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This thread will contain some of the Vlad sets &am Nude +18 Sharechan
File: 147026982311.png - ( 565.29KB , 851x629 , Katya y126 cstm Karl 6m.png )
12265 No. 12265
This thread will contain some of the Vlad sets & videos that could not posted in the NN section, due ,mainly, to clothing issues - Generally, a shortage of clothing, or clothing that affords too much of a "view".
While I won't be able to post All those items here, I can post those sets/videos of the older girls - That would be those girls who appear to be 18yrs or over.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to confess to the fact that I don't personally know any of these girls, so I'm doing my best to pick those who I feel most everyone would agree are old enough to post here.

I'm going to lead off with what just might be, the tamest item in this section. Apparently her top was too transparent for my NN video thread.

So, this is Katya y126 in her one & only Vlad video appearance. Its a custom for Karl of 6 1/2mins duration.
As you can see, Katya is very tall girl with a pretty face, a nice smile & a great body.


Your remaining download options are OpenLoad & 4Shared. GeTT appears to have a live link but ,as usual lately, Ge.TT is not working.

Once I see this post up, I will start adding to it.

>> No. 12266
File: 147027190175.png - ( 751.65KB , 859x625 , Vika cstm Striperman.png )
I will be adding several Vika y120/y172 videos. For now, I have her 15min Custom Striperman video. I don't have a date for it at this but I'll try find it. I also don't know exactly when she became "y172". I'll also do my best to get an answer to that.
Back to the video, For Part1 - use Solid, For Part2 - use Uptobox



Please ask if you have any questions - Particularly, if you don't understand the 'Split-File Process'

>> No. 12276
Good Openload worked cause 4shared is the most annoying host ever,no way I can get a file from that host.
I've tryed more then 1 browser,same result,can you give me advice about the way to actually dl from 4shared OP.
As for Solid don't really know what have happened with that host,70-85% then dl stops.

But even with the host issues I'm glad I've found the videos of y126 Katya & y120/y172 Vika.
Lost & had serious doubts if I could ever find them again.
I have no intentions of being rude,I'm not using english very often.
Thanks for the videos,your work is appreciated.

>> No. 12277
File: 14703141885.png - ( 1.31MB , 1024x774 , Galina y143.png )
Here's Galina y143 in p2112, which was her 10 1/2min posing video, from Mar21.07 Unfortunately, I was not able to get the full length video, so its missing the last minute. It goes to 9m24s.
I just reupped the 1st part. For part2, your choices are: 2Shared, Ziddu or DataFile



>> No. 12278
File: 147031958262.jpg - ( 591.43KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0064.jpg )
Your English is fine. I don't use 4Shared much anymore. I had been impressed with 2Shared & assumed 4Shared would be related & thus very similar & that I could use it for larger files. I was disappointed to see the 60sec countdown (a la Turbobit). They were also inundating me with emails. Thus, I virtually stopped using them.
I had assumed you would just have to wait 60s to download. I just tried & noticed that you have to have a facebook or twitter account, as well! Good Christ! I will Definitely Not be using them At All, anymore. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Solid has sure gone downhill. Usually, you now have to make about 4 attempts before the download box appears. In the meantime, there's a popup with each attempt.
Openload often requires multiple clicks, too, but at least it doesn't give the popups.
I haven't noticed a high failure rate on Solid's downloads, though. Sometimes, if I might get one going super slow. I just stop it & start again. That usually works. Of course Solid also has a pretty good storage length.
Most of what I'll be adding to this thread will be stuff that I don't have uploaded at the moment. In other words, a lot of it will be freshly upped, so you'll generally have 10-12 hosts to choose from.
Do you know about my NN Vlad threads? There's one for sets & one for videos.
If there are other Vlad items you need to replace, they might be there.

I have another item ready. Its the only set I have of Zhanna y175. It happens to be a custom from Apr3.09


>> No. 12279
File: 147032093188.png - ( 539.44KB , 879x629 , Vika y120 53s Mar16_07.png )
Here's Vika y120 in a 53sec video that ties in with her Mar16.07 custom set. The set is missing pic 56. That's because the video is labeled as pic 56 would be.


I'm pretty sure Vika is old enough to post here

>> No. 12302
That explained why I can't dl from 4shared,don't have any of required accounts.
Seen logos of FB & the others,never knew it was a must.
Solid have been acting strange for months,a change in ownership I believe.
200 MB at Solid MAY works sometimes,today yes,never a file over 250 MB though.
y175 Zhanna,plus Vika 50 seconds.

>> No. 12304
File: 147039353983.png - ( 742.10KB , 1019x776 , Vika2006.png )
Here is Vika y120 in a 6min cstm for Karl, dated Oct3.06


>> No. 12336
File: 147049868425.png - ( 1.08MB , 1024x774 , Anna y123-30m.png )
Thankyou for that info. I looked into it & saw that Solid has changed again! I tried downloading part of the Anna video with Solid. It failed once & on the 2nd try it got to where there was 57 seconds left, then sat there for 7 mins, before I stopped it.
I tried a different item - a 386Mb file that I'd uploaded last year. It downloaded fine. I'll have to look into it further but it doesn't look good.
I sure do appreciate that you brought it to my attention.

This Anna y123 video clocks in at about 15 seconds short of 30mins. I don't have a date but its certainly later than her others by a fair bit.
Her 9 other videos can be found in my NN Vlad video thread





>> No. 12358
About Solid,I've discovered same thing,some older files I can dl.
Best host lately for me,dropjiffy but most of their pages includes an "insecure page" warning,with FF,no other browser.
Nothing have been attached to files from there and it's nothing wrong with files.

y123 Anna,thanks for this video,had a very corrupted copy of this since some time.
I don't really know for sure but think the video is from very late or almost end of her time with vlad.
However I'm very grateful for this not corrupt video,she's a nice person.

>> No. 12514
PLEASE ! more video whit Vlad girls...thank You!

>> No. 12523
Bump for more!!!!

>> No. 12778
PLEASE ! more video whit Vlad girls...thank You!

>> No. 12902
PLEASE ! more video whit Vlad girls...thank You!

>> No. 12909
File: 147281702898.jpg - ( 681.14KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0073.jpg )
Here's my new NN Vlad threads - sets

and NN vids

This one will continue to cover older Vlad girls in Non-NN sets And vids

This is Lena y159's sets 1-9 (pic from 8)


She did 60 sets, I'll try get them all posted

>> No. 12955
File: 147298596185.jpg - ( 707.03KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0057.jpg )
Here is more of Lena y159. This is sets 10-18 & as with the last bunch these sets are all quite large, despite being standards.
An oddity is the "double logo" (Vertical & Horizontal) in many of her sets. The preview from set14 contains an example.


>> No. 12956
File: 147298697125.jpg - ( 116.83KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0069.jpg )
Here's 2 sets from Kristina y165. They are 11 (pictured) & 42.
She is also in a Wrestle-Series video with Vika y120/y172 that I'll try get posted fairly soon


>> No. 12959
12909 > nice pics...but .. a huge request for all ... you can post video with these gorgeous girls from Vlad? I understand that is the section of video and nude ... :( but few are those who want to share video with others from Vlad .... these girls are disappointed, however I hope that you are not all so selfish. Thanks for understanding and peace ! ancient peace !

>> No. 12960
12909 > nice pics... but .. a huge request for all ... you can post video with these gorgeous girls from Vlad? I understand that is the section of video and nude ... :( but not many are those who want to share and videos with these girls from Vlad still hope .... I'm disappointed that you're not all so selfish. Thanks for understanding and peace !

>> No. 12986
File: 147311454088.jpg - ( 135.73KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0076.jpg )
Here's sets 11-21 of Lena y173. She's quite a hot looking girl. Unfortunately, she didn't do any videos for Vlad. She did some of the "AfterVlad" variety, including a masturbation one. While that may sound intriguing to some of you, be forewarned - the quality of that video is utterly abysmal.
Anyhow, back to these pics. I'll see if I can find 1-10. The preview pic is from set17.


>> No. 13065
File: 147358031231.png - ( 748.08KB , 899x635 , w2101 y172+y165.png )
Here's w2101, a wrestling video featuring Kristina y165 & Vika y172 (I'm assuming she was no longer y120 by this time)
The video runs close to 21mins. Vika poses solo for 2mins, then Kristina for 3 1/2mins. The girls pose together for a few seconds before they 'accidently' bump into each other, which leads to the match.
All 3 parts are required. Please ask if you're not clear on how to get the Full Length video.




>> No. 13157
File: 147403930087.png - ( 636.13KB , 881x633 , Tatyana y138 p2119.png )
I have p2119 by the Very uninhibited Tatyana y138. The only problem is that I only have about 1/2 of the original. (6 1/2mins of 13 1/2mins) The torrent I was trying to get it from got only as far as 90% & that was as far as it played 'problem-free. So I'm posting it along with a Very reduced full length version I found. This mkv is 110Mb vs 610Mb for the original.
The idea is that you can watch the whole video & the 1st 1/2 will be in original form.
Of course this might also lead to someone posting a full length original version, here - which would be most welcome.
For now - the 1/2 length original


And the full length very reduced mkv version


>> No. 13247
There is very close in quality version available in nonude-models

>> No. 13255
Here's is a full length original quality - not original version

Tatyana y138 p2119
>AVC MP4 High Quality

DL: http://mir.cr/0E5GZ2ZX [239 MB]
PV: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/185068
PW: Tatyana

Goodbay (ツ)

>> No. 13260
File: 147437031257.jpg - ( 132.32KB , 1600x1200 , pc050061.jpg )
Here's Tanya y141's 10 sets, done during a 2 month period from Nov29.06 to Jan25.07
The pic is from the 2nd part of set2


>> No. 13261
File: 147437429693.jpg - ( 476.27KB , 1600x1266 , p2119 Tatyana y138 13m mpg.jpg )
Searched & found,I'm actually surprised I had this.

y138 Tatyana p2119 mpg 611 MB,also have the same as a 455 MB copy in avi format.
As a small thanks for everything you're doing here,the larger mpg video with screen included.
I'm the one with the horrible copy I could finally get as the complete beautiful video.

y138 Tatyana p2119 mpg (611 MB)

ALL 3 Parts A MUST!!!

Password: P2119




>> No. 13286
Just curious about the busty y161 Marina, particularly her Videos, any chance you have them and can they be posted ?

>> No. 13294
Thanks a lot guys.
If I don't have All of them, then I have Most of them. She certainly qualifies as 18+. I'll try work them in here & there. I'll have one up tomorrow. And I will be able to post 1 wrestle vid of her in NN

>> No. 13317

Well I'm not an admin but I think we can see two BIG reasons right up front to okay this..

and those are.. what was I talking about again?

Oh yea thanks for the post

>> No. 13322
File: 147455021041.jpg - ( 148.13KB , 1600x1200 , p7310065.jpg )
Here's 2 of the Nastya y133's 4 sets. These are sets 1 & 3, from July31 & Aug22.06


Glad you liked it, I'll work the rest in over time

>> No. 13366
File: 147463098024.jpg - ( 153.26KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0069.jpg )
Here's Olga y145. I have only these 6 sets of her, although she did 67. These are 5, 17, 19, 60, 61 & 63. The 1st 3 are from Feb9, Apr3+4 of 2007. I can't say about the later ones, as they can't be dated.
If anyone has anymore of her sets, feel free to add them.


>> No. 13374
Thanks these I didn't have before.
Maybe a couple of others,will have to go thrue my stores first though.
All is a bunch at my end,organising,well,eventually:)
I like this thread a lot OP.

>> No. 13410
Thanks,that's a lot of videos & I definitly don't have even close to the total.
It's the downs when dl a lot at once & storing for years before sorting any of it,I think,missing much along with info:/

>> No. 13423
File: 147475534313.jpg - ( 163.95KB , 1200x1600 , p9150050.jpg )
You're absolutely right. I see the Vlad vids total 48 solo vids + the wrestle vid. I'm guessing since the 30min 'Russian Flashing' video isn't included, it was either an 'After Vlad' type thing or a 'side project'. I have another of her vids uploading.

I try to avoid posting 'empty handed', so I quickly uploaded the only set I have of Lena y132. Its set 5, from Sep15.06


I'm happy to hear you like it. As I see its well liked, I'm going to try to post more frequently in this thread than I have been. I certainly have a lot of Vlad material of this sort.

>> No. 13432
Thanks,y132 Lena,thought I had something,no luck though just an empty folder makes me thinking I've found something but missed to dl.

"30min 'Russian Flashing' video"
That's a completely different studio named Public Flashing,they also had similar videos of a quite special kind,also outdoors.
Never been what I've liked but I've seen a Vlad model Ira mistaken for Vlads y161 Marina mentioned though.
She was popular & seems to have made videos at other studios at the end of her Vlad career.
y161 Marina is one favorite of mine,have others too but y161 will probably always be special to me.
Even the number 48 is much more then I have.
I have 2 custom videos but they are common & posted quite often.
I'll see if I can find something to add in here too,can't promise,you seems to have almost everything anyway:)

>> No. 13443
File: 147481963972.jpg - ( 298.06KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0015.jpg )
Thanks again - It looks like set 39. I wonder why you don't have her sets in your archive. I have her in both the thumbs & pdf parts.

Thanks for clearing up the Russian Flashing issue. I'm not clear if I can post her anymore. I don't want continue if I'm not supposed to. I had hoped for either a reply.

Well, in the meantime, here's Lyuda y166. She did 39 sets. I have 1-30. Pictured is 'Shower set' 29


>> No. 13471
File: 147489647031.jpg - ( 426.03KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0065.jpg )
Here's 16 more sets of Lena y159, previously posted here>>12909>>12955
These are sets 19-34


>> No. 13475
File: 147490954210.jpg - ( 148.52KB , 1200x1600 , P3130077.jpg )
Thanks again for your contributions. The Hartmut customs give a bit of an idea as to when Kristina was with Vlad.

Some of them could, but a lot of them could go in NN. Give me a bit of time to sort through them. I'll post the TL ones here & the others in NN.
I've got at least Something from 8 of the 'W' series models. Something, being anywhere from 1 to 55 sets of a given model.

I try to add something with every post, so I quickly uploaded the only set I have of Olesya y104. Its set3 from March 2006


>> No. 13489
File: 14749596494.jpg - ( 193.66KB , 1200x1600 , p4210076.jpg )
Here's the 1st W-series model, Irina w001. I've got 5 of her TL sets, the other 3,that I have, are NN. Some of these sets are TL by virtue of 1 pic.
The sets are: 9, cstm 14 from May16.05, 20, 22 & 26.
They cover Apr to Oct 2005.


>> No. 13490
File: 147496094256.jpg - ( 190.92KB , 1600x1200 , pc120099.jpg )
Here's 8 TL sets of Irina w002. They are: 14, 18, 22, 24, 28, 37, 38 & 40. These cover mid May to mid Dec of 2005.
I have an earlier NN set of her from Apr/05, as I do with a couple of the others. Strangely, Maya w004's set 1 (NN) indicates it was shot Oct7. I don't have a year but, logically, it shouldn't be 2005. The funny thing is that few cases where I have set 1 or 2 of a W model, the set has pics indicating the 'Jan1st' default date (p101), except Maya w004. So, I don't know if there were 1 or 2 sets of all, or the 1st few of the W girls, that were shot in the fall of 2004, with their sets picking up again in April of 2005.
I have 11 NN sets of her, as well.


>> No. 13536
File: 147507497267.jpg - ( 127.07KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0033.jpg )
Here's 7 sets of Galina y143 (a video of her is here>>12277)
These are sets 6-10 done in a 2 1/2 week period from Jan8-26.07
There's a 53pic cstm from Feb8.07 & pictured set 31, which might be from after mid-June/07, which would explain why it has DSCF #ing instead of 'P'.
You'll notice she's wearing the very popular Pink Single-Button top, usually seen on their younger, skinnier tween models. Of course, Galina looks quite different in it, than they do.


These are the only ones I have of her, at this time - any others would be welcome - likewise a full length version of the video

>> No. 13537
File: 147507570573.png - ( 1.19MB , 1175x887 , Vika y172 p2127.png )
Here's Vika (now y172) in p2127 a 15min vid, similar to Striperman but this is TL, instead of see-thru
both parts needed



>> No. 13559
>>13366 & >>13374 My post.
Found a bunch of her,set1-64 BUT according to the 2014 Archive,an awesome help you've posted BTW,what I've found is a complete mess.
The first 10 or so sets fits the Archive none of the rest.
Found out with the help of this >>13431 & >>13443

You'd like any of it even if not in the correct order??
I'm going to sort it anyway but something else will keep me occupied for a while.
Found a lot of others too,terrible host & fearing all is like y145 Olga & a complete mess:/

>> No. 13579
Thanks, I kept hoping someone would post it in full length

If you post sets 4-10, they would certainly be welcomed.
As per the rest - Is the #ing normal? It should be a mixture of 'P' or 'DSCF' #ing. If they were in order (which you say they aren't) they would start with p2, ending with p5 or p6, around set30 or so. Subsequent sets would be DSCF.
If the answer is 'Yes' post it, warning that its 'Mislabeled sets that OP will be sorting & reposting'
Now, if it at some point, was on an Image Host, it may have a long string of Just #s.
If it has that And the original #ing, post them as above & I'll remove the unwanted part with a Renaming program.
Sorry if I seem longwinded - just trying to think of all posibilities

>> No. 13591
Made a typo:/
The sets photos are in order & P or DSC.
It's the #'s of the sets ie. set 39 is 38 or 40 according to the archive.
I'll up set #4-10 ASAP.

BTW,all was so neatly packed in separate rars in a main rar,no imagehost but a host with 31 kpbs/sec in a good day.
Reminding me of the good old dial-up days:)

>> No. 13594
A newbie,absolutely not,returning from a break only,collecting since late of 99,since 2001 I've even purchased

some items.
The M Series I had a minor interest in or mainly none at the time,which have changed though.
Good enough for any mysterious standards of #'s & other,well,don't know,but I'll make a hold after these that's

for sure.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

y145-Olga set 4-10.

Password: O145Y


>> No. 13596
File: 147523427161.jpg - ( 189.64KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0065.jpg )
Here's Anna y162's 21 sets. All are complete although some are rather short.


>> No. 13598
File: 147523869618.jpg - ( 161.58KB , 1600x1200 , p8240065.jpg )
I didn't notice your contribution when I made my post a short while ago.
Thanks a lot. You're correct on the months & years. The very brief audition?/orientation? was Dec11.06, with set 2 being the 1st full length shoot 10 days later. The bulk of set 5 was shot the same day as set 6, Jan8.07 & set 1 with set 7, 5 days later.
Its funny, those 'initial shoots' are usually a fair bit longer. It seems they were usually around 20 pics, or so. Although Yulya m053's had only 3 pics.
Regarding models whose sets are from the 'P # era' - As you've probably noticed, its infinitely easier to figure out the full date, including the year(s)s, of a given model's sets when you have at least 1 custom as a starting point. Otherwise you end up having to compare models with 'neighboring #s', who may have a custom set. Let's just say it can get a tad involved sometimes.

I have this 1 set from Olya y125. It's set 16 from late Aug of 2006. She did 3 dozen sets, in all.
In the famous 3-girl Wrestle vid, starring Katya y111 & costarring Ksenya y056, I've sometimes seen the mysterious Olga labeled as y125. As you can see, she's obviously not that girl.
Re file name: I see my finger slipped off the 'O', resulting in a typo


>> No. 13621
File: 147531593523.jpg - ( 161.38KB , 1600x1200 , PC270078.jpg )
Thankyou - Our Olga y145 collections are steadily growing in size.

Those who enjoyed the Tatyana y138 video, will likely be keen on having these sets of her. Its 1-29, starting near the end of Nov 2006 & covering up till early April 2007.
She has dark hair in all sets taken through the end of Dec (1-11) Sets starting in Jan, feature her with hair colour similar to the video.
Her sets did not become Full Nude, until later on (52 or so). Although, as you can see by this pic from set 10, she wasn't exactly "heavily clothed".
I started out trying to fit 33 sets in the arch. After deleting 4, to get under 400Mb, I forgot to rename from '1-33' to '1-29'


I have lots more of her sets

>> No. 13658
File: 147542294611.jpg - ( 524.02KB , 1600x1200 , p2210075.jpg )
Thankyou very much & you are dead on with the dates. And with your 2nd post we now have all of 1-19 - All done within 10 weeks of her debut, so it will be interesting to see where the P to DSCF #ing change will be. Its funny, but if she had continued at this rate, for the next 10 weeks, set 39 (our earliest DSCF set, at this moment) might've actually been her 1st set with that #ing.
In browsing through this fellow's>>13594 contributed sets, I noticed set 4 had her initial 9 picture shoot (NN), as well as her 1st full set & they're Both Feb1.07, which is kind of unusual. Generally, there was at least a day or so & often a month or so, between the 'initial shoot/audition' & the 1st full set.
I also see that a couple of other intriguing things.
The sets I posted were 10 1/2 to 21Mb. All the sets you guys have posted, have been (aside from set4 at 31Mb) 37 1/2 to 63Mb.
Also, his>>13594 sets 4-10 have an utterly fascinating 'Dual Directional' Webmodels logo variation. (pictured)
I'm pretty sure I've never seen it, either with Vlad or Webmodels, before.
So, there's 2 reasons why some of you may wish to keep both copies of set 5.

>> No. 13676
"'Dual Directional' Webmodels logo variation."
Never noticed it until you've mentioned it.
When I'm done organizing the set #'s would you like the other sets up to 64 too??
An interesting part of these y145 Olga sets is that I've found 30 sets somewhere else.
What I'm finding interesting is the different sizes about the different findings.
A complete set with original resolution,what would be a correct size?
Curious as I've got as far as I've discovered at least a couple of same sets in different sizes.
And of course when the #'s from P to DSCF changed is quite fascinating as well.
Life have an annoying habit of interfering for me recently,mention it only cause I have a hard time following any progress here,as in me being around.
I'm grateful you've made it possible to actually get dates out of a files name.
Thanks for your efforts with Vlad it's appreciated & maybe more then you may think it is.

>> No. 13677
y145 Olga set # 36 have the DSCF numbering it's the correct set according to the Archive.
Set 35 have these #'s P6180001 in my set to P6180067.
Are the photos I have incorrectly numbered from set 36?
Thought I'd sort it properly when at ir that's Why I'm asking.
It's thanks to you I've even started to notice those #'s of which I've seen over & over again but never really have been thinking about to be honest.
Excuse me pointing your attention maybe away from what you may have planned.
Anyway thanks in advance but let my question wait until you'll have the time.

>> No. 13678
File: 147549500612.jpg - ( 128.89KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0058.jpg )
Thankyou, once again!
For the record - Olya y125's initial shoot of 18pics (NN) was done Aug4.06 & appears at the beginning of set5. 3 days later she returned & did 3 full sets. These 8 sets & set16, that I posted, are all from August.

Here's another 34 sets of Tatyana y138. These are sets 30-64 - Except for set 46, which I'm missing.
The P #ing ends with set36, done June5.07
All other sets are June17.07 or later. Through 2 cstms, that I'll post later, I know she was with Vlad until at least July of 2008.
Her 1st Full Nude set is set52.
Although set35 has only 37pics, it is complete. There are several sets with only 55 or so pics.
If anyone has set46, it would be welcome. I believe that's all I'm missing ,until a few near the very end.


>> No. 13687
File: 147550945398.jpg - ( 555.01KB , 1200x1600 , y133-set-4-P8210003.jpg )
Discovered y133 Nastia,set 002 & 004 is not posted here.
BTW,I've posted set 4-10 of y145 Olga,& have more sets with the dual logo.

I've got a couple of videos & some thoughts about what to do with them,I'd prefer sharing though.

137 Anna,1 video,well,2 copys of p2111 tpl.
# 1 592 MB & mp4 38 min 19 sec.
# 2 711 MB & mpg 19 mins 20 secs (I do know why it's 1/2 the size in time,that's another story though.)

Also have these with one of my personal favorites.
# 3 y120/y172 Vika p2125 tpl 1,31 GB 29 min 57 sec
# 4 y120/y172 Vika p2126 tpl 1,32 GB 30 min 5 sec

None are requested in any way I know,leaving it up to you chosing 1,all or none of the videos.
A small addition to everything you've posted in 3 separate threads.
Now it's y133 Nastia set 2 & 4,would have posted earlier,well,didn't notice the missing sets until today:/

Password: NaStIA


>> No. 13690
File: 147551364248.jpg - ( 156.81KB , 1200x1600 , P3140026.jpg )
Yes, that size difference & the logo variations were quite amazing. These differences in size are always puzzling, when there's no obvious reason (eg: standard vs No Logo, etc)
I really don't no what the answer is for the 'actual official size'. I remember one of the 1st times I encountered huge standard sets was when I found 7 early sets of Yulya m065. These were 53-80Mb & I didn't know what to make of them.
I've seen enough since then, that they puzzle me but I accept them.
I do get suspicious about sets where pics are under 100kb (except early sets, of course), some later Webmodels sets have them down around 70kb - otherwise it seems to be 'reduced' sets
With these big ones, though, I just don't know - they're both 1200x1600
But that 'Duel-Logo' really boggled me. I still can't think of a single other instance of it appearing.
And any missing sets would be welcome. A quick glance shows that we're missing 20-38 + 40-59 and 62+64.
And if there's anymore 'Dual-Logo', please post them. I'm sure they will be of interest to many Vlad collectors.
Also, some guys may like to have Vlad sets And Webmodels sets - Not as many as would be wanting the Dual-Logo sets but some of the more ardent collectors go to great effort to ensure they have such variations.

Wow! It looks like you've unearthed a very valuable piece of information, as far as #ing goes. You see, I've never seen a 'P' set later than June16.07
I've seen a DSCF custom from June19.07, but never any from June17th or 18th. With my exhaustive checking, I finally decided that the 'switch' must've been on June17th.
Another factor that I considered was some of the models that were churning out sets daily, up to June16, but never anything on June17 or 18th, until now.
With the customs of June19 &20 all being DSCF, I think its safe to say that you've found the latest 'P' date.
I'm very anxious to see this & I think some of these other fellows are, as well. If you can post that set it would be fabulous - or (barring some problem) could you at least post a preview picture, so we can confirm this?
Thanks a lot

I will be posting a couple dozen sets of another TL model, later but for now here's set3 of Svetlana y102
This set (from Mar14.06) is relegated to this thread ,due to the transparency of her clothing.
She has 4 more sets. I thought I had them. I guess not. So, if someone has them & wishes to post them - that would be great.


I mentioned how some of the W models' sets are NN, so some of their sets will be posted in that thread.
Likewise, there are some models who were mainly NN, but switched to TL, late in their Vlad careers. In those cases, I will post the TL sets here - as long as the model is old enough

>> No. 13712
File: 147556970689.jpg - ( 475.68KB , 1200x1600 , y145-set-035-P6180001.jpg )
The note about checked,a must to add,as I'm not done organizing the 11-64 mess yet,it's quite annoying:/
BTW,I've got some info about photos and different weight,kb's.
I'll make it short but feel free to ask & I'll describe the process in every detail.
EXIF will make a photo different in size,but there's other ways of increasing the kb's.
Purposes may differ of course but a whole set altered like that is not likely though,I've tested it out of pure curiousity

y146 Olga set 35 & 36 (Checked & confirmed by 2014 Archive) Preview from set 35.

Password: O145Y


>> No. 13714
Forgot to say Thanks:)
It's weird the dual logos & I've got some others with the same dual logos.
But as my previous post mentioned,about set 35 & 36,I really don't know what the poster of those sets thought about:/
Mess,ie. set 60 should be set 65 according to the Archive,1-10 maybe 20 are in correct order.
The others seems to have been in a lottery & given a # as it were picked.
Will take time to organize it,well,I've mentioned life interfering,it is so I can't do anything about the organizing for some days.

>>13678 Strange,I don't have set 46 either,got a copy of around 50 sets & no set 46 at all.
Was quite sure I've got it,well,not much to do about it for now.
I'm not around for some days ahead.
Thanks Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 13718
File: 147558406685.jpg - ( 148.49KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0081.jpg )
>>13431 My copy of the 2014 Vlad index has this as y145_39, complete with 81 pics.

>>13423 >>13432 The 'Russian Flashing' video is absitively posolutely NOT Marina.

Maria has a mole on her left cheek, and one each of her ^^ not present on the model in that video.

>> No. 13733
File: 147561053970.jpg - ( 124.64KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0070.jpg )
I had planned to post this when it finished uploading yesterday but ...
Here's Sveta y164's 27 sets. I have no dates but they're very likely all from 2008 - probably starting by early Spring.
Set 27 appears to be 2 shoots mixed together. The preview is from set4
She did a wrestle video with Vika y172, which I've tried to get ,with no luck. (a torrent gave me a few seconds)


Excellent -Thanks a lot! So we now have an official Last Day for the 'P' #ing. Several customs from June20.07 have DSCF & Anya y148 (Oxi) has one from June19th.
Thanks for that exif/kb-size info, I did some comparisons & I see what you mean.

Yes, that set46 looks to be one of those Very hard-to-finds.

(almost missed your post!) Thanks for Nastya & thanks for the video offer And thanks for checking 1st.
I've been wanting to get more Vika posted & have been meaning to post Anna's vid, too.
They're all long & would take a while for me to upload, so if you wish ... go ahead. If you could include any extra info you may have, while posting, that would be great. (I have p2126 as a Charles Perales cstm)
I was going to post my 1/2 length version of Anna's p2111 in NN. I have a full length mp4 but its only 611Mb. Your 1.6Gb version is the right size.
If your 1/2 length version was identical to mine (711Mb), I'd ask you to post it in my NN video thread, instead post it here, along with the full length one & I'll post my 1/2 length one in NN & refer guys here for the full length TL version, as well as the alternate 1/2 length version

>> No. 13750
File: 14756525548.jpg - ( 504.30KB , 1200x1600 , y102-Set-2-P3010005.jpg )
I must have made a couple of mistakes with the info.
Excuse the previous info,occupied with something else at the same time isn't very good:/

y137 Anna p2111 tpl mp4 592 MB & 38 mins 19 secs.
y137 Anna p2111 tpl mpg 711 MB & 19 mins 20 secs. (I'll add some of the background why my copy is 1/2.)

You'd like of them posted here anyway??
I'd rather ask twice then simply post anything,as I don't want to interfere with any plans of yours.

The y172 Vika videos will be up here,if not in the next hours they'll be here at weekend latest.
Many thanks for y164 Sveta it's one I've lost somehow.
Really have to go now.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

Hope you don't mind if I post these,noticed your post >>13690
y102 Svetlana Set 1-5 except set 3.

Password: s102Y15


>> No. 13755
Geez! I didn't read your post right. Re: Anna y137 vids - You put
#1 vid size, form & length
#2 vid size, etc
Somehow, I read them as 1692Mb & 2711Mb. That means I missed the # sign & the absence of a comma between the 1st & 2nd #s. (not to mention the lack of logic in the way I interpreted it! LOL! (what else can I say?)
Hopefully you're upping Vika 1st.
I'll post my 1/2 length version in NN - yes I see we have the same vid - so if I've caught you in time, just leave your NN off.
Our full length versions are identical (592). I forgot that there was 20Mb of other stuff that came in the folder.
I don't know if you notice the same thing, but the vid looks fine when playing but when you advance, it 'breaks up' for a couple of seconds, showing an ugly grey & green 'collage'.
Still, its entirely watchable. (as long as you just let it play)
It looks like someone decided to create an NN vid - probably due to the length. The cut off appears to be at the moment prior to where the 'category change' begins
I still can't believe I read that as I did - (a 19min vid that's 2.7Gb?!)
So go ahead & post the full length Anna vid. I'm going to wait now until the next round of posts, before I post my 19min version

>> No. 13771
:) My mistake,too into something I had to list as #1 and on.
Noticed the nice green pixelated screen if fast forward,well,as you're saying let it just play & all is fine:)
The 19 mins are made entirely as NN,can tell it's almost the video never got posted as the board were strict into extremes.
Were as it's gone since a couple of years,the 19 mins video were the last item I picked before my break.

Vika is the first I'll post,the charles perales maybe.
Tonight if I can.
I never got any screencaps for the 2 Vika videos,will be frame from each as preview though.
Anna full length with greenscreen & all will be after Vika,the 1/2 Anna I'll skip:)
Hope you got the y102 items,again thanks for the y164 Sveta.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 13775
File: 147570393687.jpg - ( 135.61KB , 720x576 , p2126 Vika y172-topl30-charles-perales (cstm 08-06.jpg )
y172 Vika,unfortunately I don't have the screencaps for any of the videos.
Found these about 5 years ago,quite a work to get them so I've chosen hosts I know are better.
Known as y120 previously I'd say I'm really enjoying she returned to Vlad.
I'm not able to tell about the actual conversation,blame it on my ears as they are not cooperative at all

Anyone out there who likes Vika as y120 or y172 I'm certain they'll like these videos as much as I do.
As the first I've got p2126 Vika y172 done a little faster then I've expected,the other will be up as soon I can.

p2126 Vika y172-topl30-charles-perales (cstm 08-06-16).mpg 30 mins 5 secs Size 1,32 GB

Linked archive,a MUST to DL every part,preferably to same folder! Extract from part1 only.

Password: Vi172Ka





>> No. 13788
File: 147573632376.jpg - ( 159.37KB , 1600x1200 , P6200046.jpg )
Thanks for Svetlana's sets & I'm glad you liked the Sveta sets.
I'm glad we got everything untangled about the Anna y137 video. I just posted mine in the NN video thread. True to form, I forgot to include the screenshot, but I posted the pic immediately after. I mentioned the full length vid, will be appearing over here.
I've seen the full length original twice, both times with dead links, in threads that the OPs had long since abandoned.
I have some sets of Anna that I'll be posting, as well.
I see I'm about 10mins too late to get this post on. As a result I can thank you for your Vika post & for including the date. I had seen the date a while back & wrote it on a piece of paper that I lost. This time I'm incorporating it into the folder label.

Here's 2 TL sets of Veronica w006. Its 68 & 98. I'm assuming these are Jan & June of 2006. I have an NN set of her as well that will get posted in NN soon


>> No. 13789
File: 147574803546.jpg - ( 104.65KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0063.jpg )
Here we have 11 sets of Anna y137, whose 38min video can be found in a 19min NN version in the NN vid thread & will be appearing here in full length quite shortly.
These are sets 11-20 & 34. These sets begin in early Dec of 2006 (a month after her debut), the 1st 10 conclude in late Jan of 2007.
Set 34 would appear to likely be some time after the discontinuing of the P #ing, 5 months later.
Another interesting difference with set34, is that, while the other sets become TL part way through, this set starts out TL & becomes (as you'll notice) Full-Nude part way through.
Missing pics are: set13 - 40+41, set17 - 31-33 & set19 - 18,19,22,23 & I somehow missed corrupt pic 17.
Hopefully someone can help with these 10 fills.


My sets 1-10 are all missing about 1/4 - 1/3 of the pics. Hopefully, someone has them in complete form. Any of the other missing sets would be welcomed ,as well.

I forgot to mention before - Thanks, good eye.
You're right, its definitely Not Marina. I'd only watched a few moments here & there (not my cup of tea + low quality).

>> No. 13790
File: 147575023130.jpg - ( 140.99KB , 720x576 , p2125 y172-Victoria-topl29 cstm-08-06-24.jpg )
y172 Vika & I'm aware of I've posted p2126 before this,it's not by any ranking,just the way I've got them done as in up to the host.
But I've got to confess I do like the checkered dress,a lot.
Don't really know why I like that dress in particular maybe cause it's a bit racingthemed,well,hope you'll like it too.

p2125 y172-Victoria-topl29 cstm-08-06-24.mpg 29 mins 57 secs Size 1,31 GB

Linked archive,a MUST to DL every part,preferably to same folder! Extract from part1 only.

Password: Vi172Ka





>> No. 13812
File: 147580726713.jpg - ( 167.06KB , 1600x1200 , PC110019.jpg )
Thanks again for this Vika video & thanks for the date

I'm posting Sveta y140's sets 2 & 4 here because of the See-through nature of her attire in set2 (pictured).


>> No. 13822
File: 147583062321.jpg - ( 102.23KB , 720x576 , VladModels - [p2111] Anna y137 posing topless 38m-.jpg )
In OP's thread in the NN section you'll find a shorter video,the same as this but half the size at 19 minutes & 20 seconds.

I've found the half sized at a board,very strict NN too.
Weeks of discussions if or why it should be allowed,polite a must at any time or recieve a ban,real foul language & a permanent ban was the result.
Even though it's NN,the video were discussed back & forth,eventually the video got approved.
Maybe because of the debacle about it the board lost quite many "members" directly afterwards & those who left were the major sharers.
Some years ago after more or less no activity at all for months,the board disappeared completely.

In my opinion,it's a nice video,Anna have a pipe,not smoking though & it's probably good as the smoke may have made the video slightly foggy.
A relative of mine had a very similar pipe BTW & enjoyed it too I believe,always leaving thick clouds of blueish smoke around him,quite aromatic.
Get some memorys when viewing the video,probably why it's one of those I like & don't mind viewing all of it as well from time to time,some time have passed since last time though.

Please note!
An mp4 of the not best quality,but do as described & it's not as bad at all.
Let it play thrue,if you're skipping ahead,green sometimes grey screens will appear,can be extremely annoying.

I'll never forget how I've got the NN video though,that NN video were named Part 1,a lot of searching & I found this in full length,but not named as Part 2.
Strangely I can't remember where I've found this full length mp4 at all,well,here it is:)

y137 Anna p2111 tpl mp4 592 MB & 38 mins 19 secs.

Linked archive,a MUST to DL every
part,preferably to same folder! Extract from part1 only.

Password: An137Na




>> No. 13823
File: 147584433382.jpg - ( 126.03KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0066.jpg )
Here's sets 35-60 of Lena y159 (the last ones). The previous sets are posted here12909>>12955>>>>13471
All I can really say about her ,as per dates, is that she started in time to appear in the 2007 archive, that goes to y160 & was done (I believe) in early Dec/07 (they have her as Olga, instead of Lena!). They use a pic from set4.


Its just that the 1/2 length NN version seems to be easier to find as an original. The full length version is fine to watch, it just 'goes ugly' for a few seconds if you advance it

>> No. 13875
File: 147595081148.jpg - ( 281.56KB , 1200x1600 , p3230046.jpg )
have video whit Oksana ? PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you !

>> No. 13876
File: 147595518424.jpg - ( 139.59KB , 1200x1600 , pb210063.jpg )
Thanks for posting Anna's vid & good post - Interesting.
Here's something I forgot to mention in NN vids - I'm glad to hear that I was able to help you out with Alisa y042's video.

My next post is sets 1-26 of Olesya y136. Her sets start on Nov13.06 & span to late Jan of 2007. When I was checking this out I checked set26 & saw it was from Nov28th. I momentarily thought she had done all 26 sets in 2 weeks! While they're not all in order, she still did 16 sets in that 2 week period! There were times where she was doing 3 sets in a day & coming back the next day for another 2 or 3, the following day, as well!
Her sets are TL, right from the get-go.
pic from set10, 1 of 3 sets from Nov21.06
Like Lena y159, she did 60 sets. As with Lena, I have them all.


>> No. 13901
File: 147604330113.jpg - ( 252.72KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0065.jpg )
Here's Nadya y147 with 24 TL sets. They are: 3, 10, 11, 13, 15-21 & 23-35.
22 is missing & the rest will go in the NN thread.
Actually, I kind of assumed they were all TL after a certain point. There are a few Non-TL sets, although most of those have see-through clothing.
Nadya started just 3 weeks prior to the end of the 'P' #ing. 12 of her 1st 13 sets were done between May26 & June15.07, thus they use the P system. Set11 must've been done later than June18
pic from set25


>> No. 13902
Thanks,the video of y042 Alisa made me happy for sure:)
I'm glas you liked the post of the 137 Anna video,inspired by your posts & as I'm not particulary good at dates or similar,well,added something else.

For some strange reason I've never had set 35 of y159 previously.
Now I do have that one also,Thanks:)
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 13959
File: 147625750399.jpg - ( 124.33KB , 1600x1200 , p8030082.jpg )
Sorry for my absence over the last 2 days.
I made some posts in my other threads about 10hrs ago. I just returned & I see they're not up yet - Maybe I can get this on if I'm quick.
Here's Lena w003. I have 27 TL sets - oddly I also have 27 NN sets (she did 90)
My sets start with NN set3 on Apr12.05 & (strangely enough) end on Apr12.06 with NN set90
These sets jump quite far out of sequence at times but seem to be within only 1 year.
The TL sets are: 8, 12, 15, 25, 26, 34, 37, 43, 44, 53, 54, 58, 60, 64, 65, 69, 71, 72, 76, 79, 81-85, 88 & 89
While some of her sets are clearly TL, many 'straddle then line', as many of the TL sets are here by virtue of 1 or 2 pics, likewise many NN sets go 'pretty close to the line'.
The pic is from 44. I'll try get a list of the 36 missing sets - of course I don't know which are TL & which are NN


>> No. 13968

Not sure where I got this text file, in a random Vlad RAR file I am sure, but it is dated June 2011 and lists ~35 "lost" sets for w003 Lena. It says:

w003 Lena lost sets
(ie not in recent csvs or posted in last 2-3 years)

w003 1
w003 2
w003 4
w003 5
w003 7
w003 9
w003 10
w003 11
w003 13
w003 14
w003 16
w003 17
w003 18
w003 19
w003 20
w003 21
w003 22
w003 23
w003 24
w003 27
w003 28
w003 30
w003 31
w003 32
w003 33
w003 35
w003 36
w003 38
w003 39
w003 40
w003 41
w003 42
w003 45
w003 46
w003 48

>> No. 14013

That makes sense because I'm missing 35 sets from 1-48. The only one I'm missing that's not on the list is 73

>> No. 14017
Thanks Odds&Ends:)
I have the others from 1-64 but from set 20 or so I'm still organizing the sets to the correct set #'s.
I'll add some as soon as I'm done & life could stop interfering too much.
Hope for patience with me though.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 14020
File: 147647584779.jpg - ( 132.71KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0071.jpg )
Here's the rest of Nadya y147's TL sets. These are 36-57. She goes through a couple of different hairstyles.
I can't really say when these were taken. It appears they're all TL


The early NN ones will get posted in the other thread ,fairly soon

>> No. 14033
File: 147651394195.jpg - ( 102.25KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0085.jpg )
Here's another 3 dozen sets of Tatyana y138. These are 65-100 & the pic is from 92


>> No. 14063
File: 147660587794.jpg - ( 591.14KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0008.jpg )
This is the last of Tatyana y138. While I'd only been missing one hard-to-find set, to this point, there are 5 sets missing from this final group.
What I have is: 101-112, 116-120 & 123+ 124, as well as 2 customs, they are:
Custom Salnikova, a 154pic set from May7.08 - it also says "sho74", no clue what that means.
Interestingly, 'Salnikova' would be a woman; a man would be 'Salnikov'
The other custom is for Tadashi, & is from July1.08 It has exactly 100 pics less than the earlier custom.
Both cstms are full nude right from the beginning.
pic from Tadashi
So, if anyone has sets 113-115 & 121+122 (& of course 46) you're welcome to add them


>> No. 14066
File: 147661338668.jpg - ( 575.58KB , 1200x1600 , y145-047-DSCF0004.jpg )
To OP!
I've organized the sets of y145 Olga 1-64 & it's actually set 1-66 BUT I don't have set 57.
And there's something else about every set I have except set 39,every single set is have Dual Logo.
Would you like me to post every set from # 4 & up to set 66???
Thought I'd ask before posting the sets.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 14086
File: 147664381843.jpg - ( 133.94KB , 1200x1600 , y138-114-DSCF0018.jpg )
y138 Tatyana set 113-115 previw from set 114.
Tot ziens misschien.

Password: tAt138YanA


>> No. 14087
Absolutely! The only thing is - we have 4-10 +35 & 36 in dual logo already, so you can leave those off (it should save you a bit of uploading)
I'll certainly look forward to them

>> No. 14097
Maybe I should have waited to upload them:)
Well,I'll post all I have packed from set # 5 and up as soon the upload is finshed.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 14107
File: 14767268066.jpg - ( 417.38KB , 1200x1600 , y145_050DL_DSCF0009.jpg )
y145 Olga set 5 to 66 Dual Logo set # 57 Missing! preview from set 50.
Excuse a few copys,uploaded to host before I remembered the posted sets:/
10 separate files.
Tot ziens misschien.

Password: oL145gA


>> No. 14159
File: 147685593329.jpg - ( 123.19KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0031.jpg )
Thanks (haven't really had a chance to look at them, yet) The ones we had are almost all in the 1st group - I figured that out by starting with group 2.
I don't know of any other Vlad model with the dbl logo; If anyone finds an example let us know

Here's the 1st 32 of Vika's y172 sets. I have to go through the y120 stuff to decide what to post where.
On a hunch, I compared her her y172 sets against the thumbs of her 2008 cstms, in the archive. (I only have 2006+7 cstms, at the moment). Anyhow, I've matched 3 of them.
The pictured set 07, appears to be Custom Bokov from June24.08
Set 16 appears to be the 1st of 2 cstms from May20.08
Set 19 looks to be Custom Stripperman from June27.08
If any of you fellows are able to match anymore up, the info would be much appreciated.
Thus, it throws the whole theory of a departure & return into question.
Her last dateable y120 sets are cstm 74 & standard 75 from May21+23.07 Now, there's 28 more standard sets from June19.07 - ?
All her 2008 cstms (listed under y120), would have been done after she had been assigned the y172 #
Comparing Marina y171, her cstm set 32 is from late July 2008 - See where I'm going with this?
Anyhow, here's the sets & I'll have more stuff soon.


>> No. 14173
Yes. Up to set 27. I don't know how I missed it earlier.

It looks like Vika y155's cstms will not be appearing

>> No. 14196
File: 147699959698.jpg - ( 131.76KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0040.jpg )
It looks like Vika y155 ,whom I mentioned in my last post, does not qualify as '18+'. Sometimes its difficult to tell with these girls.
Its a bummer, though, as I spent 3hrs organizing the mess that formed her cstms.

Well, here's a Vika whom there's no question about. This is the rest of my Vika y172 sets.
This is 33-45. I don't know if the standards go as far as the cstms which go to mid June of 2009. It looks like she changed her hair color some time in March 2009. Its blonde on March3rd & brown on March31st.
I also see that the latest date for her y120 cstms is Cstm Robyn Oct9.08, yet her 1st y172 cstm is Tadashi on Sep20.08 I'm certainly puzzled. I considered that maybe she left in (say) Aug/Sep of 2007 & returned in the Spring of 2008 & all the 2008 cstms were really done as y172 but some assigned to her y120 #.
I think that makes the most sense.
Anyhow, I notice that none of the y172 cstms appear to have a standard equivalent.


pic from 44
As I have only her 2006+7 cstms, if anyone wishes to post any or all of her 2008+9 cstm, you are welcome to do so

>> No. 14212

>> No. 14213
File: 147703865122.jpg - ( 192.68KB , 1200x1600 , P5160086.jpg )
Here's sets 27-52 of Olesya y136. Where her last sets started in mid-Nov of 2006 & went to late Jan 2007, these start with 1 set from Jan31st, then dip back to the end of Nov of 2006, working up to late May 2007.
pic from 51


>> No. 14230
File: 147709955554.jpg - ( 106.16KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0068.jpg )
Thankyou & I see that both of the cstms are labeled as y172. The more I think about it, the more I think I was correct about the time frame of her departure & return - regardless of whether some of the 2008 cstms might be listed as being 'y120' cstms.

Well, I finally had a chance to go through your dual-logo sets. Very interesting how they're all in the 'larger' range - 32-70Mb. The only one that wasn't, was No Logo set 39 - which I might add, had some very peculiar exif data. I guess someone created it themselves.
Well, thanks again for your efforts in sorting it & getting it posted.
Aside from the Lena y159 sets 1-27 that were pointed out to me, I haven't found any other example of a dbl logo.

This is sets 53-60 of Olesya y136. Its the last of her sets. 53, 55+56 were done on May22+26.07, while the remainder were done (I assume) some time after June18.07
pic from set54


>> No. 14239
File: 14771233667.jpg - ( 141.52KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0053.jpg )
I just found this - its Tanya y176's set 01 in custom-style form. The set is from Feb2.09


I've found about a dozen of the missing sets of Lena w003. They're in a jumble & will require much sorting. Hopefully, they're all complete. Bad news - they don't have the 'P' #ing

>> No. 14247
Still looking for sets of Marina

>> No. 14250
File: 147720900779.jpg - ( 181.29KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0072.jpg )
Thanks, again. Its tough to decide how to catalogue them, but, myself, I've decided to put all her cstms from 2008+9 in her y172 folder.
Its sort of like how Anna y076 had a few of her old sets reissued under y188 & a 2Model cstm in 2009 (when she was definitely y188) had her as y076.

Here's some of the Lena w003 sets I mentioned yesterday. I got a dozen sets, as I said but ,as 4 of them were NN, those will be posted in my NN thread of Vlad sets.
The 8 TL sets are: 1, 2, 4, 5, 9-11 +16. Sets 5 & 10 are each missing by 1pic, otherwise these are all complete.
As I mentioned earlier, some of these sets are TL because of 1 or 2 pics.
It looks like I just missed getting this on with the last round of posts.
Set2 is pictured - I know it says '7 sets' in the link, it should've said 8.


Factoring in the sets I'll be posting in the other thread, we will now have all the sets on this list>>13968 up to 17. Thus, we're now missing 23 sets from 18-48

>> No. 14252
This particular Custom set belongs to her y120 ID.
According to the 2014 Archive.
The strange is,in my humble opinion,that she seems to have been assigned with bouth her ID's at Vlad almost with no break in between.
Anyway I like your posts of y120/y172 Odds&Ends.
Tot ziens misschien or See you later.

>> No. 14272
File: 147721789529.jpg - ( 112.95KB , 1200x1600 , y173_002_0094.jpg )
Sorry I definitely wasn't ignoring you. I actually posted a 10min video of her a day or 2 after your initial request. Unfortunately, it was only up for a couple of days. This means she didn't qualify as being 'Clearly over 18'.
This means her sets can't be posted, at least not what I have - her 1st 37 standards & a dozen cstm from June-Aug of 2008.
Maybe some of her last cstms from March/April of 2009 would be OK, as she'd be roughly a year older than in the 1st videos she did & almost a year & a 1/2 older than when she started.

Another item I found yesterday was 11 more sets of Lena y173. These are 1-10 + 22.
I have to say, she's definitely one of the hottest of Vlad's 18+ models.
pic from set2


>> No. 14334
File: 147738886363.jpg - ( 137.03KB , 1200x1600 , y173_set036_DSCF0007.jpg )
I have y173 Lena set # 1-43 except set 27.
As far as I've seen in the excellent Archive,when time have allowed,all seems to be complete.
Also have the same sets in a not as complete way with a couple of other sets missing in that particular pile.
I do know why as I've mentioned previously dl'd & stored almost everything of vlad that's why all copys are there:/

BTW,maybe but I'm not sure at all though,well,maybe I'll find set 27 as I've found a file & hope I will actually get the dl to work.
Anyway the preview I've found shows the missing set # 27 but I'm not convinced before I have the file.
Set 11-21 & 23 to 43 will be posted soon.
Preview from set 36.
Asking for just a small portion of patience with me as I'm getting read of some properties right now,needing time unfortunately:/
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14335
File: 147739273760.png - ( 1.37MB , 1280x919 , w2100 Masha-Vika.png )
Darn it! I just missed getting this on in time to appear with the last bunch of posts.
The reason for the long delay is this: I had uploaded part1, while also uploading stuff for my NN thread. Then just before leaving ,I set parts 2-4 to upload. I returned 13hrs later, only to realize parts 3+4 never started. I was very disappointed but set parts 3+4 to start. I then clued in that MC was only accepting 1 upload at a time. I fiddled around for an hr & finally got things back to normal - although I still don't know what the problem was.
So, I finally get both going together, part4 finishes & shortly after, I realize that I'd accidentally closed the page that pt3 was uploading on!
Thus, it meant about 2hrs more before it was ready.
So, here it is (finally) Its w2100, a wrestling video of just over 31 1/2mins featuring Vika y120 & Maria (Masha) y061.
The video shows its from 2006 at the end. Now, sometimes Vlad didn't change the year right away but I did a bit of comparing. Video w2101, NOT this one>>13065 That video was given a wrong #, it should be around w2040, which is Vika's wrestle vid with Sveta y164
Anyhow, the Real w2001 has Oksana y046 & Diana y139. Oksana's final set was on Boxing Day of 2006, while Diana's brief stay was from early Dec 2006 to late Jan of 2007.
So, with that in mind, that puts this video as most likely Dec of 2006, with a possibility of early Jan of 2007.
The video begins with the girls circling each other & occasionally lightly bumping each other, until Maria appears to trip Vika, which gets things going.
At times you can here the off-camera coach/coordinator/choreographer whispering instructions or giving signals to the girls.





I generally treat the 2014 Vlad Archive as something of a "Vlad Bible" & take everything in it as 'Gospel'.
However, the issue of Vika y120/y172 had always bugged me. After looking into it, the cstm of May21.07 is her last for an entire year. This is odd, as look at the rate that she was doing cstms - both up to that time & from May of 2008 until she left in the summer of 2009.
Her 1st 75 standard sets were done in 10 1/2 months, thus I'm assuming that the ones we can't put dates to were done in a short period (there were times she did more than 20 sets in a month).
You'll also notice at least a couple of her 2008 y120 customs match with y172 sets.
Thus, I'm figuring her break was from some time in late summer to early fall of 2007 & she returned in the spring of 2008.
Maybe Vlad continued to issue some of her 2008 cstms under y120 due to her existing popularity.
They did some similar stuff with Anna y076 after she returned as y188. At least 1 of Nadya m042's later sets was reissued under y190.
I certainly can't fault the fellow who put the archive together, as he was merely documenting items, as Vlad had them listed. Its as if Vlad had done their best to create confusion on this issue.
So, that was the best I could do to unravel the mystery.

>> No. 14348
That's probably why every rarely told info about her just being passed on,the true info.
All I've "seen" as true facts were actually another false but claimed true fact:)
Well,I'm not going to try attempting any posts of y161 Marinas items,make that a true fact.
Thanks for the info maybe more appreciated then you may think.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14349
>>14252 Posted by me.

Certainly explains some of the small mysteries.
But & this is just a thought BTW.
How about if y120 Vika & meaning her custom sets and or videos were purchased like some other items??
With additional time limits as I've learned some customers with a higher cost could more or less demand in some cases.
Just a thought as I can't confirm the value as customer someone had to be limiting publishing of sets & videos to a later time.
When it comes to the 2014 Archive I do agree it's a real treasure absolutely & I'm so grateful to the creator of it.

In NN your thread with sets have reached post limit,well,I'm sure you've noticed.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14351
I had forgotten I have that Showstar YOB info (just dug it up) & I remember when I 1st read it, thinking 'That's impossible' It would've meant she was 10 or 11! Thus, I figured the info was totally wrong.
A few months ago I found out the year in the exif info from the Showstar sets was incorrect (2004)
A lot of things suddenly made sense - like why girls like Alina & Anya/Oxi don't look 3 years older in their Vlad sets.
So that means, aside from that video I have up of her & Kristina wrestling, there's absolutely nothing more I can post. Every single set of her is TL. Oh well.

Its only 23-47 that we need. I posted 11-21 back here>>12986
Hopefully you see this in time

>> No. 14374
Caught this post in time:)
Made the files but not up at host yet,easy to repack to what's requested.
I'll take care of it & as latest in weekend,may show up earlier but that's a maybe atm.
All 23-43 except # 27 & 40 which I unfortunately never got from my last findings,the others will be up soon though.
Preview from the final set I have # 43 & for me it's special as y173 Lena reminding me of someone,at least with this smile.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14376
File: 147747814013.jpg - ( 164.25KB , 1200x1600 , y173_set043_DSCF0006.jpg )
Haste isn't good,forgot the photo:/
Well,I do like her smile.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14401
File: 147755228378.jpg - ( 129.49KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0078.jpg )
Glad I caught you.
Thanks for pointing out about the thread - I hadn't been aware it had gotten that big. I had been hoping to stop it at about 250-275 post & start a new one, but I had just been keeping the page open or going directly to it via history, for the last little while. Thus, I wasn't aware of its size.
I'll be starting a new thread for sets, now. The video thread has room for about 60 more posts. The idea was to stop while there was still room for a few more post here & there.

I had this ready yesterday, but suddenly found myself offline (problems in the area)
Anyway, here's the 1st group of Liza y105's 'Non-NN' sets. They span quite a spell - likely just over a year - from mid-July of 2006 to well into the summer of 2007.
The 31 sets are: 26, 27, 30, 32, 34, 37, 39, 44, 45, 51, 55, 56, 58, 63, 71, 72, 74-81, 83, & 85-90
Its like she toyed with the idea of doing such sets for a whole year. Interestingly, the 1st 3 sets were all done on July19.06 They're in this category as 2 have see-through tops ,while the other has her topless for the last bit but due to keeping her back to us & covering up ,to a satisfactory degree (a la certain Marina vids) its technically an NN set.
Many of the 1st 14 of these, up to set 63 ,from June9.07, are either see-through or ,as described above. Even the few exceptions, often have just 1 or 2 TL pics. With set 71 (pictured), they become fully TL & almost exclusively so.
There are still NN exceptions. All NN sets of her will be posted in my New Vlad set thread.(You'll recognize that its me)
There will probably be 2 more posts of her sets in this thread & likely 2 or 3 in the NN thread
I know, it says 33 but I said there's 31. I originally archived 33 but it made it too big, so I deleted 2 sets but forgot to change the #


>> No. 14403
File: 147755754392.jpg - ( 176.45KB , 1200x1600 , y173_set029_DSCF0013.jpg )
My hopes of finding the missing sets # 27 & 40 did'nt get as wished,I'm still missing both of them.
A quick post then I'll have to leave for something else for a day or two,the preview are quite much related though.
Tot ziens misschien

y173 Lena set 23-43 except the missing set 27 & set 40.
Preview from set # 29.

Password: Le173Na


>> No. 14405
File: 147756594749.jpg - ( 220.70KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0069.jpg )
This will be my new NN Vlad-set thread (barring any unforeseen issue) http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/63287.html

My final post of sets to the old thread was Valentina y195. While looking for a good preview pic to post, I noticed that all her sets had the Webmodels Dual Logo. Thus, we now have 3 examples.

>> No. 14408
This is set 039, 81 photos is the correct count. and no/logo is the only set I've seen.

>> No. 14432
File: 14776612351.jpg - ( 175.43KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0006.jpg )
ThankYou for the sets of Lena y173. As I said earlier, she's one of my favorite of Vlad's TL models.

Here's more of Liza y105. This is sets 91-125. All sets are TL, except set 92. It comes pretty close the way she 'plays with her top'. Thus, I just left it in with the rest.
There's 1 more small group of sets coming with a Hartmut cstm. The rest will go in the NN thread.
I came across a set with screwy #ing - something like "abd017B". This time, I didn't bugger around. I just renamed it as DSCF.
There are several tiny sets ( 6 1/2 to 7 3/4Mb) & yet they're complete. These sets have some pics that are as small as 70kb. As far as I know, these are the original sets. These tiny sets are part of the reason that 35 sets managed to sneak in just under 400Mb
pictured set is 116


>> No. 14470
File: 147775692825.jpg - ( 579.58KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0067.jpg )
Here's the rest of the Liza y105 TL sets. This is sets 127-129, 132,133 & Custom Hartmut from Oct2.08 (pictured)
Set 131 is totally NN, so it'll appear with her other NN sets, in my new NN thread, before too long. This is the case with any other sets of her, except 130 - read on
As for set 130 - Its missing, so if someone wishes to post it, that'd be great.
Set 130 is the only missing set.


>> No. 14491
In a way or two one of my favorites too.
Why would be much too long I think,well,she's very beautiful.
The checkered dress is a personal favorite,whoever of the girls wearing it:)

Think I've mentioned something about m064 Vika & videos I could'nt extract somehow.
Maybe in NN:/
Well,news about them is,could extract BUT I'm very sure you'd NOT like any of them posted.
I'm not going to post her claimed After Vlad videos,yes claimed & I'm not assured it's actually her anyway because quality is lets be nice & say not good.
I'm not a friend of X-rated items & that's what it is unfortunately.
Wish I've added that part of the info about m064 videos in the notes.
I'm feeling kind of bad as keeping hopes up for something I should have checked before mention:/

BTW >>13718 as >>13432 says (posted by me) it's not y161 at all & I know:)
Maybe I could post the video just to get info if she is another claimed Vlad Model named Ira:D
I'm only joking but I can add a preview later maybe cause I'm curious & that's very true.
Now I'll go thrue some threads can't promise I'll have additions though.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14494
File: 147783627572.jpg - ( 155.52KB , 1600x1200 , P6180010.jpg )
I'm presently uploading my 1st batch of Violetta y087's 'tea-elle' sets. But while we wait, I came across a 'curiosity' amongst her sets.
I'm uploading that set, as we speak.
1st, I'm posting a picture from set 101 ,dated June18.07
This is, of course what we've established as being the final date in which the 'P' #ing system was employed by Vlad.

>> No. 14496
File: 14778388273.jpg - ( 323.95KB , 1600x1200 , P7140017.jpg )
Now the sets that follow Violetta's set 101 from June18.07 obviously have DSCF #ing - Except set 107. As you'll see from the picture - Its from July14.07! I'm now wondering if it was some sort of changing of cameras that led to the demise of the 'P' system. Perhaps someone was using an old camera that day.
I can't think of any other outdoor shoots after the 'switch'. There were numerous outdoor sessions leading up to it (eg: late May & early - mid June) But I can't think of any from later, except this one. So - Is the fact that its an outdoor shoot the reason for requiring a different camera?
I can't think of a single outdoor shoot for Tanya, Olga, Marina y171, etc.
Back to the set. It was part of a group of incomplete sets, but due to the date, I figured there'd be interest


>> No. 14507
A huge thanks Odds&Ends,it's a masterpiece.
Maybe not as a creation but in my humble opinion as a find:)
MTS,a quite strange format I've not seen previously,not what I remember right now.
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 14522
File: 147791256031.jpg - ( 199.25KB , 1600x1200 , pa040075.jpg )
Thanks - I like this one more than any of her other 'After-Vlad' type videos (that I've seen)
I'd guess by the date that she had likely left Vlad very recently.
I used VLC to watch it. It broke up for a few seconds when I advanced it. Not a big deal ,as I was only advancing because I was testing the video, prior to this post.
I heard a few spots with some of what I assume were unintentional noises.
Otherwise Lena (& the video) look great

I think I've just caught on to what you were getting at. In the NN video thread, I replied to your post, thinking you were loath to post the Vika videos mainly due to issues of video quality. I caught that there was an X-Rated that was "allegedly" her in an After-Vlad setting.
I now see that you were saying that none of the others are Vika m064 Vlad items.
The issue is Not your English - just me not reading it properly.

So, here's Violetta y087 in sets 41-69.
Before I get started on them - a few things: Violetta started on July15.05 Her sets were All NN for almost a year. They begin with set 39, on June22.06 There were a few forays into 'Semi-TL' over the previous month - a see-through set, a TL set that 'stayed within NN rules' - in fact, this group contains set 43, that falls in that category. It features her in the skimpy white bikini with red 'kisses' & a 'spiral' top. If the top is positioned just right & the girl doesn't move or breath during the shoot - you can end up with an NN set. Seriously, that set is from June14th, about a week before she switched to TL. Set40 is an out of sequence NN set from late May.
I don't have a full version of set 39 but I have sets 41-150 (All TL) except 71-80 & 101-110 (of which I have in incomplete form)& 117 (missing).
These sets cover late June to early October of 2006. Strangely, some between 60-68 are from the last week of June. While they're very much out of sequence, at least they're all from after the 'TL point'.


I'll get the rest posted fairly soon. NN sets (most that are prior to 41), will be posted in the new NN thread.
I just realized that this set>>14496 was done on the day of her 2nd anniversary at Vlad
Also, I tried to download w2083, a wrestle vid with her & Yulya m018 but the links were all dead. If anyone has it - they are more than welcome to post it in the NN video thread.

>> No. 14564
Thanks for a complete set 61 plus 5 or more sets I had only some cropped photos of previously.
My english tends to get more then average bad when I'm occupied,even with attempting to get the vlad organized:)

y087 Violetta set 107,have seen this but not presented as a vlad set,logo of the 15 photos quite nicely cropped out though.
All photos in resolution 1000x1400,some mirrored and colors edited,thought it was something like "just another amateur set".
Never had any idea it's actually a set from Vlad,15 pics in a folder of other corrupt photos,to look for later maybe.
Your post of the particular set made me both happy & surprised:)
Have to go back to going thrue what's still untouched archives since some years ago,there's some left.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 14582
File: 147808212319.jpg - ( 152.51KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0002.jpg )
>>14522 Here are your missing y087 Violetta sets. All complete.



Pw: litanglvr

>> No. 14620
File: 147820376113.jpg - ( 154.90KB , 1600x1200 , p9280094.jpg )
Thankyou for the missing sets of Violetta. I think you'll enjoy this amusing story:
I was in the process of posting 70, 81-100, 111-116 +118; when I noticed that set 92 had numerous corrupt pics - the 'border' at the bottom of those pics blended so well with background, that I hadn't noticed earlier.
I decided to abort the post, but before making a new archive I checked the torrents & discovered that 72, 73, 75, 77 &78 were now ready. I included them in my new archive that went to 113.
When it was finished uploading, I checked for new posts & saw your's. When I finished laughing, I deleted my new link & archive & made a 3rd one.
This is great, though, as I now have new 16 sets.
This also means I will be able to get the last of her later sets into 1 archive.

So here's 29 more sets of Violetta y087.
These are 70, 81-91, 93-100, 111-116 +118-120.
Set 91 is missing the 1st 3 pics, while set 93 is missing pics 6+7. Set 117 is missing.
Set 70 is from Sep28.06 From 71-82 bounce around from late June to early Nov, with a few from Aug & Sept. From set 83 to set 101, the sets stay in sequence; going from Dec18.06 to June18.07 As I mentioned earlier, set 107 is from July14.07 This gives us an rough idea of when 102-106 were done. Unfortunately, I don't know about 108-120.
Pic from set 70 - Sets 121-150 will be up shortly. I will also get some early ones ready for the NN thread


>> No. 14671
File: 147834804879.jpg - ( 227.08KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0049.jpg )
This is the remaining Violetta y087 sets 121-150
I can't do much about dates except to say that it certainly would've gone well into 2008.
Set 134 is missing 12, 13, 49 & 50
Pic from 132 - the Xmas tree might mean its around Xmas of 2007 - or maybe not, as they sometimes shot Xmas sets way out of season.


>> No. 14678
File: 147839139763.jpg - ( 151.37KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0032.jpg )
Here's set 66 of Liza y105. I'm thinking its probably best if I post the set here, as it is quite see-through


>> No. 14706
File: 147845374765.jpg - ( 197.42KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0047.jpg )

Here are some fills for y087 Violleta from both your current Vlad threads.
I am going to post this here, as some of the last two sets are TL.
Sets 01,06, 07 & 91 had some oddly cropped images in them, so here are the full sized files.
Set 133 came through with 4 corrupted files in it, so I included replacements for that set, too.
FYI - my Set 009 also has the same odd sized images in it, too.
Preview is one of the corrupted files from Set 133.


>> No. 14781
y087 Violetta 101-110 never had as complete before your post.
Thought I'd post the other in same post by you,well,no electricity at my end made it impossible until a couple of days ago.
Thanks for the complete sets:)

w2083 the wrestling video,I'll have to look for that particular video.
If the electricity will stay that's it.
Tot ziens misschien.

>> No. 14805
File: 147879131826.jpg - ( 310.50KB , 1200x1600 , P2060058.jpg )
Thanks for spotting those & replacing them

With Vika y120/172, we have videos & we have her y172 standard sets & a few of her later customs.
I plan to post her standard y120 sets ,after I sort them ,as to which can go in NN
I will be posting 2 of her 1st cstms in NN, as well.
For now, here's 8 of her cstms - from: Nov9.06, Nov17.06, Feb6.07, Feb15.07, Feb20.07, 'Custom ERxclusive' from Feb28.07, Mar16.07, Mar28.07
The one from Mar16.07 goes with this video>>12279
There's 3 more uploading from April & May of 2007
pic from Feb6


>> No. 15030
File: 147949132634.jpg - ( 124.31KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0046.jpg )

Here are some more fills for Violetta y087 sets that you have posted.
Really appreciate all your efforts with the Vlad Model posts, hard to find good complete sets like you are uploading.
Fills include what you said you were missing from sets 091,093 and 134.
My set 117 for her only has 11 photos in it, but I put that into the RAR for you, too.
Preview from Set 117


>> No. 15157
File: 147979877414.jpg - ( 312.12KB , 1600x1200 , P4090011.jpg )
ThankYou, I have a feeling we might have the same pics for 117. My torrent had it in a separate Rar & there was around that many complete pics & about the same # of 'unfinished' ones.
I will go over it a bit later. Right now I'm just concentrating on getting some posts up.

I had a serious problem with my PC, that I was unable to get fixed until today.

Here's 3 more customs of Vika y120. These finished while I was posting the others. I had planned on posting them the following day. Most of the links are still up.
The cstms are from: Apr9.07 (pictured), Apr25.07 & set 74 from May21.07


>> No. 15252
Thank you for y120 custom Apr25.07,only had 1 pic from it previously & a cropped one.
I've been going thrue my stored vlad,when the opportunity finally arrived.
After Vlad is something I'm sure you would'nt like added here,will not happen as most of it isn't even good.
I'm not too fond of it either,saved it cause it's a part of where some of the girls went on to later.
Wish I had time to go thrue the threads,don't have any but now it's planned by me at least:)
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 15359
File: 148037954232.png - ( 720.87KB , 867x629 , p2116 Vika.png )
This is Vika y120/y172 in p2116, a 15 1/2min posing vid. Unlike virtually everything else of her that's posted here, this is actually NN.



>> No. 15455
New to me,well,seen a cap once but actually having the video is great:)
Tot ziens misschien

>> No. 15553
File: 148102934415.jpg - ( 187.75KB , 1600x1200 , P9040086.jpg )
Here's Alena P04's only set. This was a request
The date would be Sep4th I think its 2006
Some of the P series will be here & some in NN


>> No. 15639
File: 14812318879.jpg - ( 200.73KB , 1600x1200 , pa030006.jpg )
Someone requested these sets of Ira y127. 1/2 of them had see-through clothing, so I figured they should go here, while the others were fine for the NN thread. Well I posted 1 set & then got busy doing other stuff. When I returned 6hrs later, I knew I'd posted 1 but I assumed it was this one. I was wrong & so the other sets got posted twice.
So here's sets 1, 4, 5+ 7-10 These are here due to see-through clothing - She was with Vlad from the end of July 2006 to the end of Jan 2007


>> No. 15640
File: 148123374896.jpg - ( 205.04KB , 1200x1600 , pc280066.jpg )
Sets of Tanya w013 were also part of the request. I got a few torrents going that were for most of her 43 sets, but the only 1 that came close to finishing. It was for "set 22", although its actually set 21. I believe its from Dec28.05
missing 46,55,59,63,67,76,80+88


If anyone has any other sets of her, I'm sure the requester would be delighted

>> No. 15667
Thank you.
I've found something I'd thought of nice to add in this particular thread,well,thoughts are one thing though.
I'm not able to add something anymore,unfortunately.
Well,my final post here,
The final visit too,I've deleted any links to every board here,I've got no use for them anymore.
Too much hassles to post here,games don't serve anything good in the end,rules yes as they serve a purpose or should at least do so.
All caused by something I'm completely unaware of,it's not your fault in any way I assure you.
Have to say I've enjoyed every single one of your threads,a lot actually.
Maybe I'll stumble upon a thread by you somewhere else,where "numbers" aren't as problematic as a part of an ID,well,if you're out there you'll notice me I think.
Until then I owe you a huge thanks for the amount of information,the mystery of a photos # & much more.
The hobby will continue anyway,even if I'll have to go back to study a bit again.
Thanks & Good Bye

BTW >>14403 a post by me,I really like that dress as the flag it reminds me of another hobby of mine:)

>> No. 15677
File: 148135488815.jpg - ( 575.06KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0043.jpg )
Here's a Hartmut Custom set of Vladaslava y092 from Nov4.08
I think she looks great with this new hairstyle. It really suited her face.
It looks like this was shortly before she left, as the hairstyle is only in her last 9 # sets + the custom.


Sorry to here of your troublesome issues. Maybe you'll find a solution to it. Well, a big thankyou for your numerous contributions & I certainly hope to see you again

>> No. 15680
Exactly just too hard to post here you got the error msgs too I get them every time except plain text
Thanks for Vika charles perales how the H have I missed all this:)

>> No. 15689
Do any of you know when Any aka Oxy was born? I have some aftervlad sets and I am unsure of her age at the time of the shoot. Thank you in advance

>> No. 15719
File: 148147298643.jpg - ( 163.89KB , 1200x1600 , pb120054.jpg )

Here are a few more sets for Tanya, w013. The RAR contains sets 11-20 and 31-43, 23 sets total.
Sets 011-018 are No Logo format, the rest normal logoed sets.
Sets 011 & 038 are missing 2 photos and Sets 013, 015, 016, 020 and 032 are missing 1 photo. All the rest are complete.
Mainly a NN model in the earlier sets, and seems to get much more comfortable in the later sets.
Preview from Set 14.


>> No. 15721
I'm only here to say thank you for all info about what you and others have posted here.
I've got a few pieces of the vlad stuff only,but all the info definitly helped me big time with a lot of stuff I never had an idea about.
Thanks to you and other posters for this awesome thread.
And as it's THE time of the year Merry Christmas

>> No. 15728
Thanks for the sets.
I think '94 or '95. I have the exact year in a text file in my Showstars section but it would take a while to find it.

>> No. 15753
Well the sets I have have a date of 2010 I believe. If you could check for me it would really help. It will help you guys too because I am sure you guys will really like the sets. I don't want to post anything that I'm not supposed to

>> No. 15755
File: 148153822447.jpg - ( 162.07KB , 1200x1600 , p3010029.jpg )
I see only 1 of my 5 posts from yesterday appeared>>15728
Thanks for the extra sets
Glad it helps you

Here's Alena y103. She did 3 shoots, which resulted in 2 sets. They were done Mar1,6, &9 of 2006. She's in this thread by virtue of a few pics from the 1st part of set 1.
In the 2007 archive Anna y123 appears where she should, as well, her picture appears where Alena y103 should be.


>> No. 15764
Might the NN section Vlad thread be ok

>> No. 15767
Well she is mostly nude. They would have to be post on this section.

Here is a preview


What do you guys think? I have looked and I havent seen them posted here

>> No. 15783
File: 148164134650.jpg - ( 120.16KB , 1200x1600 , P3010016.jpg )

Here are a quick four fills for your two Alena y103 sets, as both were missing 2 photos.
Preview from Set 01


>> No. 15816
Anya After Vlad ain't the same as her vlad stuff
Nice but her vlad are way better
Thanks anyway but I'm more of a vlad guy;)

>> No. 15817
File: 148180652632.jpg - ( 105.63KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0061.jpg )
I know exactly which ones you're talking about. There's 2 groups of her 'AfterVlad' sets commonly circulating.
There's some from early 2008 & the ones from your preview from 2010.
I've checked the ShowStars info & they have her as born in 1995 (I agree with it). So those sets definitely couldn't be posted here
As for the NN thread - Even the 2008 ones (that I checked) look to be unpostable.

However, I'll try to get her Vlad customs up by the weekend.

Here's someone who is OK to post in this thread. This is Anna y076's later y188 sets, from May/June of 2009. This was just over 4 years after she started.
From June 2006 to about May of 2009 she had several very lengthy breaks. Upon her final return, it appears her new sets were split between her old # & her new one. A couple were only under y076 (including a 2Mod cstm). Sets 66-70 doubled as y188 sets. For some bizarre reason sets 51+52 ,from 2 years earlier were also given y188 #s.
Except for set 68, which dbls as y188 set 12, all other sets that are under y076 are in the 2nd NN thread.
These are just the 7 sets that are listed exclusively as y188 sets. They are 1-4, 7,9 & 11. These are all TL
pic from set 2


>> No. 15840
Anya and vlad that's what I'd like:)
Just found out something else it's a lot of other vlad.......
Have to say I've found something I'd never thought I'd like but I did:)
>>13822 y137 completely new to me
>>13775 y172 the vid is great to have as more then a few secs clip
It's so much here could be quite a list:)
Thanks it's def an awesome thread got me stuck on vlad

>> No. 15862
File: 14820523701.jpg - ( 141.98KB , 1200x1600 , P3220009.jpg )

Here are all the rest of the sets for Anna y091. The RAR contains Set 01-16 and 18-26.
All sets are complete according to the 2014 Archive, except set 01, which is missing 3 photos.
Preview from Set 018.


>> No. 16030
File: 148276623464.jpg - ( 107.23KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0054.jpg )
It appears that I was a couple hrs late with this post, thus I've had to wait several days.
The good news is that I have a few more items ready, including a couple more items for this thread

Thankyou (I missed this when I last posted) This looks like the only set where I was able to confirm that the sets start in 2005 but I don't know why they go from set 32, which I took as Feb14.06, to DSCF in the rest. I don't know if its because she was gone for 1 1/2yrs, returning after the end of the P system or if its for another reason. Its harder to tell with 18+ girls, than with younger ones.
It looks she gained quite a bit of weight in the 5 1/2 weeks between bikini set 20 - Nov19 & set 22 - Dec28
After that it seems like sometimes she's even heavier & other times she's dropped quite a noticeable amount - so maybe the later ones do cover a longer period

Thankyou for the fills

Thankyou for all the Anna y091. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had some TL sets - & how good she looked in them.

Here is almost all of Nadya m042's sets from when she returned as y190.
As I've mentioned in my NN posts, her last dateable set is 205, from May22.07 I don't think 206-214 went much more than a couple months beyond.
Her sets 215-219 are from 2009 & all but 215, appear to also be y190 sets. Likewise ,they also took several of her m042 sets from 2007 & reissued them under y190; as they did with Anna y076/y188 & Vika y120/y172.
So, I've left of all 'reissued' sets. These are exclusively her y190 sets. There's 7, here: 2-5,8,10+14 All are TL.
I had the exact same set as 1 & 2, except 'set 1' was 16Mb & set 2 was 53Mb, thus I've posted set 2 & left 'set 1' off.
The set that's listed as y190 set 1 is also m042 216. ( 215 & 216 (both NN)are in my last m042 post, near the top of my NN thread #2)
pic from set 3


>> No. 16032
File: 148276926772.jpg - ( 181.19KB , 1200x1600 , P5020050.jpg )
Here's more of the P series. These are TL & are P005 Jana, P006 Olga (each 1 set) & P007 Irina & P008 Yulya (2 sets each)
They all appear to be May, except Yulya. I'm thinking they're 2006. (more on that later)


Irina is pictured

>> No. 16033
File: 148276998559.jpg - ( 131.52KB , 1600x1200 , P4160066.jpg )
Here's the other 2 TL models from the P series. This is P011 Yulya ,with 3 sets & P015 Oksana with 2 sets.
I'll be posting the other P models in the NN thread, later - except for Marina P010, who is Marina y135. I'll be posting her as y135 with the rest of her sets.


pictured is Yulya

>> No. 16063
File: 148283795515.jpg - ( 176.32KB , 1600x1200 , PC130025.jpg )
All right, here's a new TL contribution. Its all my TL (or see-through) sets of Olga y021. She was with Vlad for 5 years, doing 237 sets. These start with 157 & consist of 25 of her last 80. All are from her last 16 months. Mar24.05 to July24.06
There's some fabulous sets here. I really like her earliest sets but she got prettier & prettier & within a couple of years, she was absolutely gorgeous.
I'm also posting some early sets of her in my NN thread.
What we have here here is: 157, 158, 161, 168, 187, 191, 198, 201, 206, 210-212, 218, 220-222, 224, 226-228, 230, 232-234 & 236
Sets are marked 'TL' or 'C-thru'.
All these sets from 206 to 221 are No Logo.
I have lots of her NN sets from this period that will eventually get posted.
If you have sets of her, other than what I've posted And they're TL or Clearly See-Through, you're welcome to add them here.
For the NN sets from this period, you'll have to wait until I post them.
This is a 'seasonal' pic, from 220 - Dec13.05
The year before ,she did set 126 on Dec25.04
I should add that she did about 90 sets from Jan4.05 to the end of Dec (not to mention 2Mod & Sports sets, as well as vids)


I posted 15 sets from 1-28 in my 1st set-thread, here http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i61480

I will be posting another 30 of her early sets after this

>> No. 16093
File: 14829173634.jpg - ( 162.08KB , 1600x1200 , P9220010.jpg )
In a way, I'm kind of posting the lone 'P-series' model that was left off, earlier. This is Marina y135 (aka p010)
She did 13 sets, 9 of which will be posted in the NN thread. These 4 sets are relegated here by virtue of see-through tops in 3 cases; the other is the white 'Spiral' bikini.
The sets are 5,8,11 &12. Her sets were done over a 7 week period from early Sep to mid Oct 2006. Most of her sets are out of chronological sequence. 11+12 were from Sep22nd. Set 5 was 1 week later, Sep29th & set 8 was fer final set, done Oct18.06
Set 11 (pictured) is missing the last 32 pics.
You may recognize the bikini, as it was worn by Liza y105. Technically I suppose, that bikini Can be NN, but it would generally ceases to be so as soon as the model breathes or shifts ,slightly.


When I posted Olga y021, I forgot to mention about my 'misidentification' issue, involving her. I mentioned this in my NN thread but I should mention it here, too.
Olga's set 186 is sometimes posted alone as set 01 of Mariya w004. I got it several years ago as part of a 'Various Vlad' pack.
I'd even thought it looked like Olga but never looked closely, until I was re#ing the sets for posting. Thus, I finally caught it.
My wrongful post was in my earlier NN set-thread, right herehttp://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i62633

So, if anyone has anything of the Real w004 Mariya, feel free to post it

>> No. 16094
File: 148291762316.jpg - ( 119.86KB , 1280x960 , p10100016.jpg )
My only pic of Mariya w004. I think her sets are NN

>> No. 16096
File: 148293281093.jpg - ( 153.00KB , 1600x1200 , P8120078.jpg )
This next post features Katya y126, the 1st model I posted in this thread. I have 34 0f her 45 sets. I'm posting 10 sets here, most of which have see-through tops.
The sets I'm posting here are 2,5,9, 11-14, 24, 28 & 32. They cover Aug10.06 to Jan24.07 - the later sets are from after June18th.
Set 28 is a standard version of a Dec4.06 cstm The set is rather short at 60pics. The cstm is 1 pic shorter.
Set13, from Oct4.06 has the same outfit & background as her 6 1/2min Custom Karl video, of which a screenshot can be seen in the top post.
Interestingly, it seems that Karl commissioned numerous videos, of similar length, about that time. If Katya's video was Oct4th, then its the day after Vika y120's Karl vid & the day prior to Karina y107's! Also, Luda y134's Karl vid was Oct4th & Anna y123 did her Karl vid a couple weeks later, on Oct17th, the same day as Alina y118!
He got some earlier & many later on - but this was quite the spree!
Back to Katya - She's a great looking girl, very tall, great legs, pretty, with a nice smile & a great body.
The sets came labeled 'Katja'
pictured is set5; as you can see, the bikini top is slightly see-through. Set2 features the popular Secretary theme.


The rest of her sets are in the NN thread

Any of her sets from 34-45 would be welcome.

>> No. 16100
File: 148293555940.jpg - ( 156.47KB , 1600x1200 , PC029051.jpg )
I noticed while looking for a preview pic for that this set was not NN, thus I'm posting it here. Its Katya y126 set 29 from Dec29.06 (almost 10 years to the day!
The style of swimsuit seems to cause repeated 'slips'


>> No. 16110
File: 148295067167.jpg - ( 50.14KB , 800x600 , mariya-4.jpg )

And here is my only pic of w004, looks like a preview photo from it size.

>> No. 16124
File: 148298675563.jpg - ( 168.04KB , 1200x1600 , P9040006.jpg )

I looked all around and could not find any posting for Alena p004, so here is the one set of her's that I have.
My apologies in advance if this is a duplicate post. Complete according to the 2014 archive.
Preview from the set.


>> No. 16125
File: 148299519567.jpg - ( 164.43KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0081.jpg )

Here are the last 4 sets for Vladaslave y092, Sets 139-142. All are complete as per the 2014 archive.
I am posting them here as they are her last sets and Set 142 is obviously a subset of the Hartmut Custom shoot.
Preview from Set 141.


>> No. 16132
File: 148304325473.jpg - ( 185.35KB , 1600x1200 , P8310006.jpg )

Here are fills for your Marina y135 post, 6 pics for Set 06 and 32 pics for Set 11.
Set 11 has 20 photos of her initial shoot, and then 12 more at the end of what you posted.
Preview from Set 11


>> No. 16133
File: 148304350141.jpg - ( 425.83KB , 1600x1200 , PC040016.jpg )

I don't have any of Katya y126's sets from 34-45, I do have the 59 photo Custom for Set 28.
Preview from that set.


>> No. 16204
File: 148340960444.jpg - ( 173.96KB , 1600x1200 , p8300021.jpg )
Its from set 2
Thanks, I couldn't seem to find those anywhere
Thankyou for the Marina y135 fills
Thankyou for the cstm version of Katya's set28

Actually, the reason I didn't post this with the other 'P' models was because it was part of the multiple model request, including her, Vladislava & a couple of other models - the post was 65906 in the current NN thread.
My 1st response was 65976, in which I explained what I had already posted.
Alina p004 was one of the 1st posts I did for the requester. Its here>>15553
I suppose I should've explained why I wasn't including her when I posted the rest of the 'P' models 3 weeks later (as I did with Marina y135/p010)

Here is Valya y124. I accidentally labeled her as Valerya on the Rar file.
All of her 1st 16 sets are NN. After that, its a mixture of NN & Non-NN, with the latter being mainly see-through. These 8 sets (17, 19-21, 23,26,28 &35) cover mid-Aug to the end of Nov 2006
Most of her sets are out of chronological sequence, thus 4 of these were done prior to set 16
pic from 17


I'll be posting the rest of her sets, in the appropriate threads, fairly soon

>> No. 16218
File: 148348989190.jpg - ( 149.09KB , 1200x1600 , pc010067.jpg )
Here's Valya y124's other 11 'Non-NN' sets
This has 37,46,48,49,53,63,65,66,69,73+75
pic from48


>> No. 16303
File: 148380315117.jpg - ( 155.50KB , 1200x1600 , p1060035.jpg )
Here's set 22 of Anna y084. The set is from Jan6.06
All the other sets of her, that I have, are completely NN. This one strays slightly outside the NN rules, due to the somewhat see-through clothing.


These sets are missing (as of right now): sets4-11

>> No. 16312
File: 148384229792.jpg - ( 126.82KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0055.jpg )
y173 sets 27&40


pass: lena

>> No. 16353
Thanks,have been looking for those 2 sets:)

>> No. 16370
File: 148401388331.jpg - ( 210.31KB , 1200x1600 , P7080088.jpg )
ThankYou - She's one of my favorites of the Vlad TL models.

Here is 3 more Olga y021 sets. These have alternate logo variations to those I posted earlier (which are here >>16063 )
Set 187 was posted with the logo on top. This one has it on the bottom.
Set 191 had the, exclusively vertical,logo on the bottom. This is a No Logo version.
Set 198 was posted with an exclusively vertical logo on the bottom. This one, also exclusively vertical, is on top.
pic from 198


>> No. 16609
File: 148479586578.jpg - ( 591.40KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0098.jpg )
I'm presently posting the sets of Alisa y042 in NN. While most, if not all, of her 2008 Hartmut Customs are TL, it appears that none of her # sets are.
So this is 4 Hartmuts, from Apr10th, Apr18th, May16th & May22nd - all 2008.
Most of the Hartmuts have noncustom versions, generally with far less pics. In this case, Apr10 is 297, Apr18 is 304 May16 is 300. May22 does not have a noncustom version
Her sets initially only went to 295; the ones I'm mentioning here were 'created' later - probably after she had left Vlad.
I will be posting another dozen, which I think will cover all of them.
pic from Apr18


As these sets were from 6 years after her Vlad debut, she would Absolutely be over 18.

>> No. 16644
File: 148491422448.jpg - ( 607.31KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0131.jpg )
Here's another 1/2 dozen of Alisa y042's Hartmut Customs. These pick up a week after the others left off & cover 5 months of 2008.
Along with the dates, I'll list the # of their standard versions.
May29.08 (306), June5.08 (296), June21.08 (303), Aug18.08 (302), Oct28.08 #1 (299), Oct28.08 #2 (307)
Pictured is May29th


>> No. 16647
File: 148492307582.jpg - ( 596.99KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0097.jpg )
Here's the last of Alisa y042's Hartmut Customs, which go to just before Xmas 2008. Again, I'll list the # of the standard version, if there is one.
Nov10.08 #1 (305), Nov10.08 #2, Nov24.08 #1, Nov24.08 #2 (308), Dec22.08 #1 (309), Dec22.08 #2 (301)
I thought her # sets only went to 295 (excluding standard versions of the Hartmuts) It seems 298 & 310 don't match any Hartmuts.
pic from Nov10 #2


more of her sets to be posted in NN

>> No. 16648
File: 148492389793.jpg - ( 570.56KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0033.jpg )
While posting Dasha y186's sets in NN, I posted a cstm 2Model set with her & Ksenya y178. I said I had Ksenya posted here but it seems I don't.
I have 2 sets right now & I'll post the other 16 sets tomorrow.
This is sets 1 + 16. Set 16 (pictured)is not in the 2014 Archive
Set 1 is probably late 2008, while set 16 might be early 2009


>> No. 16675
File: 148500723251.jpg - ( 166.15KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0084.jpg )
I noticed most of the Ksenya y178 sets I got were missing pics, but worst of all, they were #ed 1-65, 1-58, etc In other words, there was no spaces where missing pics should be.
These 2 look OK - sets 17+18 - pic from 18


>> No. 16685
File: 148506329973.jpg - ( 98.79KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0053.jpg )

Here at Ksneya y178's sets 02-15, complete according to the 2014 index.
Preview from Set 08.


>> No. 16811
File: 148545271814.jpg - ( 154.26KB , 1200x1600 , P6020037.jpg )
Here's someone else I can post here. Its Tanya y089's sets 14,19,23+25. They appear to be from June2nd to Sep15.05
These are mostly here because of see-throughness & slips


>> No. 16841
File: 148548816232.png - ( 3.59MB , 800x700 , VladModels - Vika-y172 & Sveta-y164 Preview.png )
»She did a wrestle video with Vika y172,
which I've tried to get, with no luck.

Vika y172 & Sveta y164 [W214o]
>H264-AVC MP4 High Quality

http://mir.cr/1PN293LC [333 MB]

PW: 2Girl5

Story: Vika poses solo for 2mins, then Sveta for 2mins. The girls pose together for 2mins before they 'accidently' bump into each other, which leads to the match.

don't read this text below
Victoria wins Match

Goodbye (ツ)

>> No. 16887
File: 14856137213.jpg - ( 120.14KB , 1200x1600 , P8110004.jpg )

Here are two more sets of Tanya y089 with slips or see-through issues.
This RAR contains sets 22 and 27, both complete according to the 2014 Index.
Preview from Set 022.


>> No. 16894
A masterpiece:)
Wish every vid I have of vlad could be like your enhanced and excellent work.
Thank you:)

>> No. 16977
File: 148579647257.jpg - ( 107.34KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0082.jpg )
Excellent, thank you again.
Thankyou for the Tanya sets

Here are 10 sets of Anzhelika y083. These are 39-44, 48,49,51+52
Sets 39-49 are from Feb-Apr 2007. 51 (pictured) & 52 are from later
Except for the pictured set, most have see-through/slip issues.
I mentioned the missing sets in the NN post


>> No. 16995
File: 148587533784.jpg - ( 165.04KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0073.jpg )
These are the rest of my Maria y061 sets. My other posts of her are in NN (the 68055 thread) as will be contributions of her sets by others, up to (I expect)148. I've been informed that the 'switch' to TL occurs at set 149

These sets, which start in late Aug 2006 & go to 2008, are: 160, 173, 184, 201, 212, 242 & a custom from Sep25.06 Its from 3 weeks after set 173 & 2 months prior to set 184.
Set 212 is an incomplete custom-style set, from Aug13.07 It has 35 pics out of 86. It has 1-34, & pic 55.
pic from 201


As I mentioned in the last NN post, she has 2 vids posted - a solo NN, from July of 2008 (I assume, its from shortly before she left) & a Wrestle vid, with her & Vika y120, posted Here>>14335 & it appears to be from late 2006

>> No. 17051
File: 148595780519.jpg - ( 151.24KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0015.jpg )

Here are some fills for Anzhelika y083. This RAR contains:
Set 023 - 1 fill
Set 025 - 1 fill
Set 028 - 2 fills
Set 031-037
Set 038 - 5 fills
Set 039 - 7 fills
Set 041 - 8 fills
Set 042 - 8 fills
Set 043 - 2 fills
Set 044 - 10 fills
Set 045 - 5 fills
Set 046 - 3 fills
Set 055-060
I have put them here, as many of the sets have at least see through issues.
Preview from Set 59.


The sets between 38-46 had quite a few pics in them that had the Vladmodels logo cropped off, so I put in fills for them, too.
I discovered that my Set 47 folder was empty, so if anyone has that set, I would love to see it uploaded!

>> No. 17060
File: 14859646933.jpg - ( 216.06KB , 1200x1600 , P8180075.jpg )

Here is the next set of Maria y061 that I can help with.
Starting at Set 149, every set I looked at had topless modeling in them, so these all belong here.
This RAR contains 33 sets in the 149-182 range, plus 2 slightly earlier sets that pushed the limits:
Set 136
Set 142 (cstm 2006-04-06) - missing 2 pics
Set 149-159
Set 161-172
Set 174-175
Set 176 - missing 1 pic
Set 177-182
Set 182 (cstm 2006-11-08)
Preview from Set 161.



The official custom for set 141 is 31 photos large than the logoed set I posted yesterday on the 3rd main thread in NN, and almost every one of them is either a slip or a full-on pop out of her top!
Also, for those sets I have both custom or custom style and logoed sets, I decided to post them both as I know some folks like to have both - like myself!
I still have another 70+ of her sets, and they will all be showing up on this 18+ thread as they all are topless sets.

>> No. 17083
File: 148602264719.jpg - ( 154.02KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0066.jpg )

Here are another 35 sets for Maria y061. This RAR contains:
Set 183
Set 185
Set 186-188
Set 186 (cstm 2007-01-18) - mising 1 pic
Set 187 (cstm 2007-02-14)
Set 188 (cstm 2007-02-10)
Set 189-191
Set 193-200
Set 202-212
Set 214-218
All the sets have topless portions in them, and all sets are complete unless noted.
Preview photo from Set 205.



>> No. 17101
File: 148609610564.jpg - ( 136.58KB , 1200x1600 , DSCF0003.jpg )

Here are the last 33 sets of Maria y061 that I can offer. This RAR contains the following sets:

Set 219-241
Set 243-252

All sets are complete according to the 2014 Index, and all are topless sets.
Preview photo from Set 223.



>> No. 17103
File: 148611879545.jpg - ( 160.01KB , 1200x1600 , p7110046.jpg )
Thanks for the sets & thanks a lot for spotting the cropped pics. I thought I had removed them all but I see that's not so.
Those sets were from an incomplete torrent & had been part of a large 'Teen Model' package I put together for a friend, a while back. Suffice it to say, he's the polar opposite of me - He just likes having 'Lots of pictures & videos of the girls'
Anyhow, I wasn't doing any 'Thread Sharing' at the time, thus there was no great hurry to cull these pics out, afterwards

Thanks, so much - My Maria y061 collection has grown exponentially, in the last week

This is 3 sets of Irina y077 that fall somewhat outside the NN rules.
These are sets 40,41+44, from July10th & 11th, of 2006.
Issues include: See-throughness, the lack of a top, or an excessively small top
Pic from set 46. Its interesting to compare it with Galena>>13536 in the same top
The top was worn, more commonly by Vlad tweens compare Irina y077
pic from 41


>> No. 17575
File: 148748047549.jpg - ( 593.28KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0120.jpg )
Karina y107's final Vlad Custom was done for Johnston, on July23.08 & contains 150 pics
As you can see, she has a see-through top


>> No. 17708
File: 148786202554.jpg - ( 190.87KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0030.jpg )
These are the last of my Karina sets. These are:
110, 111, 116, 119, 120, 122-129, 132, 133, 135, 136, 139, 140, 143-145, 149, 155, 164 & 169
Oddly, most of these are here only due to a few pics that show a bit too much, for NN. In some sets its just 1 pic.
Tomorrow, I'll go over the missing sets
pic from 164


>> No. 17834
File: 148827113586.jpg - ( 164.88KB , 1200x1600 , p2170020.jpg )
Here's 27 sets of Vika y120. These are sets that can't be posted in NN, for various reasons. The sets start in the latter part of 2006. After doing set 62, on Dec4.06, she took a bit of a break. Aside from set 58, done Jan4.07, she didn't do any more until early Feb 2007.
As you can probably tell already, these sets are very much out of sequence.
I'll be going over the order of all her sets, after I finish posting them.
Incidentally, set54 is the standard version of the Nov9.06 custom posted here >>14805
Sets are 412,14,18,20,21,23,24,26,31,32,35,36,40,45,49,51,54,57,58,60-63 +65 & the Sep25.06 cstm - set31 was done the same day & likely within minutes of the cstm (the last pic of the cstm is the 1st pic of set31), also the outfit is virtually the same.
As I mentioned earlier, the sets are totally out of order.
pic from 65


>> No. 17868
File: 148837159735.jpg - ( 120.72KB , 1200x1600 , p4110034.jpg )
Here's more of Vika y120. This is sets 64, 66-74 + 76-81
Sets 64-73 cover 2 months from Feb9th to Apr11th 2007, while set 74 is from May21st. Sets 76-81 will be from after June18.07 - but I can't say precisely when.
Set 67 is a standard version of the Feb20.07 custom, posted Here >>15157 along with a cstm version of set 74
pic from 73


>> No. 17907
File: 148845463327.jpg - ( 152.03KB , 1600x1200 , DSCF0034.jpg )
Here's most of the rest of Vika's y120 standard sets. Its 82-103, except for set 90.
While it would seem that these should be from the Summer & maybe early Fall of 2007 - I have to wonder. Set 92 is a standard version of her Feb6.07 custom - posted & pictured here>>14805
The custom had 212 pics, while this standard has 49! So, I'm thinking that if creating a set out of a custom from at least 5 or 6 months earlier, seems a bit odd.
Since we know that her 2008 "y120" customs were really done after she returned as y172, I'm wondering if all her sets from 76-103 (that can't be dated) were done before she left. Or were some done after she returned in 2008.
I addressed the issue of overlapping cstms in the 3 posts, on the next line
>>14335 >>14196 >>14159
Maybe when I have time (down the road) I can closely compare these to sets from 2008 to see if they match up, by hair-style/length, her weight/size, piercings, scratches, bruises, etc

The pictured set here is 84


>> No. 21927
VLAD Site Saves
Some VLAD Threads are not bumping any more and erase.
I have create backups.

for http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/12265.html

for http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/68055.html

for http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/63287.html

for http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59216.html

Password for all files: WeLoveCandydoll!

>> No. 22172
May I make a suggestion to ensure that your threads stay relevant & bump-able. Aside from separating into video & sets, also separate them alphabetically, say A-F, G-P & R-Z or whatever combination gives each thread (based on your current links) roughly the same number of files. Every web master uses a different criteria for posts, personally I always felt that "# of hits" was the most important but I'm not paying the bills here. Great to see you back here & posting.

>> No. 22233
are in the Wayback Machine.

>> No. 22238
FYI this thread wasn't made by WLC just a way of provide the already posted links.
And yes appreciated btw.
OP of this and many other threads have gone invisible since some time.
No offence but it's clear as OP never used ANY passwords for his files or got known by a nick,ever.
Have a nice day your tips for threads are real good though thanks:)

>> No. 23623
4th Vlad set thread

1st Vlad thread

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