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File: 148456415246.jpg - ( 347.99KB , 1000x1400 , silver-dreams_cover_CANDY-casual-16.jpg )
15819 No. 15819 hide [Reply]
This set please.

File: 148356508990.jpg - ( 261.03KB , 991x1479 , m101-m170 50models.jpg )
15627 No. 15627 hide [Reply]
Happy 2017 year for all.

I'm looking for a place where you can find out about all the models, their agencies, dates they were in each agency, list of all their sets, name changes, etc.

Does anyone know about a site with this information, or does anyone have this information?

Thanks and regards.

>> No. 15889
File: 148483782024.jpg - ( 257.69KB , 1021x1541 , m101-m198 60models.jpg )
m101-m198 60models
Here's an update on my graphic from 2011(?).
Thanks in part to the NStiny guys input.
Your Q is a bit non-sensicaal since all of these models are probably all Budding Beauties / French Webe models.
That's what this index was about.
BUT try for 'ModelsIndex MI_Lite_16102009' or 'ModelsIndex 2010oct' on torrent or search for the BEST ACTUALITY of a comphrehensive INDEX I've ever been very PLEASED to see.

>> No. 15890
File: 14848403013.jpg - ( 204.50KB , 982x1580 , MI snip1.jpg )
I'll try to organise the 51.1mb download for the original 2010 version. It's a must have.
I know of nothing to compare.

File: 148467338021.jpg - ( 152.71KB , 1016x682 , 148387314584.jpg )
15843 No. 15843 hide [Reply]
In a few days ago, someone has post 68406 in nonude with 4 big parts of ISO file. This link https://srv17.bitsend.jp/filesgroup/6f47f4a3e53c3aa2d38b490c8416f4e9.html I download this but I dont have a password. Can you help me?

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>> No. 15867
Is there any other films?

>> No. 15882

Totally agree. Although it's always preferable to see original files, in some cases it's ridiculous to expect everyone to collect ISO's...

>> No. 15903
Does she have picture sets?
Is she a candydoll?

File: 148460466055.jpg - ( 0.97MB , 1152x1728 , krissy-431-001.jpg )
15827 No. 15827 hide [Reply]
421 and up?

File: 148474879683.jpg - ( 218.39KB , 1152x1728 , bbwm2qpkob.jpg )
15871 No. 15871 hide [Reply]
does anyone have sets of newstar bambi's newest model please?

>> No. 15876
File: 148477679120.jpg - ( 286.24KB , 1152x1728 , bambi-307-009.jpg )
I have only this set

Newstar Bambi 307

DL: http://suprafiles.net/17p7jq2n1m2e


>> No. 15900
File: 148488249263.jpg - ( 650.61KB , 4000x1200 , NSB01.jpg )
Were you looking for any sets in particular?
I think 305 was her first set, not sure.
I'll have to check to see what's current before posting more.

NS Bambi Set 305
NS Bambi Set 306
NS Bambi Set 308
NS Bambi Set 309
NS Bambi Set 310
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 148439374378.jpg - ( 228.19KB , 1365x1024 , DSC01171.jpg )
15788 No. 15788 hide [Reply]
Came across her on These boards about a year ago; one of the most gorgeous NN models I've ever see. Does anyone of other sets??

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>> No. 15897
File: 14848800686.jpg - ( 190.12KB , 1365x1024 , DSC02487.jpg )
Didn't intend to start a new thread with 1st image of Autumn...

>> No. 15898
File: 148488008156.jpg - ( 143.37KB , 1024x1365 , DSC02381.jpg )

>> No. 15899
File: 148488022720.jpg - ( 212.19KB , 1024x1365 , Autumn Fashions-Past 1-9.jpg )
Autumn Fashions Past sets 01-09
(Not sure how many sets she has, but I have 9)


[email protected]

File: 14848799716.jpg - ( 117.76KB , 1024x1365 , DSC02270.jpg )
15896 No. 15896 hide [Reply]

File: 148485066877.jpg - ( 120.20KB , 1000x189 , index_02.jpg )
15894 No. 15894 hide [Reply]
Need Wild Kitty please!!

File: 147941469525.jpg - ( 694.35KB , 2000x3000 , candy_candy.jpg )
15031 No. 15031 hide [Reply]
I need this album, please!


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>> No. 15880
File: 148478551896.jpg - ( 809.09KB , 1000x1400 , _silver-jewels-cover_Sarah-forrest-2.jpg )
Forrest 2 cover

>> No. 15885
Million thanks for the cover:)
A set is more complete with one so I'm grateful for every cover I've been missing

A looooong list but in time you'll probably have them
Maybe faster then it took for me finding them:)
At Candydollchan there's a few added and some I didn't had before too
Hope you'll find the ones missing for you
Could you make an updated list of the still missing sets?
It's a quite looong list you know;)

>> No. 15893
First, I want to thank the great effort that have made all those who have contributed their files, second, almost all the files that I have are in the different threads but if someone requires some, you can request it, and third, here I leave my wish list

*** Silver-Jewels ***
Black Skirt 1
Black Vinyl 1
Denim Shorts 4
Forrest 11
Forrest 12
Old Ruins 4
Old Ruins 6
Pink 1
Pink Shorts 1
Polkadots 1
Purple 1
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 148184498270.jpg - ( 321.51KB , 1536x2048 , 04.jpg )
15437 No. 15437 hide [Reply]
photos collection of Vika FUnny Girls please

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>> No. 15804
Seven sets of Vika is all that's out there. A lot of the Funny-Girls models only did a relative handful of sets.

>> No. 15805
Found this list on another site sometime ago, don't know if it's complete.

FG-2 Alenka 16 sets
FG-6 Aliona 15 sets
FG-1 Angela 14 sets
FG-3 Asja 23 sets
FG-1 Dasha 6 sets
FG-4 Diana 9 sets
FG-5 Katja 9 sets
FG-2 Lana 24 sets
FG-4 Leona 6 sets
FG-3 Lera 12 sets
FG-5 Marina 3 sets
FG-5 Masha 9 sets
FG-4 Nastja 25 sets
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 15887
File: 148483468183.jpg - ( 394.86KB , 1536x2048 , leona-018-057.jpg )
Please consider some corrections to your list:-
Angela FG-1 [1-24]
Diana FG-4 [1-13] with s1-s9 posted
Leona FG-4 [1-18]
Lera FG-3 [1-13] also as Romina [1-26]
Masha FG-5 [1-12] with s10 not posted
Nata FG-6 [1-14] s1-s8 posted
& there are some other models from this site.
Aida,Bea, Dunja etc, & I am not a set poster until I get old & don't care about the leas anymore.

File: 148453593852.jpg - ( 2.45MB , 2009x3000 , hanna_model_bluebikini_teenmodeling_tv_047.jpg )
15812 No. 15812 hide [Reply]
help, need moar

4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 15861
has anyone actually dl'd this ? all i get is - "can’t find the server at fs4.suprafiles.net."

>> No. 15868
Supra has problems with servers, try again, works for me.

>> No. 15883
Is there any other set of her?

File: 148424536775.jpg - ( 166.71KB , 1191x768 , kristina.jpg )
15775 No. 15775 hide [Reply]
There's a rare set of Kristina with a blond girl, both dressed as cheerleaders. Can anyone share it? Thanks a lot.

>> No. 15779
File: 148429874881.jpg - ( 575.07KB , 2602x1593 , 228+241 y158+156+161.jpg )
Rare? I never thought of them as such - but I have 2. The one on the right is from 2Model set 241 & has her with fellow exShowstar Marina y161.
The one on the left is from 2Model set 228 & has her with Zina y156 (they also did 227)
Set 241 is the 2nd to last item posted in my 1st Vlad-set thread. It was added by Odds&Ends http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html

For good measure, here's the exact post http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/59235.html#i63284

You will find also All of Kristina y158's 53 solo sets (including 3 customs)in that thread in these 2 consecutive posts 62628 & 62639
That thread is beyond maximum size for bumping, so its best to use the link to get to it (the thread is on about page 20)
Lots of Vlad stuff & all links are still good
If you are interested in more Vlad stuff(including Kristina's vids)follow the links in my last posts to my other threads

I'm posting the other one with her & Zina y156 here. I will be posting All the 2Mod sets, fairly soon, in one of my new threads (with lots of extra info


>> No. 15781
The one on the right it was. Been looking for more than a year. Thanks so much.

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