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File: 150453279876.jpg - ( 133.69KB , 625x938 , EricaR01_053-625x938.jpg )
21558 No. 21558 hide [Reply]
My Uploads from WLC
September 2017

Candydoll Collection

Candydoll Mega-Thread

New Cherry Vids http://www.sharechan.org/nude/res/17500.html

Swiss Arts-Thread:
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>> No. 22180
Thanks for your great work WLC!

>> No. 22461

>> No. 22492
Huge thanks for all your work. Any chance you have Sandra Earlyworks?

File: 150716130288.jpg - ( 152.53KB , 1200x1600 , y157_065.jpg )
22281 No. 22281 hide [Reply]
Looking for the Tanya sets that aren't available from the Vlad thread on /nonude/ because Upera is worthless

Sets 61-80, 116-125, and customs 4 & 7.

Thanks in advance

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>> No. 22457

Which set is that pic from?

>> No. 22476
File: 150796393835.jpg - ( 27.43KB , 512x446 , y157 custom3 garrett 080908-tanya-y157-custom3-gar.jpg )

>> No. 22480
And so do I,no time to dl everything or even upload stuff so not guilty for that stuff at all.
Your lack of organizing your time,not anyone elses problem then yours,organize and do it again or skip being here,it's as simple as that;)
Sets 61-80, 116-125 posted WITH preview & the sets,THAT's my reply & completely ignored btw.
BUT the requested sets.
Complete collection of Vlad,bought all in the eraly days of Vlad,some considered gone today.
Have a good day and use time well to search what I'm going to ignore from now on.

File: 150685438767.jpg - ( 294.44KB , 1168x1752 , 08012007-3024.jpg )
22208 No. 22208 hide [Reply]
I found the huge Sandra thread but it seems to be missing the Bonus sets (unless I'm blind as a bat)

Anyone willing to share these?

Thanks a lot!

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>> No. 22399
File: 150769516941.jpg - ( 167.10KB , 1274x1150 , Sandra Special Sets .jpg )
The last of the non-custom bonus/special sets I know I have.

No password.

>> No. 22411

Much appreciated.

>> No. 22469
File: 150792943951.jpg - ( 138.40KB , 693x738 , bonus 10.jpg )
Some sets come in several sites.
Don't know about an 11.
Hope this helps sort out stuff.

File: 150771934127.jpg - ( 178.04KB , 853x1280 , mf17-girl_17-180.jpg )
22409 No. 22409 hide [Reply]

>> No. 22467
I honestly don't think these hundreds of MF models have names lists anywhere.
Excepting a few that had dedicated sites like Erika Ira Kate Jamie Lee.
Just call her Inga or Olga.

File: 150771883537.jpg - ( 123.48KB , 682x1024 , mf08-girl_03-14-1269_RJ.jpg )
22408 No. 22408 hide [Reply]

>> No. 22442
You don't need to start a 2nd thread. You're asking about names of models from the SAME agency. Just use the same thread as the other MF model... Extra posts like yours just bump older posts off of the board forever, which is a waste. -_-

>> No. 22456
Sorry, I wasn't Aware; will do it differently in the future!

File: 150791092488.jpg - ( 6.42KB , 136x200 , 30ezvb4n0y6g_t.jpg )
22453 No. 22453 hide [Reply]
Some game of it?

File: 15079050241.jpg - ( 132.13KB , 650x362 , CBRL-008.jpg )
22451 No. 22451 hide [Reply]
Does anyone have Sharlotta.S ( シャルロット.S) Blu-ray CBRL-008 or DVD CDRL-009 ? I've been looking for this DVD & Blu-ray for ages yet I didn't find a single result. I'm hoping that some of you might have it.

This DVD & Blu-ray has her best scenes which are taken from vids 10,11 & 15. I regret not buying them when they were available in most of the Japanese websites. I even tried to look for other re-sellers but I couldn't find any.

I've seen some of the Blu-rays for CandyDolll that were recently posted for other models but they were not as popular as Sharlotta.S. I’ve always wanted to see the extended version for vids 10,11 & 15. Look for them yourselves in your collection for Sharlotta.S & you'll know why I want to see these particular vids.

If you guys don’t have it, then can you direct me to some websites that might have this title.

The DVD & Blu-ray Title is: CANDY DOLL☆COLLECTION #9シャルロット.S

File: 150784301849.jpg - ( 198.95KB , 1024x1536 , 01 (8).jpg )
22440 No. 22440 hide [Reply]
Does any one have other pictures of this model?

Her name is Christi

File: 150772156138.jpg - ( 156.68KB , 856x1280 , 59dd1bfc4612f.jpg )
22410 No. 22410 hide [Reply]
I'm searching for sets from Phoebe-Model

>> No. 22414

>> No. 22432
Thank's. Anyone have more?

File: 15073842518.jpg - ( 146.42KB , 1000x1500 , Rezzie.jpg )
22334 No. 22334 hide [Reply]
Anyone have sets of this model? Her name is Rezzie and was guest model of phillie's site (phillie-model[dot]com).

>> No. 22418
I hear her for first time! Beautiful girl!

File: 150744020668.jpg - ( 144.15KB , 703x513 , Elfie.jpg )
22341 No. 22341 hide [Reply]
Anyone these?

>> No. 22416

File: 150768954133.jpg - ( 216.77KB , 853x1280 , LHrIl.jpg )
22396 No. 22396 hide [Reply]
Any sets?

Thanks in advance.

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