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Requests - Sharechan
File: 149188152043.jpg - ( 147.87KB , 1068x1608 , lexie-001-002.jpg )
17603 No. 17603 hide [Reply]
I am looking for the following Sweet-Lexie sets: 14, 32-33, 47, 79-80, 93, 95, 121, 123

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>> No. 18832
Link does not work. vids please?

>> No. 19016
File: 149751885668.jpg - ( 2.20MB , 2000x2250 , Silver Princess - Belt.jpg )
>>18832 Lexie Vids

Lexie - Belt HD

DL - https://dailyuploads.net/4ezkdhznac74

Lexie - Silver Princess HD

pt1 https://dailyuploads.net/pv7i5c6uejmy
pt2 https://dailyuploads.net/epx1kvj0mp2a

pass = VKv77
or Lexie
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 19026

Those models have nothing to do with Newstar...

File: 149799913945.jpg - ( 104.96KB , 509x680 , Маша.jpg )
19166 No. 19166 hide [Reply]
Who is she?
Does anyone have her sets?

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>> No. 19192
Don't know about any sets, but I do have some self-shot vids...

>> No. 19193
Please tell me where you found this

>> No. 19218
According to google translate, the filename says Masha
Feel free to post what you got

File: 149705768646.jpg - ( 5.40MB , 2676x4000 , 09.jpg )
18867 No. 18867 hide [Reply]
does anyone have qeso sets from teenmodeling.tv

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>> No. 19004
thank you very much
and yeah it would be nice if VKv77 can re-up those 7 complete sets

>> No. 19005
thank you very much
and yeah it would be nice if VKv77 can re-up those 7 complete sets

>> No. 19213
I would be eternally grateful if someone could upload (or re-upload) some Qeso sets!!!

File: 149752433365.jpg - ( 205.26KB , 1216x1824 , Candy III.jpg )
19019 No. 19019 hide [Reply]
Have you sets from this little cutie?

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>> No. 19122
She is just recently added to the agency, so I doubt that many people want to share her sets. Especially since the Newstar owner prowls these boards and has the admin delete threads with his material. :/

>> No. 19153
I still hope that someone has pictures

>> No. 19206
Thtas bad :-(

File: 149792398549.jpg - ( 175.51KB , 1728x2592 , aa.jpg )
19141 No. 19141 hide [Reply]
Would it be possible to group the links for Felicity Model into one post making it easier to find?

File: 149813883977.jpg - ( 676.72KB , 1152x1728 , candy-397-001.jpg )
19199 No. 19199 hide [Reply]
anyone have any of sets 395-400?


>> No. 19208
I second this request

File: 149681391780.jpg - ( 1.39MB , 2003x3000 , Selena-Firstshoot-001.jpg )
18762 No. 18762 hide [Reply]
looking for Selena

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>> No. 18994
Note, SP Selena Casual-1 in the Nonude thread is reduced in dimensions to 1500 x 2250. 49.1mb, I've left a note there.
The set Firstshoot-1 there is original, 158mb, like here.

>> No. 19186

>> No. 19210
File: 149816089167.jpg - ( 1.58MB , 3264x1836 , 0622171533.jpg )
One more known set is Silver Starlets Jess & Selena - In the Garden
Pic is not very good but better than nothing.

File: 149794441854.jpg - ( 61.60KB , 331x499 , 149785422049.jpg )
19149 No. 19149 hide [Reply]
Would someone tell me who this girl is and which issue of Magazine Fashion she is from?

4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19214
Yeah, I got that one wrong. I'm not sure which one you posted. It seems I have that one, but can't remember which issue.
I got it on Usenet years ago and the poster was notorious for mislabeling sets. Anyway, a magnificent effort! TY.

>> No. 19217
OP/requester here. thanks for the response to my request. the funny thing is, I had already found the issue 2 nights ago on MF's site and then found it elsewhere to d/l (took me 3+ hours to d/l). but to the person who replied here: thanks, and "better late than never" (when nobody else would on the "Gymnastic girls" threads).

>> No. 19220
File: 149821275464.jpg - ( 946.31KB , 1017x3463 , mf36.jpg )
On popular demand - a thumbnail index of issue 36.

Those folder names are just random. A poster a few years ago sorted his files this way. Don't know if anyone ever made a cross reference to the actual issues.

File: 149755081613.jpg - ( 266.01KB , 1009x1500 , 06428_lane_model_tv_yellowsun_035_122_125lo.jpg )
19029 No. 19029 hide [Reply]
Does anyone have a link to Lane-model set pictures?

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>> No. 19063
File: 149764131626.jpg - ( 137.45KB , 838x1008 , Lane [001-025].jpg )
The offered "Lane Model Purple mini" is actually "Lane TV Pinktopmini" or lane_model_tv_pinktopmini.
Here's a Webe Index to set 25.
"Lane Model green bikini" (s055) is set 18,
"Lane Model Purple mini shorts" (s057) must be a later set.

>> No. 19070
it seems, that there are a lot of missing sets, where can we find them?

>> No. 19219
found nothing?

File: 149750708479.jpg - ( 823.09KB , 2000x3000 , Silver-Alissa_whitedress-1-033.jpg )
19010 No. 19010 hide [Reply]
looking for Alissa's latest sets. I saw a few pictures, she's grown up. I didn't those sets anywhere, so I hope to find them here

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19066

Your asking for sets that nobody has, its impossible to get onto the website and purchase these sets.

anybody that has been lucky enough to succeed in purchasing these sets from the FL website

is not going to share them for free!!!

>> No. 19075

It's not impossible to purchase these sets. There are many model sponsors there. They are just intelligent enough to realize that they will be blacklisted from the agency if they try to repost sets for free.

>> No. 19215
Since we're asking for Alissa, does anyone have bluedress from ~'09-10, pleated skirt, same era,
PolkaDotJumper, white shawl, whiteshorts, redvinyl, whiteterryshorts, flowerdress, blackleo, whiteformal, orange&blue, plaid and teddy, sparkle outfit, white stocking cap, blue skirt, fur scarf, pink cutie, black polka dots, black flats, red roses, red ruffles or white dress?

I know it's a lot, but all these are MIA from posting sites and usenet.

File: 14972805731.jpg - ( 698.14KB , 1009x1500 , ffg.jpg )
18928 No. 18928 hide [Reply]

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>> No. 18974
Thanks a lot =)

>> No. 19161
Thanks. Much appreciated...

>> No. 19212
Karen French model photographed by same photographer as many of the Webe models (Quinn, Laurie, Alyssa)

Karen had 31 Galleries @ TMTV, she was also known as Romy @ LitePhotography with 29 Galleries there.

File: 149808335123.jpg - ( 243.26KB , 1050x700 , CRW_7165.jpg )
19191 No. 19191 hide [Reply]
All Angelika Model photosets please

>> No. 19211
Yes please!!!

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