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Sandra Summer CD 2004 Requests Sharechan
File: 150747286888.jpg - ( 383.58KB , 2028x3041 , 12082004-003.jpg )
22352 No. 22352
I'm looking for the Sandra Summer CD 2004 sets?
Anyone able/willing to help out?

>> No. 22370
Also known as Earlyworks set 01-15
(not Earlyworks2)

>> No. 22401
File: 15077065477.jpg - ( 486.52KB , 1275x2100 , Earlyworks (Summer CD 2004).jpg )
Now that I've uploaded the Sandra bonus/special sets in the "other" thread, I'll start on these sets tomorrow. It'll take a few days to upload 750Mb so don't hold your breath.

>> No. 22404

Thanks for doing this!

>> No. 22445
File: 150787808040.jpg - ( 435.29KB , 1275x2100 , Earlyworks (Summer CD 2004).jpg )
Well, here they are. The astute amongst you will notice I named each archive EW2 xxxx - I had a blond moment when naming the archives, but I assure you they are Earlyworks and NOT Earlyworks 2.

Sets 01-03 - https://dailyuploads.net/r88zusv2dssb
Set 04 - https://dailyuploads.net/o7ghwlkliahc
Set 05 - https://dailyuploads.net/pmxbf7p2d1c7
Sets 06-07 - https://dailyuploads.net/a1cxx9qmsib3
Set 08 - https://dailyuploads.net/rlitrsqakt66
Sets 09-11 - https://dailyuploads.net/pxscrn2gsz0g
Sets 12, 13 & 15 - https://dailyuploads.net/l81xetlgv5es
Set 14 - https://dailyuploads.net/7j5hi1zjir43

No password.

>> No. 22489

Thanks a million!

>> No. 22519

Guys, please, answer my questions:

I have a lot of this material but I always considered these sets that you call "earlywork" as Sandra's portfolio in "A Model Shop". My primary organization of Sandra:

Sandra Model (A Model Shop) = 083 Sets (8.000 pics)
Sandra Teen Model (Willey Studios) = 346 Sets (50.000 pics)
Sandra Mod (Fame Girl) = 166 Sets (21.000 pics)

AMS and WS in Sandra's case were distributors and not producers since the work was "personal". With the exception of FG it was made by a studio producer.

Where does "earlywork" come in? You guys talk about "2004" sets but I have sets dating back to 2001. Are they part of AMS? or are later sets between AMS and WS? Or were they made before all?

>> No. 22524
File: 150819591313.jpg - ( 197.20KB , 768x1024 , Sandra Magazine Cover.jpg )
Sandra's early (pre-STM galleries) sets are a real confusing mess, at least to me they are.

In the beginning Sandra's images/sets were released on user groups (assuming newsgroups). Her first web site was AMS. Her AMS sets start in early/mid 2003 and finish early 2004.

Then came Willey Studios and the STM galleries as we know them today. Willey produced gallery 001 - gallery 126 (early 2004 - early 2005).

After Willey was the actual SandraTeenMod site. They re-used gallery 100 - gallery 126 as STM100 - STM126 and continued on to STM221 (late 2004 - early 2006).

ff-models was next, starting at gallery 222 (mid 2006) and finishing at 337 (mid 2007). The Willey, SandraTeenMod & ff-models sets are generally known as STM001 - STM337.

Fame Girls was her last site and they produced s001-s187 - dates unknown, but they gotta be post mid 2007.

Willey also released 6 photo CDs (archives 1-4, EarlyWorks 2 (mid/late 2002 - mid 2003) & Summer 2004 (aka EarlyWorks)) and 4 DVDs.

I've been trying for years to sort out Sandra's pre STM sets, but a lack of indexes means I cannot be certain of what sets fit where.

>> No. 22530
Thanks HUGE !!!

>> No. 22542

Thanks for the answer! But I still have doubts, I have sets with these initials:

03092001 & 04092001 (1 set - 1-196)
18092001 - (1 set - 1-64)
29092001- (1 set 1-86)
30092001- (2 sets 1-238) [with Zedka]
17102001 - (3 sets - 1-181)
31102001 - (1 set - 1-135)
25112001 - (Unknown - I have only 9 pics)
27112001 - (Unknown - I have only 6 pics)
13122001 - (2 sets - 1-152)

20032002 - (Unknown - I have only 9 pics)
14052002 & 15052002 - (Unknown - I have only 10 pics)
05062002 & 06062002 - (1 set - 1-30)
20062002 - (Unknown - I have only 9 pics)
16072002 - (1 set - 1-48)
27082002 - (1 set - 1-132)
28082002 - (1 set - 1-143)
29082002 - (1 set - 1-152)
21092002 - (1 set - 1-57)
27122002 - (Unknown - I have only 8 pics) [with Zedka]

They are all incomplete sets (totaling only 1.650 pics) that I considered part of the AMS, but surely I must be wrong because a long time ago I got part of AMS Sandra's portfolio and all sets have 2003-2004 as initials. So do any of you know where the sets from 2001-2002 come in? Maybe on some old "photo CD" reissued years later?

>> No. 22545
Now I'm sure you realise that
'03092001' means '2001-09-03'
or '2001 september 3rd'.
It's not un unknown code.
If you put [2001-09-03]etc at the front it all sets, it gets into a more sortoutable structure.

>> No. 22547
Sexy Sandra mmm

>> No. 22552

Yep! I did this and I came to that conclusion. Even so, part of these 1.650 pics are without that date-code and impossible to identify.

My theory is that Willey also passed these sets on some of his "Photo CDs" mentioned above. Maybe merging with 2003 and 2004 sets.

I need all the "photo cds" mentioned above for a more detailed analysis. But that will certainly not be easy in the middle of 2017-2018. Anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH for "Earlywork Summer 2004" because it's a good start..

>> No. 22555
22445 & 22524 here. Damn - I don't have any of the sets on your list, at least not named as such. I do however have a folder with 50 pre-STM undated sets (with www.sandra-earlydays.com on each image), where folders and files are named as set xx (yyy) instead of ddmmyyyy.

Before I ask you to upload the sets you've listed, can you produce a contact sheet showing a representative image from each set giving the actual filename. It could be they are part of the 50 sets I mentioned above. If they're not - I'd be very interested in getting my hands on them.


>> No. 22574

I have part of those 50 sets of "Sandra Early Days" and they are all AMS sets. (2003 & 2004). The ones I mentioned (2001 & 2002) are not from this portfolio. I have + 33 sets (83 sets in total as AMS) and Sandra looks much younger than the 50 official sets of AMS.

But through the site you mentioned, I located my "unknown" sets. THANKS FOR THE OLD SITE INFO!

So..They are all from the "Early Work 1-5"

Early Work 1: https://web.archive.org/web/20071101093641/http://www.sandra-earlyworks1.com:80/preview.html

Early Work 2: https://web.archive.org/web/20071101040633/http://www.sandra-earlyworks2.com:80/preview.html

Early Work 3: https://web.archive.org/web/20071020132647/http://www.sandra-earlyworks3.com:80/preview.html

Early Work 4: https://web.archive.org/web/20071103111757/http://www.sandra-earlyworks4.com:80/

Early Work 5: https://web.archive.org/web/20071029153209/http://www.sandra-earlyworks5.com:80/preview.html

My 2001 and 2002 sets are preferably from Early Work 1,2 and 3. The 5 is practically the "Summer CD 2004". End of the mystery.

Now, if you have all these Early Work complete, please post everything. Thank you until the end of time!

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