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Candydolls Valensiya as "Kristin" or other name Requests Sharechan
File: 150783373078.jpg - ( 120.67KB , 960x540 , vlcsnap-2017-10-12-15h36m02s556.jpg )
22436 No. 22436
Please excuse me if this has been answered elsewhere, but I looked through the Candydoll thread and didnt see it. My favorite model is Valensiya. I have all her Candydoll sets and vids (I think). Recently someone shared a video screenshot of her where she goes under the name "Kristin" from moemoe.tv. There was one of her in a pink bikini, and a yellow dance leotartd, neither of which seh appears in under her Candydoll sets. Does anyone know if there are vids and sets available anywhere of her under this or any other name or studio? Thanks in advance!

>> No. 22455
File: 150791862575.jpg - ( 107.72KB , 386x521 , vlcsnap-2017-10-13-15h11m57s661.jpg )
a horrible screenshot of the pink bikini, but all I have. Any info would be appreciated!

>> No. 22458
File: 150792432212.jpg - ( 163.83KB , 1280x790 , KristinS37 moe moe~ 5m30 CAP.jpg )
Here's what I have.
Just the CAP.

>> No. 22459
File: 150792438043.jpg - ( 1.21MB , 1200x1800 , moemoe tv C_ ValensiyaS12_002.jpg )
& one Moemoe image.

>> No. 22473
The yellow Moemoe.tv is the same as CD ValeniysaS38 only longer. Not sure about the pink one. I'd like to see it though
Here is the yellow from moemoe. Need both parts


Pass = Val

>> No. 22485
I got an error on this one. Anyone else? Will redownload and see

>> No. 22490
OP of the file here.
Just DLed and opened with no problem. Part 1 should be 188mb and part 2, 116.9
If these aren't the numbers you have then reDL and try again. Pass = Val
Need both parts.

>> No. 22497
I'll try again. My Part 1 was 183, not 188

>> No. 22498
File: 150807975093.png - ( 6.15KB , 611x161 , 2017-10-15 11_57_38-Zippyshare_com - Val_zip_001.png )
Maybe Zippy is the problem. Check out the file size listed.

>> No. 22500
File: 150808030419.png - ( 31.65KB , 912x295 , 2017-10-15 12_06_49-WinRAR_ Diagnostic messages.png )
Downloaded again. Both parts. Here's what I get.

>> No. 22517
File: 150816157447.png - ( 529.39KB , 878x722 , 2017-10-16 10_42_31-Kristin_mp4.png )
just downloaded... and everything went fine....

thanks >>22473

>> No. 22533
File: 150822694255.jpg - ( 71.13KB , 640x482 , vlcsnap-00789.jpg )
This would be the same as ValensiyaS29.
So if your cap is from moemoe then there is a good chance it might be longer also.
Someone out there is hoarding a bunch of good stuff out there from this moemoe site.

>> No. 22538
The video and set I have for 29 do not look like that!
The mystery deepens!

>> No. 22544
So you download both parts again. Why?
The OP gave you specific sizes for both parts.
CHECK them. Use your brain not your data.
Is one wrong, or both.
Info for all, not picking on YOU. cool

>> No. 22548
Crap! I misspoke. This is Val36. Sorry about that. And there dosen't seem to be a pic set. Somewhere the pic's stop matching the sets at CD anyway.
You would think that would mean this set is out there somewhere but I'm not seeing it on the wayback machine.
I for one would be very interested in anything from moemoe even if it is an exact copy of what CD put out if for no other reason then just to know what's what. Clear as mud.
Oh and the yellow moemoe video would be Kristin.S37

>> No. 22572
I know you're trying to be helpful, but I'm not following you. I downloaded several times to make sure the download itself was not corrupt. All three times failed to open. I also checked the file sizes and I noticed that they are off. Zippy itself shows the file size is not the same as the OP says it should be.

I'm happy to give up on this, but I'm not sure what I could have done differently. Is my WinRAR out of date? It has opened everything else so far.

>> No. 22588
Are you aware that you have to join the 001 and 002 files before you can extract with winrar?

>> No. 22596

I've never had to join multiple parts. I just open file 001 and it automatically extracts every other part into 1 file.

>> No. 22598

Thank you so much! Someone just posted this in the CD section but you used a much faster host. Thanks again!

>> No. 22600

> I also checked the file sizes and I noticed that they are off.

Depends on how you define a Megabyte.
Some say a MB is a million bytes - 1,000,000
Others say it's 2^20 - 1,048,576

part 1 179.29 * 1.048576 = 187.999
part 2 111.49 * 1.048576 = 116.905

Sizes are fine, they just show differently.

My old Winzip says: Not a valid file.
WinRAR says: Unexpected end of archive.
7-Zip says: Here you go, enjoy! :)

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