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Looking for Dawn. Thanks Requests Sharechan
File: 150746294382.jpg - ( 295.82KB , 1200x1600 , Dawn.jpg )
22349 No. 22349
Looking for Dawn. Thanks

>> No. 22383
I'd like a site rip of her if possible. But I've only ever see a few random sets shared.

>> No. 22426
File: 15077677597.jpg - ( 203.77KB , 738x1504 , 58b2825db7d56.jpg )
Was there two Dawn models at Webe? Because this is obviously not the same girl.

>> No. 22433
>Was there two Dawn models at Webe?


>> No. 22437
File: 150783449026.jpg - ( 240.59KB , 1000x1504 , Dawn-03-046.jpg )
I have never seen that first Dawn either, have a few sets of the second girl posted. Very pretty, but very boring sets and poses.

>> No. 22441
First Dawn wasn't around too long. I used to have a few images of her that I scrounged off of her old website from the Wayback machine. but must have gotten rid of them. I hink that she was blond. She appeared to be older than either of the other Dawn's.

>> No. 22447
File: 150790005743.jpg - ( 102.33KB , 1024x644 , dawnprev.jpg )
The OP girl is the second Dawn?? That's news to me. When I looked up the dawn-model website on the archive, I couldn't find any other girl than this one >>22437.

>> No. 22462
File: 150792584971.jpg - ( 140.33KB , 590x707 , Dawn_I [1-28].jpg )
Well I'd guess this one was first.
Just from the older Webe logo style.

>> No. 22463
File: 150792592379.jpg - ( 153.00KB , 781x720 , Dawn_II [1-42].jpg )
This one did sandlmodels & more too.

>> No. 22465
File: 150792619324.jpg - ( 121.67KB , 803x649 , dawn splash.jpg )

>> No. 22466
File: 150792631133.jpg - ( 74.88KB , 600x904 , carmen maria 6.jpg )
Probably a lawyer or doctor now?

>> No. 22478
File: 150797329547.jpg - ( 1.18MB , 2771x1280 , dawn-onetwothree.jpg )
Dawn one, two, three

>> No. 22481
Any Sets from Dawn or Carmen? Would be great.

>> No. 22597

Thank you. I was going to answer all of those people who kept on calling the OP's Dawn the first one. I knew that the older blond was the first. :)

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