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Vlad y157 Tanya Requests Sharechan
File: 150716130288.jpg - ( 152.53KB , 1200x1600 , y157_065.jpg )
22281 No. 22281
Looking for the Tanya sets that aren't available from the Vlad thread on /nonude/ because Upera is worthless

Sets 61-80, 116-125, and customs 4 & 7.

Thanks in advance

>> No. 22292
File: 150723371633.jpg - ( 160.72KB , 1200x1600 , y157_079_DSCF0007.jpg )
Got these:
Set 61-80 & 116-125,which I'm posting here,preview from set 79.

For customs go here: http://www.sharechan.org/nonude/res/94494.html
You may find the custom you're looking for,plus it's at a better host also,mid thread & down.
Not my thread,just found a couple of better sets there.

y157 Tanya set 61-80 & 116-125.

Pass: T4Ny4

Switch the x's to t's and links work,dl all 3 parts.


>> No. 22295
Most of Tanya's work is available here:

and easily downloadable :p

>> No. 22331
it's all here https://dailyuploads.net/users/elohssa/16977/y157%20Tanya%20(239%20sets) (multi)

>> No. 22347
That's a lot,missed more then a few of the customs,thanks a ton:)
Got a question.
What's the right number of regular sets for Tanya?
Seen 133 regular sets mentioned and found up to 132 today.
On my own I've never seen more then 129,not even the 2014 Index shows more then 129 reagular and it's a little confusing.
Hope you can help clearing the fog about it TIA.

>> No. 22425
My Vlad listing shows 129 Sets with 110 Customs for a total of 239, that's not including 2 model sets or vids, I have most of her 2 models sets but i'm missing 3 or 4 of them if memory serves haha, you'll find them with the previous link

>> No. 22428
I'm willing to bet that if someone's claiming to have more than 129 regular sets they've probably confused some of her 110 custom or 15 2model sets for regular sets.

>> No. 22438
File: 150783466436.jpg - ( 171.36KB , 1200x1600 , cbc71696b8e9e4c0e161075acb5fb0dc.jpg )
129 on the nose!

>> No. 22439
Thanks guys,thought it seemed odd as I've never seen as much as 133 before.
Got 129 sets but not all customs so I'll look for the ones I'm missing.
BTW >>22331 set 133 can be found here.
Logo I've seen before,y123 Anna set 105 got it too.
Thanks again,think I consider set 133 I've found as a mysterious custom or similar:)

>> No. 22444
Thanks for trying, but instead of posting a link to some dubious downloads trying to clear the 129 Vs 133 sets question up, why not just post an image from the supposed set 133 (assuming you downloaded, or even uploaded, it)?

I have better things to spend my limited time downloading for what is probably a non-regular set I already have. I'm 100% confident if it's a Vlad set I'll be able to ID it for you. I'm looking forward to seeing an image.

>> No. 22457

Which set is that pic from?

>> No. 22476
File: 150796393835.jpg - ( 27.43KB , 512x446 , y157 custom3 garrett 080908-tanya-y157-custom3-gar.jpg )

>> No. 22480
And so do I,no time to dl everything or even upload stuff so not guilty for that stuff at all.
Your lack of organizing your time,not anyone elses problem then yours,organize and do it again or skip being here,it's as simple as that;)
Sets 61-80, 116-125 posted WITH preview & the sets,THAT's my reply & completely ignored btw.
BUT the requested sets.
Complete collection of Vlad,bought all in the eraly days of Vlad,some considered gone today.
Have a good day and use time well to search what I'm going to ignore from now on.

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