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Holly Model Requests Sharechan
File: 150546903081.jpg - ( 227.17KB , 853x1280 , Set 018.jpg )
21840 No. 21840
Someone has the links for her sets?

>> No. 21890
request seconded

>> No. 21915

>> No. 22238
I am pretty sure Katia Hudima, aka Holly, is on WLC's "Other Agencies" list.
That's where I would go first...


>> No. 22249
File: 150701707623.png - ( 115.34KB , 192x255 , unkown.png )
She's on his "Swiss Arts" thread: http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/84506.html

Hurray for WLC!

But note that his set KH41 is actually set KH44 and that the sets KH40-43 and KH45-50 are missing.
Also, there are no Holly-Model and no Schoolprincess sets.

>> No. 22262
Nope. Two wrong Katias

>> No. 22263
File: 150707155210.jpg - ( 147.07KB , 853x1280 , Holly-Model_set02_019.jpg )
KMA Holly sets 1-119


>> No. 22268
File: 150710894058.jpg - ( 428.36KB , 2544x1696 , KH046x003.jpg )
The sets missing in WLC's batch:

sets KH40-44


sets KH45-50


PW Dolores

>> No. 22279
all there! Thanks!

>> No. 22291

Thanks for all!

>> No. 22345
File: 150744718754.jpg - ( 831.36KB , 2340x3511 , 125.jpg )
Katia's School Princess sets:


pw Dolores

>> No. 22420
Many Thanks to "Dolores" for posting Holly Model (COMPLETE)! Thing is, I have a set named "092 new" CAN'T say where I got it, or if its a Holly or Katia set. LOL, it used to SLIP by even on the open web, ;), always looking for MORE! PS Somebody Please, post "School Models" COMPLETE! Rock On!

>> No. 22484
File: 150799429568.jpg - ( 321.38KB , 1696x1800 , Holly 092x025.jpg )
Maybe this one? Love to see it.

>> No. 22491

Lift the photo a little, a little bit more....

>> No. 22496
You know I can't. ;-)

But it is just this one with the cracker-jack surprise. The rest are SFW

>> No. 22499
This is the original?

>> No. 22515
Wow! thanks for this photo !!!

>> No. 22520

> This is the original?

My guess is no.

Original? set posted here - 1696x2544
Missing numbers 12,25,30.

EXIF data for all those shows:
Canon EOS 20D
Daniel Leuenberger

Date Time Original: 2005:06:22 15:09:41
Date Time Original: 2005:06:22 15:21:22
(Total shoot time about 12 minutes)


This one - 960x1280

1/3 the file size.
1/2 the pixel size.
No EXIF data.
When zoomed, harsh / badly-blended lines around a possible Photoshop paste.
I'm no expert, but I would say not original, and likely fake, too.

Of course, "original" #43 still has the size and EXIF data, but also has some odd blurring and shading where fabric may have been "blended away".

I've only played with an older PS version, but the Web says EXIF data can be kept even after editing, so.......

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