.
Too bad, as they Were pretty good

Here's Anya's custom 39 (the link says 38, its a typo I missed) Its from July26.07, making it her last custom.
I'm posting it separately because of a problem whereby many of the pictures have a border on the bottom. This is generally associated with an incomplete torrent, but I think there's another issue at play here. This set circulates fairly widely & I've never seen a set of unblemished pictures, nor replacements.
The preview is one of the 'good' ones, as I wasn't sure if using one of the 'imperfect' ones might've caused a problem


more on the way

>> No. 67362
Can you upload full Oxi/Anya collection from Vlad? TY!

>> No. 67401
You don't have as much time today?
Perhaps if you kept your posts shorter you would have time?

>> No. 67402
File: 14822573449.jpg - ( 611.67KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0005.jpg )
Here's more Anya y148 customs. Sorry for the delay. With these sets, I kept having the same problems as with that one group of Ksenya's - Nothing wrong with any pics but the uploads kept stopping. I tried making it a bit smaller & smaller. So I finally got the 7 cstms (that were supposed to be 1 upload) uploaded in 3 parts.
I held off until they were all ready, as I normally avoid posting a model's sets in 1s & 2s, unless that's all there is, or I found a set to add to what I previously posted, or there's a special issue, as in cstm 39.
One reason is that I try to avoid having these threads fill up too soon. I think that might've been counterproductive in this case.

Here's customs 32-38.
32 was the 3rd custom of June20.07 (following 28+29)
33+34 were done in sequence on June22nd
35 was done alone on July13th, as was 36 on June29th
37 was the 1st custom of June23rd
38 followed 22 as the 2nd of 3 customs from July17
pictured is 34




Cstms 40+41 are uploading now - as are standard sets

>> No. 67422
Have dl'd a couple of y148 sets where don't remember not here ain't been here that long
Resting somewhere just have to look around a bit.....
Crossing my fingers it's something I can add not sure about it
I don't have that much vlad unfortunately
Thanks for the stuff in here:)

>> No. 67478
File: 148230197239.jpg - ( 611.79KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0023.jpg )
Here is the other 2 Anya y148 customs. Cstm 40 (pictured) was the 2nd of 3 from June23.07, falling between 37 & 31.
41 was also done on a '3 Custom day'. It was from July17.07 & followed cstms 22 & 38.
I had to ,unfortunately, upload them separately.



Thankyou - these seem to be hard to come by

>> No. 67479
I figured this would be a good time to go over what's posted in the earlier thread
k001 Karina ,u007 Sveta
m002 Violetta, m006 Zhenya, m008/11 Nelly, m009 Alina, m010 Ksenya, m014 Nastya, m015 Valerya, m016 Asya, m017 Ylya, m019 Rada, m021 Ilga, m025 Zhanna, m027 Olya, m028 Lena, m030 Katya, m032 Elana, m034 Anya, m035 Alina, m037 Alvina, m041 Valerya m042 Nadya, m043 Alexandra, m047 Karolina, m049 Yulya, m050 Alina m051 Tatyana, m052 Dasha, m053 Yulya, m054 Natasha, m056 Lola, m060 Kristina, m061 Nadya, m062 Katya, m063 Rita, m065 Yulya, m068 Dasha, m069 Tanya, m071 Olya, m072 Lika & m073 Alexandra

w001 Irina, w003 Lena, w004 Marya, w009 Valentina

y014 Yulya, y016 Lolita, y021 Olga, y027 Nastya, y038 Irina, y039 Olya, y043 Nastya, y044 Yulya, y046 Oksana, y048 Katya, y049 Alexandra, y051 Karina, y053 Zhenya, y054 Yulya, y057 Ksenya, y060 Maria, y062 Valerya, y063 Dasha, y064 Valerya, y066 Yana, y067 Anna, y068 Yulya, y072 Sasha, y075 Kristina, y077 Irina, y078 Liliya, y082 Polina, y090 Vika, y093 Katya, y094 Katya, y099 Yulya, y110 Lilya, y121 Alexandra, y130 Alisa, y134 Luda, y139 Diana, y153 Nasta, y154 Anya, y155 Vika, y157 Tanya, y158 Kristina, y163 Karina, y191 Nastya, y192 Nastya, y194 Karina & y195 Valentina

All of the above models have sets in the 1st Vlad set thread http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html
A few have sets in both threads. Obviously, these models Do Not appear in order. I did that to make it easier for you to find out if someone is, in fact, posted there.
Please Note - In many cases, models with large amounts of sets may have the posts fairly spread out. Also, I may have posted some sets of a model & found another set(s) somewhat later, or another fellow may have added some missing sets, at a later time.
If I've missed anyone, I'll make note of it ASAP
This will also bring to my attention anyone whose sets I started to post & forgot about, as well as any models that I might've thought I posted but didn't.

>> No. 67526
File: 148237929588.jpg - ( 131.95KB , 1600x1200 , P6120002.jpg )
Sorry for the delay. I began to suspect that the recent repeated upload failures might've been tied to my USB hard dive. I've been struggling for several days to get these uploaded. I decided to try uploading from my C drive & it worked fine. For now, I'll try doing this with all my uploads.
Anyway here's my Anya y148 standard sets. There's 1-20+ 27. Sets 1-7 are from June6-9 of 2007. Set 8 was the 12th, while set 9+ 12-17 are from June13-16. Sets 10,11 & 18& up would be from after June18th
Interestingly, she makes an appearance on fellow ex-ShowStar Alina's set 5, in the last 3 pics, wearing the 'Green Bikini' from set 1. I don't see a cameo from Alina, on these sets.
pic from set 9


Personally, I'm most interested in those standard sets not posted in custom form, as well as set 39.
Thanks again. Its making me think there might be a 'clean' custom version out there. Surely the version I posted couldn't've been the one Vlad sold to their customers.

>> No. 67531
Thanks for all your effort!!! Why is it so hard to get some Katya y111 pics?

>> No. 67543
Honestly, I don't know. I tried to fulfill your request but it didn't appear. For now, you'll have to make do with her videos, that I've got up - 7 I think
Maybe I can think of something

>> No. 67555
File: 148276322979.jpg - ( 308.52KB , 1200x1600 , Kristina y032.jpg )
Well, on one hand, it looks like I've found a temporary solution to my uploading issue.

So, what I have here may not be a lot quantity-wise, but I believe it will be welcomed by many Vlad collectors.
None of the 14 models featured in the 45 or so pictures are listed in the 2014 Vlad archive 'model list' or 'solo sets'. The only reference to any of them is that a few of them made Multi-Model sets, 1 is in the videos
However, all of them are listed in the 2007 archive.
Here's the girls: I'll start with 3 girls from the 'U' series. I have 1 picture each of: Anya u003, Katya u005 & Yulya u009. Cropped versions of each of these pictures were used to represent each girl in the 2007 archive. I have not changed how the pics were labeled, as you'll see reference made to CD's.
I'm guessing these are from the 1st 10 or 11 months of 2000, as the size of 450x600 is close to the 480x640 size, common on their Sanyo camera of that period. Actually, pics of the 640 size generally have the (unfortunately useless) exif date info of Jan1.98, while non-exif pics vary widely on their exact (smaller) size.
Next are several 'Y' series models, starting with Elana y003. If you have the 2014 archive, you Will have these 2 pictures But you may wish to take note anyway.
While I was aware that Elana appeared in the 'Thumbs Pics From Sets' section (but not the pdf model & model's sets parts or the Notepad list of each model's sets) I just noticed that her 2 pics are NOT Thumbs. They are, in fact, the same size as those of the 3 'U' series girls. I'm guessing she's from early 2000. I've included her pic from the 2007 archive, as it shows a different outfit
Next is Yulya y008/y011. You'll see her 'y008' picture from the 2007 archive. In the 2 regular size pics she's 'y011'. I thought those 2 pictures might be from a 'Wig set', but there might've been a gap of several months - after all she has a different #.
The one where her knee is up was used (in cropped form) as her y011 picture, in the 2007 archive. These 2 y011 pics indicate they're from Oct24.01 & taken within seconds of each other. This is an extremely rare case in where the 'P' #ing doesn't match, as it indicates Feb16 of (I'd say 2001)
There's a folder with the only 3 pics I have of Lera y015. These are from 2Mod set 12 ,with her & Lolita y016, from March1.01 - Note - Some of you who have caught onto the 'P' # system might think it looks like March12th but its March1st, with #ing in 2600 & 2700. Thus, Lera can be found in 2014 archive but only by way of her 2Mod set.
Interestingly, Lolita also did a set with the seldom-seen Sasha y020. (posted in my 1st thread)
The 3 pictures of Elena y018 were taken on March19.01 & feature this attractive red-head in 2 different outfits.
These next 2 girls both made a cameo appearance in the set of a younger 'M' series model.
They were also outdoor sets, taken a day apart.
At the end of Zhenya m006's set 8, there are 5 pics with her & Sandra y024. These are from Aug28.01 & they appear overjoyed to see each other.
On the following day, Aug29th, Nika y023 appeared with Elana m032 in the last picture of the cstm version of Elana's set 2.
I have 4 more pictures of Nika. They are No Logo & camera info appears in exif data. Such sets are generally 'p101'. In other words, had a date been set ,it would've appeared.
Nika is seen in 2 outfits.
In addition, I've also included Nika's 2007 archive pic, which you'll notice, was made from the full length picture of her laying on the table. It was cropped, thus showing mainly her face.
There are 2 pictures of Sandra that feature different outfits. They seem indicate they're from 'set 5' & that it has 59 pics. Due to the odd sizes of the 2 pics, I'm almost positive they were 1024x768, until the logo was cropped out.
I'm pretty sure both Nika & Sandra's solo pictures are from 2001 & around the same time as their 'guest' appearances.
Karina y028 is quite a pretty girl. I have 4 pictures of her in 3 outfits. The 1st one is from the 46pic set1, from Oct25.01 One of her other pics features a red 'diagonal-plaid' dress, also worn by Sandra (& many other early Vlad models)
Next is Lena y029. I have only 1 picture of her. She's wearing the yellow swimsuit with the navy shoulder straps (also popular in early Vlad sets) Her picture is from Sep15.01
I've included an extra copy, as I've always found that when there's only 1 picture in a folder, I can't access exif data.
Next we come to Kristina y032. She was in 2 of the 1st Sports sets. I believe both were from Jan of 2002. As it was all I had of her, I'd posted them. Although she's a good looking girl, it was hard to tell with those sets, as they were 'Wrestle-themed'. Some of you may have seen her pic in the 2007 archive. Its a cropped version of one the singing pics.
These 7 pictures include 1 from Nov3.01, 3 from Nov16th & the 3 with the white blouse from Nov22nd
There's also a bio card, which I think is from a bit later than the ones posted earlier. Unfortunately, its minus any pictures. I know on wayback, sometimes you can't get all the pics to show up on a given page.
Next are 2 'M' series girls
I have 1 picture of Alisa m026 ,from Feb28.01
I've also included a folder for Vika m024. It contains a tiny thumb from 1 of her sets, also 2 thumbs of her & Alisa m026 in action from 'Wrestle-Oriented' Play Set 20 (from the 2014 arch. There's also her 2007 archive picture. You'll notice it has 'P' #ing, instead of her name & Vlad #. The fellow I got this copy from (Rex?) labeled it with the 'P' #ing from the set (its probably not pic #1 but this would mean its Oct24th (almost certainly 2001)
Anyhow, my main reason for including Vika is because she's at the top of my request list.
From what I can see, she looks Incredibly Cute. Her sets have been high on my wish list ever since I saw her in the 2007 Archive, although she's since moved to the top of that list.
There's of course no videos of her listed but she may have something short (2mins & under). Videos under 4mins aren't in the archive. of which there's several examples in my video thread.
I considered adding a few more girls that I have only 2 or 3 pics but although they're seldom posted, they do appear in the 2014 archive with sets, thus, those models will go in a separate post.
I'm not sure why most of these girls aren't in the 'Model List' & 'Solo sets' portions of the archive. With the exception of perhaps Elana y003, all of them appear to be active into 2001 & even 2002, in a couple of cases.
While the early 'M' series had sets labeled by 'clothing descriptions' etc; I'm not clear one way or another, how the early 'Y' & 'U' sets were labeled.
Yulya y011 appears in a 1hr Wrestle video with Yulya y014.

pictured is Kristina y032.


While Vika m024 tops my wish list, anything that increases the pic total of any of these girls would be welcome

>> No. 67590
File: 148278917638.jpg - ( 213.20KB , 1200x1600 , p1050051.jpg )
When I was just starting the earlier Vlad set thread, I received a request for Yulya y014 sets. I was able to provide a few, at the time. As well, a video was contributed featuring Yulya & Oksana y046.
I've finally found a few more sets.
These are 22, 38, 41, 44, 46 & 48
I'm thinking that somewhere she took a long break. Sets 38-48 are from Jan5 to May17 of 2004. 48 was her last set
Yet sets 11 & 18 are done between Feb3 & June13 of 2001. I assume set 4 is Nov of 2000
Without a few later cstms, (or All of her sets) I'm not able to determine where a break might've occurred. So, is set 22 Aug6th of 2001,2 or 3?

pic from set 38


I found them at this place where you either get the pics 1 at a time, or get this 'item' that lets you get them all at once. I've been wary of doing so but finally tried it. Well, it worked on 4 of them but I Still had to download 2 sets 1 pic at a time. With those 2, at least I got the correct pic #s. With the other 4, I had to change them back, as they come to me re#ed.
In fact, for 3 of them, I had finally found the correct 'P' # on an NZB posting for those sets. Until then, I didn't even know what to change them to.

Yulya is, of course, the earliest 'Y' series model with her sets listed in the 2014 Archive.

>> No. 67609
File: 148281484189.jpg - ( 40.75KB , 310x429 , Yulya y022.jpg )
I promised The Darts Guy that I'd post this but it looks like I must've forgotten.
Its 2Model set 7, with Yulya y022 (my only set with her) & Katya m030. Most of you are familiar with Katya. For those who aren't, you can see her in my 1st set thread, right here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62604 She also did a Play-Set - posted here>>65441
So, as most of you will know who Katya is now, but likely not Yulya y022. Since its next to impossible to get a flattering picture of both girls in a Wrestle set, I decided to use Yulya's pic from the 2007 Archive
The set is Aug30.01


Katya m030, like Zhenya m006, went on to DARTS
This set is from

>> No. 67610
File: 14828172425.jpg - ( 211.87KB , 1600x1200 , PA250073.jpg )
Here's p001 Olesya & p002 Alina p003 Natascha. Alina (pictured) has 2 sets, the others 1 set. They're from Sep & Oct of .. 2006?
These are All NN. All TL sets of 'P' models are in my 18+ Vlad thread


>> No. 67612
File: 148283281918.jpg - ( 174.50KB , 1200x1600 , P3090024.jpg )
Here's the rest of the NN 'P' series models. 1st is Anna p009 with 2 sets (1 is a Secretary-themed), next is Dasha p012 with 3 sets, Kseniya p013 with 1 set & Ludmilla p014 with her 2date single set. She's the only 'P' series model with an 'audition'. She had 25 bikini pics mar30th & 89pics Apr11th
They go from the end of Feb to mid Aug.
Anna looks quite different in the 2 sets 10 days apart. Dasha did all 3 sets Aug2nd & 3rd


>> No. 67613
File: 14828424963.jpg - ( 299.75KB , 1600x1200 , P8120121.jpg )
I posted 15 early sets of Olga y021, from 1-28 about 3 months ago, in my earlier set-thread Here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61480

I'm finally doing a followup. The reason it took so long is that I had to rename the pics in most of the sets. There was 80-85 digits worth of extra 'crap', along with the file names.
The 1st sets covered Sept 2001 to Dec 2002. Later, in that thread, 7 pics from set 3 were added. They were from Aug 2001.
These are 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46-48 & 50. Set29 is out of sequence & is from Aug12.02, otherwise they start with Xmas-themed "Angel-in-a-wig" set 30, from Dec20.02 & go to mid August 2003.
There are 3 customs: Set 35 is Apr18.03, 36 is May16.03 & 43 is June17.03 There's 1 No Logo set - the rather interesting set 44. - I forgot to remove a pic that doesn't belong. Its from set 32 but its not needed, also I might've forgotten to remove the part about it missing a bunch of pics. Its now complete.
Set44 features her entering a mall, browsing about ,posing with the Energizer Bunny, going into a restaurant, among other things. Eventually, she exits the mall & gets in "her car" & "prepares to drive away" I see there's a pic at the end labeled 'VLAD 132' I think its pic 86.
Set 50 starts with her getting a boat ride, wearing a jacket & long pants. A large dog, is along, as well. We then see her posing in a meadow ,minus the jacket. Next, she's in a bikini top & shorts on a rocky beach. She soon removes the shorts, as the bikini bottom is underneath.
pic is from 29


Please Note - I also posted some Much later TL sets in my 18+ thread.
I'm also going to follow these with another 15 sets
I should mention, she can also be seen in a Wrestle video with Ksenya y056, posted in my vid thread

>> No. 67617
File: 14828474945.jpg - ( 129.44KB , 1200x1600 , 1451872488709-0.jpg )
Please do you have this specific set? I'm afraid I'm not aware of her name or number. But if you have it thank you

>> No. 67618
File: 148284879616.jpg - ( 169.94KB , 1600x1200 , p3040030.jpg )
I guess I type to slow, I missed getting the last Olga sets on by minutes. Well here's some more: Sets are 53-60, 63, 65, 66 & 71-79. For the most part, these cover Aug27.03 to Apr1.04 - Except for the somewhat out of sequence Office-Themed Custom 56, which is from June7.03
Custom-Style set 63 is from Nov6.03 but the 1st 14 pics do not yield the date+ time exif info.
Pictured set 75 is a standard set from Mar4.04 but it also contains 1 Custom-Style pic. I've placed this extra pic at the start of the set. Its actually pic 32. The Purple Bikini is certainly one of Vlad's finest.


More to come. If you have any sets that I'm missing sets from these 2 Olga posts - 29-79 - I guess its 15 sets between 31-70, they'd be very welcome. Also, the sets missing from my 1st post in the earlier set thread - basically 13 sets from 2-26

In the 18+ thread, where I've posted her, you may add any 'Non-NN' sets, that are missing - but Just those. I will be posting her NN sets, from that period, when I get to them.

Please Note - I thought Marya w004 (posted here)http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62633 looked a lot like Olga - Well! As I was going through her sets, fixing the #ing, I realized its actually NOT Marya, its Olga's set 186! I got it that way, so others likely have it, too.
Its funny but my correctly labeled set was missing some pics but it looks like the mislabeled one is complete!

>> No. 67622
File: 148285312995.jpg - ( 186.71KB , 1200x1600 , m043_038_4.jpg )
I've posted a lot of 'Bits & Pieces' of Alexandra m043's sets. In this post I claimed set 66 was 56 http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61803 The sets are nearly identical. The set I posted had 79 pics out of (I said 104) its actually out of 100 now.
So, here's 12 pics. 1 from the real set 56 - you'll see how similar they are.
Also another pic from set 9, 1 from set 57, a nice Wallpaper, 4 pics from 39 & 4 from pictured Xmas set 38
Note that both 38+ 39 have the different Vlad logo seen in several Very hard-to-find sets.
You can also see it on Dasha y063's previews here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i59325 & right below it


>> No. 67629
File: 148285794198.jpg - ( 148.48KB , 1600x1200 , pb150032.jpg )
Here's someone I haven't posted before. Its Vika y142. She did 16 sets. They start in mid-Nov 2006 & go to late Feb 2007 with set13. The last 3 are several months later.
I have 8 sets. 5 are complete - sets 5 (done Xmas day 2006), 6 + 11-13. set 1 is missing pic1 but has the other 78pics. set7 has 71 of 75pics. missing are 1+3-5. 15 has 101 of 105. Missing is 50,51+77&78
pic from 6


I felt the other sets were missing to many scattered pics. If anyone has them, feel free to add them

>> No. 67635
File: 148285918699.jpg - ( 138.78KB , 1600x1200 , p6020033.jpg )
Here's Sveta y070. Her 15 sets cover late Feb to early Nov of 2004. Set15 is a cstm from Nov7.04
Several sets don't have P #s. Set 1 has an initial shoot of 24pics
Set12 had 5 or 6 No Logo pics of set4. I copied these into a folder for you but forgot to delete the pics from set12
pic from 10


Sveta returned in 2008/9 as y177 & did TL sets. I don't have those. She's most famous for her AfterVlad vids & sets from 2011 or so

>> No. 67636
File: 148285989428.jpg - ( 159.15KB , 1600x1200 , pc120062.jpg )
Lets try again

Katya y111 started in Apr 2006. I'm doing 2 posts of 5 sets each. This is 44, 46, 49 & 61. They start in late Oct 2006 & go to mid Jan 2007. There's the pictured set , a Schoolgirl outfit, 2 dresses & shorts & halter - All quite Conservative


>> No. 67637
File: 148286036562.jpg - ( 136.21KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0005.jpg )
More Katya y111 - 82, 83 100, 104 +107 cover late Apr to Aug 2007 The other outfits are 3 full body suits, & there's a secretary set


>> No. 67654
In sets 193&194 she appears to have trimmed her hair,as it seems to be a tad shorter.(compare pics 42 from 187 and pic 43 from 193. Also,in 187 her skin seems a bit less affected from acne. I just really don't see anyone getting that much of a complexion change in just one month. I would suggest they are a year apart.( see pics 79 from 193 and pic 99 from 187). And finally,her navel is pierced in 193 and 194,where it isn't in 187.

>> No. 67655

Wow, a great gift for the end of the year,
especially now that Princess Leia is gone, thanks!

This should be good and those who dont have these sets are in for a treat.

So why did Katya do so many "expressive" sets? was it her photographer, parents, manager?

>> No. 67669
File: 148292262512.jpg - ( 176.66KB , 1600x1200 , P9130015.jpg )
That is from set 140. Its a wonderful set.
I'm not sure if you are this requester, as well>>67531>>66312 If so, I realize you've been waiting for a while. Sorry.
I've been encouraged by the appearance of these 2 posts>>67636>>67637
The initial problem might not've been what I thought it was, so I'll be trying again.
I'll of course omit any sets that break the rules. When I post 140, it'll be among a group of sets (like I usually do)

What I have here is Marina y135. She also is listed as "p010" with her 1st 2 sets.
She did 13 sets in 7 weeks from Sep7 to Oct18 2006. After the 1st 3 sets ,the rest are very much out of chronological order.
4 of her sets are posted in the 18+ thread, due mainly to C-through tops.
These sets are: 1-4, 6,7,9,10+13 All are complete, except set 6, which is supposed to have 76pics. Mine has 70 - the missing pics would be 71-76.
pic from set3


>> No. 67687
File: 148294973173.jpg - ( 517.44KB , 1200x1600 , P7250008.jpg )

I have no idea where I found these, but this RAR contains 49 of the Set 044 photos that have that horrid blue tint to them.
No idea if they are original or cleaned and re-upped, so purists might not want to include them in their sets.
Preview from the RAR set.


>> No. 67689
File: 148295087415.jpg - ( 176.19KB , 1200x1600 , P7130051.jpg )
To the OP: I was going through your first Vlad thread, and came across this post in the thread:


Your sets were missing ~20 photos from each, so I just RARed all four of her sets into a complete set.
Here are the four sets for Alexandra y121, complete according to the 2014 archive;
Preview from Set 001


>> No. 67690
File: 14829533071.jpg - ( 146.66KB , 1600x1200 , PC220019.jpg )

Here are fills for Vika y142. Between your post and this RAR, looks like it should cover all 16 of her sets, complete according to the 2014 archive.
Preview from Set 003


>> No. 67696
File: 148296356735.jpg - ( 317.85KB , 1200x1600 , P7250056.jpg )
>> 67687 ... Help me please ! Have more photo & video whit this gorgeaus girl ? THANK YOU ! Have a nice holyday !

>> No. 67729
File: 148299453246.jpg - ( 149.79KB , 1600x1200 , P6050043.jpg )

Well, I tried to follow all the y092 Vladslava posts, but kind of a mess.
This RAR is my best guess at what is still missing, so hopefully no overlap.
This RAR contains the following: Sets 31-38, 60-69, and 71-76. I will post Sets 139-142 in the 18+ Vlad thread.
All sets are complete except the following 5: 72 is missing one photo, 74 & 75 are missing 13 photos each, 71 is missing 14 photos, and 73 is missing 18 photos.
Any fills for these 5 sets would be appreciated.
Preview from Set 33


>> No. 67733
File: 148300354340.jpg - ( 160.84KB , 1600x1200 , PB130067.jpg )
Damn! I hate when my 'Thread Time' gets interrupted by 'things' that must be done NOW. (not by My choice)
Its even worse when I'm so excited about responding to a few guys
Well, here we go:

Wow! Great work! I kept hoping someone would do what you did. Sometimes there's something obvious (eg: Katya y111's leg cut in May/June 2007), other times it requires lots of meticulous searching.
Like you, I've made reference to acne with Nadya - but also: Alexandra & a certain 'Non-Vlad' model.
These were only made either for IDing, putting dates to sets or videos, or expressing sadness that such a pretty girl should have to endure having her lovely face so dreadfully blemished.
I recall remarking on how Alexandra's hairstyle was doing a great job of camouflaging her forehead acne, for a while.
It was so sad to see how Nadya ended up with that problem. When she started, she had such a clear, fresh complexion. It gave her such a sweet, innocent look. She looked absolutely Perfect in sets with Angel or Pixie costumes.
Later, in her y190 sets, her face had cleared up but I wish her eyebrows hadn't been so heavily trimmed, as they had previously balanced her face nicely.
Anyhow, thanks again. You did a splendid job with your 'Research'.
So, Nadya was a very busy model during her 1st 3 1/3yrs, with 185 regular sets, from early June5.02 to Oct17.05 - 3 1/2 weeks later, Nov10th, she did set 187. 8 days later, she did 186. 6 weeks later, Jan5.06, she did set 188 (her only set in a 3 1/2 month stretch)
She did 4 sets from Mar3rd to Apr14th.
She did no sets until 6 3/4 months later, when she did a set on Nov6th & another Nov17th, echoing the previous November, when she also did 2 sets.
This would be her last sets of 2006, leaving her with only 7 for the year, in fact they were the only sets she did in 15 months ,from Nov19.05 to Feb21.07
Again, thanks so much for your help
Also on the subject of Nadya, I've been able to track down a few pics from missing sets 22,23+24 & a couple of others. I'll put together what I can, over the next week or so & post it.

Here's Katya y126. I have 34 of her 45 sets. I posted 11 sets in the 18+ thread. Most of those featured her in see-through tops.
The 23 I have here are: 1,3,4, 6-8, 10, 15-23, 25-28, 30,31 +33& 34 They cover July18.06 to late Jan 2007. Sets 33+34 both appear to have been done after a break of several months
Her initial shoot of 15pics was included with set 20!
She's a fantastic looking girl
Pictured is set 20;s later part. While looking for a preview pic earlier, I noticed that in set 29, that the very popular peach-coloured 1-piece swimsuit was not suited to her ummm... 'body-type', as it was causing repeated, glaring slips. Thus, I redid things; posting that set in 18+ & reupped the NN sets, minus set 29.


Any of her other 11 sets would be most welcome. If you're posting them, just ensure they don't have unexpected slips - if so they can just be split, NN & Non-NN

>> No. 67738
File: 148301753193.jpg - ( 171.78KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0010.jpg )
Here is Katya y111 in some later sets, including the requested set 140. These are 132-147.
Somewhere around set 97, her sets pass the last day of 'P' #ing, thus losing the precise dates for standard sets. I was still able to get a rough date from 'Properties'. I compared it with Set 128, which was a cstm from Oct11.07 & a couple of sets before & after. It appeared the 'Properties date was about 3 months later. For 132-139 the date moved along 4 or 5 days with each set. This was something I liked.
With that in mind, I'll say sets 132-139 are likely done over the course of 1 month from early Nov to early Dec 2007. If so, its around the time of WetWater cstm & Sauna vid, both from the last week of Nov 2007
Now, 140 gives a 'Properties' date in late Aug/08. It could be the set was done in the Spring or not long after the others. Unfortunately, this is an imprecise method, at best. There are times when it comes close to a very logical date. Other times its way off base, like with 141-147 (2014!)
Katya & her phone are in 132,133 & pictured set 147. Looking at the preview pic, it would appear that she must've just heard some great news


>> No. 67809
File: 148311495696.jpg - ( 226.70KB , 1280x982 , y038_Irina.jpg )

Tks for your great post´s.
Lost all but 20GB (from the old chan posted Vlad list´s).

You mentioned missing set´s for y038_Irina (between 1 & 25) Can´t find that post anymore.
I´m missing 003, 011+012, 019+020.
Noone seems to have those.
Had 003, but "wrong" model - even in preview.
But I can post the other 2or3 mentioned (if you tell me again, which one´s they were...

In addition, tks for y076/y188_Anna.
Lost all of hers. Any further posts would be highly appreciated. Got 61 of 67 sets already.
Just downloaded 049-070 to fill the gaps (that makes almost 13GB in two day´s - just Vlad).

I can wait... just happy, that someone is taking the effort, to post soooo much.

I think y038_021 was posted somewhere...
So I should have at least 2 more set´s for you...

>> No. 67853
File: 148318304784.jpg - ( 176.15KB , 1600x1200 , P5050013.jpg )

Thank you for the offer of fills for Vladaslava y092's photos missing from my sets that I posted.
Have no idea exactly why I have these holes, as all the rest of her sets are complete.
The missing images in my RAR are as follows:
Set 071: 12, 19, 23, 26, 31, 33, 36, 41, 43, 45, 47, 65, 75, 78
Set 072: 02
Set 073: 02, 08, 15, 18, 22, 24, 27, 37, 41, 53, 54, 58, 61, 65, 69, 75, 79, 81
Set 074: 01, 03, 07, 10, 15, 36, 52, 55, 65, 83, 91, 93, 100
Set 075: 01, 19, 21, 24, 26, 30, 33, 53, 54, 59, 63, 75, 79
Thanks tons in advance if you can get these fills for me, much appreciated!
Preview from Set 075.

>> No. 67918
File: 148330332779.jpg - ( 375.16KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0111.jpg )

Thanks for those fills, Odds&Ends; much appreciated.
I saw your post on another Vlad Tanya y157 request thread here and downloaded your date-ordered customs index for her.
Quite useful for sorting out the many custom sets that Vlad put out of the little lady.
I thought I had most of her sets, both regular and customs, but a close comparison with your index shows I still lack 19 of her custom sets.
Guess I should not be surprised, as she apparently did 130 custom sets.
Anyway, I do have two custom sets for her that might be of interest to you.
This RAR contains two Customs sets for Tanya y157:
1) Custom 2008-05-30, which is not in your index, but was done immediately before she did the Custom 2008-05-30 Custom-Dream-300508 shoot and is listed in the 2014 Archive.
2) Custom 2008-06-26 Custom3-Garrett-2606, which you listed as never having found in your date-ordered customs index.
Preview from the Custom3-Garret set.


>> No. 67984
File: 148341709711.jpg - ( 157.82KB , 1600x1200 , p8010035.jpg )
Sorry for my absence the last few days. I had posted 2 groups of Katya's early sets, as well these>>67738.
I was delighted to see the 2 early ones appear within a 1/2hr. As the later group was the last one posted, I figured (correctly) that it would appear with the next updating.
Unfortunately, within 5mins both posts were gone - 3 guys were lucky enough to be "in the right place at the right time"
Anyhow, I was just So frustrated & discouraged, that I couldn't bring myself to do anymore posting until now.
Well, I got you That set, but the others seem to be a source of endless frustration.

There were a few posts I acknowledged in the 'vanished posts'
I'll redo my replies
Thanks I see what you mean. I had always wondered about that. I'm guessing that most purists would welcome a chance to view that portion of the set without the blue tint - even if they don't delete the others.

Actually, about 15hrs after my post of the partial sets, someone posted full ones here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62649

I think my post listing models from the earlier thread is not sufficient. I will have to come up with something more detailed

Thankyou for the fills &missing sets

Thanks for the Vladislava sets - actually, set 76 was already posted but I had mistakenly left it out of the group it belonged in & had posted it later with sets 131-138.
Thus, its not surprising that you didn't spot it, as it was not where it should've been.
Thankyou for the fills

This is Valya y124's sets 1-16, 18,22,24,25,27,29,30 & an un#ed 53pic custom from Oct25.06
She debuted on July18.06, in set 01. The latest of this group is set 29 ,from Nov2.06; otherwise its a real mish-mash, as far as order goes. For instance, set 30 was done 1 week after set 01!
These sets are all within the NN rules. The 7 that appear to be 'missing', are posted in the 18+ thread.
I'll post the rest as I get them sorted (NN & Non-NN)
pic from 03


My 1st post of Irina y038 was of 19 sets from 1-28 (& a few from 2 ,otherwise, missing sets) here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62782
I posted up to set 97 in the 1st thread. I made a couple of posts of her in this thread but never finished
My posts mention some sets that are commonly mislabeled
Also, Vlad reissued some of her early sets as 'Irina y179' - they did this with several models

>> No. 68022

I saved this y-157 custom reference from a conversation on another chan a couple years ago. I also "copy and paste" into Word, the info you supply - and I thank you for it!
*Please feel free to delete this post if the info is not needed.

Rudreams custom sets listed with corresponding Vlad sets:
custom 1 (127pics) = custom-hartmut-2008-02-13 127 pic
custom 2 (119pics) = set 062 with logo
custom 3 (102pics) = custom1 (70)
custom 4 (100pics) = set 079 with logo
custom 5 (107pics) = set 073 with logo
custom 6 (150pics) = set 063 113pic or cstm 2008-05-17 150pic
custom 7 (160pics) = set 078 120pic or cstm2008-05-28 160 pic
custom 8 (103pics) = set 086 with logo
custom 9 (114pics) = custom-dream-300508
custom 10 (131pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 11 (100pics) = custom1-deberry-1006
custom 12 (104pics) = custom-harmut-1006
custom 13 (106pics) = custom2-garrett-1006
custom 14 (109pics) = custom1-garrett-1006 a.k.a. custom1-garrett-080610
custom 15 (122pics) = custom2-deberry-1006
custom 16 (108pics) = custom-deberry-1106, also custom-16-061108 but that has only 107pics
custom 17 (98pics) = custom3-deberry-170608
custom 18 (99pics) = custom-stripperman-170608
custom 19 (102pics) = custom-deberry-170608
custom 20 (102pics) = custom4-deberry-170608
custom 21 (126pics) = custom2-deberry-170608
custom 22 (156pics) = custom-garrett-170608
custom 23 (100pics) = custom3-deberry-2006
custom 24 (100pics) = custom2-deberry-2006
custom 25 (100pics) = custom1-garrett-211008
custom 26 (101pics) = custom-26-210608
custom 27 (101pics) = custom-deberry-2106
custom 28 (104pics) = custom-hartmut-2106
custom 29 (150pics) = custom2-garrett-2106
custom 30 (110pics) = custom2-garrett-2606
custom 31 (111pics) = custom-deberry-2606
custom 32 (119pics) = custom3-garrett-2606
custom 33 (102pics) = custom2-garrett-020708
custom 34 (106pics) = custom-dream-020708 a.k.a. custom-34-020708
custom 35 (123pics) = custom1-garrett-020708
custom 36 (99pics) = custom3-garrett-050708
custom 37 (102pics) = custom1 garrett-050708 same as cs42
custom 38 (168pics) = custom2-garrett-050708
custom 39 (97pics) = custom3-deberry-090708
custom 40 (100pics) = custom1-deberry-090708
custom 41 (101pics) = custom2-deberry-090708 a.k.a. custom-41-070908
custom 42 (102pics) = custom1-garrett-050708
custom 43 (104pics) = custom4-deberry-090708
custom 44 (117pics) = custom-garrett-090708 a.k.a. custom1-garrett-090708 a.k.a. custom-dream-300508-2
custom 45 (102pics) = custom3-garrett-120708
custom 46 (120pics) = custom1-garrett-120708
custom 47 (126pics) = custom2-garrett-120708
custom 48 (104pics) = custom1-garrett-150708
custom 49 (154pics) = custom2-garrett-150708
custom 50 (113pics) = custom1-garrett-180708
custom 51 (156pics) = custom2-garrett-180708
custom 52 (190pics) = custom3-garrett-180708
custom 53 (153pics) = custom2-garrett-220708
custom 54 (157pics) = custom1-garrett-220708
custom 55 (125pics) = custom-romero-250708
custom 56 (149pics) = custom-garrett-250808
custom 57 (152pics) = custom2-garrett-290708
custom 58 (161pics) = custom1-garrett-290708
custom 59 (155pics) = custom-garrett-310708
custom 60 (149pics) = custom1-garrett-070808
custom 61 (150pics) = custom2-garrett-070808
custom 62 (147pics) = custom2-garrett-140808
custom 63 (154pics) = custom1-garrett-140808
custom 64 (50pics) = custom2-garrett-210808
custom 65 (109pics) = custom1-garrett-210808
custom 66 (105pics) = custom-hartmut-230808
custom 67 (111pics) = custom-garrett-250808
custom 68 (104pics) = custom1-garrett-080908
custom 69 (143pics) = custom3-garrett-080908
custom 70 (152pics) = custom2-garrett-080908
custom 71 (157pics) = custom4-garrett-080908
custom 72 (109pics) = custom-tadashi-130908
custom 73 (153pics) = custom1-garrett-130908
custom 74 (155pics) = custom2-garrett-130908
custom 75 (105pics) = custom-romero-021008
custom 76 (109pics) = custom-ba-021008
custom 77 (154pics) = custom2-garrett-021008
custom 78 (158pics) = custom1-garrett-021008 (has only 157pics)
custom 79 (100pics) = custom1-deberry-1006
custom 80 (118pics) = custom-tadashi-301008
custom 81 (212pics) = custom-dazmansell-301008
custom 82 (145pics) = custom2-choros-011108 a.k.a. 4900-T157-081101-002
custom 83 (163pics) = custom1-choros-011108
custom 84 (122pics) = custom2-garrett-061108
custom 85 (159pics) = custom1-garrett-061108 (has only 96pics)
custom 86 (112pics) = custom2-garrett-121108
custom 87 (154pics) = custom3-garrett-121108
custom 88 (105pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 89 (106pics) = custom-jed-151108
custom 90 (155pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 91 (105pics) = custom1-garrett-111208
custom 92 (110pics) = custom2-garrett-111208
custom 93 (108pics) = custom-romero-151208
custom 94 (110pics) = custom-tadashi-151208
custom 95 (191pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 96 (159pics) = custom-tadashi-231208
custom 97 (108pics) = custom1-garrett-050109
custom 98 (114pics) = custom2-garrett-050109
custom 99 (172pics) = custom-tadashi-050109 (has only 171pics)

Custom sets missing from rudreams list:
custom1-deberry-2006 (100pics), it's similar to custom 24 but isn't it.
custom1-garrett-2606 a.k.a. custom1-garrett-082606 (110pics)
custom-Juan-300808-Tanya y157 & Marina y171 (105pics)
The sets that say "no vlad equivalent", I believe they didn't appear until Rudreams published them.

>> No. 68033
File: 148347807395.jpg - ( 573.30KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0011.jpg )

No worries on that custom3-garrett set, happy to help out here - and I'm almost not surprised I missed that custom 2008-05-30 thumbnail; I was half blind after comparing your index (thanks again for that, BTW) and my inventory!
So, as you are an obviously well organized sort, any chance I could put in a request for some of the customs missing from my inventory? I am missing:
2008-04-26 set 068 custom version (85 pics)
2008-05-17 set 075 custom version (81 pics)
2008-05-30 set 086 custom version (103 pics)
2008-06-10 custom2-deberry (122 pics)
2008-07-15 custom2-garrett (154 pics)
2008-07-18 custom2-garrett (156 pics)
2008-07-22 custom1-garrett (157 pics)
2008-07-26 set 092 custom version (82 pics)
2008-07-28 custom-garrett (149 pics)
2008-07-29 custom1-garrett (161 pics)
2008-07-29 custom2-garrett (152 pics)
2008-07-29 set 096 custom version (102 pics)
2008-07-31 custom-garrett (155 pics)
2008-08-07 custom2-garrett (150 pics)
2008-08-14 custom2-garrett (147 pics)
2008-08-21 custom2-garrett (DSCF0001 to 0050 only)
2008-08-25 custom-garrett (111 pics)
2008-11-12 custom1-garrett (not yet found)
2009-05-01 custom-Capello (106 pics)
Any of these would be appreciated, and if I'm asking too much, I totally understand, too - no worries!
Preview from set Custom 2008-05-30

>> No. 68036
File: 148348947694.jpg - ( 271.72KB , 1600x1200 , p2020023.jpg )
Here is more of Valya y124. These are 27 sets:
31-34, 36, 38-45, 47, 50-52, 54-62 +64
All missing sets will be posted in the 18+ thread
These sets start in early Oct 2006. Set 60 from Feb12.07 is the latest date I can get. 61-64 would likely be from after June18th
pic from 56


>> No. 68037
File: 148349035418.jpg - ( 107.23KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0003.jpg )
Here's Valya y124's last 8 NN sets. 67, 70-72, 74 &76-78
These appear to be later than even 61-64.
67+68 looked to be the exact same set, thus I left one off.


>> No. 68042
File: 148350161673.jpg - ( 322.12KB , 1600x1200 , m060_22.jpg )
About 3 months ago, I posted Kristina m060's set 37, along with single pics from standard set 2, custom set 17 & Custom-Style sets 11 & 51.
They are Here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61677

I have now found 8 more pictures, 7 of which are Custom-Style.
The picture from Xmas set 22 does not yield date/time exif info, however, its size (322kb) & the fact that it shows that it was taken with the Olympus camera, & the absence of the logo, makes me think that it would've been a Custom-Style set but the date was not set. Such sets always have 'p101' #ing. That #ing wouldn't be far off, though, as the set is likely from mid-Dec/03 to early Jan/04
The rest are all from Custom-Style sets: 2 from set 24 from Feb6.04 - pic 24a was from 6mins earlier than the other. Sets 48 + 49 were both done on Mar15.05 - they were done in order, with 48 being 1st.
Set 50 was done Mar24.05 I have a 2nd pic from set 51. This one was taken 7mins later than the one from the earlier post.
The last pic is from set 53, her final set, from Apr19.05
This gives us a pretty good idea, as to her full Vlad career. Set2 was June4.03, so its almost 2 years


Any more sets would be welcome, or even extra pics. I'm quite surprised at how many custom-style sets she has (maybe there's even more) set 17 is the only 'Official' custom

>> No. 68067
File: 148353546727.png - ( 432.18KB , 606x447 , Anya + Marya.png )
I have a new Vlad-Set thread. This one is for models with Lots of sets (eg: Tanya y157)
I will be continuing Olga y021 & Irina y038 & Ksenya y057 in the new thread.
Here it is http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/68055.html

To start off, I posted a couple of Tanya's customs (& gave directions to the ones I posted in the 1st thread)
I will be starting another for models with fewer sets.
So please post anything else to do with Tanya's sets in the new thread. That would be info, questions, answers or the sets themselves.
As per her sets: I'll post the rest of her # customs & custom-style sets. I'll also post standards that don't have a cstm or cstm-style version.
So, 2 of your requested sets will be there, right now & hopefully by the time you see this, a few more will be up

If anyone wishes to post Tanya's 'Name' cstms (eg: Garrett, Deberry, etc) by all means, go for it.
Just try to avoid duplicating

I didn't read your post properly, the 1st time.
I'm missing the sets you are & a few more - 3,4,11,12,14,17+19-21, if you have 4,14,17 +21 that would be awesome.

So here's a few loose pics from 2 models who seldom get posted. There is 1 pic from each of Anya y036's 5 sets. Due to them being renamed, I can't get any dates. Its likely April-May 2002.
There's 3 from Marya y059's 1 set. It looks like there was an 'initial shoot on Mar23.04, while the rest of the set was done Apr6.04
They are from a custom-style set
If anyone has sets of these 2 models, feel free to post them.


>> No. 68072
File: 148353724312.jpg - ( 178.11KB , 1600x1200 , p2130064.jpg )
Here are 2 more Katya y111 sets - 69+70. Both feature very conservative clothing. Both feature a near-identical top & a skirt of similar length. She doesn't remove any of the garments during the sets - nor does she do anything that might be perceived as "Naughty"
Given the similarity of the outfits, its no surprise that these sets were done on the same day - Feb13.07
pic from 70


>> No. 68119
I vaguely recall something about RuDreams republishing stuff that was originally on the a.b.vladmodels newsgroup, just changing the set titles and numbers around.

>> No. 68120
File: 148357898241.jpg - ( 350.04KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0084.jpg )
Thank you for your great effort here.

>> No. 68122
File: 148358462668.jpg - ( 333.85KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0080.jpg )
Some fills. I didn't quite understand if you needed set 015 or not.

>> No. 68124
Curious about your request. Do you have even a thumb of y179_Irina? I would like to see anything your have of her.

>> No. 68130
You've got me interested!!!! Do they take bitcoin? If you give me a hint of where to look I'll see if I can get them. If I get in I would be willing to share for just getting the lead.

>> No. 68131
File: 148359670146.jpg - ( 348.92KB , 1200x1600 , P2280060.jpg )
Last fill for today.
Thanks again.

>> No. 68138
y156 Zina Set 79 + 91?
Ever found?
I'm searching for those 2 sets,nothing else
Thanks in advance
And a thanks for 157 Tanya cstms

>> No. 68171
File: 148363683288.jpg - ( 157.46KB , 1200x1600 , P7120004.jpg )

Here is a quick fill for Valya y124, Set 03.
Your posted set did not have her first model shoot photos in it, so here are those 19 images.


>> No. 68205
File: 148367627059.jpg - ( 141.25KB , 1600x1200 , p6050076.jpg )
I see that I somehow missed acknowledging some contributions, a while back
ThankYou very much, I don't know how I missed your post, after all, I'd been after this set for some time

Thankyou, I think a lot of those cstm-style pics are new for me. When I have time, I will go through the sets that they're from & assign correct #s to the pics.
As I mentioned earlier, the Vlad folks appear to have had an issue for 2 days - Sep25+26 of 2001 - in which the year was appearing as 1999, instead of 2001.
ThankYou. I'm thrilled to have those sets of Katya y034.
As per set 15, I'm missing 65 of the 118 pics. Most of what I have is the grey dress, although I have a few pics of the other 2 outfits. The pics are mostly #ed with the word 'File', followed by some jibberish, thus fills would be impossible, so the full set would be welcomed
Thankyou also for the Ksenya cstm (I think it was the only one missing
But I'm confused about the Anna y076 sets. I was only missing set 19>>63399
2 was the same & your 4 was missing some pics (29-38) The bikini pics are from an "Initial Shoot/Audition", thus they have to be earlier than all other sets. Set 4 is Apr22nd, set 3 is Apr15th & I'm sure sets 1 +2 are likely a bit earlier ,still.
The date I have on them is Mar21st - 2005 (p321) I've also compared her earliest date with models with #s just before & after her.
Also, it is odd to find her debut mixed in with set 12 but its not unheard of, besides, most of her sets are not in chronological order.
But most importantly they have the correct pic totals
That site takes credit cards - but it seems they don't take the prepaid ones (the only ones I'd use online) or... (are you ready?) A Cheque from you bank account!
There's no other way.
Still, I try grab a few pics everyday & I will be posting some of a certain model this weekend.
Its where I got the pics of those early Vlad models>>67555 & Alexandra>>63790
among others
I wonder if your Alisa y030 pics originated from there (I have found a # of 'custom-style' pics from there)

Please Note - I've touched on this a few times but I'm going to explain it in better detail here
In actuality, There is No y179, y180, y181, y182, y183. They do Not appear in the html portion of the 2014 Vlad archive.
In the 'thumbs' portion, you will see that (for some bizarre reason) Vlad took a few early sets from 5 long-time models, who had all left by then, & reissued them under these 'New' #s
Thus, y179 Irina is just Irina y038's 1st 10 sets
y180 Alisa is the 1st 8 sets of Alisa y042
y181 Olya is really y021 Olga's 1st 10 sets
y182 Maria is the 1st 10 sets of Maria y061 Lastly, y183 Zhenya is, in fact, Zhenya y025's 1st 9 sets
I'm guessing that the models were all gone when they did this - likely around the beginning of 2009

Around the time I was posting Vladislava y092, I found a torrent for her 1st 80 sets. It never got going while I really needed it but I just noticed it had finally finished
Why am I telling You this? Because, included, was a version of set 29 with 'P' #ing from start to finish.
Thus, I'm posting pics 41-52 in case you or others wish to replace the last 52 pics in the set29 that you posted


I'm going to post a set of someone to lead of the other Vlad-set thread, if it works out I'll give 'directions' to it

>> No. 68228
File: 148370939366.jpg - ( 354.27KB , 1200x1600 , P7070061.jpg )
A big ThankYou for the pics from Valya's initial shoot. I had looked for it in her sets, didn't see it & concluded she didn't have an 'audition' & that set 1 was her debut.
So, she debuted on July12th 2006 with part1 of set 3. Interestingly, the remainder of set3 (Aug1st) was her 5th shoot (4th was set30 - July25th!)

Since I'm posting, I'll add something quick
Here's the 1st 3 sets of Anna y084. They start with set 2, from July7.05, set 3 is 1 week later, July14th, while set 1 was done 3 1/2 months later - Oct24.05. She did 35 sets, which sort of explains how set 1 is so much out of sequence.
I have a couple of torrents going, covering most of the remainder of her sets - hopefully they finish. If they do, I'll post them in the thread I plan to have for most of the remainder of the NN Vlad models. Hopefully, it will appear with the next posts. My last attempt was unsuccessful. I've used a more conservative set/pic to lead it off, this time.
I will post that thread link if/when its approved
pic from set2


I'm positive 91 was never found but I'm not sure about 79 (I don't think it was either)
Still having some problems with that hard drive, so it takes a while to access stuff on it.

>> No. 68264
Thanks for replying,someone pointed me here to ask for the y156 Zina sets I've been chasing like forever
Thanks I'm enjoying the 157 Tanya customs plus some fills for others which I've found around here.
Mostly got what's posted here,without the info:)
I have a greeting for you OP
"Wish a fine 2017 Tot ziens misschien"

Told I could find all the info I'd like and it's true think you've maybe inspired someone to add similar to his posts

>> No. 68335
File: 14838098898.jpg - ( 167.45KB , 1200x1600 , p1040007.jpg )
Good to see you - those Zina sets appear to be elusive - like a few of Ksenyas y056+57 sets & Dasha y063's sets 37+55

So these are the new threads:
This will be for models with lots of sets - http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/68055.html
Tanya y157 will probably take up a good chunk of it. Others will be - the rest of Olga y021, Irina y038 & Ksenya y057. All 3 were started in the 1st thread.
I also will be posting Alisa y042
Anyhow, I have a feeling that one will fill up fast

This will be for models with a small to medium amount of sets. (I know I'm being vague)

I wanted to leave this thread with a bit of room to enable it to still be 'bumpable'

This is the rest of what I could get of Anna y084 (posted here>>68228)
This is sets 12-21 + 23,27 &28 Set 12 is missing the 1st pic, otherwise they appear to be complete. Set 22 is in 18+, due to see-through issues.

pic from 21 - the sets cover Sep/05 to early Feb 2006


>> No. 68754
File: 148412848228.jpg - ( 205.38KB , 400x1400 , y030 Alisa.jpg )
Not sure why my posts aren't getting through. Here's another try at providing a fill as a way of saying thanks.


>> No. 68771
You are not alone text can work for me sometimes
Previews not one I can post
Well I say thanks or try one time more then I go away
Merci for m042 Nadya and m056 Lola

>> No. 68934
File: 148429182972.jpg - ( 159.54KB , 1200x1600 , PA120001.jpg )

Just to finish up the Anna y084 posts before this thread finishes up. I was surprised to find one in my inventory that O&E does not seem to have!
This RAR contains the following sets: 10, 11, 24-26, and 29-35. All the rest of the sets except the missing ones 04 & 05 have already been posted above.
Preview from Set 10.


>> No. 75100
File: 14882440264.jpg - ( 55.42KB , 800x600 , Sasha y072.jpg )
Unfortunately, the Vlad Set thread that preceded this one is no longer up. It was the one with this picture of Sasha y072
The video thread & 18+ thread are still up - links are Here>>63287
Links for the 2 newer threads are Here>>68335

Its a bummer, its going to be a while before I can get all the stuff gets reposted.

Incidentally, the set that goes with the picture is on my wish list. It doesn't appear in the 2014 archive (I got this picture from the 2007 archive)
The only set of Sasha y072, that's listed is the one in which she's wearing a black dress & there's a red background - I have that set (& I'll be reposting it shortly)
So if anyone has the Pictured set, (or even some info) I'd be very happy.

>> No. 77968
File: 149009603737.jpg - ( 164.81KB , 1600x1200 , pb100022.jpg )
I found another Zhenya y114 set that can be posted in its entirety. This is set 46, from Nov10.06
Zhenya is wearing a garment that doubles as a skirt & shorts. I chose a preview pic that illustrates this.
In 1 picture I noticed she even has underwear - meaning every single picture is Completely within the rules.


>> No. 88750

I don't mind that other anons host choices. At least there isn't a waiting period between downloads like Depositfiles.

Plus it's nice to have more than 1 person posting from this agency. Win-win situation. If you don't like the other guy, just don't download from him. :)

>> No. 88766

except he doesn't edit out pics and have long winded story's

>> No. 92349
First Thank you for all the time and work you have done to upload all these amazing VLAD models sets.

I was looking to see the first sets of both models Irina_y038 and Alisa y042.

You wrote: "Please check the old thread 1st too see if I've posted the item you're after. Vlad-Set thread #1 is here"


Unfortunately, when I click this link a page opens and says: "404 Not Found....not found on server"

Are you aware of this? I really hope all your hard work and time put into this wonderful collection is still available on this site, maybe a different link? Could you please let me know if your 1st page is up still and/ or are these two pretty models I mentioned above very first sets available on this sharechan from you or someone else?
Thank you for all of this work and model content you have provided for all of us.

>> No. 99708
VLAD Site Saves
Some VLAD Threads are not bumping any more and erase.
I have create backups.

for http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html

for http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/68055.html

for http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/63287.html

for http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html

Password for all files: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 101275
are in the Wayback Machine.

>> No. 111063
4th Vlad set thread

1st Vlad thread

>> No. 111856

custom 1 (127pics) = custom-hartmut-2008-02-13 127 pic
custom 2 (119pics) = set 062 with logo
custom 3 (102pics) = custom1 (70)
custom 4 (100pics) = set 079 with logo
custom 5 (107pics) = set 073 with logo
custom 6 (150pics) = set 063 113pic or cstm 2008-05-17 150pic
custom 7 (160pics) = set 078 120pic or cstm2008-05-28 160 pic
custom 8 (103pics) = set 086 with logo
custom 9 (114pics) = custom-dream-300508
custom 10 (131pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 11 (100pics) = custom1-deberry-1006
custom 12 (104pics) = custom-harmut-1006
custom 13 (106pics) = custom2-garrett-1006
don't have any garrett set with 106 pics or that date
custom 14 (109pics) = custom1-garrett-1006 a.k.a. custom1-garrett-080610
I have a custom garrett1 with 109 pics but not that date
https://dailyuploads.net/bd25rolun8s9 try his
custom 15 (122pics) = custom2-deberry-1006
custom 16 (108pics) = custom-deberry-1106, also custom-16-061108 but that has only 107pics
custom 17 (98pics) = custom3-deberry-170608
custom 18 (99pics) = custom-stripperman-170608
custom 19 (102pics) = custom-deberry-170608
custom 20 (102pics) = custom4-deberry-170608
custom 21 (126pics) = custom2-deberry-170608
custom 22 (156pics) = custom-garrett-170608
custom 23 (100pics) = custom3-deberry-2006
custom 24 (100pics) = custom2-deberry-2006
custom 25 (100pics) = custom1-garrett-211008
nothing with that date,only garrett set with
that pic count is this
custom 26 (101pics) = custom-26-210608
custom 27 (101pics) = custom-deberry-2106
custom 28 (104pics) = custom-hartmut-2106
custom 29 (150pics) = custom2-garrett-2106
custom 30 (110pics) = custom2-garrett-2606
custom 31 (111pics) = custom-deberry-2606
"think" you mean this one
custom 32 (119pics) = custom3-garrett-2606
custom 33 (102pics) = custom2-garrett-020708
custom 34 (106pics) = custom-dream-020708 a.k.a. custom-34-020708
custom 35 (123pics) = custom1-garrett-020708
custom 36 (99pics) = custom3-garrett-050708
custom 37 (102pics) = custom1 garrett-050708 same as cs42
custom 38 (168pics) = custom2-garrett-050708
custom 39 (97pics) = custom3-deberry-090708
custom 40 (100pics) = custom1-deberry-090708
custom 41 (101pics) = custom2-deberry-090708 a.k.a. custom-41-070908
custom 42 (102pics) = custom1-garrett-050708
custom 43 (104pics) = custom4-deberry-090708
custom 44 (117pics) = custom-garrett-090708 a.k.a. custom1-garrett-090708 a.k.a. custom-dream-300508-2
custom 45 (102pics) = custom3-garrett-120708
custom 46 (120pics) = custom1-garrett-120708
custom 47 (126pics) = custom2-garrett-120708
custom 48 (104pics) = custom1-garrett-150708
custom 49 (154pics) = custom2-garrett-150708
custom 50 (113pics) = custom1-garrett-180708
custom 51 (156pics) = custom2-garrett-180708
custom 52 (190pics) = custom3-garrett-180708
custom 53 (153pics) = custom2-garrett-220708
custom 54 (157pics) = custom1-garrett-220708
custom 55 (125pics) = custom-romero-250708
custom 56 (149pics) = custom-garrett-250808
(only set for that date but your pic count is different
custom 57 (152pics) = custom2-garrett-290708
custom 58 (161pics) = custom1-garrett-290708
custom 59 (155pics) = custom-garrett-310708
custom 60 (149pics) = custom1-garrett-070808
custom 61 (150pics) = custom2-garrett-070808
custom 62 (147pics) = custom2-garrett-140808
custom 63 (154pics) = custom1-garrett-140808
custom 64 (50pics) = custom2-garrett-210808
custom 65 (109pics) = custom1-garrett-210808
custom 66 (105pics) = custom-hartmut-230808
custom 67 (111pics) = custom-garrett-250808

>> No. 111857
custom 68 (104pics) = custom1-garrett-080908
custom 69 (143pics) = custom3-garrett-080908
custom 70 (152pics) = custom2-garrett-080908
custom 71 (157pics) = custom4-garrett-080908
custom 72 (109pics) = custom-tadashi-130908
custom 73 (153pics) = custom1-garrett-130908
custom 74 (155pics) = custom2-garrett-130908
custom 75 (105pics) = custom-romero-021008
custom 76 (109pics) = custom-ba-021008
custom 77 (154pics) = custom2-garrett-021008
custom 78 (158pics) = custom1-garrett-021008 (has only 157pics)
custom 79 (100pics) = custom1-deberry-1006
custom 80 (118pics) = custom-tadashi-301008
custom 81 (212pics) = custom-dazmansell-301008
custom 82 (145pics) = custom2-choros-011108 a.k.a. 4900-T157-081101-002
custom 83 (163pics) = custom1-choros-011108
custom 84 (122pics) = custom2-garrett-061108
custom 85 (159pics) = custom1-garrett-061108 (has only 96pics)
(my set has 159pics not 96)
custom 86 (112pics) = custom2-garrett-121108
custom 87 (154pics) = custom3-garrett-121108
custom 88 (105pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 89 (106pics) = custom-jed-151108
custom 90 (155pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
custom 91 (105pics) = custom1-garrett-111208
custom 92 (110pics) = custom2-garrett-111208
custom 93 (108pics) = custom-romero-151208
custom 94 (110pics) = custom-tadashi-151208
custom 95 (191pics) = no vlad equivalent that I can see
to my knowledge only 1 custom with 191pics
custom 96 (159pics) = custom-tadashi-231208
custom 97 (108pics) = custom1-garrett-050109
custom 98 (114pics) = custom2-garrett-050109
custom 99 (172pics) = custom-tadashi-050109 (has only 171pics)
Custom sets missing from rudreams list:
custom1-deberry-2006 (100pics), it's similar to custom 24 but isn't it.
custom1-garrett-2606 a.k.a. custom1-garrett-082606 (110pics)
custom-Juan-300808-Tanya y157 & Marina y171 (105pics)
2008-04-26 set 068 custom version (85 pics)
2008-05-17 set 075 custom version (81 pics)
2008-05-30 set 086 custom version (103 pics)
2008-06-10 custom2-deberry (122 pics)
2008-07-15 custom2-garrett (154 pics)
2008-07-18 custom2-garrett (156 pics)
2008-07-22 custom1-garrett (157 pics)
2008-07-26 set 092 custom version (82 pics)
2008-07-28 custom-garrett (149 pics)
2008-07-29 custom1-garrett (161 pics)
2008-07-29 custom2-garrett (152 pics)
2008-07-29 set 096 custom version (102 pics)
2008-07-31 custom-garrett (155 pics)
2008-08-07 custom2-garrett (150 pics)
2008-08-14 custom2-garrett (147 pics)
2008-08-21 custom2-garrett (DSCF0001 to 0050 only)
2008-08-25 custom-garrett (111 pics)
2008-11-12 custom1-garrett (not yet found)
2009-05-01 custom-Capello (106 pics)

>> No. 111907
I keep trying to find the chubby blonde Vlad model. I keep forgetting her number but I think m132 or m136? I keep losing her sets but am in love with her.

>> No. 111909
File: 150598945618.jpg - ( 599.56KB , 1200x1600 , 2008-12-11 custom1-garrett (105 pics).jpg )
Your link here
leads to custom1-garrett 2008-12-11, not custom1-garrett 2008-11-12. It's a common mistake in many collections, the latter set remains to be found.

>> No. 112198
customs not requested
2008-06-21 custom-deberry (101 pics).rar
2008-06-20 custom1-deberry (100 pics).rar
2008-09-08 custom1-garrett (104 pics).rar
2008-07-12 custom2-garrett (125 pics).rar
2008-07-05 custom3-garrett (99 pics).rar
2008-06-26 custom1-garrett (DSCF0114-0223 incl.).rar
2008-06-10 custom2-garrett (106 pics).rar
2008-06-10 custom1-garrett (109 pics).rar
2009-05-06 set 122 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (86 pics).rar
2009-04-23 set 124 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (112 pics).rar
2009-05-06 set 123 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (88 pics).rar
2009-04-18 set 120 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (95 pics).rar
2008-11-15 custom-unknown (155 pics).rar
2008-12-11 set 115 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (75 pics).rar
2008-11-15 custom-unknown (105 pics).rar
2008-08-05 set 112 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (78 pics).rar
2008-07-29 set 108 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (80 pics).rar
2008-07-31 set 114 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (76 pics).rar
2008-08-05 set 111 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (77 pics).rar
2008-07-22 set 109 custom-style EXIF NoLogo (89 pics).rar
2008-05-30 custom-'010'-_black shoes_ (131 pics).rar
2008-01-30 set 051 custom version (80 pics).rar
2008-01-04 set 041 custom version (87 pics).rar
2008-01-04 set 042 custom version (90 pics).rar
2007-12-14 set 038 custom version (89 pics).rar
2007-12-04 set 036 custom version (77 pics).rar
2007-11-27 set 035 custom version (80 pics).rar
2007-12-20 set 043 custom version (62 pics).rar
2007-11-30 set 037 custom version (77 pics).rar
2007-10-02 set 024 custom version 2007-10-02 (111 pics).rar
2007-11-27 custom-'c3' (99 pics).rar
2007-10-22 set 030 custom version (94 pics).rar
2007-11-13 set 032 custom version (94 pics).rar
2007-09-21 set 029 custom version (106 pics).rar
2007-09-21 set 025 custom version (105 pics).rar
2010-12-11b custom-AfterVlad (130 pics).rar
2010-12-11a custom-AfterVlad (104 pics).rar

this is all of them I have

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